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This Is My Year by IvyPotter
Chapter 1 : Fifth Year Here We Come
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 Zara Lupin, a 16 year old girl, who was attending her 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, walked through the train, looking for an empty compartment. Her best friend, Maeve, was a prefect, so she was on her own. She finally stopped when she saw her brother's friends.

"Hey James, Sirius, Peter. I trust your summers were good? Can I sit with you guys? Everywhere else is full." Her brother, Remus, was Head Boy this year, so he was most likely trolling the halls. She looked around at his friends, catching Sirius's eye. Oh his eyes. Deep gray and always looking like they held secrets.

Both of them dropped their gazes and she took the seat next to James.

“Hello Zara. You're looking like the sunshine breaking through the cloud on a cloudy day.” James was such a tease. They always played with each other. The truth was that she enjoyed him very much. If they weren't so incredibly sarcastic with each other, they'd probably be the best of friends.

“And you, James dearest. You are the light of my life, the fairest of all the boys at Hogwarts.” He gave her a dorky grin and ruffled her straight, sandy brown hair that reached her mid-back.

Zara was a year younger than her brother and his friends, but they had all gotten along quite well. Except for Peter that is, for he didn't usually take the time to affiliate himself with anyone other than Sirius, Remus, and James. Still though, she nodded politely to him and he nodded back, but it was clear his was intent on watching James turn his owl into various kitchen tools.  

While they watched, Zara reflected on how she thought this year was going to happen. She was going to swoon over Sirius and watch as he chose every girl but her, the same as every year since she was twelve. She was certainly going to try out for Gryfindor keeper again. Last year she was "accidently" hexed in charms. Thea, the girl who hexed her, had got keeper. Of course, she was going to make memories with her best friend, and, finally, she was going to study like a mad woman for her OWLS. She was going to get an O in Astronomy, the mosty ghastly subject, if it killed her.

The boys soon got bored of this and started asking Zara about Remus' recent transformation, which none of them had been able to join him for. Oh, her brother was a werewolf.

“Well how do you think it was?” She asked, a little annoyed. “It was awful. He was sent to the fields and gated in. My mother cried and my father drunk himself sick.” Oops. She had said to much. “I-I-I mean-”

“Don't sweat it, princess. We were only wondering.” James answered in a little whisper.

Oh, please. Someone change the subject. Please.

“Um... so the trips to Hogsmeade should be exciting this year. I was thinking about loading off some stink bombs at Madam Puddifoot's. Anyone up?” Sirius said more excitedly than necessary.

“Oh yeah.”

“Sounds fun.”

Soon Remus and Maeve joined them and they finished their ride talking about how excited they were to return to the greatest school ever founded.


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