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Students out of Bed by TyrannicFeenix
Chapter 1 : Mischief in the Castle
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Disclaimer: Unfortunately I cannot claim this wonderful world as my own. Most of it has sprung from the incredible mind of J.K. Rowling. However all OCs are my creation (which is kind of obvious I guess, so please let me know what you think).


The bell rang out through the stone walled corridors, chiming out the late hour. But its sound was not heard in the dormitories. Not at night, but more so this evening for not only were the walls of the dormitories protected against its sound at night, but because several of the beds lay empty, awaiting the return of their mischievous occupants.

“Are you sure about this?” Elyssa whispered, her voice echoing in the tight stone corridor.

“Course I am. It’ll be fun.” Logan replied. “Dobby.”

The statue of the diminutive house-elf looked over the group in front of it before winking and sinking into the floor. A small archway was revealed behind it leading into a vast room full of tables and pots, but the most interesting feature, were the hammocks lining the walls filled with small creatures snoring softly. The normally busy house-elves were always asleep by midnight which meant they could sneak about the kitchens undetected.

“Come on, we have to be quick.” Alex whispered as she pushed past Logan and into the vast room.

The soft snoring was soothing, almost a lullaby, making it very difficult to remain inside without drifting off to sleep. The others quickly followed, all but Xander who waited in the hall outside. That was the key to their success, they always had a backup plan, a way out and a watcher. It was how they managed to get away with all their little pranks, despite the large size of their group.

“Ok, you four go get the flour. We’ll grab the sugar.” Teddy cooed to the others.

They all nodded and quickly spread out over the kitchens, searching for the bins and bags containing their targets. It was a simple enough prank, switching the flour and the powdered sugar the elves used for their cooking, but it was effective. It wasn’t long before they had several dozen bags laid out on the massive tables, waving their wands and mumbling incantations as softly as they could. The labels on the bags shifting and changing as they worked.

“Come on guys, hurry up.” Xander called from the doorway as they returned the relabelled bags about the room, stopping for a moment to admire their handiwork. “Now!”

“Alright, keep it down Xander.” Jennifer whispered as she passed him heading back to the small stairwell leading back up to the dungeons.

The others quickly followed her back out and Xander tapped the floor of the archway, watching as the small statue once again stood guard over the sleeping elves. He grinned and followed the others back up the stairs. They moved with almost military discipline. One would move up to the next corner, make sure the coast was clear then the group would leap frog them and they’d then watch behind until the group moved once more. But the entire group came to a standstill as they reached the central stairwell.

This would be the most open of their little excursions tonight. Normally they would avoid the Atrium on their little outings, but as it was now the weekend, they had a special plan for the room they had thus far left untouched. Alex had already placed the supplies earlier in the day, but setting them off would require them all to run to the outside wall of the large room and then back to the stairs to continue upwards.

“Everyone know their target? We can’t mess up on this one.” Logan asked as they waited at the base of the stairs. The group looked at each other before nodding agreement. “Alright then, see you on the other side.”

And with that he began bounding up the stairs into the Atrium, the others following close on his heels. Jennifer and Xander waited on the first step leading to the first floor, their wands drawn as the others spread out across the room, heading for the suits of armour lining the round room. Concealed behind them were the small green triangular boxes. The ‘supplies’ Alex had planted earlier. They placed them about halfway between the walls and the stairs roughly evenly spaced around the entire room.

As each placed their box they raised their wand in the air and looked over to Jennifer on the stairs. She held her hand up all five fingers extended. Then, when they were all watching, slowly counted down. When she reached zero nine wands descended on the boxes on the floor, tapping the top point before they all ran as fast as possible for the stairwell. The boxes peeled open just as they reached the stairs and turned to watch the scene unfold.

As the green cardboard peeled back, a foul stench seeped out of the boxes, followed by yellowy green water. The boxes practically exploded unloading their contents all around the circular room, with several light flashes. As the dust and smell settled the room looked completely different. Stretching out from the stairwell was a massive swamp, a particularly large and beautiful Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Portable Swamp to be exact. There was slime slowly working its way over the banisters and suits of armour, vines and small dead looking trees were sprouting out of the water all over the room, and the whole thing had a sort of sick green glow to it.

The group smiled as Jennifer, Xander and Athena stepped forward and began reciting an incantation they’d been practising for weeks now, and a small fleet of rafts and boats began trekking about the swamp. They’d thought it only fair to make it easy to cross, hoping that the teachers wouldn’t clear it up right away.

“Alright great job, but we better move fast, someone will notice that smell soon.” Teddy said already bounding off up the stairs.

The others quickly followed glad to be rid of the smell, though some of them had not come out of the experience unscathed, there were splotches of slime on some of their cloaks as they ran. Once on the first floor they ran one by one from the open main stairwell to a small corridor on the east side, with one of their favourite secret passages. So far their activities had gone off completely as planned, but there was no need to tempt fate by remaining in the open. As the last person ran the open space between the stairs and corridor a startled scream came from ahead and the whole group rushed to help. Jennifer was lying on her back on the floor in front of a flapping tapestry she had clearly been pulling aside only a moment before.

Logan advanced on the tapestry with his wand drawn as Michael and Cole helped Jennifer up and back to the group. Logan whipped the tapestry aside and thrust his wand forward, lighting the tip and illuminating the figure that had scared Jennifer. The chocolate coloured irises bored into Logan’s face despite the bright wand in her face, her normally pink hair was now black and tied in a ponytail as she grinned widely at him.

“Damnit Isla. You’re supposed to be asleep.”

“So are you,” she chimed stepping from the passage. “So keep quiet and get in, Willy was patrolling down here earlier.”

The Pack filed into the secret passage and Logan let the tapestry swing shut behind them. Isla quickly apologised to Jennifer for scaring her and the group moved ever upwards jogging along at a brisk pace. As they reached the top of the hidden stairwell they stopped and grouped together.

“Now, one last stop then we’re done. This is gonna be tough though. Anyone who wants to step out, now’s your last chance.” Logan whispered to the others.

There was clear trepidation on all their faces; they knew what was last for the night, and indeed the year. They were going big as a farewell to the school. But there was every possibility that they would fail. They were planning on messing with the enchantments on the entire castle, from inside the Headmistresses study.

“No one? Good, let’s go.”

Logan made to open the hidden entrance at the top of the stairs but Teddy grabbed his hand. He pressed his finger to his lips indicating they should be silent, and a moment later they all heard several footsteps heading towards the entrance to their stairwell. Teddy motioned for everyone to take a few steps further down, hoping the turn of the stairs would keep them from view if anyone opened the top. Several muffled voices travelled down to them, sounding as though someone was having a discussion right outside the stairwell. Tension gripped them all as they waited hoping whoever it was would move on soon. They didn’t have much time left.

Isla tiptoed around Logan and Teddy careful not to touch either one as a shiver travelled down her spine. No one noticed as the little girl disappeared and the white wolf took her place. She shuffled in place on her step and then bounded forwards before any of the others could stop her. She shot out of the tapestry covering the stairwell and barked loudly tearing off down the hall, several shouting voices following her.

Now it was Logan’s turn to hold Teddy back. “Don’t. She’s smart, and she knows the castle well. She’ll lose them.” He whispered, urging the others forwards.

Teddy looked distraught for a moment but followed the others as they slipped out of the tapestry and ran the other way heading for the entrance to the Headmistresses study. The stairwell was already open so they quickly filed up the stairs keeping a careful ear out for the sound of anyone approaching. It was the longest stairwell in the entire school, stretching from the second floor all the way to the top of the tallest tower, but at last they reached the top. No one spoke as they moved to the Headmistresses desk and Athena, Xander and Jennifer got to work on the enchantments. Even Teddy helped as the others stood guard by the door, praying no one came up those stairs after them. There was only on other way out and that was to levitate one another out the windows.

“Done.” Teddy whispered as he moved back past the others by the door and made his way back down the stairs.

They moved back down in single file all hyper aware of their surroundings, careful not to knock any of the Headmistresses collectibles from their plinths along the walls. When they reached the bottom, Teddy stood there for a moment his eyes shut tightly, listening intently for any approaching footsteps. He waved the others forwards and they quickly split into several groups. Michael rushed off alone heading back for his dormitory in the dungeons while the others split into two groups. Xander, Jennifer and Athena headed for the secret passage to the fourth floor while Logan, Elyssa, Cole, Georgia, Alex and Teddy moved around the outside corridor hoping that Isla had succeeded in losing her tail and would be waiting to let them back into the common room.

As they turned the final corner they saw a soft white tail flicking back and forth from under the table beside the entrance to the common room. As they dashed past it, Teddy tapped the tail twice and the small white wolf dashed into the common room with the others. Silently they all went their separate ways back to their dormitories to sleep, eager to see the result of their activities on the school the next morning.

Alex grinned widely as she and the other fifth year girls were ferried across the Atrium to the Dining hall on a small wooden raft. Clearly the teachers had chosen to leave it there for the time being. But the students were abuzz with gossip over how it had happened. The rumour was that several Silverclaws had been caught trapped in the swamp by the Groundskeeper earlier that morning, having underestimated the effect of their portable swamps. She had laughed to herself at that, clearly a few of the Silverclaws had noticed them in the dungeons and hoping to catch them in the act of something followed them to the Atrium where they had been caught in the swamps as they went off.

As she climbed off the boat into the Dining Hall, she could hear the other students whispering and discussing the other remarkable things they’d woken to. Several of the school ghosts were at the far end of the Hall complaining to the Headmistress that they could no longer pass through the walls of the school and that it was most annoying to have to trek along the corridors like normal ‘living’ people, especially when one's hands passed right through all the door handles. Also every time someone passed a suit of armour in the halls it would begin singing the song Mmmbop and would not stop until given some form of tribute.

As she sat at the table with the rest of the Pack she could see the barely contained grins on their faces as they ate their bacon and eggs. Apparently something had gone wrong with the breads and the like and they were not suitable for consumption. The head house elves were also gathered at the Teachers table noisily complaining with the ghosts.

“Enjoying our breakfast are we?” Came a voice from behind the group.

Professors Potter and Granger were standing there eyeing the group closely a suspicious look on Professor Grangers face.

“Very much Professors, thank you.” Alex chimed as she loaded up her fork.

“Any comments on the strange occurrences in the castle this morning?” Professor Granger asked, watching them all closely.

“None at present, Miss.” Cole called, through a mouthful of food.

She eyed him carefully for a moment before moving on. Professor Potter waited behind a moment before leaning in close to Teddy and Logan. “Most impressive workmanship don’t you think.” He whispered pointing to the Atrium. “I think I’ll give those responsible, let’s say 5 points each.”

He smiled widely as he walked up the teachers table. The Pack watched him leave before shifting their eyes to the hourglasses by the front table. 25 points had just been added to Acheron, 20 to Evenstar and 5 to Silverclaw. They just smiled to one another and went about their breakfast, oblivious to the chaos around them.

A/N: At last it is complete. My entry for Miss caomoyl's Meme Challenge. Was a lot of fun to write (when I actually managed to get past the lack of my muse). For anyone wondering the Meme this is based on was: Broke all the school rules; 50 points.
Not perfect (several rules unbroken I think, that or this school is very lacking in rules) but there it is nonetheless.
Let me know what you think, I am always happy to receive any reviews. Thank you for taking the time to read it, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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Students out of Bed: Mischief in the Castle


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