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A Flying Rose by slytherinbadgirl
Chapter 1 : A Flying Rose
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A/N okay i'm new to this but I'm not going to tell you to be nice be as harsh as you want I think i can handel it but please R&R it would mean loads and help me decide if i should post more stories! slytherinbadgirl xx


‘Harry, don’t let her go too high!’ I screamed at the top of my voice hoping he could hear me at that height. You see, Harry was teaching my 6 year old daughter how to play quidditch, in the back garden of my little cottage in the English Countryside, as I can’t fly and well, and her father isn’t around. Suddenly I heard a high pitch scream filled my ears and I watched my little girl fall 70ft to the ground. The next few minutes went by in a blur all I could think about was my baby falling through the air. All that was clear was that my little princess had fallen and harry had apparated us to St. Mungo’s and she had been whisked away by a healer in lime green robes. I watched as more healers surrounded the broken girl presented to them, covered in cuts and bruises that were already turning a ghastly shade of purple.



‘Hermione you need to come and sit down, there’s nothing you can do, she’s in capable hands.’ I obeyed Harry’s orders and sat next to him on the chairs provided, under the window of the room my little Rose was in, and continued to mutter curses upon myself.



A short while later a male healer approached us, he began to speak to us, ‘Are you the child’s parents?’ his voice gave off a sense of familiarity but my emotions to high to pinpoint where from, but I hung onto every word he said.



I nodded ‘she’s mine, he’s Godfather, is my little Rose okay?’



‘Miss Granger, we’ve managed to heal her cuts, bruises and broken bones but we fear she may be suffering with a spinal injury however it is too early to tell at this point in time but we will update you.’



Spinal injury... no can’t have! She’s my Rose petal. Something was still bothering me though, that’s it!



‘How did you know my name?’



‘Miss Granger, you are a third of the golden trio, as well as being an old acquaintance.’



Oh Merlin no!



‘Draco!’ I gasped as one of my hands clasped my chest and the other over my mouth.



‘You can go and see her if you wish but please refrain from moving her.’ He answered before leaving in the opposite direction.



Me and Harry made our way into rose’s temporary room and sat beside her bed. I gently placed a kiss on her forehead while she lay peaceful and still, radiating a similar beauty as the flower she was named after.



I began chanting in my head over and over again the same phrase; ‘wake up sweetheart, wake up for mummy.’ But she didn’t respond.



Time ticked away slowly and it felt as if years had gone by, and finally her breathing became irregular and I knew what was to come next and quickly gripped her hand for reassurance, as predicted her little eyes began to flutter open.






‘I’m here sweetie, mummy’s right here.’



‘Mione, I need to go pick James and Ginny up from the Burrow, I’ll be back later’ and Harry left us.



‘Mummy tell me a story’



‘What story?’ What a stupid question I already knew the answer before it left her lips.



‘Beauty and the Beast’



Of course, it’s her favourite story. And so I proceeded to tell her the story of Beauty and the Beast without the need of the book as I had it memorised after reading it to her every night for the past 2 years.



A little while through the story someone entered the room, but I was too transfixed in telling Rose her story to take any notice. Once I finished the story and Rose had drifted off to sleep, I spoke.



‘She has your eyes’ I say without giving it a second thought.



Previously the healer had been brewing some more potions for Rose but had now stopped and looked down at the sleeping form.



‘Why did you leave?’ I questioned remembering the day as if it was yesterday.



I had just finished a load of paper work at the ministry and apparated home, tonight i was planning to tell Draco we were having a baby, I was so excited.



When I got in I was welcomed in by Chip our house elf. ‘Mistress Malfoy, Master Malfoy requests to speak to you, he is in the library.’ Chip said as he took my coat and scurried of towards the kitchen.



I wondered through the corridors until I came to the big oak doors that concealed the library and continued in. As I predicted he was sat on his favourite armchair by the fire with a stern look on his face already that raced alarms in my head.



I strolled up to him and went to kiss his cheek but he pulled away.



‘listen’ he started as I sat down on the sofa opposite him ‘I have a job abroad I’ll be gone for a few weeks, you’ll be okay though I’ve told chip and the others to take good care of you and I’ll be back before you know it.’



Then he apparated away without knowing about our baby.



3 months later and no return from Draco, divorce papers arrived and I regretfully signed them, then I sold Malfoy Manor and bought my own little cottage in the English Countryside then after another 5 months raised my baby all by myself.



‘Was I not good enough for you?’ I interrogated however he continued in silence. Seeing I wasn’t going to receive an explanation I stopped talking to him and instead started only one of many prayers for my little girl.



‘I envied you,’ I looked up into those stormy grey diamonds of eyes he has that could always bring me comfort in the worst of times much like what they did then, ‘you were always better than me, always got better grades and everyone loved you, I was afraid you were too good for me that I would taint your perfect record and that people would start to hate you because of me, and I would shame you, so I left you, I knew you’d be okay you’re the brightest witch of our generation.’



I was baffled, he was jealous of me? Not worthy of me?



‘I was in love with you, I wouldn’t have cared if the rest of the world hated you or me, I loved you, I was having your child, I was so happy and then you left me. I thought you were ashamed of me and my muggle blood and didn’t love me.’



He seemed to be searching deep into my soul like he often did and came up with the same answer as me; we had both given up on a perfect relationship for false beliefs and now it was the time to put the story straight.



‘I’m sorry, I never have stopped loving you,’ I reached for his hand and once our skin connected a great whole had been filled that had only been filled once before.



I took deep breaths as my father guided me down the rose petal path, leading to the archway where my prince charming was waiting.



The guests cheered as he kissed me fully on the lips, I was finally Mrs Hermione Malfoy. We walked back down the aisle hand in hand. As we neared the house I stared at my reflection in the windows, my beautiful white dress fell to the ground elegantly and my hair fell around my face in beautiful girls making me look graceful and angelic, then the handsome man beside me in his gray suit, and hair tousled falling just in his eyes. And the biggest smile on my face.



He pulled me closer over the bed and kissed my lips, the smile from my memory mirrored on both our faces.



‘Mummy who’s that?’ I heard a small voice croak; I looked down and smiled at my little princess as she woke up.



‘This is your daddy!’

A/N Thanks for reading hope you liked it! Don't forget to R&R!

p.s I DO NOT own anything that you recognise it all belongs to the amazing Queen Rowling!!

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A Flying Rose: A Flying Rose


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