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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 12 : Meanwhile.....
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George sat there with the licorice in his hands. It was a success if anything...well maybe a little bit too much of a success.

"i wonder what was up with Fred He's never acted like that before." George said out loud as he rubbed the back of his neck. he did a double take to realized the shop light was still on.

"did they close it?" goerge wondered to himself he shrugged it off and walked out to shut off the light when he noticed a blue object near the desk.

"Berry?" he said a little hopeful it wasnt her.

"finally return Fred?" she said turning back with a smile. George was a little annoyed he didnt like it when he was confused with his brother.

"sorry to disappoint you but im George." he let the silence sith for a moment as the smile slipped from Berry's face.

"what are you still doing here? its like 9:30pm" he said inquireing to their funky clock that did strang things to alert the hour.

"Fred told me he'd be but a moment." Berry said turning away.

"well sorry but they went home early." he said presssing the button to flip the closed sign. Berry's eyes flung open at that thought.

"they?" she inquired. He looked at her and nodded.

"yes they as in the two from earlier." he said a little confused.

"oh so..she lives with you guys?" she said feigning uninterest. George noticed and couldnt help but feel the need to pick a bit.

"well yes engaged people tend to live with each other." he said smirking and walking around the desk to infront of her.

"they're engaged!? He's engaged with a girl like that!?" she said  in total shock.

"a girl like that? whats wrong with Hermione?...are ..are you jeolous?" George said catching on.

"NO!" she said all too fast as a blush creeped on her face. she looked down like she had been caught doing or saying something embarrassing. this annoyed George a little.

"uh huh well if your not why not have dinner with us tomorrow?" George challenged. Berry looked like she was at a crossroad one way lead to death the other a painful death. but she suckd in a deep breath smirked and said.

"fine!" George was taken aback he expected her to cry or make up some lame excuse.

"7:00pm good?" she said with a confident look on her face. George nodded. then smiled.

"youve really changed." he muttered.


"nothing time to go gotta lock up bye Berry see you tomorrow!" he said rushing her out the door. once out he locked the door pulled the blinds and sighed.

"after all these years does fate find this funny?" he chuckled.

"what kind of face was that?" he thought back to her confident look.

"better get started on that licorice!" he sighed and stretched.

"its gonna be a long night"


"its gonna be a long night" Fred sighed at his thought Hermione sat on the counter flushed and confused.

"Hermione love just take a sip." he said holding out the cup again. Hermione sniffed the drink and gave a small girlish sneezes. to which Fred dropped his head.

"cuteeee"  his inner mind cried!.

"if i do will you promise to hold me!?" she said like a spoiled trouble.

"of course now drink!" he urged in a 'im-winning-' way.

"NO!" she said holding out her hand. Fred looked at her hand confused. then back up at her.

"pinky promise!" she said. Fred blushed and held out his hand extending his pinky.

"promise." he said and looked up to which she smiled brightly then hiccuped which cause her to look stubbornly serious at her hand which connected with hers.

'what kind of face is that?' he thought to himself chuckling. Hrmione quickly grabbed the cup and drunk it in one swift movement. she then held out her arms and Fred obliged by picking her up again.

"honestly Granger." he started with a sigh before he heard a breathing lighten. he looked down at her sleeping face. he couldnt help but smile.

"ASH! how confusing this one!" he said chuckling as he arrivied at his room.

"well at least so far everyday has been interesting."

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