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Simply Irresistible by dp2012
Chapter 27 : The All Stars
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Draco came home frustrated still from the conversation with Ron Weasley. Opening the door he almost had the urge to say 'honey I'm home', like those American muggle films Hermione made him watch all those years ago. He smiled both at the thought of coming home to Hermione and also the fact that Ron Weasley wouldn't be. Hermione wasn't a prize but it was bloody great to call her his.

"Ugh Hermione, we're hungry!"

Draco's ears perked when he heard the unfamiliar male voice.

"No! We are waiting for Draco and that's final!"

"But we haven't eaten in hours." Another complained.

This time Draco recognized the voice of Oliver Wood.

"Don't you dare Wood, if you touch those brownies, I will…"Hermione trailed off when she saw Draco.

"What's going on?" Draco asked seeing all the people in his living room. Many of which were sweaty and all wearing various quidditch team shirts. But then there was George Weasley, Harry and Ginny Potter then Blaise and Luna.

"Draco! You're home!"

"And we call you the smartest witch of our generation because?" Ginny interjected.

Hermione whirled around to give Ginny a look. Ginny gave her a smile. "Seriously, even I'm on page with the muscle heads,"

The guys in the room all protested.

"Seriously, I'm pregnant, can we just get to the eating already since Malfoy's finally here!"

There were shouts of agreement.

"Mione, what's going on?" Draco asked again, louder this time.

"Draco," Hermione whirled around back to look at her fiancé.

Draco raised his brow in expectation.

"Meet your team for this weekend. Oliver Wood, Roger Davies, George Weasley, Angelina Johnson, Adrian Pucey the only former Slytherin that never got in trouble for committing a foul or called me a mudblood."

Adrain and Draco both raised their brows at Hermione.

"Sorry I had to add that in. They have to know why I asked Adrian. That way they can't protest and you won't be the only Slytherin." She explained.

"Ahhh, I feel sick." Adrian said. "And I did call you that… just not to your face."

Hermione snorted. Dear Merlin Slytherins always had to keep their reputations intact. "Yeah well Draco used to call me it every day. Now we're living together and dating. I think we can all get over it." She said looking at Harry, Ginny, George, and her fellow former Gryffindors that had tensed at Adrian's admission.

"Cody Cormac, and Harry Potter whom can replace you as seeker if you were to get injured." Hermione snickered a little at this part.

"I would definitely be a part but… its all this guy's fault." Ginny pointed accusingly at Harry.

"Gin," Harry tried to soothe.

"Baby Sister I think it take more than one to make a baby." George said.

"Yeah well he's not the one with morning sickness so I'll be crabby all I want."

George conceded.

"That's what you've been doing." Draco whispered into Hermione's ear, no longer caring to hear Ginny's lectures to both her husband and brother.

"Yes, I'm sorry I just, I wanted to tell you but if it all fell apart-"

Draco stopped her by placing his lips on her. "I thought you would've been pretty pissed at me if I agreed to the match. Being the trophy and all."

"Oh I was pretty pissed but not at you. The thing about Ron is that he's stubborn. All of us Gryffindors are. If you didn't compete, Ron would've called you a coward, which quite frankly you DID have a reputation of being a LONG time ago."

"Please tell me what's really on your mind." Draco said dryly. Highly offended in fact.

Hermione laughed. "Draco, you're not the same as the school boy you were all those years ago." Hermione gave him a quick peck on the lips. "You're now the man that I'm in love with. And as the woman who loves you, I've gathered some of the best quidditch players that have ever graced us to help you beat Ron and knock some sense back into him. However if you do lose, I will be pissed at you."

"Are you guys done making googly eyes at each other yet?" Blaise asked. "Cause most of us here have been starving while we had to wait for Draco!"

Draco couldn't believe how many people were sitting at his dining room table. He could hear what his- no Lucius would say if he ever saw all the people that were sitting at his table causing such a ruckus and plates constantly being passed to and forth between all the Quidditch players. All the former Gryffindors, what he would've called Blood traitors, then to top it off, two thirds of the Golden trio. It made him grin a little as he saw what Lucius's expression would be if he saw them all together.

Draco felt someone touch his left hand. He looked up and his grin broke into a full blown smile. "You're amazing you now that?" He told Hermione as he took her hand and kissed it.

Hermione blushed as the table had quieted, seeing the show of affection.

"Okay now I'm really mentally scared, I just saw Malfoy have a human heart. Are you guys sure nothing possessed his body and took him over?" George asked, a little disturbed.


Draco couldn't believe that he was actually taking time off work to train with the people that Hermione had handpicked and very obviously guilted into helping him. Merlin he forgot how much fun it was to practice with seriously good players. He really needed to start playing again even if just for fun.

"Okay Malfoy, I'm letting the snitch go now." Ginny said explaining slowly, like as if she was talking to a child. "Now you just have to beat my husband on catching it for once. How many more times do I need to release this thing anyway? Just catch the darn thing already."

Draco glared at Ginny, then turned to look at Harry. "Are pregnant woman always this crabby?"

Harry didn't get to say anything because Ginny interrupted.

"You did not just say that Malfoy! I am not crabby!" Ginny growled.

"Malfoy, just let it go." Harry said, unconsciously putting his hand on Draco's shoulder in a rather friendly gesture. "You do not win when they guilt you with the giving birth speech."

"I hope you two know that the snitch is long gone now." Ginny said staring at them, not being able to hear them but knowing that they were definitely talking about her.

"Gin!" Harry groaned before he shot off, Draco following too cursing the Mrs. Potter, his muscles were already screaming in pain from the past two hours of trying to catch the snitch before.


"Look I need to see Hermione now," Ron demanded to the Ministry security.

"We're sorry Mr. Weasley, but we have been explicitly told that you are not allowed-"

"Damn it, Hermione is my fiancé, I have every right to see her!"

"Hey Weasley, she's not here!" Blaise yelled as he and Ken came out of the Department, ready to meet up with Draco, Hermione, and the others at the pitch.

"She left to have lunch with Draco a while ago." Blaise said having to add in that bit and excluding the fact that it was where he and Ken were headed.

Ron sighed. "Zabini tell her that I really need to talk to her, please. I know you hate me but please just pass on the message. Tell her that I really need to talk to her. To clarify things…"

Blaise looked at him skeptically. But nodded.

Hermione fiddled with the quill as she debated writing to Ron or not. Ron must've been pretty adamant for Blaise to have passed on the message. She looked at the clock and saw that it was almost six. Yet Draco was not back from practicing yet. Hermione sighed as she thought of what she wanted to say. Nothing came. How had their relationship deteriorate so much? Harry and Ron had always been her rock. They were the Golden Trio.

Dear Ron,

Blaise gave me your message. You're right we do need to talk but only when you're ready to be my best friend again. I can't be anything more than that for you Ron, I'm sorry. We've hurt each other too much to go back to that. Please, I miss my best friend.


Hermione smiled as she read her message. It was the best she could do with all that was going on. She walked down the steps to go to the owlry where Hermia was eating.

"Can you send this off for me?"

The owl hooted before giving Hermione an affectionate peck.

Draco came home feeling bruised, sore in places he forgot he had, and just plain worn down. He only had three more times to practice with the team before the game next week. So each practice, they were going all out. And now his body was groaning in protest after almost 13 hours of grueling practice.

He barely noticed where he was, just heading to the living room. He was planning to just collapse on the couch but then he saw a slight figure curled up already in his love seat, a book clutched in her fingers. Draco stopped right in his tracks. He watched in rapture of the sight of Hermione's torso rising with the slight breaths she took then back down. After another minute of watching he looked at the clock finally realizing just how late it really was.

Draco picked Hermione up, struggling slightly from his sore muscles but once he got his balance he began to climb the stairs.

Hermione started to wake up when she felt someone placing her on something nice and soft. Her eye lashes fluttered thrice before fully opening. When she saw the platinum hair she smiled.

"Hi there."

Draco gulped at the rather provocative image Hermione had right now with her slightly sleep hooded eyes giving her a rather sultry look and a deep raspier but yet soft and extremely seductive voice.

"Sorry about that I was hoping to stay up and ask how the day waaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssss." Hermione gave a small yawn.

Draco smiled before laughing. He leaned his forehead against her, leaning ever closer. "It was great. But I have to admit the ending, seeing you on my couch or actually our couch was catching the winning snitch."

Hermione gave a small giggle. "We muggles say it's the cherry on top."

"The cherry? What does that…"

"I'll have to make you an ice cream sundae one of these days."

"A what? Ice cream sundae that sounds rather provocative."

Hermione burst into a peal of giggles. "Only you Draco Malfoy would say that."

Draco couldn't resist anymore. Being so close and watching those peony pink lips so near. He pressed his lips on hers.

Hermione stopped in mid giggle as Draco kissed her. With her lips already slightly opened, they began to heavily French kiss. Draco tried to fight for dominance in the kiss but failed to win, he had gladly given up to Hermione.

When they finally released, Draco found himself staring down at the woman rather in awe. That was truly one of the best kisses he'd ever experience and he was no late bloomer.

"You're not really going to leave me with just that are you?" Hermione demanded.

Draco looked down at her not knowing what to say to that comment.

Hermione gave a sigh then huffed. "I have to do all the work around here don't I?" She joked before pulling Draco back down to her by his tie.

Draco woke up the next morning feeling fully sated and rather deliriously happy to feel his arms wrapped around the woman he had been literally yearning for, for too many years to count. He couldn't help but pull her ever closer. "I love you Hermione Granger." He mumbled into her hair before falling into a deep sleep once again.

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