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Hermione Zabini?? Why me... by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 15 : Maps and Captains
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“Ouch!  Watch where you’re going Ernie!”  I yell/ whispered after being run into for the zillionth time.  We stopped in a corridor on the 7th floor.


“Sorry Mia…”


“How exactly are we getting out of here?  Weren’t all the passage ways sealed up during the war?”  Draco asked me.


“Ahh Obi-Wan, know about the Hogs Head tunnel you do not.”  I quipped.


“What the bloody hell did you just say?”  He asked while looking at me like I was a three headed dog.  Oh Fluffy… memories.  I turned to notice everyone else with their brows furrowed in confusion.  Damn, only “muggleborn” in the group here Hermione remember?


“Never mind, Muggle thing.  I’ll explain at one of our classes.  Ok, is the coast clear Gin?”  I looked over to her.


Ginny had swiped the Marauder’s Map from Harry after the war.  She is brilliant.  Honestly, it’s not like he needs it anymore, he’s off doing his all important Auror training while we are here.  This way it doesn’t feel bad from not getting used.  If paper could feel I guess.


“Yeah, Filch is still on the 4th floor.  We’re in the clear.”  She said in a normal voice and we walked around the corner toward a blank stretch of wall.


“How exactly are we getting in there?  It was destroyed remember?”  Neville asked while placing his palm against the smooth stone.


“Ahh, but that’s the beauty of the ROR.  Everything in it was destroyed, but all we need is the tunnel.  McGonagall said they had a hell of a time trying to control the fire, but eventually it just died down by itself.  Just be careful where you step, a bunch of Ashwinders were found in there after the fire and they laid there eggs in some of the corners.  If you step on them your feet might burn for a sec.”  I grazed my hand over the wall as well.


“How exactly do you know all this?”  Pansy looked like I told her she had to recite the Hogwarts anthem in front of the whole school.


“McGonagall.  I went to her and asked if there was somewhere I could move our Muggle Studies class so we could extend it into lunch.  She told me the fire burned for most of the summer after the war, but since it didn’t have anything else to feed on it just fizzled out.  And then I went to…”


“The library.”  Everyone chorused and I gave them a bright smile.  Ahh, they know me so well.  I had to laugh.


“Yeah.  So anyway, Neville, if you would do the honors.  After all, you’re the one that smuggled me, Harry and Ron into the castle through here.”


“Wow, Longbottom, breakin the rules.  Proud of you m’ boy.”  Draco clapped Neville on the back and I rolled my eyes.


“Thanks, Dad.  Now everyone stand against the opposite wall please.” Neville walked in front of the blank stretch of wall 3 times and before we knew it the large doors appeared before our eyes.


“I love magic.”  I mused and pulled Draco along with me to enter after everyone else.  We stepped in and were greeted with a depressing sight.


The room was completely empty, save for the mounds of ash everywhere.  I felt Draco stop behind me and turned to face him.

 He looks like he’s seen a ghost… what’s wrong with him?  Yes this room used to be amazing to look at but there’s nothing we can do about that now.


“Draco… are you alright?”  I asked as his eyes focused on my face.  He pulled me into a hug and buried his face in my hair.


“It’s just… this room holds so many memories.  It’s where I betrayed the entire school. Where you and your friends saved my life and where… where Crabbe died.”  He mumbled into my hair.  I just held him tighter against me.  He’s right.  A part of him died in here.


I pulled away to look in his eyes and gave him a quick kiss.  Then I turned to my friends.


“Everyone please come over here and join hands.”  They did as I asked and I continued.


“I would like to say a few words for a friend of ours who perished in the fire set ablaze in this room.”  I felt Draco squeeze my hand in thanks.


“Vincent Crabbe was not a man of many words, but he was a true and loyal friend to the people who stuck by him.  Dear Merlin where ever you are, please take care of him and let him know his friends and family miss and love him.”  I finished and Draco whispered a ‘thank you’ into my ear.  I gave him a sad smile and we walked over to the portrait concealing the tunnel. It was still there only blank.


“I wonder how that didn’t catch fire.”  I mused.


“You’re forgetting who Ab’s brother was.”  Neville said as he helped us all into the tunnel.  That’s right, duh Hermione.  Aberforth was Albus’ brother.  Smarts run in the family I guess.  He must have charmed the portrait to protect it against damage.


We walked along the tunnel and eventually came out the other end into The Hogs Head.


“Neville!  How are ya boy?”  Aberforth greeted our group as soon as we stepped out from behind Ariana’s portrait.  I was so excited to see him again that I bounded up and captured him in a hug.


“Aberforth!  It’s so good to see you!”  He was a little hesitant but eventually gave me a small hug.  When I pulled away he asked me who I was.  Shit, forgot about that.


“Ok, short story.  I’m Hermione Granger.  I found out I was adopted and had a glamour charm on me.  I am twin sister to Blaise Zabini and yeah.”  I said in one breath.


“Wow.  That’s a lot to adjust to, but you look great anyway and it’s really good to see you too then.  What brings all of ya here?  You do know it’s past curfew.”  He said with a smile.  Ahh, good ol' Ab.  He would never turn us in; likes adventures just as much as we do.


“Well, we were planning on having some fun tonight.  Can you leave a key outside for when we get back?”  Neville asked him.


“Sure thing Neville.  Just be careful, have fun you lot.” We left through the back door to a few stares from his customers.


“Ok two of us will have to come back for the rest.”  I stated but was interrupted by a cough from Draco.  I raised my eyebrow at him.


“Actually, I’ve been there once with Blaise, so no need for leaving anyone behind tonight.”  He said.  I nodded and the four of us who had been there grabbed onto a newbie and were in the alley by the club a second later.


I held out my purse which had the Undetectable Extension charm on it.


“Alright girls.  Wands, maps, swords, magic mirrors, Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme, you name it, put it in here.”  The girls all stuffed their belongings into my bag while the guys just put their wands in their pants pockets.


When we were done I grabbed Draco’s hand and followed our friends towards the entrance.  After introducing everyone to the bouncers and bartender upstairs Blaise led us down to the 80’s room.


“Let’s go dance!”  I yelled over the music and pulled the girls onto the dance floor.  We danced like morons to Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ while the guys leaned against the bar and laughed at us.  The song eventually changed and Draco came onto the floor and pulled me into his arms.


We swayed to ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police.  His left hand was on my back holding me to him while his right held my left hand to his chest.  He rested his forehead on mine and closed his eyes.  I did the same as I placed my right hand on the back of his neck, playing with the soft hairs there.  This is where I want to be forever; just being loved by him.


Draco started to sing along with the song and I felt my heart ache.  He held me tighter and I let some tears run down my face.


“Since you've gone I been lost without a trace
I dream at night I can only see your face
I look around but it's you I can't replace..."

When the song changed neither of us moved.  Oh hell, when did I become such a sap?  This boy is guna be the death of me.  Eventually I opened my eyes and saw that Draco was looking at my mouth.  I tipped my head back and captured his lips in a tender loving kiss, pouring into it all the emotions running through my heart and soul at that moment.  I could feel his love when he kissed me back.


“Mione, Mione come on drinks!  I told the boys they have to stay sober to apparate us back cuz this was originally supposed to be a Girl’s Night.”  Ginny said tearing me away from my love.  I looked back to see him smile at me before he rejoined the guys.


“Mia what happened?  You have streaks of black down your face.”  Pansy looked at me worriedly.


I wiped away the lines of eyeliner and mascara with the help of Ginny.


“Nothing, just a really sweet moment back there.  Draco was singing along to that song.  That boy has turned me to pure mush.”  The girls laughed and we ordered our drinks.


After a few cocktails Pansy ended up on a couch in the room making out with Ernie.  Luna was hanging on Neville and they were slow dancing to every song even when ‘Bust a Move’ by Young M.C. was playing.  It was rather hilarious.


Ginny, Blaise, Draco and I kept dancing around on the floor to all the 80’s classics even though two of us were pretty smashed after our 3rd drink.  Light weights, don’t hate.  It’s pretty nice being a light weight actually, costs less.  Here it cost nothing though, 3 bars, a round of drinks from each bartender.  I love this place.


After getting everyone to rejoin our group in the middle, we all jumped around to R.E.M.’s ‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It’, even though I was the only one that knew the lyrics.  Yes, I love American and British 80’s music.  I did say I liked anything but country, did I not?


I remembered stumbling out of the bar, something about a tree and then being squeezed through a bendy straw, ya know one with those red, blue, green or yellow lines?  Yeah.  That’s all I remember.



“Hermione…love wake up.” What is that sound, why is someone screaming at me?


“Mmmmmmm.”  I mumbled and buried my face deeper into whatever I was holding onto.


“Hermione seriously love, I need to get ready for quidditch tryouts.”  I heard Draco chuckle and felt my body shake a little.


Then I felt light kisses being planted on my shoulder and opened my eyes to see what I was holding onto.  Draco.  Of course.  I was curled around his body, my arms surrounding his waist and my head resting on his chest.  Pressed between us was my stuffed dragon.  I released my hold on him a bit and pulled back to look at his face.


“What happened last night?”  I asked.


“Good morning love.  Well… you got very drunk.”  He said and I could tell he was trying with all his might not to laugh.


“Shh… too loud. And?”


“Let’s see… when we got out of the club you decided you wanted to climb a tree and kept jumping at a branch that was too high for you to reach.  And then… you threw up, but so did all the other girls when we landed from apparating.  You just chose to do it on my shoes, well technically your brother’s shoes.”  He whispered but was still trying to hide his laughter.


“Ok, what else happened?  How did I get down to my knickers and bra?”  I asked him after realizing I was pressed into Draco’s body and only clad in my black lace bra and panties.  I hurriedly moved away from him and brought my blankets up to my chin, shielding my basically naked body from his eyes.  


Oh god, oh god, dear Merlin please tell me we did not have sex last night!  I can’t remember a thing!  Ok, he’s fully clothed, that should be a good sign right?


“Um yeah about that… I carried you up to your room and when I laid you down on the bed you just started taking your clothes off.  I was about to leave, but you asked me to stay… so I did.  Nothing happened though I promise; you fell asleep before I even climbed in the bed.”  He reassured me, chuckling a bit now.


I let out a long breath and relaxed back against my headboard.  “Good, I would at least like to remember the first time we have sex.”  I saw him raise his eyebrows.  “Yes, I think about that kind of stuff.  Question.  How did you know that Muggle song that you sang to me?”  I asked smiling at the memory.


“Well… Mother kind of had a thing for the 80’s. I found her one day when I was younger dancing around her room to Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’ when Father was out on business.  It sort of became our little secret.  Father never found out and Mother was never as anti-muggle as he was, so it just grew on me. Of course no one knows that, except you now.”


“I love you.”  I told him and leaned over for a kiss.


“I love you too.”  He said and proceeded to kiss me all over my face making me laugh.


“I’ll see you in a bit; Slytherin has the pitch first this morning.  It’s only 8:30, go back to sleep and I’ll wake you up for lunch.”  He tucked me back in and headed for the door.


“By the way, there’s water on your bedside table along with a hangover potion and a garbage can on the floor just in case.  Blaise and Ginny are in my room, Pansy and Ernie ventured back to their common room last night, I hope they didn’t get caught, and Luna and Neville slept on the couch.  When we got back I took everyone’s wands out of your bag along with the map and handed them out.  If I didn’t Pansy would have a fit this morning trying to dry her hair the muggle way.  Yours is next to the potion.  Oh, and I like your dragon.”  He said with a cheeky smile.


He turned back once more before exiting my room.  “Did you know that Draco means dragon in Latin?” He smiled and winked before disappearing.


“Draco… finally my dragon has a name.”  I squeezed my stuffed animal close to my chest and drifted off to sleep once more.


Before Draco got back from tryouts I was already up, showered and sitting in the common room.  I wasn’t able to fall back into a deep sleep and kept tossing and turning so I figured what the hell, just get up.  Luna and Neville were gone by the time I got downstairs as were Ginny and Blaise.


“I wonder if anything happened between them last night… On second thought, I don’t even want to go there.”  I said out loud.


“Don’t want to go where?”  Draco asked as he appeared in the common room.  He walked over, arms open to give me a hug but I hopped off the couch and ran around it to hide myself.


“Eww, you’re covered in sweat and dirt.  You look like Buckbeak when he used to roll around in Hagrid’s garden.  Go shower, then I’ll hug you.”  He shuddered at the memory of the hippogriff that almost “killed” him and pouted.


“By the way how’d tryouts go?”  I asked nervously.  Please let him have gotten captain… please…


“Well… I GOT CAPTAIN!”  He yelled so excitedly.  I was so happy for him, this proved that the student body, or at least the Slytherins didn’t turn their back on him.  He must have been beaming inside just as much as he was on the outside.


“Draco I’m so happy for you love!”  I bounded over to him and pulled him into a long deep kiss while trying to keep his dirty quidditch robes away from my clean clothes.


When I pulled away he was smiling like crazy.  “Now go shower and get ready for lunch, Captain.”  I told him with a wink and salute.  He smiled and slapped my butt then headed upstairs to take a shower.


Thank Merlin… I’m so proud of him, as well as the students.  He deserves a second chance, he needs a second chance.


While I was waiting for Draco I decided to write letters to my parents.  Quill, check.  Ink, check.  Parchment, check.



Dear Mum and Dad,
I’m doing well.  First week of classes went by quickly.  My Muggle Studies classes were awesome.  I think all the students enjoyed them as much as I did.  Thanks for letting me steal all those dental floss samples, the students were going crazy trying to get the popcorn out of their teeth.  I asked Professor McGonagall to let me extend the classes into lunch time if the students agree and she said yes.  We have a new Professor, he’s a bit annoying.  Draco got Head Boy!  I was so excited when I found out.  He is doing well, I’m sure he sends his love.  Guess what!  Ginny, Blaise, Luna, Neville and Pansy are some of the prefects this year and all “8th” year students, as well as Ginny and Luna, are sharing their own dorm.  It’s like one big happy family.  Well, I’ve got to go, lunch starts soon.  I love you guys and will write again soon.




Good.  Next.


Dear Mother,
Classes have treated me well so far.  I got a big surprise on the train ride here.  Why didn’t you or Blaise tell me he was a prefect?   Well, for the same reason we didn’t tell him I would be teaching I suppose.  Also Draco is Head Boy!  I’m so proud of him.  My Muggle Studies classes went well.  I hope all of the students enjoy the upcoming ones just as much.  I am being treated pretty normally, with the occasional stare, but that is to be expected.  Being Head Girl is fantastic, I love having my own dorm.  I hope all is well with you and the manor.  Please say hello to Minnie, Grady and Lars.  Let him know I’m expecting those cookies he promised me before I left.  Write to you soon.




Perfect.  “Captain?”  I called into the air.


“Yeah?” I heard Draco call back with a laugh.


“I’m guna run down to the owlery.  I have some letters to send to my parents.  I’ll meet you in the Great Hall alright?”


“Ok.  I’ll sit at the Gryffindor table with you today if you want.”


“Yeah that would be great.  I’ll see you in a bit.  I’m so proud of you love!”  I smiled to myself and made my way to the owlery.


“Bloody hell; was it really necessary to make so many steps?  Muggles are brilliant; escalators and elevators, why does all of Hogwarts have to be made up of thousands of stair cases!”  I shouted the last word when I reached the top of the owlery.


“Ugh, and someone needs to clean this place up.  Maybe they should hire Simon; our owlery at the manor is always clean.  Billie!”  I called up to my raven colored owl.  He flew down, perched on my arm and extended his leg.


“Billie, please take this letter to the Grangers.”  I told him while tying the letter to his leg.  He nipped my finger and flew out of one of the windows.  I did the same with Blaise’s owl Achilles and sent him on his way to Mother. He wouldn’t mind right?  He hardly ever sends letters anyway.


“Lovely owls you’ve got there.”  I heard a voice from behind me and spun around to see, oh joy, Professor Wilkins leaning against the archway to the stairs.


“Oh, uh thanks.  The black one is mine and the other my brother’s.  Excuse me, lunch is starting soon and I need to meet my boyfriend.”  I put extra emphasis on boyfriend and made my way over to him hoping he would let me pass.


“I’ll walk with you.” He said and fell into step with me down the stairs.


“Don’t you have a letter to send?” I asked.  What’s with this dude?  He a stalker or something?


“No, I just like to visit the owls everyone in a while.  Along with the view from up there.”  He told me in a nonchalant voice.


Yup, definitely a stalker.  He had become less attractive since my first meeting with him; right now he was down right ugly.


“Ahh.”  I muttered trying to walk as quickly as I could to the Great Hall and my safety net… Draco.  He kept up with me stride for stride.


We eventually made our way into the Hall and over to the Gryffindor table.  Draco stood up when he saw me come close to him.  His eyes were squinted and he was glaring at Professor Wilkins.  I strode up to him and planted a kiss on his lips.  He relaxed a little and his eyes softened when he looked at me.


“Good day Mia, I’ll see you later.”  Wilkins held out his hand for me to shake, I did and when he pulled away he trailed his finger along my hand, gave me a smile and went to join the rest of the teaching staff.


“I’m going to kill that bastard.” Draco seethed; apparently he just witnessed my uncomfortable moment.


“Wow, that guy really is a creeper.  Mione, you better watch out for him.”  Ginny warned me then took a bite of her sandwich.


“I know.”  I huffed as I pushed Draco back down into his seat and sat in the open spot next to him.  “He really freaks me out.  I was up in the owlery and turned around when I heard his voice.  Then he walked all the way here with me. No letter, no package to send, nothing.  Said he liked to ‘visit the owls.’  What a moron.”


Draco put his arm around my back and pulled me closer to him on the bench.


“Just be careful ok?  Make sure you always have your wand at the ready.  Constant vigilance as Moody said.  Hex the hell out of him if he behaves inappropriately again.  Or, like I said… I’ll kill him.”  Draco ended on a hard note and took a sip of his pumpkin juice.


“I know, I know. I’ll carry my lightsaber with me at all times.” I told him and pilled my plate with food.


“What’s a light whatever?”  Ginny scrunched her face at me.  Damn Muggle movies, always stuck in my head!


“Ahh, nothing.”  I mumbled.


About 10 minutes later Ginny got her things together and got up from the bench.


“Okay, I’m off to Gryffindor tryouts. Wish me luck!”


“Good luck.”  Draco said.


“Break a leg Gin!”  I smiled at her and received stares of confusion from most of the people around us.  


“It’s a Muggle expression. It means ‘good luck’.”  I told them and they just nodded still staring at me like I was nuts.  Ginny left the Hall, leaving the rest of us to finish our lunch.





A/N: These are the things I do NOT own or have any connections to. Harry Potter and anything to do with it. Star Wars and my references to ‘Obi-Wan’, lightsabers and the way I worded a sentence like Yoda. These are songs I do NOT own. ‘Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme’ belongs to Simon and Garfunkel. ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ belongs to Cyndi Lauper. ‘Every Breath You Take’ and the lyrics I typed belong to The Police. (Sting is awesome btw.) ‘Bust a Move’ belongs to Young M.C. ‘It’s the End of the World as We Know it’ belongs to R.E.M. And ‘White Wedding’ belongs to Billy Idol… who is also amazing… and hot.


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