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Dangerous Existence by WildCat
Chapter 5 : Discovering
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                                                          Chapter Five


 “What the @#!*% are you doing in here?” Regulus Black whispered.

 “W..w..what?” I gasped, fully aware that I was on top of a practically naked 16 year old boy.

 “I said, what the @#!*% are you doing in here?”

 “I was just......” I trail off, not what to say. I mean, I couldn’t say I was snooping to see if there was any more evidance about him wanting to become a death eater. Or the fact that I was also looking for evidance that he liked Soph.

 “You were spying on me, weren’t you?” He stared at me, in disgust.

 “Actually, I wasn’t.”

 “Oh yeah, then what were you doing?” He asked, and when I didn’t answer he laughed quietly. “I knew it. What were spying about? Trying to find out what I’ll do to you without McGonagall knowing?”

 “No, I was looking to see what other stuff you might have about becoming a Death Eater.” Black’s sneer faltered and I grinned. 1-0 to me.

 “You what?” He spat in outrage.

 “I said, I was looking to see what other stuff you might have about becoming a Death Eater.”

 “H h how did... when did you see that?” He was staring at me, his face deathly pale, in shock.

 “Last night” I said. I might as well tell him, I mean, he’ll get it out of me anyway. The Invisibility Cloak was lying on the bed next to me. I carefully, without Black noticing, slid it under my shirt and out of sight. “I found it in your stuff.”

 “How did you know the password to the Common Room?” He sneered, having composed himself.

 “Your friend Lestrange was kind enough to enter as I came around the corner. I heard him say the password.”

 “Why didn’t he see you though?”

 “I believe that is my business.” Black stared at me for a minute, then all of a sudden, he stood up, grabbed my arm, and marched out of the dormitory. “Get off me” I snarled. Black didn’t say anything until we’d reached the sofa in the Common Room. He dragged me over to it and sat down, forcing me to do the same.

 “Surely you didn’t know about the piece of paper last night?” He asked, sneering. I looked at him, then suddenly jumped up and bolted for the Wall, taking Black by surprise. I raced down the corridor, wondering if he would follow me. When he didn’t, I pulled the cloak out from underneath my shirt, threw it over myself and hurried up the stairs to the Gryffindor Common Room.


 10 minutes later, when I climbed through the portrait hole, out of breath, I found James, Sirius, Sophie and Jackie asleep in the chairs. I crept over to them, still in the invisibility cloak and jumped on top of Sirius.

 He woke with a start, and his eyes flew open. Leaping to his feet, - knocking me off of him in the process - he looked around wildly. The noise had woken the others, and slowly got to their feet, yawning and looking around. Since they were still half asleep, I decided to have a bit of fun.

 I crept up to my dormitory and went into the bathroom. Filling up a bucket with water and hiding it under the cloak, I then hurried back down the stairs. Sirius was saying, “But I swear. Somebody jumped on top of me.”

 “You must have been dreaming” James said “There’s nobody here.”

 “Maybe it’s Peeves” Sophie suggested. Jackie nodded.

 That’s when a bucket of icy cold water came splashing down out of nowhere, and soaked them all. I began to laugh. I couldn’t help myself. It was just too funny seeing their shocked faces as they stared wildly about them.

 “Alex” Jackie sighed “I know you're there.” I took the coat off, still laughing hysterically. Everybody just stared at me, shivering.

 “Oh come on” I said “you’ve got to admit that’s funny.” They looked at me.

 “Jumping on top of me is funny?” Sirius asked, frowning.

 I nodded. “You should have seen your face” and I was off again. This time James joined in, then Jackie and Sirius, then Sophie. Soon, we are all rolling around laughing. Everybody still sopping wet except me.

 “So” James says when we’ve stopped laughing “Did you found anything else out about Regulus Black?”

 At the mention of his name, I stiffen. What do I say, that he found out? That for some reason I told him what I’d discovered? “I got in alright” I start “But when I was in the Dormitory, it was really dark. And I tripped.”

 “You tripped?” Sirius asked, incredulously.

 “Yes, and I fell on top of Regulus Black’s bed.”

 “What?” James cried, shocked “What happened?”

 “If you’d stop interrupting, I’d tell you.” I said “Anyway, I fell on top of Regulus Black’s bed and woke him up. He started asking me questions about why I was there and how I got in.”

 “You’d didn’t tell him anything, right?” Jackie said.

 “Welllll...” I dragged out the word.

 “Oh god” Sirius said “not a good sign. Dragging out words.

 “Well, for some unknown reason I actually told him about how I found the piece of parchment.”

 “WHAT!” James jumped to his feet. “Alex” he moaned “How could you?”

“It just sort of slipped out” I said.

 Sirius yawned. “James, we can talk about it in the morning. I too tired. It’s like 5:00 in the morning.” James sighed and nodded. So we all head up to bed.

 5 minutes later I was climbing into bed and I couldn’t help but think about how I was lying on top of a 16 yr old boy in just his boxers. And how nice that certain boys abs are.

 The next morning was Saturday, so I slept in. When I finally got out of bed it was 10:30. I quickly got dressed, brushed my teeth and headed downstairs to find Jackie and Sophie.

 I found them sitting at their usual spots in the Great Hall. They’re weren’t alone, however. Not surprisingly, James and Sirius were sitting with them. But Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew were also sitting there. I wondered if Sirius or James had told them about the List.

 “Morning” I said, sitting down with a thump.

 “Morning” Sirius said, brightly.

 “What are you so cheerful about?” I asked.

 “He’s been like this all morning” Remus told me “At one point, I think I even caught him humming.”

 I stared at Remus. “Are you serious? I don’t think I’ve ever heard Sirius hum.”

  “Yeah, it was a first for me too.” Remus smiled “By the way, is what I hear true?”

 “I don’t know. What did you hear?”

 “That you snuck into the Slytherin Common Room.”

 “Oh, yeah that’s true.”

 “I think that was very brave of you” Peter piped up. I looked at him. For some reason I never really liked Peter Pettigrew very much. He sucked up too much, and he was whiny.

 “No it wasn’t” I said “I mean, I had the invisibility cloak.” Peter shrugs, still staring in admiration. “Anyway” I continued “what are we going to do about Regulus Black?”

  “We?” James asked “don’t you mean you?”

 “Oh come on” I shouted in exasperation “you’re the one who gave me the cloak.”

 “Yeah, but only because Sirius asked me too” James stated.

 “Fine” I said “I’ll go by myself.’
 “What? Right now?” Sirius asked.

 “Yes, I need to get this over with.”

 “Fine, but what are you going to say? I mean, you can’t just tell him to forget you spied on him.”

 “I’ll think of something” I said, frowning. I turn to James “do you think you I could borrow the map again?”

 “Yeah, sure” James said. He hands it to me and I climb to my feet and march out of the Great Hall.

 “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good” I muttered, once I was safely behind a suit of armour. The map reveals itself I quickly searched it for Regulus.

 I finally spotted him in the dungeon with Rababstan Lestrange’s dot. So I headed down.

 I arrived in the dungeons 10 minutes later. Regulus Black was still down here. I followed the map to where the label said he was. I rounded the corner and saw him sitting in a small group, talking. I quickly dodged back out of sight and peered round the corner. Nobody heard us. I suddenly realized who the group consisted of. It was the boys who were on the death eater list.

 “You obviously know why we’ve gathered here” Regulus Black was saying. Everybody murmured yes. “Right, then let’s get started. You know what we have to do. Snape you ask the 4th years with Lestrange. Avery and Travers, you ask around the 5th years. And I will have a word with the 7th years.

 The boys began to disperse and I quickly drew our heads out of sight. Pretty soon, everybody was gone except for Black. I stepped out from around the corner, and Black whirled around.

 “Hello” I said and I smiled at him sweetly.”

 “What the @#!*% are you doing here?” Black spat.

 “Oh, just finding out what you’re up to” I said, mildly.

 “That’s none of your business.” Black snapped.

 “Actually, I think it is. It has been since you declared me your enemy.”

 “What is it with you?” Black cried in frustration. He looked at me, and then suddenly stormed towards me and pressed me up against the wall. My heart began to beat quiet furiously and I didn’t think it was fear. “What is it with you” Black growled “that make me feel so...” He trailed off, leaned in and kissed me.



Hey Everybody,

Well, did you like this cliffy chapter? Regulus kisses her!

Anyway, thanks again!




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Dangerous Existence: Discovering


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