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So Different, Yet So Similar by jokkka
Chapter 1 : Goodbye
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“Bye, darling. We will miss you heaps! Don’t forget to write to us!” sobbed a happy yet sad Mrs Granger. “Bye mum. I will miss you both too! And don’t worry, I won’t forget to write to you both.” replied an excited Hermione. She hugged her father and then received a very tight hug from her mother as well.


She went through the brick wall, and was happy to see the Hogwarts’ Express. She moved out of the way, just in case someone else were to come through and bump into her. She walked slowly, looking for her friends and then she saw Harry. She called his name out and he turned around to see who was beckoning him.
“Oh, hey Hermione!” he beamed, and he walked over to her as she walked over to him.
“Hey Harry! How have you been? How was your holiday?” she asked, very happy to see her friend. “Oh yeah, I’ve been alright. And my holiday wasn’t all that bad. I didn’t stay with the Dursley’s, I stayed with the Weasley’s. And how are you? How was your holiday?”
“Oh yeah, that’s alright. You wouldn’t by any chance know why Ron had sent me an owl saying that I need to meet up with him here, would you? And my holiday was pretty good! I went to the aquarium, the zoo and had a spectacular Christmas with my parents and so on.”
“No, I don’t know. He sent me an owl as well, but he sent it before I went to stay at his place. When I got there, I had asked him, but he said he’d tell me when we’re meant to go to Hogwarts. And it sounds like you had a lovely time!”


“Harry! Hermione!” Two of them would recognize that voice anywhere, so they turned around to see their red-headed friend Ronald waving, and by his side, Ginny, Fred and George. They all walked up to Harry and Hermione and greeted each other happily with hugs. “So, Ron, what did you want to meet up for?” asked Hermione.
“Well.. I -- We. WE have a surprise for you.” Replied Ron with a smile on his face.
“Well, what kind?” asked Harry, very curious as to what the surprise would be.
“Well…” started Ginny. “We’re not going to be at school for a month.”
“What? I don’t --” Hermione started, but was cut off by Fred.
“Because we will be in another country.” He said.
“What country are you all going to?” asked Harry, Hermione nodding her head to his question.
“We will be going to Italy.” Answered George.
“I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but.. How.. I mean, how can you be going to Italy?” Hermione asked astonished.
“Well.. Our dad won the lottery. And he decided to go on a holiday, with the rest of us of course. He wanted to go to another country. We were having spaghetti bolognaise, and that’s where he got the idea from to go to Italy. We’re all pretty excited, we’re going to go but after the train leaves.” Ron explained.
“What are you going to do about study though?” asked Hermione. “This IS our last year… Sadly”
“Oh, our dad took care of it. We have to put in 100% effort into the assignments we have to do after we come back to fill in for the marks that we miss out on.” Ginny explained. “It applies for all of us. Except Fred and George of course, they’ve finished school.”


“15 minutes before departure!” exclaimed the train conductor.
“I’m happy for you mate. I hope you and your family have fun. Don’t forget to write to me okay?” said Harry. “I hope you have a nice time Ginny.” Ginny blushed and was sure Harry saw that, so she looked down and when she was sure she had gained control of her emotions, she thanked him shyly. “I hope you have a wonderful time Ginny. Write to me, tell me how it is, okay?” Hermione begged.
“Sure, will do. And thank you.” Ginny replied.


“10 minutes before departure!”
“I need to get my things onto the train, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” grunted Hermione while hauling her trunk up.
“Oh here, let me help you.” Offered Ron.
“Thank you Ron. Oh, and my bad, I am sorry! I hope you have a wonderful time in Italy.”
“Oh, thank you.” Ron put Hermione’s trunk away and Hermione put her owl away.


They returned to where Harry, Fred, George and Ginny were standing having a chat. It seems that Harry had already put his trunk and owl aboard.
“All aboard! 5 minutes before departure! All aboard!” yelled the conductor for the last time.
“Don’t forget to tell us what it’s like!” Harry reminded.
“Don’t worry, we won’t! We’ll also bring you both a souvenir.” cheered George.


They all gave each other a big, tight and long hug. “I hate to break it to you guys, but we really do have to go.” Harry informed.
“No… Right, sorry. You better be off before you’re late.”  Ginny added. Hermione and Harry quickly hurried off onto the train, found an empty compartment, went in it and went straight to the window. “GOODBYE!” The Weasleys turned to the direction of Harry’s and Hermione’s voice, and waved vigorously.


“What is with all this shouting?!” someone ended up storming in and slamming the compartment door sounding very annoyed. Hermione turned around to see who had barged in and disturbed them. As she turned around she was able to recognize that platinum blonde hair and she was not thrilled to see it at all.

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So Different, Yet So Similar: Goodbye


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