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My Version of those Facts by KnightRoseSword
Chapter 2 : A lot left to come
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The sun rose upon the green hills, warming up the hundreds of tents, placed one right next to the other so everyone would fit in; everyone had been waiting all together for the big game that was taking place later at night. There were rumors spreading of thousands of people assisting to this event but for the amount of tents in the top of that hill no one would've believed it. I was so quiet, just the breeze would till the tents to a side.


Everyone seemed to be sleeping. It was still early, barely 7-ish in the morning. Everyone seemed to be still asleep except for a girl, sticking her head out one of the fanciest tents that stood quietly, somewhat far from the rest of the more classic ones. The tent looked like a small house, shining in a white-pearl color in a row of other similar looking tents, with squared zippers in the front that looked just like windows and dark green borders marking the borders of the tent.


Lisa was checking out the land around her with a curious look and looking back inside a little bit scared. She came out quickly, like she was plotting something all on her own. Trying to make sure no one would pop in her way and discover her intentions. She looked just like she had hours awake. She probably did. She was already wearing her jeans, an Ireland's Team shirt and as always, arm warmers, now green ones just like Ireland's colors. She stood out and took a deep breath, telling herself she was alone and it was all fine. She made a pony-tail on her hair and made sure the tent was closed the right way before going her way to the not-so-fancy others.


Lisa kept walking on, enjoying the fresh morning breeze now; looking up the skies admiring the clear blue on it and some bird that started singing in a far tree. She reached the crowd of small tents, showing all kinds of colors and placed together, leaving not so much space for free walking if people were wandering out. She didn't exactly know where she was heading. She was expecting some sign of where her cousin Hermione might be. In her mind she figured out she must have come with that Weasley boy and, according to Draco, it was a big family, so she was looking maybe for a name tag in the tent or something that will help her get to it.


And there she was! Taking a box out of the tent, a girl s little bit younger than Lisa, with brown messy curls tied up in a bun and the face of someone who hadn't been awake for some time, but ready for the day with jeans anda jacket. Hermione Granger just stood up frozen in place when she heard someone was calling her by an old baby-nickname she hadn't heard in years.


-Psst! Psst! Hermione! … Mione! Psst! Minnie!


Hiding behind a tent a few ones away was Lisa calling out for her, smiling for finally she has found her cousin. She was almost trying to whisper because she didn't want to wake anyone else up and she only wanted to be heard by Hermione.


-Is that for me? – Hermione wondered in her mind as she seemed to be the only one outside- Who's…? Who could be calling me "Minnie" here? - thought Hermione completely without a clue, looking around the area when she finally saw Lisa smiling wide at her and calling her over with a hand gesture. –Oh my Gosh! Lizzie? – She whispered back spreading a puzzled smile in her face while walking rushed towards her.


They met up in a tight hug, squeezing each other drawing a circle –It's so great to see you again!- Said Lisa still hugging her cousin –I've missed you!


–I've missed you too! It's been far too long! - Answered Hermione just as happy as Lisa, breaking the hug to take Lisa's hands –But… I wasn't expecting to see you here! What are you doing here in the Q…- Hermione's words were cut off when she saw Lisa nodding with a shy grin, admitting what Hermione already had figured. –Lizzie, you're a… a witch?

-Yep! You got that right, Minnie! Witch of broom, wand and bubbling potions- said Lisa with a regretting tone of voice looking to the ground, pounding a rock with her feet. She still hadn't completely got used to what she was. –I was going to send you a letter but… Why ruin the surprise?

Now Lisa was looking away, uncomfortable but still trying to face the talk she knew was coming ahead. She hadn't told Hermione a word about her life, despite she knew Hermione was a witch a long time ago.

There was an awkward silence for a minute. One girl was trying to put the facts together on her cousin being a witch; and the other girl was preparing herself for all the questions to come.

-But… How come you never come to school? - Asked Hermione, finally breaking the silence but still looking puzzled.


-I'm homeschooled. Remember that? - Answered Lisa making it sound like an obvious answer.


-Yes but you're a witch! I don't think much people will home-school a witch. Why didn't you go to Hogwarts? … Or do you go to any other school?


-No… I don't go to any wizarding school… -Yet! Lisa brought that up when she saw Hermione opening her eyes wide. But that didn't make things easier.


-What do you mean with "yet"? You're a year older than me… You should be already in school! – Now Hermione was the one stating the obvious.


-It's a long story, Minnie! – Lisa was now looking nervous because other people were starting to come out of their tents. – Look, I'll be happy to tell you everything but right now I have to go back to my tent.


-Oh! You're here to see the match too? Maybe we can meet up later and sit together. – Hermione's suggestion sounded really good and her happy expression was certain Lisa was going to accept.


-No… I don't think I can. I came here with the Malfoy family…


They were both going to talk when something cut them off. Hermione was now beyond confused and it was all over her face! Lisa was going to pick up an excuse she didn't really have, but Ginny Weasley, a nice younger girl with freckles and long red hair, reached to them calling out for Hermione.


-Hermione! There you are. Mom's starting to worry. - Called out Ginny, walking towards the two other girls. She looked just like Draco had described the Weasley family. Well, not his rude comments about their money or blood status.


Hermione turned around, not bothering to change her confused face. – Yeah, sorry Ginny I was… This is Melissa, my cousin. Melissa this is Ginny Weasley.


-Oh hi! It's nice to meet you. – Said Ginny with a polite smile.


–Yeah you too. – Answered Lisa in a lame intent to put up the same smile. – Look I… I need to go back – Lisa was now rushed to go back before the Malfoys got up too and noticed her absence. – I'm going to Hogwarts this year. I'll see you later.



The two cousins hugged each other good-bye and Lisa waved to Ginny who nodded back. Then each one walked back to their places. Lisa worked all the way back into washing every possible emotion off her face so no one would notice anything rare in her.


Thank Heavens only Mrs. Malfoy was up in the little living room, drinking her morning tea. Despite how small the tent might look, in the inside it was as big as an actual house. Mr. Malfoy wasn't around. Lisa guessed he must be in his own personal living in his own room and Draco was for sure asleep.


Lisa just sat next to Mrs. Malfoy who offered Lisa a cup of tea. –Where were you, Lisa? – Asked Mrs. Malfoy quietly. She was a calmed lady and always treated Lisa with touch and kindness. –I was taking a walk. I couldn't sleep anymore. – Answered Lisa in low calm voice, sipping tea, enjoying a relax moment.



Why? Everything was going alright! Why do they have to come and mess it all up? You would think they wouldn't pop in such events… I'm so naive, Gosh!

The day was good! The game was great! Now it's all down! Damn Death Eaters crashed the ending of the cup and destroyed everything in their way. Walking up like kings crushing and cursing and killing I'm imagining! … It's all down and dark to fire… And they smile with the death mark in the sky.

I know Hermione's safe. Before rushing out with Draco and Mrs. Malfoy I made sure she was fine. I won't say anything else… I just want this to pass just like a nightmare. And they wanted me in, can you believe it? They're mocking at me now again. I wish I could quit this.



Lisa was terrified that night. In the middle of the struggle, she ran straight to Hermione's tent to find out they were all already gone. She looked out for them and saw Hermione, Ron and Harry covered in dirt, slightly bruised and running out. There was nothing more she could do. She ran back to her spot and only two of the Malfoys went back to the Manor with her.


This was just starting, she realized that there. But locking herself in wasn't going to do any good. "When is school time going to start?" was all she kept asking to herself.


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