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These Dark and Hollow Nights by DracosGirl012
Chapter 4 : The Secret Admirer
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AN: So here it is! The fifth chapter! I hope you all enjoy, and dont forget R&R! :) 



 Chapter Five: The Secret Admirer


Hermione’s POV


After Charms, Hermione was waiting in the Head Dormitory when an owl fluttered down on the table. It was a snowy owl, much like Hedwig had been. Seeing such a replica made Hermione sad, but then she noticed the owl was carrying a note in her beak. She pulled it out, gave the owl a treat- which she still had from when she’d been dating him and had needed to Errol a treat every now and then- and waited till the owl was gone. Then she unfolded the letter, reading the perfect writing inside:



Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

If you wish to know who I am to you,

Please meet me at dinner tonight in the Room of Requirement.


Hermione stared, disbelieving. A secret admirer? For her? Impossible! And who was “N”? She shook her head, sure it was a trick. She would find out tonight, though. At the Room of Requirement.

The Portrait door opened, and Malfoy stumbled in, covered in blood and dirt. She bounded up from the sofa immediately.

‘Draco! Merlin, what happened?’ She exclaimed, running over to him.

‘N-nothing. I got into a fight, is all.’ He said, pushing her hands away from him.

‘With who? Should I give them detention?’ She asked.

‘No one, Hermione. It’s nothing, I swear.’

When he tried to wave her off, that’s when she saw the rather large cut on his neck, deathly close to a vein.

And she lost it.

‘Come with me. You’re going to Madam Pomfrey. Someone hurt you and I’m not going to let them get away with it,’ she said, grabbing his hand. She started to lead him to the Portrait hole, but he dug his heels in.

‘Don’t, Hermione,’ he said, sighing. ‘It’s not worth it.’

‘How can you say that? Someone hurt you.’ She was angry. Very angry, and she wasn’t going to let whoever had done this to get away with it.

‘I’m fine, alright? I don’t need to go running to Madam Pomfrey every time someone beats me up. It’ll make me look weak,’ he said.

She sighed, giving in. ‘Fine, but if it happens again, we’re going to McGonagall. Now, let me heal you.’

Hermione led Draco over to the sofa, and pulled out her wand.

‘Hermione, you don’t need to heal me.’ He said.

She gave him a look, and he shut up. Hermione preformed the healing spell, and in a second, the cut on his neck was gone, replaced by bare skin.

‘You should have a shower,’ she said.

‘OK,’ Draco sighed, and then he got up from the sofa. He walked to the bathroom, and turned around.

‘Thanks, Hermione.’ He said.

She smiled a little. ‘Anytime.’ She said.

And then he went to the bathroom, and Hermione was left alone. She had completely forgotten about the note until she saw it sitting on the floor. She picked it up, deciding that she didn’t want Draco to see it, and went to her bedroom.


Draco’s POV



Draco was not known for crying, so why he was doing so now was a mystery to him. He was standing in the shower, water and tears running down his cheeks. He no longer needed to be in the shower, but it was the only place he could cry where she wouldn’t hear him. So he did, and as he cried, he remembered what had happened before he stumbled into the dormitory.




He was walking to the dormitory when someone shoved him into a wall. It took Draco a split second to realize that it was Weasel.

‘Stay away from Mione,’ Weasel growled, glaring at him. ‘I swear, ferret, if you do anything to harm her, I’ll kill you myself.’

‘You’ve no right to say that anymore, Weasley. What Granger and I do together is none of your business.’ Draco sneered.

The Weasel’s face went redder than his hair. He punched him square in the face, and Draco had a feeling he was going to have a bruise tomorrow.

‘Hermione would never touch you. She can’t even stand looking at you.’ He said.

Draco felt a stab of hurt, although he had no idea why. It wasn’t like he and Granger were friends or anything. They had come to terms with each other, was all.

‘You might want to watch your mouth, Weasel,’ Draco told him quietly. ‘If you had any sense at all, you’d have stayed away from Flower.’

‘Her name,’ said Weasel, gritting his teeth, ‘is Lavender.’

‘Whatever,’ Draco  said. ‘I don’t care anyway.’

The Weasel glared at him, and suddenly Draco felt as though he were being attacked by a million little knives. It felt almost like paper cuts.

 He looked down at his chest, and found that he was bleeding so thickly he could see it through his shirt. He realized that Weasley had shot him a non-verbal. Draco yanked out his wand, pointing it at the Weasel.

‘Finite Incantatum!’ He gasped.

The paper-cut feeling stopped, and Weasley glared at him.

‘REDUCTO!’ Weasley cried.

‘PROTEGO!’ He shrieked, jumping aside before Weasley’s spell could hit him. Weasley pointed his wand at Draco’s neck, deadly close to a vein.

‘Sectum!’ He cried.

He’d never heard that one before, although Draco immediately knew what it did. He felt a knife-like feeling cut into his neck, and he cried out.


‘STUPEFY!’ Weasley shouted.

‘Protego! Immobulus!’ He shouted.

Weasley froze, locked in a binding spell. Draco didn’t know why, but he waited for a split second before he was unfrozen.

‘Fine. You got me that time, but next time, your pretty face won’t be so pretty anymore.’

Weasley left, leaving Draco standing there alone.

*End of Flashback*

Still standing in the shower, Draco felt more hatred towards Weasel then he had ever felt in his entire life. He had actually tried to kill him. He couldn’t believe the Weasel hated him that much- although he wasn’t really that surprised. He did hate the Weasel, and the Weasel did hate him.

Finally, Draco stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around himself. He did not dare tell Hermione that it had been Weasley to harm him. He knew she would attack him, and he could not let her in harm’s way, because he knew if she attacked Weasley, she would not get out uninjured, and he would not have her hurt because of him. 


Hermione’s POV


Hermione and Draco did not discuss events; they would do so tonight, at the Prefects meeting. Which was after dinner. She hoped her “date” would be finished before then.

Speaking of dates..., she thought, I have no idea what I’m supposed to wear.

‘What are you thinking about? I can hear the wheels turning inside your head.’ Draco said. Hermione looked up; she had forgotten he was there.

‘I was thinking. I have…, erm… something tonight and I don’t know what to wear.’ She said.

‘If you’re dressing up for a Prefects meeting, you can ditch that idea.’ He said, smirking.

‘That’s not what I’m dressing up for.’ She said, shaking her head at him. ‘I do have a life, you know.’

He laughed. ‘Are you telling me that the famous Granger has a date? The world is ending. Someone get Rita Skeeter. This’ll be the front page of the Prophet! Hermione Granger has a date!’

She glared at him. He was enjoying this far too much.

‘Shut up, Malfoy! Yes, I have a date, and I have no idea what to wear so I was thinking of asking Ginny but she’s in class right now. Maybe I’ll ask her at lunch.’ She said.

She had no idea why she’d said anything. It wasn’t like she needed to explain herself to Malfoy. They weren’t friends, and they would never be.

‘Who are you going out with?’ He asked.

‘I don’t know. I just got a note asking me to meet him in the Room of Requirements during dinner. It was signed N. I don’t know any “N’s”, besides Neville, and he’s dating Luna so it wouldn’t be him.’ She said.

‘Was it written in a particular color?’ He asked.

‘Um…, no. Even the parchment was normal parchment.’ She said.

‘Can I see this note, for a second?’ He asked.

‘Uh… sure.’ She said.

Hermione pulled the note from the book she was reading, and handed it to him. Draco’s brow furrowed as he read it over, and then he handed the note back to her.

‘I know exactly who it is. Come with me.’ He stood up, and started walking to her room.

‘Who is it?’ She asked, following behind him.

‘You’ll find out tonight!’ He called back.

Hermione shrugged, and followed Draco into her bedroom, thinking that she should probably put a password on it soon.

He walked over to the closet, surprising her, and opened it.

‘What exactly are you doing?’ She asked, sitting down on her bed while she scratched Crookshanks behind the ears.

‘Finding you something to wear,’ he said.

She couldn’t help it. She laughed. ‘And since when do you know clothes?’ She asked.

He turned around to look at her, a smirk on his face. ‘You don’t get to be friends with Pansy Parkinson without adding a couple shopping hours with her every Hogsmeade trip,’ he said. Then he returned back to the closet, casting his eyes over the few dresses that she had.

‘Do you own anything that’s not for school?’ He asked, rolling his eyes.

‘If you haven’t noticed, Malfoy, I don’t dress up.’ She said, narrowing her own eyes at him.

He sighed, and pulled out a dress that she had gotten a year ago for a Christmas ball. It was a tight-fitting black dress that just barely reached the end of her knees. Around the center was a silver belt, which tugged her stomach in the right places without making her look fat. It was a very simple little black dress, at that.

‘Wear this.’ Draco told her. ‘And wear those little silver ballet flats in your closet. Oh, and emerald earrings.’

‘Green and silver. Is this guy from Slytherin?’ She asked, amazed. 

‘You’ll find out tonight. Okay, well we better get to lunch. I’ll see you… later.’ He said.

He walked out of her room, hanging the dress on the closet door. Hermione stared after him for a moment, then she grabbed her bag and went to lunch.


Draco’s POV


Draco was silent during lunch at the Slytherin table. He couldn’t bear to look at any of his friends. He knew exactly who had written Hermione that note, and he’d only helped her with her clothing because he didn’t want her to be dressed wrong for her friend.

‘Draco! Draco, are you listening to me?’ Blaise demanded, waving his hand in front of his face.

‘What?’ Draco asked, shoveling a helping of macaroni salad into his mouth.

‘That’s what I thought,’ Blaise sighed. ‘I was trying to tell you if you knew what Granger was doing tonight. I want to ask her something about the events. I had an idea.’

He looked up at his friend. ‘Um… I think she’s just going to study and stuff. I don’t know. Do you think I know everything about her?’ He asked.

‘No, but you live with her. Studying, you say?’ Blaise asked.

‘Probably, knowing her.’ He mumbled.

‘Hm.’ Blaise said.

‘Why do you care anyway? Your idea will be said at the prefects meeting tonight.’ He said.

‘I know,’ Blaise said. ‘But I was just…’

‘Do you fancy her?’ Draco asked, smirking.

‘No.’ Blaise said. But Draco could tell he was lying. He didn’t say anything, though. If Blaise fancied Granger, then he would let him. It wasn’t his business what he did or didn’t do.

‘I have to go,’ he said, getting up from the table.

‘Where are you going? You just got here, like ten minutes ago!’ Blaise exclaimed.

‘I know. I have to go… um, I forgot something.’ He mumbled.

Then he fled the Great Hall before anyone could stop him.


Hermione’s POV


She watched Draco leave the Great Hall, and felt a little bit worried. She noticed he’d been talking to Zabini before he left; maybe Zabini said something.

‘Hey, guys,’ she said to her friends, getting their attention. ‘Do you mind if I go back to my common room? I just realized I forgot to feed Crookshanks.’

‘Of course we don’t mind. Can I come with you? I still want to see Snape.’ Harry said.

‘’Course you can. Ginny, do you want to come too?’ She asked.

Ginny looked up from her plate, looking a bit nauseous. ‘Hmm? Oh, no thanks. I’ll just stay… here.’ She said.

‘Alright then. I’ll see you in Herbology.’ Hermione said, smiling at her friend.

‘Yeah.’ Ginny sad.

Harry and Hermione left the Great Hall, and made their way to the Head’s dorm.

‘Was it just me, or did Gin look a bit sick to you?’ She asked when she was sure she wouldn’t be overheard.

‘She’s been feeling pretty sick for a while now,’ Harry admitted. ‘And she’s been having mood swings too. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad.’

‘How long has she been feeling sick?’ Hermione asked, doing the calculations in her head.

‘Um…, I think a few weeks. Why?’ He asked.

A few weeks.

‘No reason,’ she lied. ‘I was just making sure it wasn’t anything bad, like a muggle disease called Mono which makes a person really sleepy.’  

‘I know what mono is, ‘Mione.’ He said, laughing. ‘You forget I grew up in the Muggle world, too.’

‘Right. Silly me.’

They reached the Head’s dorms, and when the approached Snape’s portrait, Harry broke into a smile.

‘Professor,’ he said. ‘It’s good to see you.’

‘Harry,’ Severus said. ‘I am rather pleased to see you as well. Miss Granger, Draco just went into the dorm. He looked like he was about to punch something.’

‘Alright. I’ll go see what’s wrong. Harry, you can stay here.’ She said. She told Snape the password, and went inside.

‘Malfoy?’ She called. ‘Malfoy? Are you OK?’

‘Go away,’ came his muffled voice from behind the sofa. ‘Just leave me alone. I don’t want to deal with you, filthy little Mudblood.’

Hermione flinched. ‘Fine! I can’t believe I actually thought you’d changed! You’re still an insufferable ferret!’ She cried.

Then she walked out, and Harry was immensely surprised.

‘That was fast. Is he alright?’ He asked.

‘He’s FINE. Just being a prat as usual.’

Hermione stomped off, leaving Harry and the portrait of Snape alone.

‘Only Malfoy,’ she thought she heard Harry say. ‘Only Malfoy can make her that mad.’

She turned the corner before she could hear Snape’s reply, and marched towards the Greenhouses. The only thing she was looking forward to later was her surprise date with the Secret Admirer. 






AN: Well there you are! I hope you all enjoyed that! Chapter 6 will be up soon hopefully! And please please please please Review, it only takes a second and I would really like some feedback. Thanks so much my little lovelies. :)

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