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Albus Potter and Slytherin's Office by Pheonix Potioneer
Chapter 1 : The Rising Wizard
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On a fine, summer evening in an English suburb, everything seemed perfect. Parents were outside cooking dinner on the grill, and children were rolling in the grass, playing. Stars were starting to twinkle, and young children were trying to catch fireflies. Older children teased younger children, and parents scolded them. Babies played on the grass with parents close by, and some little girls had dolls and were having them climb a tree.

But there was a flaw in this beautiful evening, caused by two men. They were both dressed in long, black, cloaks, with hoods drawn so tightly you could barely see their faces. They looked very out of place in the neighborhood, compared to the happy families. Anyone would be terrified if they saw them.

But no one did see them. They were unnoticed by everyone. In fact, even if you looked in their direction, you still could not see them. The two men continued to walk, completely silent, with only the ‘swish swish’ of their cloaks. They walked past house after house, while being as silent as mice.

The further they walked, the angrier both men looked. The younger of the men gazed at some of the children rolling on the ground. He had a look of clear dislike on his face. He stared at a group of about ten children playing tag, and the kids were giggling the entire time. He pulled out a stick from his pocket, and flicked it at the children. There was a flash of green light, and then the children lay dead.

The two men continued walking, ignoring the parents wondering why there was a flash of green light, and why their children dropped so abruptly. The two men ignored the cry from the parents when they realized their children, their loved ones, were dead. Was it a light of solar radiation? How did the light kill them? But they did not care much, for their children were now gone in a few quick seconds. All they cared was that they were dead.

After a long pause, the elder man broke the silence by saying, “That was quite unnecessary.”

The younger man replied, “True. But I wanted to try out the new mass- killing curse. Besides, the less muggles, the better.”

“True,” replied the elder. “Quite true. Young, annoying brats just making trouble for everyone around. Don’t know why they even bothered to have children. They probably won’t even accomplish anything.” He snarled, pulled out his stick, and a flash of green light shot out at the rabbit that was crossing. The poor rabbit was dead in a matter of seconds.

“That was unnecessary too,” The younger man pointed out. A small hint of a smile appeared on the man’s face.

“Tom did that too.” The old man said. “He let out his anger by killing also.”

“Rather good strategy, I think. Wonder why other people don’t do it.” A look of fury suddenly crossed the younger man’s face. “They get so concerned, and hear, ‘Killing is bad’, so instead, they drive themselves mad until they nearly blow up!”

“Don’t be angry at the ignorant people’s tendency to want to try to be ‘good.’ It makes it a lot simpler for us. When will they learn? As I told Tom, there is no good and evil. There is only power.”

“I bet even the Minister doesn’t know trouble is coming.” The younger man said slyly. The elder man snorted.

“They thought Tom wasn’t much trouble when he first rose to power. They were wrong, very wrong. I knew on Merlin’s beard that Tom would become something.”

They then began to walk silently once more, until they reached a field. They both quickly skimmed the area to make sure no one was watching them, and then disappeared with a large CRACK.

They reappeared in a small village. They continued to walk, as if nothing had happened, as if they hadn’t disappeared and reappeared in a different place. They passed shops with names like Honeydukes, Three Broomsticks, and Hog’s Head Pub. It was very odd names to normal people, but the two men were anything but normal. They were wizards. To be exact, they were very dark wizards.

Almost at the end of the village they stopped, and bent over what looked like a completely ordinary piece of pavement. At closer examination there was a small engraving of a serpent. The younger wizard let out a strange hissing noise. It appeared the hissing noise had a sort of power, since part of the concrete dissolved revealing a small hatch. They opened it and a cold gust of wind blew out. It seemed to create a tornado around their feet, and then they were gone, sucked into the hatch. The mini tornado stopped at the end of the passage, and the two wizards stepped out, and the door closed.

The two of them were standing in a small office. There was one dimly lit torch, and the rest of the room was pitch black. The younger man gave one lazy wave of his arm, and the rest of the torches went on immediately. Now, they could see everything that was in the room.

There were green banners on the wall, and they had a picture of a snake, with the words SLYTHERIN. Near the banners, there was a wooden desk, with just enough room for two people to sit. There were also cases of valuable china, most of them that had a beautifully written S on them. There were also some ordinary objects, which obviously had a symbolic meaning. Despite having the torches lit, it was very dark.
The two men sat down at the desk and the older man pulled out a piece of parchment, and waved his wand, and dozens of words magically appeared there.

“What are you doing!” the younger man hissed.

“Writing our plans,” The older man said calmly, as more words appeared on the page.

“Are you mad? Anyone could find that!”

“I’ll destroy the evidence after I’m done.”

“When are you going to be done with it? Two centuries?”

“I am not!” the older man spat. “Don’t you forget, I’m supposed to be the teacher!”

“You said so yourself that you taught me everything you knew.”


“Lord Zajecfer,” The younger man interrupted.

“Why do you copy almost everything Tom did?” the older man asked. “He fashioned himself a new name from the letters of his old name, and so did you.”

“I liked the name Zajecfer, so I stuck with it. It’s a lot better than the name my stupid, idiotic mother gave me. They didn’t even call me by it. They mostly called me ‘boy’. Of course, my perfect brother was brilliant and they called him ‘genius.”

“A fatal flaw many normal people have, is that they are blinded by supposed ‘goodness’ of people. They also underestimate many dark wizards. Look at your family. They had no idea that you would turn out so dark, even when it was staring at them straight in the face."

“I’m going to make him look like a joke,” He said.

“Not unless you improve,” The older man replied.

“I am improving! I’ll be the greatest dark wizard since Tom Riddle! Everyone will be afraid to say my name! I’ll make him look like an idiot. When I was a kid I was so excited when I heard he came back to power, and hoped to join him when I was older! But then he had to die two years later, not even, and people call him the darkest wizard of all time!”

“Please calm down, Zac.”

“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that!”

“Zac, sit.” Zac sat, his faced flushed with anger. “I think the real reason is because he was a great success until he fell, and you are afraid you won’t live up to that.”

Before Zac had time to yell a retort, a snake slithered in, and let out some odd hissing noises, similar to the ones used to get into the office, and then the snake left.

“So I was right,” The older man said. “Harry Potter has two sons attending Hogwarts, James, who is going to be starting his second year, and Albus, who will be starting his first year. Pretty easy targets. Only first and second years,” Suddenly, anger appeared on the old man’s face. “I assume that Albus kid is named after the muggle- loving fool, Albus Dumbledore. How I detest him!”

“Are we going to kill them?” Zac asked eagerly.

“Of course.” The older man replied. “How often are we going to get the chance to kill Potter’s children? Maybe we’ll even get to kill Potter’s little girl, Lily or Milly, whatever her name is, when she comes to Hogwarts in a few years. You’ll do most of the killing though.” He added, gesturing to Zac. “I’ll just hang back in the shadows, the way I did when Tom was beginning to rise to power.”

“Who should we kill first?” Zac asked eagerly.

“What do you think?” the older man asked. “You will, after all, soon be the sole decision maker after you have left Hogwarts for good.”

“Lets sweep that first- year kid out of the way first.” Zac said. “Then we can concentrate on the second- year kid. Still won’t be very hard though, he probably only knows a few spells. Why, that first year kid probably doesn’t even know a single spell!”

“So you think it’ll be easy then?” the older man asked.

“Of course! They’re only first and second year students! I‘ve killed adult wizards before.”

“Still… be careful Zac. They are his Potter’s children, after all. And we both know that Harry Potter is very good at escaping death.”

“Just because they are related doesn’t mean they’ll be as brilliant.” Zac retorted back.

“I just don’t want you to underestimate them at all. Tom’s big mistake was that he was constantly underestimating Harry Potter.”

Zac grunted. “Why are you telling me all of this?”

“I just don’t want you to make the same mistakes Tom made! If you want to be greater than Tom Riddle was, then listen. Oh yeah, this might take a little bit of plotting, since we don’t want the Ministry of Magic tracing the murders back to us.”

“Right.” Zac said. And the two men began to plot the death of Harry Potter’s middle child the entire night.


This is the first novel I've ever written! I hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you for the reviews I've gotten so far! If you haven't yet left a review, leave one. I am eager to know what you think. Just so you know, I plan on updating every few weeks or so. Keep reading! :)

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