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The Ardour of Troy by Ring_Felton97
Chapter 1 : Prologue - The Apple of Discord
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The Ardour of Troy
Prologue- The Apple of Discord

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or its characters, just borrowing them!

A/N: Hi everyone! So I suddenly had the muse to undertake a novel-length story, so here we are. This is a Dramione take on the Trojan War, a story that I'm sure lots of you are familiar with. Many things are going to be changed for the sake of the story, including certain names from the war and the timeline for Harry Potter and the Trojan War. Happy reading! ♥






A young blond man stepped forth from the inky shadows. His shoulders were set back in arrogant, male, pride but his hands trembled ever so slightly.

He bowed deeply to the quartet of majestic thrones at the helm of the room, his head lowered almost to the floor.

As it should've been, for the Founders did not simply summon any common man to appear before them. An audience with the four legendary wizards and witches was unheard of, it took years, even decades for ordinary folk to be granted the honour of seeking an appearance with the Founders and even then it was rare for the Founders to accept the request at all.

Therefore, a summoning was practically legendary among the folk of London, it had never been done before.

After a respectful moment, the man lifted his head, his blond locks falling back handsomely, his eyes clear and alert.

The woman farthest to the left, her throne adorned in glittering sapphires, smiled wryly to herself. They had most certainly chosen correctly. The man's silvery eyes gleamed even in the darkness and his chiseled face spoke of sin and seduction. There was an almost dark aura about him that allured and beguiled shamelessly.

Reaching into his mind, she found that he was sharp as a tack, his wit and cunning preceding most ordinary men. He was a strategist, thoughtful and wary but also, she noted, had the physical strength to pull off manoeuvres that any soldier could only dream of accomplishing. He truly was a god among men, a man any woman would die to have by her side. She nodded minutely to her fellow comrades, this one she approved of.

The other three also shared almost imperceptible nods of approval. They were all of agreement then.

Rowena Ravenclaw, from her sapphire-embellished seat, rose and glided gracefully towards the blond man. Helena Hufflepuff, dressed in yellow robes, followed suit, wanting to inspect the chosen man up close for herself. Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin, dressed in red and green respectively, also proceeded to sweep towards the blond.

"Young Malfoy." Godric addressed the man in a booming voice. The authority in his deep tones rang through the room, echoing off the curtained walls.

The man bowed deeply again, his eyes showed no alarm in being in such close proximity to the four lords and ladies. Rowena silently added another quality of the man in my mind. Calm, collected. She shared a smirk with her female friend, Helena. If only they could keep him.

"Yes, my lords, my ladies."

Helena returned the smirk, her eyes full of mirth. If only there had been one like him when they had been the youthful age of marrying.

Salazar spoke next, quickly growing tired of the girlish attitude from the women that the young Malfoy had stirred in them. "We have chosen you for a task, for honourable is your reputation in the village. We hope you will fulfill this task sincerely, and to the best of your abilities."

The young man nodded immediately. "Of course, my lords, my ladies. I am at your bidding, for always." It would not be wise to refuse the four, the man had no choice in the matter of undertaking the task. He had heard stories of men and women, young and old, who had entered the castle of the Founders, to never emerge again. And he valued his life too dearly to throw it away on a whim like so.

"What is it you'll have me do?"

The Founder in blue, Rowena, smiled. "It is not so much of a task but a question, young Malfoy. We'd like for you to decide something for us."

Helena piped in, "And in return, we shall shower you with gifts, worthy of a king himself."

The young man was starting to think that perhaps, his summoning wasn't so bad at all. A gift from the Founders was sure to be magnificent, no matter what it was. After all, they were the wealthiest in all of England, perhaps even Europe.

"The question is this, Sir Malfoy. Think carefully upon it, for once you give the answer, there is no way to take it back."

The man dipped his head in silent assent.

"Who then, young Malfoy, do you deem fairest of us four?"

The four Founders looked at him expectantly, each intimidating stare pressed on to his face insisting that he choose them. He wanted to laugh, the question seemed shallow and ridiculously simple, it had him searching between the lines for some hidden message, as if it was a riddle.

Perhaps the three whom he had not chosen would be angry at him, perhaps they would smite him on the spot for not choosing them instead. But then, he reasoned, why ask the question at all?

He opened his mouth to proclaim, that he believed Helena, the vivacious woman in golden robes was the fairest of the four. But before he could, the man in green spoke again.

"But wait, we have forgotten to offer you our gifts, young Malfoy."

The other three murmured quietly in agreement.

Salazar spoke forth once more, "I offer you, if you choose me as the fairest, more wealth that you could ever dream of having. Gold will fill your chambers, it will glitter from dusk to dawn in your vaults. You shall never need nor want for anything ever again."

The blond licked his lips in longing, he could imagine a castle on a cliff, overlooking the sea, chambers filled with gaudy chairs, chambers furnished extravagantly. But Rowena spoke before he could agree greedily to Salazar's offer.

"Choose me, as the fairest, young man, and I shall give you power. You will have command over anyone you deem fit and rule over your people with authority." She leaned close and whispered in his ear, his breath tickling his lobe. "Think, young Malfoy, you could be a king, people will fear you, respect you, love you." She paused dramatically and leaned back, having said her piece.

Helena flipped her hair back confidently, "And I offer you, happiness. A thing that cannot be bought nor forced." She shot pointed glances at her comrades in blue and green. "You shall be content for the rest of your days, for nothing in this world can buy you happiness forever. My gift is a rare one, young Sir."

Godric sighed, as if exasperated with his company. They knew not the way to win a man over. Fortunately, he did. "If you choose me as the fairest, I will give you a bride. But not just any common woman, make no mistake. The woman who I offer to you, is the most beautiful mortal who ever lived. She is a beauty within, being kind, witty and generous but also a goddess without. Her hair is as soft as silk, her skin like satin. She," he proclaimed, "is what I offer to you."

Draco Malfoy answered the waiting Founders without hesitation. He had no doubt about what he wanted, it was no longer just a matter of who was the fairest. For Draco had been raised to get what he wanted from his childhood, he was a Malfoy after all. And one of the Founder's gifts was something he wished for in particular...





Let me know what you thought please!  :) Worth continuing?


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