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Beginning of another day by SexyDracoFan
Chapter 6 : Broken
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[Hermione POV]

But what came next was something totally unexpected. “So Draco. How’s Granger?”
“Blaise why is it that whenever you open your mouth thats the first phrase that comes out?”
“Because mate, Nott here is getting restless, and asks me that very question every hour, so you have to put up with it.”
“Well, I’m just taking her to the dance.”
“Wow, the great Draco Malfoy has broken Hermione Grangers barrier, have you kissed?”
I was blushing a bright red, so the Slytherin boys were talking about me. Just as I was stepping out, Nott’s words made me halt in my tracks.
“You still haven’t won Draco, the bet specifically says you have to make her say she loves you.”
“Hold up, when did we decide that she has to say she loves me?”
“Oh, trivial matters, Blaise added it.”
“And it does have to be done before the year ends. How did she not see it, she couldn’t be that dense could she?”

"I know, when did the smartest witch of her generation not understand the fact nobody could like her." Nott added

"Hey, but you have to admit mate I would tap that. She has curves in all the right places, and damn... did you see that butt? She has to be a virgin, but you know what I think she would be fiesty in bed."
I couldn’t listen to any more tears had started to roll down my face, and I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of seeing me like this.
“There was something I had to tell you guys, I lo..” I burst through the door and  was boiling with both outrage and regret. “How dare you.” I could care less about the expression on each of their pathetic faces. Most likely astonished by the fact the ‘dense’ Hermione Granger had finally caught up with their little plan.
“Don’t you dare say my name Malfoy, you and your low life friends have no right to make me part of your sick bet. But how couldn’t I have not noticed? The very first moment from the train I should have known. But no, I just had to believe that the war had changed you. That watching people die, killing people had some effect on you.But I was wrong, you’re the same insufferable prat from first year, who was content while torturing others. The only difference now is that the words you used were just sweetly bitter. You pathetic excuse of a wizard, I stand up for your blood arse and this is what I get. I should have let Ron beat you into a pulp. Don’t you dare come near my friends or me EVER again. And before I go just know one thing Malfoy,” I spat his name, “The apple doesn’t fall from the tree, Stupefy.”
I couldn’t stand anymore my legs would give up real soon. Once again, tears were on the verge of falling and I was at my breaking point.

I ran, I ran to the place my legs could carry me and didn’t stop till I had gotten far far away from him. I’m not even sure if someone had called my name, everything was a blur. Time seemed to be passing by ever so slowly, as if I was using the time turner again. How I wished I had that little mechanism that could take away all my sorrows in just one use. Looking up I was at the Black Lake, and no one was around. I cried till tears refused to fall down any longer. Ginny had at one point sat next to me, and was staring out to the distance.
“Come on Mi, don’t waste your tears on that prat. He doesn’t deserve you.”
“Gin, let me stay at your dorm.”
“Of course”
We silently walked to the Gryffindor Common room. I didn’t have it in me to explain to anyone. I went to take a long shower, hoping along with the water, my pain could be washed away. When I got dressed and looked into the mirror I saw a pitiful girl that in no way resembled the Hermione Granger I knew. When did I become weak, and over a boy? No, I will not be like this, Hermione Granger focuses on her life and not anyone else. I raised my head and headed out to the empty bed like nothing was wrong.  Knowing Ginny, everyone would known by now, but I wasn’t fazed in the slightest. She sympathetically glanced at me, but I could care less. The last thing I wanted was pity, even with the new approach I couldn’t help having a couple of tears slip down my face. That night I had the nightmares come back.

{Next Morning}
Today I didn’t feel like going to the library, it would be obvious place to go. I wandered out near the Black Lake, it felt I hadn’t been here in ages. The wind was softly blowing, and I pulled my sweater closer trying to keep my blood flow constant. All my tears had dried up and the thought of Draco made my head throb. Just for a bet, he played with my feelings and broke my heart. What had I really expected? A fairy tale ending with the so called ‘Slytherin Prince.’ For being the ‘Brightest Witch of Her Age’ my decision was beyond idiotic, but it was the first time the decision was made with my heart, logic didn’t play any factor. There was an icy chill now and then, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a warming charm; however, I didn’t think I deserved any warmth, my careless choices had made me stand at where I am today. Broken and helpless. So in response, I stood there hugging myself tighter and rested my head on my hands. There was a strange rustling of leaves and as I slowly opened my eyes, a small note dropped to my feat. I looked around for the owner, in the back of my head knowing who it could be.

Hermione, please let me explain, come to the common room right now. D How dare he think I would just walk over and listen to the excuses he came up with. I lost friends because of that prat and made me go against everyone just to support him. I bet he would have just thrown me away and smirked at the fact he had gotten Hermione Granger wrapped around his finger. I wasn’t intending to go there anytime soon, so I headed to grab a bite to eat at the Great Hall. The second I entered, the hall had become silent. Again, sympathetic glances were given left and right. News traveled fast courtesy of Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil. I took my seat next to Neville and Luna, Ron was looking at me as if he was high and mighty. I couldn’t help but subconsciously look toward the Slytherin table. There was no sign of platinum blond hair, but only the sound of snickering could be heard throughout the table. Of course the Slytherins would find this funny, it gives them something to laugh about towards a Gryffindor. An owl flew in and landed right in front of me. I unattached the note tied to his foot, and fed him some owl treats from my bag.

Hermione, please come. I’m waiting for you, if not, I will come find you. D I crumpled up the note and burned it to a million pieces. I nibbled on some toast, I wouldn’t let anyone see how he affected me, especially not Nott and Zabini. Ginny and Harry were nowhere to be found, so I made conversation with Neville and Luna. It had been awhile since I talked with these two, but times had changed. It was nice to have something the same as before, the sound of these two casually talking made me feel a little better. Thankfully, everyone was starting to become preoccupied with what they were doing again, and kept me out of their peripheral vision. Again, another owl came in and landed in front of me, also carrying a note. Curious glances were being made, and I had not intention of being the main topic of conversation again.Doing the same procedures as before I reluctantly read the note.

Hermione , If you don’t come I’m coming to you. Let me explain. I swear to Merlin if you don’t believe me after I’m done I will leave you alone. D I stood by my past response and sat there drinking pumpkin juice. The hall was quiet until the headmaster took the podium. Good evening, I do hope everyone had a satisfactory lunch and thank the house elves for the wonderful job. As you know, the heads have arranged a masquerade ball tomorrow, so due to the celebrations all the classes from here on will be canceled till the day after. This is just a reminder, everyone should abide by the rules and enjoy themselves. It will end at midnight for fifth years up and at ten for first through fourth years. You are now dismissed have a tremendous ball. Everyone was filing out, but at the midst of the moment, in comes Draco Malfoy.

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Beginning of another day: Broken


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