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Gryffindor Forever. by hausofluucy
Chapter 20 : Options.
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 Beep... beep... beep...

I opened my eyes slowly, forced to squint due to the bright lighting in the room, letting out a small moan. There was a stabbing pain in my forehead, which was so painful I could barely focus on my surroundings. I began to sit up, lifting my head up slowly to attempt to reduce the pain. As I began to straighten my back I felt yet another stab of pain, this time in my lower back. I cried out in pain before I could stop myself. What was wrong with me?

"Hermione!" I heard someone frantically call. "Nurse! Healer! Anyone! She's awake!" Then the someone came over and leant over me. I could just make out some vibrant red hair through my blurred vision. 

"Hermione?" the someone whispered. "It's me."

I recognized the voice from somewhere, like a distant memory. 

I tried to say something in response but the only sound coming out of my mouth was a muffled croak. After three attempts I managed a single word: 

"W - who?"

I heard the someone sob slightly. Feeling guilty, I apologized for not knowing who he was.

"Sorry," I whispered. 

I heard him leave the room and come back with another person, dressed in green.

"Healer... she doesn't know who I am... why doesn't she know who I am?" the boy sobbed. I could see that he was shaking. 

"Don't you worry Mr. Weasley, she'll remember you soon enough. In her condition it's normal for her to experience slight amnesia." 

Weasley. How did I know that name? I couldn't focus on where I knew it from at all. And what was my condition?

"Miss Granger?" the nurse said. 

"Is... that me?"

"Slight amnesia?" the Weasley boy scoffed. 

"Yes dear, that's you. I just need to confirm some things with you. Your name is Hermione Granger, you're seventeen years old. Your birthday is September the nineteenth. You're a Muggle-born witch whose parents are both dentists. Do you understand all this?" 

"I... think so. I remember... some... Hogwarts... dentists... I know that." 

"Okay... here's the more tricky part. This young man with the red hair, standing next to me, can you see him?"

"Sort of..."

"He's George. George Weasley."


"Yes, that's him."

"Ron's older brother, right?" I muttered, suddenly remembering where I knew the name Weasley from. The nurse looked at the boy called George for confirmation of this statement.

"Yeah, I am," he murmured. I began to focus on his features. He looked like he was about to cry.

"What's up? Was it... something I said?" 

"Yes," he said, walking out the white room.

"What's - what's wrong with him?" I asked the nurse. 

"George is your boyfriend."

"...boyfriend," I repeated. 

"Yes. Do you understand this too?"

"Ron's older brother George... is my boyfriend. For how long?" 

"Around six months." 

"That long? Why don't I remember him?"

"You'll remember him soon. Your memory is slightly broken at the moment."


"Like a broken mirror. You can still see your reflection, but there's cracks everywhere so the image is distorted."


"I don't think you remember this as you haven't mentioned it, but don't worry yourself just yet. You're just under six months pregnant."

"I'm what?"

"You've had a nasty accident Miss Granger, it's not unusual to be slightly confused."

"I'm not pregnant."

"Miss Granger, you are very much so. You don't have a bump as you've been using charms to conceal it, and at this moment Healer's are trying to remove the charm so we can scan you properly."

"B... but-"

"I need to check on my other patients now, but I believe there's somebody who'd like to see you."


"I'll check on you in an hour. Please don't move to much or try to sit up. There's buttons on the side of your bed you can press if you want to lift your bed up."

"Okay," I sighed. 

The nurse left the room and a few moments later a different woman came in, who I recognized.

"P - professor McGonagall?" I asked.

The woman walked over to my bed and pressed one of the buttons, lifting my bed up so I was slightly sat up, before sitting down next to me.

"I am. Are you alright, dear?" she asked.

"Not... really... I don't know... what..."

"You had quite a knocking when traveling to my office via floo powder. I believe you have concussion and slight amnesia, with some damage to your lower back. They can't see if any damage has happened to the baby yet due to the concealment charm so we just have to wait." 

"I... don't want to wait."

"Nobody does Miss Granger. We're all very worried about you, Molly and I especially." 

"Where... did George go?" I asked.

"George Weasley? I thought he was with you!"

"He... was... but I couldn't remember him... then he left the room."

"Well, I'm sure he'll turn up soon enough. I'll go and send an owl to him. Will you be alright alone?" 

"I think so."

"Okay, I'll be back shortly." Professor McGonagall stood up and left the room.

~Half an hour later~

A Healer ran into the room followed by Mrs Weasley, both of them looking extremely worried.

"Healer? What's wrong?" I asked.

"Miss Granger, we have worked out how to reverse the charm, but there's a slight problem." 

"What is it?"

The Healer looked at Mrs Weasley.

"Well, dear," she began. "Due to the sheer length of time you've been using the concealment charm for-" 

"How long?" 

"Well you've been drifting in and out of consciousness for almost eighty hours, meaning we couldn't reverse the charm on you then," the Healer answered.

"Anyway, dear, because of the length of time, there's a probable chance you'll be forced into a premature labor."

"What kind of probable chance?" I asked. 

"Around eighty-nine percent, love."

"Q - quite a lot then," I stammered.


"What if I choose not to reverse it yet?" 

"Well the amount of time it's not been reversed could have caused some kind of damage to your baby, but if you choose not to reverse it at this point in time, there's a definite chance some damage will be caused."

"But... I... I can't have a baby! Not now... I'm - I'm not ready! George isn't here... I'm not even six months pregnant... I can't!" 

"Hermione, dear, calm down. You can do it. I believe you can do it."

"Thank you Mrs Weasley, but -"

"No buts. It's your decision entirely. I'll be here for you no matter what."

"Thank you." 

We sat there in silence for a few minutes while I thought about my options. I couldn't risk harming the baby anymore than I already could have. No matter how ready I was, in my case not at all, I couldn't risk it.

"Reverse the charm."

"Are you sure dear?"

I nodded. 

"The reversal will hurt slightly, but you're doing the right thing." 

Another two Healers and a nurse came into the room and muttered a few things amongst themselves. 

I heard one say, "Initiating reversal spell in"

Hey guys! Here's chapter twenty! 

We're now over two thirds through the story! :D 

Thank you every single person who's read, reviewed and favourited so far, it means so much! :D 

I'm now focusing on this, I've put HFR on hold until this is finished. :3 

Until next time! 

Lucy. xx

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