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Out of my league by ritz97
Chapter 5 : Gryffindors at every step
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 “You sleep way too much, it should be made illegal.”

We were walking towards The Great Hall. Hazel, damn her, was already at breakfast. Bonnie had kindly stayed behind to make sure I did not fall back asleep.

“Oi!  Over here.”

Hazel’s shout echoed throughout the hall. Several people turned to look around. Cheeks flaming, I half walked-half ran to the table, and slid in my seat.

“Here, you need this.”

Hazel shoved a glass of pumpkin juice under my nose. I shot her a filthy look, before gulping it down.

“Where is Professor Flitwick? We should be getting our timetables by now.”

“Really Bonnie, you need to take a deep breath and let all the studies go.”

Taylor Boot slid in the empty place next to me, his black hair hanging on his head. He was in my year and the Quidditch captain of our house. His best friend Ernie Macmillan II pompously wished us good morning.

Ernie was so like his dad. His manner was something Mr. Goldstein always laughed at, said it reminded it of Ernie’s father.

“Morning, Ernie.” Bonnie greeted him cheerfully and flicked her braid over her shoulder, hitting Ernie on his face.

Taylor and Hazel laughed. Professor Flitwick made his way over to us.

“Here you are my seventh year students.” He said. “Where are the rest?”

“Sleeping.” Said Taylor. Nobody expected anything else from Logan and Daniel anyway.

Professor Flitwick started with the boys while we three girls quickly shoved our breakfasts in our mouths. I poured a healthy dose of chocolate syrup on my waffles before attacking them.

“Now, you three,” Professor Flitwick said, “have almost all the classes together. Bonnie here’s yours with Arithmancy, Hazel’s with Divination and Allison’s with Care of magical Creatures.”

“Thanks Professor.” We scanned our timetables. Hazel let out a snarl.

“Professor Flitwick, why do we have almost all our classes with Gryffindor this year?”  I scanned my timetable and sure enough, there it was.  Almost all was right.

“The Headmistress felt that it was necessary to have a little change of house patterns this year, so instead of you and Hufflepuff’s having most of the classes together, it’ll be you and Gryffindors.” He chuckled under his breath. “The Slytherins can do with a little time of the Hufflepuff’s anyway.”

He walked away after that. Hazel watched with her mouth hanging open.

“Why is the world out to get me this year? First he is the Head boy, and now I have to share my classes with him. Why, oh why?” Bonnie laughed quietly and patted Hazel on her arm.

“It’ll be okay, sweetie. Don’t worry. We’ll be there. But now we have to run. We have DADA now.”


We walked towards the room where DADA was held. The class was half full already. Teddy Lupin was standing in the middle, getting the stuff for the class ready.

All around the class there were posters depicting the battle of Hogwarts, metamorphmagus’ and werewolves.  Given his heritage, it was no surprise he would be interested in such things.

His hair was a dark blue today, his signature colour. It was almost black. It suited him a lot.

Across the room, the Gryffindors and were sitting; DADA was one of the few classes with too many children continuing it for the NEWT level; therefore two houses had it at once.

“Welcome to the Defence against Dark Arts for the first time this year. I don’t need to lecture you on how important this year is or the impact your NEWT grades will have on your career, your other teachers are going to go on about it for today anyway.” Some people chuckled.

“This year we have non-verbal spells, the 3 Unforgivable curses and a 2 wandless spells.” A murmur went through the class as Professor Lupin named the curses. Taylor and Daniel put their heads together and started whispering, Roxanne Weasley clutched her wand tightly and her best friend, Mia Thomas bounced up and down her seat in excitement. Evie and Emma Longbottom pulled out their textbooks and quickly started turning the pages. Ernie and Logan were exchanging notes on their views about this topic. The four Gryffindor boys: James, Louis, Fred and Liam Wood were all having some kind of heated discussion.

“You all learned the non-verbal spells last year, this time we’re going to practise more advanced spells non-verbally. This year, you’ll try the Aguamenti charm without speaking. And then we’ll try some few minor jinxes and then we’ll start with our next topic.”

Everyone started to pair up with their friends; I turned to Bonnie to ask just as Professor Teddy’s voice boomed in the class again.

“Hold on class. I’ll be pairing you up today, and for the future too.” He grinned wickedly.

“Aww Teddy, come on. Don’t be so rude.” Potter’s grumbled like a sullen child.

“Sorry James, new rule.”

“What rule?” Louis asked?

“Ravenclaws and Gryffindors have to be paired together.”

Taylor groaned and mumbled under his breath “As if the Hufflepuff’s were not nitwit enough.”

Teddy shot Taylor an amused look as if he had heard what he said. I guess he had, with ears like him. His werewolves’ gene had some plus points.

“It just keeps getting better and better.” Hazel muttered darkly. I had a feeling that she was going to burst soon.

“It’s okay” Bonnie said, but even she looked worried.

“Even your luck couldn’t be that bad.” I scoffed lightly.

“We’ll see.” Hazel muttered.

“Here are your pairs, please take a seat beside them. Taylor Boot and Roxanne Weasley....”

And it started. Mia got paired with Logan, Evie with Ernie (she groaned pretty loud at this announcement), and Emma with Daniel.

“Next we have Bonnie and James.” James sighed as if in relief, Fred tensed. Bonnie Huffed.

“Allison and Fred.” I smiled, Fred was cool. He smiled too.

“Last we have Hazel and Louis.”

Hazel banged her fist on the table, making everything on it jump. Bonnie caught hold of her hand.

“Relax Haze.” She whispered.

Louis, I thought, looked terrified.

“Ok class. Swap.”

Everyone got up and shuffled towards their partner. I went and took a seat beside Fred.

“Hi.” He said politely. Ok. This was going to be a bit awkward since the only time we have had a proper conversation would be in the train, and I don’t know if it was one anyway. But it’ll be okay, I guess.

“Hey.” I grinned.

Bonnie came and sat behind me with James.

“Hey Fred.” She called out.

“Hey Bonnie.” His face had a light pink shade at this time.

Hazel and Louis sat at the end of the row, both looking in opposite directions.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Liam; you’re partnered with Roxanne and Taylor. You three will take turns.” Teddy told a slightly angry Liam, who was standing there looking lost.

“Thank you.” He said and went to sit beside them.

“Now we are going to start with Expelliarmus again, but non-verbally this time.”

We all got up from our seats and the desks all magically vanished. I stood in front of Fred with a smirk on my face, my wand extended in my right hand.

“Be ready to be embezzled.” He grinned.

“Oh, you’re on bitch.” I retorted.

“Boys will try to disarm girls without uttering the spell. Girls will try to deflect it likewise.” Teddy instructed and then moved to help Liam, Roxanne and Taylor.

“On the count of three?” Fred nodded.

“One, two, three.”

I felt a tug on my wand, and thought “Protego”. A shield erupted in front of me and Fred flew backwards.

“I topped this section of DADA last year; did I forget to mention that?” Fred groaned at me as he got up, and I laughed.

“Come on, Freddy boy. Get up.” I taunted him. He shot me a dark look, and stretched his wand.

“Be ready to be embezzled, this time for sure.”

I grinned as I got ready again. This year was gonna be fun.

A/N: Sorry for the really long gaps between the chapters but I’m kind of lazy that way. So reviews, comments, thoughts, criticism, praise and everything in between? Down in that little box.

Peace out.
























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Out of my league: Gryffindors at every step


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