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Fire and Ice by Fiery Ginny
Chapter 6 : The Chaos of Fire Melting Ice
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“Draco,” (his heart skipped a beat….or ten.) “I need you.”

And that was all he needed to hear.

When the ice begins to melt, and the fire cannot tell, then chaos shall occur
Should ice cool the fire, then both shall ever tire, of the chaos that shall occur.
But should the two meet fast, in a cold, fiery blast, then chaos shall be no more.

Draco practically jumped to his bed, and wrapped his arm around the woman before him. She looked so fragile, with her hair a mess, and her eyes bloodshot, she looked as though the wind would pick her up and shatter her against the nearest tree. He pulled her closer to him, and he felt her shutter. She looked up into his eyes, and just stared. He stared back, letting himself get lost in her deep, brown eyes. Though her eyes were red from crying, he had never seen anything so beautiful. I want to kiss her. The thought was a simple one, but with it arose so many complications that it didn’t even seem fair. He had to control himself; he would not put her through the problems that kissing Draco Malfoy would cause. However, what Malfoy wasn’t expecting was for the fiery red-head to not be thinking at all, and acting on pure instinct.


Ginny had found herself needing Malfoy. Needing him to be near her, for someone to fix her broken heart. She had never been in so much pain in her life, and she needed someone. He would have to be her someone. She had used the password he had given her, and had waited for him to come back from defense against the dark arts. She had grabbed one of his pillows, which smelled like him, and reminded her of the potion’s classroom. When he had arrived, she hadn’t been able to speak. She eventually got out what she needed to say, and he was there quicker than she could have imagined, arms wrapped tightly around her. She looked up at his wonderful diamond eyes, and she lost herself. She completely lost control of her thoughts and her actions. “Draco…” she murmured, and she felt him shutter as she spoke his name.


Without any kind of rational thought, she latched onto his lips with hers, kissing him with such a passion, she didn’t even know where it had come from. She breathed him in, like a breath of fresh air to someone who had been locked away in Azkaban for years. He was shocked, but he returned the kiss with a fervor matching hers. She felt her heart breaking even more, and her thoughts jumped to Harry. Though Harry’s kisses were wonderful, she had never felt this fire in her soul when their lips met. Draco’s lips set her body on fire, set attacking butterflies on her stomach, and wrenched her heart at the same time. She pulled him closer involuntarily, and then quickly pulled back, out of the kiss. He looked at her, pleading with his eyes not to stop. “I can’t do this Malfoy…It’s not fair to either of us. I shouldn’t have come here, I have to go.”


As Ginny moved to leave, Draco felt his heart break. She couldn’t leave, it would destroy him. He grabbed her arm before she was even off the bed, and then took her face in his hands. He looked deep into her eyes, begging her not to go. Before he knew it, he was kissing her again, this time with a hunger so deep it made her want to cry. “I need this,” he said to her mouth, and she did in fact start crying as she reciprocated the need he felt. It was as if he would never see her again, as if he would never kiss her again. He kissed her so forcibly, it left both their heads dizzy with need, want, and passion.

She whispered his name again, and it sent him over the edge. He pushed her down, climbing on top of her. Her robes were gone, and she was wearing a thin long-sleeved pink shirt and a pair of jeans. He took off his school robes, and went back to her lips. His hair was falling down into their faces, tickling Ginny’s face. The heat between their bodies was like the heat of the sun, the air in the dungeons made Ginny’s skin even more sensitive to Draco’s body touching hers.


Before either of them knew what had happened,  Ginny jumped up and ran from the room, frightened of what had just happened. She flew down the stairs, and raced into her room, locking the door. She needed to be alone with her thoughts. “Ginny…You just snogged Draco Malfoy…Something very wrong is happening right here…” She had liked it though…she had enjoyed the fact that she was able to escape reality through his lips and his touch. But no, it couldn’t be like that. He was a Malfoy! It wouldn’t matter to him that she was a pureblood, because she was a blood traitor. The thought that he wouldn’t want her actually hurt her. She shrugged her way out of that feeling. She shouldn’t be upset that Malfoy wouldn’t have her...Lunch was nearly over, so she took a minute to compose herself, and she put her school robes back on. She made her way to the bathroom, splashing cold water on her face to cool off her overheated skin. She brushed through her curls, threw her hair back up into her ponytail, and rushed down to the great hall to see if she could make it in time for a bite to eat before her Muggle Studies class. At least Malfoy wouldn’t be caught dead in a Muggle Studies class, so I will get a break from him, she thought happily. And on that note, she almost skipped down to the Great Hall, grabbed a couple sandwiches, and walked merrily along to her muggle studies class, humming happily because she knew she was going to be Malfoy-free for at least an hour. Or so she thought.



She left. That was the only thought registering for Draco. He didn’t understand what had happened, but his lips were tingling, and his chest hurt. He felt something close to sadness boiling up within him, but he didn’t quite understand the sensation. I kissed her. He stood up rather quickly, and his head spun. I really kissed Ginny Weasley. His father was going to kill him! He had kissed a blood traitor, and not been disgusted. In fact, he had enjoyed it.  As he stood up, he noticed, almost absently, that his legs didn’t want to hold him up. He fell into the plush green chair next to his bed, collapsing from an exhaustive weight that seemed to have attached itself to his internal organs. He felt dizzy, and slightly nauseous.


He had a free period after lunch, and, as lunch had just ended, that meant he was free until later in the afternoon. He decided to just sit where he was, and think. He needed a good think. And then, through his open window, an owl flew into the room, carrying a piece of parchment with the Hogwarts’ seal on it.


As Draco read the letter, he growled in frustration. Then, realizing what it meant, that it meant seeing her again, he jumped from his chair (again, feeling slightly light-headed) and rushed out of his room, completely forgetting his book bag. The only thought that permeated his mind was that of a fiery red-head that he was oh so recently snogging on his bed.



Muggle Studies, it seemed, wasn’t going to be the same kind of class that it had been for Ginny’s past 3 years. She could tell this from the moment she walked in, seeing that the cruel “Professor” that had smiled at her at the welcoming feast was the teacher. Ginny sighed, and settled herself in the back row between Neville and Luna, both looking just as scared as Ginny felt. Well, we three are purebloods, so maybe that will count for something. Of course, Ginny had no idea just how very wrong she was…


Just as Ginny was getting her things ready, thankful for a Draco-free class, the Slytherin burst into the door, offering his apologizes of tardiness to the professor. The girl seemed to accept this, and sent him a rather grotesque smile, which he seemed reluctant to return. He looked around the room, searching for Her. Of course, she would sit in the back and surround herself with friends. Well, at least she was safe. However, after this thought, he could think of nothing at all, because at that precise moment, their eyes had locked, and he had gotten lost in their molten chocolate depths. Ginny was equally unsettled by the stare, but at least she was sitting down and not causing a scene like a certain blonde Slytherin. The professor then cleared her throat, and Draco excused himself, sitting down in the one seat that was available, right next to a disgruntled Seamus, who promptly moved his chair a good foot and a half to his right. At this, Draco simply sneered at them, speaking in the same tone he usually saved for his “favorite” Gryffindors, “Oh trust me Finnigan, I don’t want to be anywhere near a Gryffindor. In fact, if it weren’t for the changing of the rules this year, I wouldn’t even be in this pathetic class.”

Seamus was about to lunge at Draco, but the professor spoke at that exact moment. “Alright! That is enough boys!” though she said this with a greasy smile that matched her sickening voice. “Well, as Mr. Malfoy has so kindly reiterated for us, this class is indeed different from the Muggle Studies you were used to.” She said Muggle as if it were a filthy word and shouldn’t be spoken in polite company (not that she looked like she knew anyone who could be described as “polite company”). “As most of you should know by now, my name is Alecto Carrow, and I will be teaching you the truth of muggles! Not this mamsy pansy rubbish that your former ‘professor’ taught.” The air quotes around professor were clearly discerned, and Ginny felt her temper rising. She had enjoyed Muggle Studies with Professor Burbage, and she wondered what had happened to her. Ginny was thrown out of her thoughts rather quickly however, when Alecto started speaking again. “Today, we shall learn about why Muggles do not have magic. The fact is, Muggles are beneath us, and were put on this planet to serve us. I suggest you taking notes, as you will be writing a paper about such things for me very soon.” She turned towards the blackboard, using her wand to write down awful things about muggles and muggle-borns.


“I know many muggles, all of which are better than you!” Ginny whipped her head around and looked, shocked, at Neville’s outburst. He met her eyes, and his showed fear at what he had just done. However, when Alecto had turned back to face the class, his eyes showed nothing but Gryffindor bravery, and Ginny was proud of him.


“Excuse me, little boy? What did you just say to me?” She glared at Neville, her stare so penetrating and irate, that it should have turned Neville into a toad. Neville, however, just stared back, looking equally angry, and also disgusted.


“You heard me, you old bat! There are millions of Muggles out there that are infinitely better than you!”


“You are going to regret you said that boy…A week’s worth of detention for you Longbottom,” she spat his last name, and the way she spoke was…eerie. It would have been less frightening if she had roared at him. Neville however looked like he was about to leave, when he looked down and saw Ginny and Luna sitting there. He then sat down in a huff, and Carrow gave another cruel smile.


“Very good, brat. You will ALL learn respect in this class. You shall respect the name Carrow, for it is a pureblood name. Though, obviously, some purebloods are better than others.” She sneered at Neville, Ginny, and Luna. “That is what we call a blood traitor class…” Everyone just looked at her, as though in shock, but the Slytherins were chuckling along, except, Ginny noticed, Malfoy.


“Well? Why aren’t you writing this down?!” she barked. There was a scurry of people picking up their quills and parchment, and the trio in the back and very few others refused to pick up their quills. “A blood traitor is a wizard who, though pureblood, does not appreciate the pureblood ways. They are willing to interact with mudbloods, those so-called witches and wizards who have not a drop of magical blood, and stole wands from REAL witches and wizards, and muggles. They sometimes even choose to marry the filth! The filth that has no place but to serve wizards, who have no right to even EXIST, are brought into a disgusting partnership with wizards…”


On and on she droned about blood traitors. Ginny looked around the class, noticing that some people, were getting horrible death glares from the teacher. Ginny really didn’t know how much Hogwarts had changed until that moment. Her brother, Amycus, must be just as bad…and he was supposed to teach them DADA? It was probably going to be changed to just Dark Arts…Ginny’s mind was racing, partly from trying not to think about Malfoy, and partly trying to figure out what they were going to do. There just didn’t seem like they had an option to change anything at the school. How were they supposed to protect themselves? How were they supposed to protect each other? She hoped that somewhere, someone was trying to help them.


Ginny was brought back from her thoughts when she heard the bell ring to signal the end of class. “Very well, you may go. Due next week, 12 inches on why blood traitors are lower than purebloods, and discuss what could have made them this way. Longbottom, stay after.”


Ginny looked quickly at Neville, and he gave her a small, forced smile, “It’ll be fine. Just..umm…could you two wait for me?” She could tell he was scared, but that he was also trying to be brave.


“Of course Neville,” Luna responded in her airy way. This seemed to bolster his confidence, and he made his way up to the front of the class, the Slytherins booing at him, with his head held high. “He’s so brave isn’t he? I still can’t believe what he said…I hope she doesn’t do anything to him…” Luna seemed very concerned for Neville, and she seemed overly nervous.


“It will be OK. It is probably just to discuss his detentions. Come along, let’s just wait outside for him, shall we?” Ginny put her arm around her friend’s shoulders, and drew her along to the door.


“Yes, alright,” she replied, allowing Ginny to pull her along. When they had gotten outside, and the room had emptied, Carrow threw them another of her cruel smiles, and used her wand to slam the door in their faces, and they heard a lock click. Luna became even more nervous at his point, and she started pacing. Ginny couldn’t help but just stand there, pressing her ear to the door, trying to hear what they were talking about. Ginny heard nothing however, because, little did she know, Carrow had put a silencing charm on the room.


Five minutes later, Ginny heard the lock click, and she quickly backed away from the door. Neville walked out of the room, shaking. It looked like he had bit his lip, and it was bleeding. Ginny and Luna both jumped up. “Wha-?” But he cut them off, shook his head, and walked away, looking as if he just wanted to get as far away from the door as quickly as possible. The girls followed after him, and, as they were done until Astronomy that night, he headed towards the dungeons. No one spoke the whole time they walked. Ginny kept glancing sideways at Neville and Luna; Neville was holding his head high, pretending he wasn’t bleeding from his lip, and Luna was stealing nervous glances up at him, trying to see if he would look at her, and also checking to see if his lip was getting any better or worse.


When they reached the dungeons, Luna pulled her wand from behind her ear and opened the passageway, still glancing nervously at Neville every few seconds. They filed through the archway, and walked straight through the common room, and up the stairs to Luna and Ginny’s room. Ginny sat Neville down on Luna’s bed, (Luna, for some reason, blushed crimson) and started inspecting his lower lip. He had indeed bitten down on

it so hard it drew blood.


“You should go to the Hospital Wing Neville.” Ginny said to him, looking into his eyes. She saw him stiffen, and his eyes became steely, looking as though he had already made up his mind.


“No Ginny.” She sighed. Boys… “I’m sorry Gin! I just can’t…It’s not even that big of a deal, Luna, you can fix it up for me can’t you? You’re good at spells like that.”


Luna blushed even more, and replied, “oh yes, of course.” Ginny just stared at her. Luna? Blushing? What the hell?? This had to be intense. Ginny decided to just ignore it for now, and focus on Neville’s bleeding lip, and how he had been trembling so badly.


“Oh fine, you stubborn ass! Luna, go ahead and put him right.” As Ginny said this, she plopped down on her bed in defeat, and Luna, with a small smile for Neville, said the spell and his skin sewed itself together, leaving only a trace amount of blood on his lips as the proof there had been anything wrong in the first place. Ginny sighed again. “Ok, now tell us what happened in there Neville!”


He shook his head, stood up, walked to the door and locked it, and mumbled “muffiliato” and sat back down, head in his hands. He was shaking again, and Luna and Ginny sat down on either side of him, hoping to be able to comfort him in some way. He looked up, gave himself a shake. “It was awful…I don’t want either of you to have to go through that, so don’t you dare say anything against the Carrows. She…she told me she knew about my parents.” Luna and Ginny gasped, and Neville seemed to be having a hard time speaking.” I-She…She took out her wand and said ‘you wanna know how they felt?’ and…” He had to stop at that point, from the memory of the emotional pain of losing his parents. The girls gave him a few minutes to regain himself, both patting him comfortingly on the shoulder. He took a deep breath and continued on.


“She used the Cruciatus curse on me…Said my detentions would be similar if I didn’t do as she said. I’m really scared of what my detentions are going to be like…She said it would be with her and her brother, and that there would be other people who were in detention in there as well…She said she didn’t know when I would have them, since they don’t have other people in detentions yet.” He shivered. “I don’t think it is going to be cleaning out the undersides of desks, do you?” He looked up at both of them, and Ginny could see the fear in his eyes. She could see that he was scared, but was also trying to prove that he could handle it.


“It’s ok Neville…shhhh…it’ll be ok…” Ginny tried to comfort him with these words, but he still seemed shaken. “Neville, why don’t you take a nap? Come on, let’s bring you to your room, and we can get you all settled in.” At this, his eyes turned fearful again.


“Please don’t make me leave…I-my roommate is Crabbe, and I hate going there.”


Ginny looked startled. “Of course you don’t have to leave Neville. But you do need to sleep. Take one of our beds and take a nap. You need it. We will wake you up for Dinner, and then you can sleep again until Astronomy.  We won’t leave you Neville.”


He smiled, and it hurt Ginny’s heart to see him upset like this. Ginny got up off the bed, and walked over to her desk, thinking about starting her potions paper. Then she realized she had never turned in her potion! “Luna, will you stay here with Neville? I just remembered I never gave Professor Slughorn my potion! I need to go see if I can make it up. I will be back soon! Neville, sleep!” Luna nodded to Ginny, and Neville let out a rough laugh. She smiled at her friends, and then unlocked her door, and almost ran down the stairs. Of course, she just had to run into Malfoy on her way down the stairs….He didn’t seem to notice her, and he seemed really upset. But hey, if he wasn’t going to say anything neither would she. Thankfully, he just continued on up the stairs, apparently thinking hard about something, and she just continued on her way to Slughorn’s office, unknowingly being watched by Draco, who had seen her fiery hair out of the corner of his eye. He had turned to watch her walk down the stairs, his heart sinking as she completely ignored him.

Welcome! I  hope you like the FINALLY Drinny action ^_^ Again, I have the next chapter ready, lying in wait, but I want some more reviews! 6 reviews, and you get the next chapter :) Thanks for reading guys, I love you all and I love all of your reviews!


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