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Odd one out by elliefelton
Chapter 14 : The world will keep on spinning, or so he says.
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 After hours of sitting here, the waiting room was looking rather bland. The occasional green healer came by and whispered to my dad and he'd nod. I had my head in Tony's lap.





I asked the Potters and Weasleys to go home. I needed time with my family. I had been in this stupid waiting room for hours.






"I'm going to get a coffee." I said bluntly.




I walked along the long corridor. Well it wasn't that long, but it seemed it. I ordered my drink and sat down. The servers at the till looked at me like I was a depressed puppy.


After around five minutes I heard someone sit opposite me. I looked up to see the worn, old and tired face of my Father. His orange hair was thinning and his green eyes had heavy bags underneath them.






"Hey." I said in a very wooden tone






"You okay?" He looked at me "No, stupid question."






"Look, Steven, why are you here? Don't act like you care." I looked back at my cup.






"But I do car-"






"Oh cut the crap Dad! You never gave a shit about me, I was always the child that never lived up to your expectations. I was never Elle. So just because you're one daughter down now, don't act like you care." I hissed..






It was then the doors flew open and there stood... My mother?






"Oh Jesus, what even is this, a fucking family reunion?" I rolled my eyes






Now, I was always told I was the spitting image of my mother. I had her eyes and freckles. But the woman stood before me, wasn't anything like me. She looked different, her face was still pretty, but never as pretty as I remembered. I looked at my Dad who looked like he'd seen a ogre. 






"Oh Katy! I came as soon as I heard the news." She tried to embrace me, I flinched away. "Why what's wrong?" 






"You, oh my fucking gosh. You don't even try to contact ANY of us for six years?! And now you expect me to forgive you like you've only broken my favorite toy. No way Mother." I grabbed my Dads hand.






He looked just as shocked as I was. I always wanted my Mum to come back, but given the circumstances, I was angry. Angry that she neglected me.






"Look, go wait in the waiting room Leanne. I need to speak to Katy." My father looked her straight in the eye "But don't be expecting us all to fall into your arms."





For the first time since I found out about the accident, I was crying. I was sat on a bench with my Dad.






"... and I am so sorry, I just, I saw you grow into your mother every day. I resented you for that. And the thing with the lamp. Gosh Katy, it eats away at me every day of my life."






"I was- never- ever good- enough." I sobbed






"You were everything I ever wanted. From the age of three you loved Quidditch and showed all your unique traits." I grabbed my hand. "I love you, and I know I have six years to make up for. And that it took a loss for us to reconcile, but I need you now."






"It'll take a lot more than sorry to make up for this. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt"I squeezed his hand.






"So, what's going on with the Potter boy then?"






"Erm, when we finish in June, we're moving into our own place. Longbottom's also agreed to get some scouts from top league Quidditch teams for me and James."






"I'm proud of you." 






And I finally got my wish. My father loved me. He wanted me in his life and that alone seemed to overwrite all of the bad things he's ever done to me.

















When me and Dad walked into the waiting room it was a full family debate.






"Tony, she's here now, isn't that what counts?" Elle asked.






"No way. She's acting as if she just came back off a short break."






Soon we agreed that she could stay. She sat away from us though. We were getting regular updates from the healers about Mike. But nothing important had come through.






It dawned on me, my sister my Sophie was dead. You can never comprehend death until it hits you. The idea of never hearing one laugh again, or to see them ever, is too much for the simple mind to understand. Jack had explained the whole accident to us. 






A squirrel. A small squirrel had ran infront of her car whilst they were on the way to my Grandmothers house. Sophie didn't want to hit the squirrel and look where it got her.






"He's awake now. You can go see him one at a time if you'd like?" 






After almost six years, I'd see my brother again. But this was never the family reunion I'd dreamed of. I'd always imagined that my Mother would come home first, she'd come with open arms apologizing for what she had done. Then Michael would, he'd be too embarrassed to admit he was wrong, but it didn't matter because we were a family. 





But something did come true tonight. The cards, they predicted this. 





I'm starting to like Coffee, it's been my saving grace tonight. I was speaking to a nurse earlier, things aren't looking good. He's bleeding internally, I can't sugar coat it. My brother will die. End of. It will be soon, that's the hard thing. He has to prepare himself. 






We was told Sophie died quickly. No pain they said. 






"I'm sorry this happened to you Hun." The healer said, a middle aged, pretty, woman with soft red hair. 






"We're wizards, can you not help him?" I asked, voice barely above a whisper






"I'm sorry love. There's nothing we can do, I wish we could, but he's too weak to operate on, chances are he wouldn't wake up."






"Will it hurt him?" 






"Not one bit." She squeezed my hand and Jack came out of his room. 






I was last, the last one to go in and see him. Jack being taller than me, gave me a quick hug then left me to go in.






I walked and broke down. He was all wired up to machines. It was awful. He was awake, but was bed bound. I sat on the seat and held his hand.






"Kitty Cat." He cooed in a raspy voice. "Don't cry.






"This wasn't how it was meant to be. It was supposed to be my year. The year things went right. I can't imagine it without Sophie." I cried "And you! I just got you back, you were my suprise. It's all my fault, if I would've been at home Gran would've came to our house and you would've have been okay." I started to sob now






"Shut up Katy. Don't do this to yourself, for fuck sake. I cannot die a happy man knowing that you're going to go insane with grief, I just can't." I looked at me sternly.






I crawled into bed with him. And clung to him, just like I did that time at the park, I held onto him like that, if I held on tight enough and long enough, he could take some of my health and be okay. But I'm a dreamer. 






"Promise me something Kate?" He asked after a moment. "No two things?"






"Anything." I whispered.






"Make up with everyone, Dad, Elle and even Mum. I want you guys to be okay. And the other thing..."






"Yes?" He grabbed my hand






"Stay with me little sis. Till the end."






I became hysterical. 






"No, no, no, no, no! You'll get better, I'll give up school, I'll look after you, just don't give up. Mike please!" I wailed






"Shh." He was stroking my hair "It'll be okay, the world will keep on spinning. The time will always change and you'll get happier." 






"That's what mum used to say to me." I sniffed "This could've happened to anyone. Yet it happened to you."






"Shit happens."






"Why are you so calm about this? I mean you're going to, to, you know."






"Well, I can't start being a wuss. That's out of character for me." He gave a weak smile






He started humming a song, and old song. It was from when I was growing up. An old TV theme tune. 






"I love you, you love me, we're a happy family. And a great big hug, and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love, me, too." Barney, the purple dinosaur. Michael was a good singer.






We sung that until we fell asleep.






I wish I could say that Michael woke up and he had made a miraculous recovery. But he didn't. It was that simple. He died in the night. No doctors, no panic. He just passed away in the night. And a part of me died with him.






And that was it. On the 25th of December, my sister passed away and on in the early hours of the morning on the 27th so did my brother. 





I couldn't face James. Or Dom, or anyone of my friends. It was too hard. But I had too eventually. He would come to pay his respects along with a lot of other people. Mum was staying in my room. I refused to move from Sophies room.






"Katy." He was here. His voice was gentle and I looked up. His head was peering around the door frame. 






"I'm not moving from this spot, I feel close to her here. Tony wont move from his room he wont even step foot out of the door. He apparates to the bathroom so no one will see him."






He sat on the bed with me and held my hand.






"I can't do it James. I can't go on." I felt tears well up again. "It's the funerals tomorrow and then I'm returning back to school."






"You don't have to go back. Go back in a few weeks, Sprout will understand." 






Then we sat in silence. There was no words that could be said. 



A/N :'( Oh GOSH. That was so hard to write, I sobbed. But shes friends with her Dad now? Do you think the losses will make the family or break them. Leave reviews. And I'm sorry it took long to update, going through personal problems. Love you guys

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