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Teases, Winks, and A Whole Lot of Love by iheartyou
Chapter 3 : The Brutal Battle On Brooms
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Rose Weasley






Chapter 3

At times, some people expect for their ‘enemies’ to shout at them. At times, other people expect for their ‘enemies’ to suck it up and apologize. However, I expected my ‘enemy’ to make another ‘skinny’ comment.

That wasn’t exactly the case.

“Green, I-”

“Save it for later, Potter,” I growled. “We’ve got a Quidditch match to win.”

The expression on his face held surprise, but he shook his head. “No, it can’t wait. I’m sorry, Green. I just wanted to tell you that. I was being stupid, making ridiculous remarks. Here, hurry up, eat this now. Or…or…”

I lifted a brow. “Or?”

“Or he’ll kiss you!” Fred intervened, looking proud of himself.

“Ohh, no,” I shook my head. “Give me that, Potter,” I held my hand out for the pancake he smuggled out with him. “I’m not kissing you if someone gave me fifty galleons.”

He frowned but handed me the pancake. “You hurt my ego,” he joked, clutching his right chest. I rolled my eyes.

“Oh and Potter?” I asked, as I was about to mount off with the rest of the team, after Rose began announcing the Slytherin team. “I forgive you, though you didn’t need forgiving in the first place.”

With that, I winked and turned around to face forward, waiting for Rose to call out the Gryffindor team.

“-Captain Marcus Parkinson and Scorpius Malfoy-YEAH MALFOY and Seeker ALBUS POTTER, WHOOO! GO AL! Oh, sorry professor. And here’s Gryffindor team, Captain and chasers James Potter, Connor McLaggen, and Lily Potter! Beaters Nick Thomas and Fred Weasely (YEAH WEASLEY! BEAT THAT PARKINSON ARSE!) Sorry professor, I had to, you know I had to! Seeker Abigail Finnegan. And of course Keeper, lovable MAGGIE PATIL! Gryffindor’s totally going to win, I don’t even know why we bother playing-ow, professor, sorry! Okay, I won’t do it again!”

I laughed as I reached the goalposts. The Ravenclaws were roaring for Gryffindor to win, which boosted up our confidence level by much. Ravenclaw usually supported Slytherin (we don’t know why). I figure since they got slaughtered (not in the literal sense) by them a few weeks ago, they’ve changed alliances or something.

I watched as James flew around, hovering mostly around Marcus. I’m pretty sure he expected him to pull a stunt of some sorts.

Knowing Marcus, though, he would.

And that was when I finally got some action in the game. (I mean, seriously. What’s a Keeper got to do around here?)

Of course, it was blocked. Not too difficult. Marcus grazed it against my left arm, but it wasn’t bleeding too badly.

“And it’s blocked by Patil, Thomas in possession! Ow, bad bludger sent to Scorpius Malfoy there, by Weasley. Thomas passes to Potter, passes to Potter! And…and…aw hell, Zabini blocked it. Parkinson in possession.”

I had to admit, Rose was doing pretty good with commenting. Everyone seemed to enjoy having her as the commenter. She never minded either.

I watched heavily as Marcus came flying at me fast and hard, locking eyes with Goyle for a moment. As confused at this as I was, I was ready to block the quaffle.

“Maggie watch out!” Fred screamed. I turned my head at the last second, to see a bludger come smashing into my shoulder, causing me to fall off my broom-and Parkinson to score.

Dammit! I was so mad, I could have lit the pitch on fire.

No, I’m only joking, pitch, I love you! You’re my entire life!

“Gotcha,” James breathed out, what sounded like in relief, grabbing my hand as I almost fell out of his grip. Fred tossed the broom through the air which I caught with my other arm (despite the burning pain from the bludger) and I flew back to my goalposts.

Hooch wouldn’t call that off as a foul, I knew her. She’d say it wasn’t violation.

An hour later, the score was 90 to 70 with Gryffindor in the lead. James called for a time out and Roxanne ran down to meet up with us. It had been drizzling at the start of the game, but now it was just full on pouring rain, with thunderstorms and lightning. Our luck was simply terrible.

“New plan, team,” James heaved. “Fred, watch over Green, she’s been hit sixteen times.” However true that may have been, and however much pain I was in, I couldn’t do that to the chasers.

“No, don’t. It’s fine, I’ll be fine. We need to win this god damn game. Trust me, I’ll be fine.”

They gave me wary looks. “Look, Green, it’s obvious that they know you’re the best Keeper of the century.” Aw, that’s sweet of you to say, Potter. “But it’s obvious that their tactic is to actually kill you and score a hundred times. You may be the best but you are the most daft woman I’ve met.” Way to kill the sweet moment, Potter.

“Potter, don’t worry. I’ll be fine. Once we leave the guard off of you three, they’ll stop with me and start aiming both bludgers at one chaser at the same time,” I growled. “I’ll be fine.”

“Alright, fine. How about Fred goes back and forth between the chasers and you?” he compromised.

I bit my lip. “Fine. Let’s just get back. I want to win this so badly.”

“Don’t we all,” he mused.

Once the game was set back on track, Gryffindor was scoring better than ever-whether it was because they were seriously worried over one another’s safety’s or because they wanted this game to end as soon as it could, I didn’t know. We were up by ninety points when Scorpius came flying at me to try and score. Scorpius is rather…innocent. So it was quite easily blocked. The only times I had to be on my guard was when Marcus came at me.

“Oh, toughly blocked by Patil and the quaffle’s in Captain’s possession! Pass off to Potter, to Potter, to Potter, to Potter, to Thomas, to Potter, to Potter, to Thomas, and they shoot…! YES. YES. GRYFFINDOR SCORES! GRYFFINDOR IS UP BY 100 POINTS. Still no sight of the snitch by Albus Potter or Abigail Finnegan. Gryffindor needs but 30 points more to win the Cup!”

I gritted my teeth together as Marcus came up at me. The scene I then watched unfold before me crushed me, literally and emotionally. Marcus, on one hand, came flying towards me. Fred was standing ready for any sight of bludgers to hit me. Nick was trying to helplessly shoot the bludger at Zabini, but both of Slytherin’s beaters aimed at James, who was facing the opposite way-towards me. He was waiting for me to block it so he could take it.

“James! Turn around!” I screamed. He hadn’t heard. Fred was the only one in hearing distance. Marcus eased closer and closer. “FRED. GO BE TEMPORARY KEEPER,” I shrieked, and dashed to where James stared, confused at my form coming straight for him.

Just as the bludgers were about to crack open his skull, I shot forward, with so much force that the bludgers moved off track to the side and cannoned me towards the stands. I felt my body slam into the stands-where screaming Gryffindors moved away. Way to cushion me, guys. I thought we were a family! We live in the same bloody house! Hmph.


Hooch blew her whistle, and everyone was silent, frozen. Marcus grinned evilly (wut?) even though Fred blocked the quaffle. It was currently with Lily. At least it didn’t go in.

“Oh my god, Green, I’m so fucking sorry. Hell, this is all my fault, aw shit. I’m so sorry, you have no idea,” James babbled on when he reached me.

I reached out for his hand to help me up, which he did when he realized. “You can’t play, that’s it,” he demanded. “I’ll have Fred play keeper, you just rest.” With that, he flew off.

I gritted my teeth together, despite the obvious pain in my jaw when I did so. Arse, telling me what to do. No way in hell am I sitting this one out. No matter how much I’m hurt (and limping). I grabbed my broom and mounted off-from the stands. The Gryffindors cheered like crazy, encouraging it. James was with Fred at the goalposts, most likely informing him of the new “change”. He must’ve thought the uproar was of Gryffindor team fighting back, not me going back in.

But I’m pretty sure he got the idea soon enough, when Rose commented again. “That’s a real sport, ladies and gentlemen! Folks, I give you-Maggie Patil, never giving up! YOU GO GIRL! GO KICK SOME ARSE!”

James’ head whipped around and he looked furious. I’m sure everyone in the stands could see his rage and him yelling at me.

“POTTER! I’m not going to go and sit around and watch our team get slaughtered. I can play, alright? It’s only thirty more points anyways!”

The other members of the team gathered around the three of us as well by that point. “Abby, I don’t care how many more points we need. You get that snitch the second you see it!

She bit her lip and nodded.

“No,” I stopped her. “Please. Just give it an hour. If by that time we can’t get those thirty points, then catch the snitch. But please.”

She glanced at James who tightly gave a nod. He was straining not to scream and punch a wall, I could feel it. “One more thing,” I added. They all looked up at me. “Fred switches places with me for the remainder of the game.”

“No!” James shouted. “I will not allow that.”

“James, you near died!” I shouted. “And I’m very good as a beater, too! Mind you not the best aim, but it’s a big fucking ball, if it’s off by a few centimeters it’s not a difference!”

“I don’t have a problem,” Fred shrugged. I smiled smugly.

“Gimme the bat, Freddy Boy-o,” I held a hand out for it.

“Well, would you look at that! Keeper Maggie Patil and Beater Fred Weasley seem to have traded off positions! Cap’n, do you honestly deem it to be the best idea? I dunno…Mags did just take a nasty fall there.”

“Merlin, shut up, Rose,” James muttered. “As if I want her to kill herself.”

“I can hear you, douchebag!” I shouted at him.


The game was back on. We had an hour to get our thirty points. I got my revenge on the two beaters and Marcus, as I sent bludger after bludger at them. They didn’t exactly appreciate it.

Apparently, their mothers didn’t teach them any manners either. I know this because of the long string of words- that my mother would definitely not like-they shouted at me.

I’m sorry, beaters who I don’t know and Parkinson. I thought this was fun? It sure is fun for me!

“Green, shoot a bludger at Zabini,” Potter quickly said as he zipped past me, quaffle in hand. I did as he said, and aimed one at their keeper, who got hit on his side. I started doing a happy dance, especially when Rose said we scored on him.

“Green, what in the hell are you doing?!” James asked, flying past me. I caught myself and gave him an iffy smile.

“Right, sorry. Not the time to celebrate…yet,” I gave an innocent look. He rolled his eyes but flew around Lily, who stole the quaffle off of Marcus. Fred looked like he was extremely relieved.

One of the beaters shot a bludger at Lily, who looked determined not to hesitate in her step and kept moving, despite the bludger. I rushed over, in hope to hit the bludger back at the beater. I was just a tad too late, and it hit Lily in the arm, causing her to drop the quaffle, which McLaggen swooped in and took. James growled at me. “You're supposed to keep bludgers from hitting us, not coming in too late to keep it from hitting us!”

“I'm sorry!” I shrieked, helplessly. My god, what do you want me to do? Stand in front of you so the bludger hits me again, instead?

As another bludger was aimed at James’ head, (like seriously, what the fuck, man-what do you have against James’ head and my life?) I realized that that was exactly what I had to do.

I shot forward, knowing I wouldn’t have enough time to hit it away and stood guard, up straight, as the bludger smacked into my left side of my face. It hurt like a bitch, of course it did, but I couldn’t let Potter know that. With blood pouring out of my mouth, I wiped it on my sleeve, and turned to Potter. “Is that better?” I snapped, racing off to help Fred with Marcus who was trying to score.

My lungs were seriously killing me. Merlin, I was so going to pay for all the pain I was taking up right now. Potter called another time out. I was so relieved, but when I stood up, I straight down collapsed. Fred held me up. “Thanks Freddy.”

He nodded.

“Okay, team! We’ve got half an hour to score two goals. We can do this, alright? Green, how are you feeling?” He had an almost guilty look on his face.

I looked up at him from where I was hurling out blood on the ground. “How do you think?! I’m aching everywhere. I’m in so much pain, you tosser!”

He chewed on his lower lip, and I immediately regretted losing my temper with him. “Guys, I can help,” Rose breathlessly said, sprinting over. “I can charm you not to feel the pain.”

I nodded. “Do it, do it please. Please, Rose, I’m begging you, it all hurts so much,” I moaned.

“One thing, though. If you get hurt again, you’ll feel all the pain again,” she warned. But I didn’t care. I just wanted the pain to be gone.

We mounted off once Rose helped me with the remainder of the thirty minutes to score twice. She was breathless, running back up to the commenter’s box, as quickly as she could have.

Parkinson’s evil little eye gleamed over me. ‘He knew,’ I thought. He knew that I was weak. Dammit.

No doubt he’d send all of the bludgers at me. So I made it my priority to attack him with every bludger I got the chance to hit. I guess it put Marcus off of his game a bit, and James scored.

“ONE MORE, TEAM!” he roared.  This was it. This was the moment that the seven of us would be remembered for, for the remainder of the year (because, come on. If we beat Slytherin this badly, then Hufflepuff’s a piece of cake). Marcus had the quaffle and he was racing up to Fred faster than any of us. Fred (thankfully) blocked it, and McLaggen caught it, racing back over to the Slytherin hoops.

Abigail’s eyes perked up and I knew immediately she’d spotted the snitch. McLagged passed to Lily as both Al and Abby raced for the snitch. Nick hit a bludger at the other team’s beater who was about to hit McLaggen. Lily passed off to James, who passed back to Lily. I hit off one bludger to Zabini, and James scored.

This was it. As long as Abby caught the snitch before they scored on us, we’d be all set! I stared intently as Abby and Al reached out for the snitch.

That’s when I saw the two bludgers aimed at Abby. Abby had no way of escaping it, it was in the middle of her and the snitch. So I flew down and took the hit before it crossed the path of Abby, Al, and the snitch.

Of course the impact made my fly off of my broom-again. Except this time, it wasn’t into the student stands. It was backward at the commenters box. Nobody could react to my move like that, quickly enough, and for the first time in Quidditch…I hit the wood of it and down at the ground very forcefully.

And then it all blacked out.

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