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Blue by CooperTowne
Chapter 6 : Hogwarts
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Prefection :) thanks to Magic_Pheonix!!




“Welcome to your first day!” Fred greeted me as soon as I slid through the floo.

“How early do you get here?” I asked accepting the hand he offered me. He waved his wand and I was clean of soot.

“Around 6 or so, but that’s typical for me.” He crossed the room and opened up a locker. “I hear you usually don’t get up until 11. I’m impressed.”

“I have hidden talents I guess,” I said shrugging. Hidden talents that I’m discovering. Fred nodded. I walked to the locker with my name printed on the front and opened it. The magically expanded inside had the same 14 robes as the day before. I picked up the purple one and put it on.

I looked fairly normal while Fred obviously had decided to sport a light blue suit with pink tie with his purple robe.

“You look—” I paused trying to think of a word to say, “—dashing.”

“Dashing?” he said amused. “Congratulations Miss Blue, that sounded very English.”

I mock bowed and he laughed.

“Good morning Mr. Weasley!” A girl walked in. Older than either Fred or I, she had hair the shade of—well—Al’s eyes and very curly. She had a nose ring and a tattoo on her neck of an elaborate lion. She spotted me and smiled. “Hi,” she walked up to me and stuck her hand out, “I’m Beth.”

Beth? Her name is Beth? With hair and a tattoo like that she needs a name like Mad Dog or Harley. Something like that. Beth sounds like a name you give your baby doll when your three.

“You look surprised,” Beth said confused. I realized I hadn’t said anything and I was just staring at her while I shook her hand. I heard Fred chuckle and I fought the urge to glare at him.

“It’s just that your name doesn’t really seem like your name. If that makes sense,” I said wincing at how awkward it sounded.

Luckily for me, Beth laughed. “I get that a lot. I was thinking about changing it, but I just love the name too much.” I nodded as though I could actually relate.

“Well I’m Blue,” I said.

“Like the colour?”

“Yes like the color. It’s complicated.,” I said smiling at her. Beth smiled back and crossed the room.

“Oh yea, I heard about you situation. Beyond wicked,” Beth nodded obviously impressed by my horrible curse. Beth shrugged on her purple robe and next to her hair, how it looked nagged at my brain. Reminded me of something muggle and American. Dammit.




“So Blue, you’ll be doing stocking right now,” Fred said cracking a smile and placing a fedora on his head. “Don’t give me that look,” I wasn’t giving him a look, “you’ll only be doing this until you learn where all this wonky shit goes.”

“Wonky shit?” I asked. Seriously the things that comes out of his mouth.

“Yes,” he said firmly. He gave me a wink and pointed to a mountain of boxes in the corner. “That’s your stuff. Yay! Work! Best of luck to you.” Then he skipped out of the room and into the already roaring store.

“He’s helpful,” I mumbled walking over to the boxes. “Yoyo pudding? Hinky Swatters? What the actual fuck?”

“Yoyo pudding goes in the back with the potions and Hinky Swatters go far right side with the bats and extend-limbs,” Beth said without even looking up.

Oh duh! That makes total sense!

I followed Beth out of the backroom and we roamed around the store with Beth guiding me through the twists and turns. She pointed out different parts of the store and gave me a quick tutorial on how to work the Pull Belt. Basically a belt that you put on and tug randomly in the air and suddenly you’re are pulled roughly upward.

It’s very frightening.

About an hour later, Beth left me alone to sort and shelve Butterscotch explosives.

“Good news!” came a loud voice from behind me. Someone turned me roughly around and I was suddenly nose-to-nose with Al Potter.

“Al,” I said roughly as I pried his hands that were clamped down on my arms. His green eyes were sparkling and excited behind his glasses. “What do you want?” I said.

He smiled brightly at me and didn’t stop at my harsh tone. “You get to go on a date with me!”

“I’m sorry? I what?” I sputtered.

“Date. Me.” Al pointed to himself still smiling. I scratched my head and looked at him confused. He sighed. “Ok so it’s not really a date, but every year Hogwarts has this event—party—benefit—shindig—thing—err,” he scratched his head, “anyways! There are always a lot of people there. Maybe over 500 or so. And I need someone to—”

He was cut off by a loud screeching noise. A shadow was cast over us and it seemed Al was being consumed by a parasite made of limbs and make-up. I sighed as I watched the crowd of girls swallow up my view of Al. I resumed stocking as they giggled loudly.

“Al’s here?” Fred asked coming up behind me. I nodded as I looked at the infestation.

“This happen often?” I asked. Fred shrugged.

“Occasionally. Not too often. They must be vying for the spot as his date to the Hogwarts event,” Fred said grabbing a box of “Pumpkin Pasties with a bite! (not for people you like)” and placed it on the shelf next to the rest of it’s growling companions.

“Too bad he already asked me,” I said.

An arm reached out from the crowd desperate to grab hold of something. I grabbed on to his hand and pulled Al free.

“Please be my date,” he said breathlessly.

“Fine,” I grumbled.

“I have a date!” Al shouted spreading his arms out. There was a groan and then a few seconds later the crowd dispersed. Al smiled at me. I glared at him and continued placing boxes on the proper shelves.

“I’m not going to keep doing this Al,” I said walking away from him.

“Doing what?” He followed after me weaving around people gracefully. Stupid chaser.

“Running these girls off. One day I’m not going to do it,” I said walking behind the counter. Al stood in front of me relaxing and placing his chin in his right hand. I took out the inventory book and began checking the list.

“Of course not!” Al said lazily. “Just until I get an actual girlfriend.”

“That could take years,” I mumbled under my breath.

He glared at me. “I’m not totally unlikable!”

“People who are unlikable don’t have girls stalking them,” I told Al not looking up. I could tell he was glaring at me, but it’s not like I’m lying or anything.

“Well,” he said after a moment. He stood up and began drumming his hands on the counter.

This continued for a few seconds before I looked up in annoyance. “Can I help you Mr. Potter?” I said in a sickly sweet voice. I hope my desire to punch him wouldn’t shine through.

Al looked around for a second and continued drumming his hands. He then looked at me and a broad smile spread across his face. He stopped drumming and attempted to straighten his perpetually crooked glasses. “Nothing for me, Blue my dear!” I rolled my eyes at him. “So the Hogwarts thing is tomorrow, good luck finding a dress. Bye!” Then he disappeared down the aisle.

“I have a day?” I yelled at his retreating figure. I faintly heard his laugh and I scowled.


“Emergency!” I screamed immediately after Dom opened her door.

“How do you know where I live?” she asked as I stepped around her.

“Well I definitely didn’t ask your brother or cousin,” I said. “Not like I share an apartment with them or anything.” Definitely didn’t ask her cousin. He’s a git. One day he gives me! One freaking day!

“Good point. What’s your emergency?” she asked walking further into her apartment.

“I agreed to be Al’s date to the Hogwarts event thing,” I explained. “Little did I know that it is—”

“Tomorrow,” Dom finished. I nodded solemnly. Dom pursed her lips and nodded. “This is a problem.”

“There’s no time to shop, and besides I have no money,” I said sitting down in a chair in Dom’s modern looking kitchen. She had muggle appliances scattered throughout the room. A microwave sat with its door open and inside sat a toaster. A blender had an array of silverware inside.

She stepped back for a moment and looked at me up and down. She brought one hand up to her face and gently rested her head on hand. She chewed slightly on her lip and I felt very uncomfortable.

“What are you doing?” I asked her shifting awkwardly.

“I’m thinking purple,” she said quickly before turning and walking out of the room. I stood up and followed after her. I watched as she disappeared into a room with a dark brown door.

“Holy mother of—”

“I know right?” Dom squeaked happily clapping her hands twice.

This place is seriously straight out of a movie about royalty. A closet. Bigger than my room back at my apartment. Shoes covered two walls of closet, and all of them organized by color. The third wall had a series of smaller drawers.

But the fourth wall, the fourth wall where Dom was standing smiling, the fourth was just two very large doors expanding the entire side of the wall. Like a closet within a closet. Dom pushed the doors opened and revealed the largest collection of dresses I have ever seen.

“Ok,” she said immediately starting to riffle through the dresses. “This one, this one, this one, this one, and this one.” She placed the pile of dresses directly on top of my body. “Go try them on.”

“Err—ok?” I said unsurely.

This would be the part of the cheesy royalty movie where the girl thrown into this world tries on the clothes. She would twirl and giggle while doing ridiculous dance moves to montage music.

So it was exactly like that. Minus the music, twirling, giggling, and smiling. And happiness.

The dresses were beautiful. All of them. They all fit me perfectly, and I would have been fine wearing any of them. But Dom has very specific taste.

“No, no, no!” she cried in exasperation. She through herself face down on the large couch.

I sighed and placed my hands on the laced and tight dress that hugged my body. So I attempted to sigh, but I looked damn good in it, so I am able to overlook that small detail.

“What’s wrong with this one?” I said.

“It’s not—Al,” she said sitting up.

“It’s not Al? Ok? What does Al have to do with anything?” I said stepping into her changing room and taking off the dress.

“You just have to look good for him!” she said. I heard dresses moving around and I rolled my eyes as I peeled the last part of the dress off. “Not too flashy. Discreetly beautiful. Your skin is awesome. Your hair—ugh—prefect.”

“Thanks? You know you don’t have to sound to condescending,” I said crossing my arms over my (ugh bare) chest.

“This,” Dom said while thrusting a muted purple dress into the room. “I’m confident about this one!”

Within minutes I had the strapless dress on. I stepped out of the dressing room, and for the first time Dom was quiet. I stepped in front of the mirror, and looked at myself for the first time.

The strapless dress was prefect. The top was sweetheart shaped and the fabric wove in and out of each other down to my waist. It flowed down to the floor and pooled around my feet.

“Blue?” Dom said quietly. “IT’S PERFECT!” she screamed.

I smiled and nodded. “I know!”

“Shoes, shoes, shoes,” Dom said scurrying to the opposite wall.

After about five minutes of extreme shoe dodging, I had black pumps that would look impossible to walk in.

I glanced at my watch after a while. “Shit! I got to go!”

“Ok, darling! Here’s your dress,” she handed me a large plastic bag, “and shoes,” smaller plastic bag.

“Thank you! I owe you!” I turned on the spot and a second later appeared in the living room of my apartment. The room was empty and the place was oddly quiet. I looked around, and walked down the hallway to my room.

I opened the door and sound exploded. Tony was in my room doing Merlin knows what to it. A one-man show of construction was happening in my room with new elaborate decorations around my bed. He was quite an artist.

“Hi,” I said setting down the bags on the small table in the corner. Tony spotted me and smiled.

“You’re going to the Hogwarts thing?” he asked nodding at the bags. I nodded. Thing? Event? Party? Where was I going? “I’ll see you there!” he said winking. I smiled.

“I’m Al’s ‘bail out’ date,” I said sitting down at the table. He looked at me confused and sat down across from me.

“What’s a ‘bail out’ date?” he asked kicking his feet up on the table. A cloud of dust swelled up when his heavy boots hit the surface and I waved a hand in front of my face to clear it.

“Needed to get crazy girls away and I am his go-to hypothetical girlfriend,” I explained. He nodded and opened his mouth to say something, but a rapid knocking at my door cut him off.

“Blue?” Louis’ voice came muffle through the door. Tony was frozen in his seat staring wide-eyed at the door. “Can I come in?”

“No!” I shrieked too loudly jumping out of my chair. “You need to leave!” I whispered harshly at Tony. He shook his head and was out of his trance.

“Why not? Is someone in there?” Louis asked confused.

“I’m naked Louis! Don’t come in!” I cried. Tony chuckled as his bag began to pack itself. I shot him a glare. Tony waved his wand and the dust disappeared, and his tools were finally packed. He gripped them tightly and turned to me.

“See you tomorrow then,” he said winking before the loud crack of apparition.

Shit! Damn that crack!

I threw open the door and Louis stood them with his arms crossed, a pout on his face, and his foot tapping rapidly. “Who was in there?” he demanded.

“No one,” I stammered. Louis pushed past me and looked around the room.

“No one, eh?” I nodded. “Then why were you naked?” Shit. “And where in the bloody fuck is all of this furniture coming from?” Double shit. “And I heard a crack.” Triple shit. “It isn’t wise to keep secrets from us.”

Distraction. I need a distraction! I looked around the room desperately. “I got a dress!” I exclaimed. Louis looked startled for a second. “For the thingamajig tomorrow. At Hogwarts.”

“You’re going?” Louis asked lighting up.

“I’m going with Al,” I said with a sigh of relief. Louis smiled. “What about you? Riley?”

Louis blushed and shook his head. “We’re meeting there. We’re friends. We only like each other as friends.”

I nodded and patted him on the shoulder. “Keep telling yourself that buddy.” He opened his mouth to protest, but I laughed and walked out of the room before he could.


I am good at make up. I have just discovered this.

“I still think it would be ironic.”

“That isn’t ironic, Lily. Her name is Blue. It’s just—”

“Stupid?” someone finished.

“Shut up Roxy. You too Victoire,” Lily grumbled from next to me. I sent her a smile and patted her on the shoulder. Roxy and Vic laughed quietly.

“I don’t think blue is really my color,” I said to her. She shrugged and continued putting eyeliner on. There was a huge gathering of the Weasley/Potter women at the apartment. Make up and hair designs ensued for another six hours.

Six hours. I don’t think I’ve done anything but sleep for six hours.

I know many people have already figured this out, but this family is actually insane. They are loud and talk over each other, but still manage to have conversations. They get mad at each other, and then three seconds later they are literally tackling each other with hugs. I imagine my family is probably not like this. I make this assumption because every time it happened I became so alarmed I had to remove myself from the room.

I spent a fair amount of time in the hallway needless to say. Clutching my chest in horror as well.

I worry about these people’s safety sometimes. All the time. But of course after they all calm down and get down to business, they can go from looking like they’ve just been punched repeatedly to looking like they just stepped off the fucking runway. This family is flawless, and I hate them all.

By the time we finished, I was exhausted and had little to no interest to go to this party.

I was the last to put on my dress. Don’t ask me why, they insisted.

I put on my dress and shoes and walked out. The supermodels that surrounded me had equal smiles on their faces. “It’s prefect!” Molly cried. “I’m not standing next to you.”

I blushed as everyone nodded. “Ok,” Rose said. “Are you guys ready?”

Our heels clicked the floor as we exited the hugely expanded bedroom. Everyone wore nervous smiles and tried to do last second hair perfections.

I, on the other hand, felt the need to throw up and was not smiling in any way. I was nervous beyond belief. I was going to some unknown place with Al, to a party that I know nothing about, and I’m going to be surrounded by people I don’t know. I am freaking out!

“Calm down,” Rose whispered in my ear as we entered the kitchen. Everyone else emptied out into the living room where the guys were stationed.

“Is it obvious?” I moaned.

Rose stopped me in the kitchen. I looked at her and she regarded me carefully. “You don’t know anyone,” she said. I nodded, my eyes widened further in fear. “Just be polite. Smile. You’ll be meeting the rest of our family tonight. They’ve heard a lot about you, but Al will be by your side. And if he isn’t, he’ll have to answer to me.”

I laughed. “That’ll keep him near me.” Rose laughed and nodded.

“Rosie there you are,” Scrap said coming into the kitchen. He looked good in his dress robes. Also well rested and fairly clean. I say that because every time I see him, he is usually too tired to shower. It’s a bad mixture.

Rose gave my arm a squeeze and then floated, that graceful bitch, over to Scrap. I spotted Al sitting awkwardly on the couch. He looked from person to person and he seemed a bit overwhelmed to say the least. I walked over to him. “You look surprised to see so many people,” I said.

His head snapped over to me and he smiled. “Yea well,” he said standing up and running a hand through his hair. “You never really get used to having a family as big as this.”

“Never boring.”

“Nope.” He laughed and then studied me for a moment.

“What?” I asked with a small smile on my face as though I already knew the answer.

“You just look great,” he said smiling. “I haven’t seen you in a dress since—uhh—that night.”

I cringed slightly remembering the dress. Or lack thereof. Is wearing no clothing a fashion statement? “Not a great precedent.”

He shook his head. “Definitely not. A bit too flashy for the Blue I know.”

“A bit too much cleavage.” We laughed as Teddy stood up on a chair.

His green hair was vibrant and showy, but seemed completely normal after working with Beth for only two days.

“Alright,” he said in a loudly authoritative voice. “Each of you knows where you are going. Apparate outside the gate and the carriages will be there to pick you up.”

Al nodded and held out his hand. I looked at it briefly before letting out a small breath and taking it. We squeezed through the impossible tube and landed on an uneven ground.

“Whoa!” I had lost my footing as we landed. I blame the shoes. Al managed to catch me before I fell spastically to the ground. I looped my arm with his and he smiled reassuringly at me. I gasped as we neared the carriages.

“Thestrals!” I said. “They’re beautiful!” Wait that means—oh shit.

“You can see them?” Al asked as he helped me into the carriage. I shrugged and looked at them carefully. I looked at my hands when the carriage lurched forward. “Hey.” Al’s hands covered mine. “Don’t think about it.”

“Knowing that you’ve seen someone die is not a great thing to know without knowing who it was.” My voice was small. “What if it was—”

“Don’t,” Al said sternly. I looked at him but didn’t say anything. After a few moments I looked ahead to the dark path. Al didn’t say anything for a while, and I’m glad he didn’t. He didn’t need to. Just his hands on top of mine was all I needed.

I gasped as a gigantic castle came into view. The towers rose into the sky and were brilliantly lit. As we pulled up I examined the giant doors that were wide open. Light spilled out into the front and down a hill. Faintly in the distant I spied a large lake.

“Blue?” Al said waving hand in front of my face. The carriage had stopped and we were just sitting there in front of this castle. Oops.

“Oh right,” I stood up and Al stepped out of the carriage first before helping me down. “So is this someone’s castle?” I asked. The carriage pulled away and another pulled up

“No,” he said chuckling. “This is Hogwarts.”

“Wait,” I said as we walked through the doors in. The front hall was large, stone, and full of people. “Hogwarts? As in your school?” He nodded. “This is a school?”

“Calm your voice.” I seem to have become slightly hysterical. “Yes it is. This is an event to remember the war so try not to get too drunk.”

“Is that a joke? I don’t plan on drinking for a while.” Al shrugged. “So what war?”

“I won’t go into it, but basically remember how Rose and I said our families are a big deal in Europe?” I nodded. “My dad and her mum and dad ended the war.”


“Albus!” a voice boomed. “Good to see you m’boy!”

“Sir, always a pleasure.” Al stuck out his hand to the grey haired and rather portly man that stumbled through the crowd up to us. The man shook his hand quickly.

“I must say Albus that I always knew you would be talented. And was I right? Of course I was!” He let out a haughty laugh and Al chuckled politely. “Hello!” he turned to me. Oh shit. Shit. Smile Blue! Smile dammit!

“Hi,” I said sweetly. Maybe a bit too sweetly. “I’m Blue,” I said holding out my hand.

“You certainly don’t look blue!” Another laugh. “Just a joke. I’m Holden Walden. I was Mr. Potter’s Defense Against the Dark Arts professor when he was at Hogwarts.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” I said as he shook my hand violently.

“Hate to scram on you, but I spy Ms. Weasley and Mr. Malfoy. I want to check on how they are doing considering I have about 30 galleons placed on them getting married,” Walden said chuckling. He scurried away from us and soon began talking very extravagantly to Rose and Scrap. We barely had time to look at each other before another person came up to us. An older woman walked towards us with red hair, a kind smile, and a mischievous glint in her eye.

“Mum!” Al exclaimed.

“Hello sweetheart,” she said as she wrapped him in a hug. She tried to fix Al’s hair, but then sighed and gave up. “His hair is just like his father’s,” she said to me. “Won’t lie flat ever.”

I laughed. “Very true. I tried using styling gel one time, and it worked for about two minutes.”

She smiled fondly. “That’s impressive. Don’t give up though. One day we’ll find a cure.”

“Can’t you just leave my hair alone?” Al said patting his head.

“They will never leave your hair alone.” A man came up then. It was like I was looking into the future. Al of the future. Dark hair with gray streaked threw it. Behind his round glasses were shocking green eyes, and on his forehead sat a scar. A lightning bolt.

“I’m sorry dear, what’s your name?” Al’s mom, Mrs. Potter, said.

“Blue,” I said. A smile simultaneously spread across Mr. and Mrs. Potter’s faces.

“You’re Blue,” Mr. Potter said shaking my hand.

“And you’re Mr. Potter,” I said. Mr. Potter laughed.

“Harry, please.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Harry,” I said. Al’s mom introduced herself as Ginny and I concluded that they are some of the kindest people I have ever met. They may have scolded Al a couple times, but they’re his parents! What’d you expect?

“I’m sorry I tried to stop her!” Louis said pushing through the crowd. He interrupted a pleasant conversation with Harry and Ginny about Al’s aversion to the color yellow.

“What?” I asked confused.

Louis looked around puzzled and then visibly relaxed. Until an impossibly beautiful woman began practically shouting at me.

“Louis vient de me dire que vous parlez français! Ah bon! Avez-vous aller à Beauxbâtons ou avez-vous été scolarisé à la maison? J'ai adoré Beauxbâtons quand j'étais là-bas. Mais Dominique et Victoire insisté pour aller Hogwarts. Peu importe si!” She stopped talking finally and batted her eyes at me.

It was a minute before I realized that she was waiting for me to respond. In French. Now is a good time to figure out if I know French still.

I responded slowly, “Je ne sais pas si j'ai été scolarisé à la maison. Je suis sûr que Louis vous a parlé de ma situation particulière.”


“You can speak French!” Louis and Al exclaimed at the same time. Al threw his hands in the air in celebration and Louis looked—uhh—well he looked flabbergasted.

“Now we can talk about Al and Scorpius behind their backs!” Louis exclaimed now looking extremely happy. I smiled at him and shrugged. I turned back to the loud French lady, who I can assume is Louis’ mom.

“You must be Louis’ mom,” I said sticking my hand out.

“Yes,” she said, her French accent very noticeable. “You are Blue! I ’ave ’eard zo much about you from Dominique and Louis! Zey are both very fond of you.”

“They are very good friends of mine,” I said smiling. “They have been very kind to me. Dom, in fact, let me borrow this dress from her.” I gestured to my dress and Mrs. Weasley nodded.

“Any daughter of mine ees going to ’ave ze best clothes,” she gloated. She smiled proudly at Dom who was standing a few feet away talking to an older gentleman. Al tugged gently on my arm and I excused myself from Mrs. Weasley.

“What is it?” I whispered to him as we walked away. I attempted to keep up with him and his long strides, but ended up grabbing his arm to force him to slow down.

“Don’t get Aunt Fleur started on clothes,” he said smiling. “She could talk for hours.”

“And how do you know that I can’t? Eh Potter?” I challenged him squinting my eyes at him. He laughed making his green eyes light up. We reached a table and sat down.

“I thought you might need a break,” Al said. I looked at him gratefully and slipped my feet out of my shoes. I placed my sore feet on the cold stone floor, closed my eyes, and let out a sigh of relief. I opened my eyes and Al was smiling crookedly at me. “Better?”

“Very much so,” I said. Al looked over my shoulder and I quickly followed his gaze to Louis and Riley, who seemed to be flirting shamelessly.

“20 galleons say that they snog before the night is over,” Al said leaning close to me. I turned my head back around and smirked.

“You’re on, Albus.” He scowled. “Now what am I going to do with 20 galleons? Buy clothes? Food? Jewelry?”

“I like the food idea,” Al said perking up. “Wait who said you were winning?” I laughed triumphantly at him. The music changed to a slower song and couples began to crowd the dance floor. Al held his hand to me. “Would you like to dance?”

“Sure,” I said slipping my shoes on and taking his hand. “But I can’t promise I’m any good.”


“I’ve seen worse dancers,” Al said shrugging.

“Step on his feet then, eh Blue?” Bella winked at me and took another bite of her food.

“Once or twice,” I said meekly slipping my wine.

“Or five times,” Al said quietly. So I’m a shit dancer! Sue me! No one is perfect.

“Oi!” I said glaring at him.

“She said ‘oi’,” Rose said placing her hand over her heart. “Our little girl is growing up.” She wiped a fake tear away from her eye.

Hm. Yes. Becoming less American by the second.

“Rose that is an abnormal amount of food,” Julia said eyeing carefully at Rose’s food. She grabbed nearly two of everything and had three separate appetizers.

“Nah,” Louis said. “That’s normal for Rose. Good food equals a whole lot of dishes when Rose is concerned.”

“You want to go get more drinks?” Al said to me nodding to my empty glass. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rose throw a bread roll at Louis and it stuck to his face because the amount of butter on the top.

“Love to,” I said standing up. Riley and Julia smirked at me as we stood together and I looked at them confused. They just smiled bigger and exchanged looks.

These people are insane I swear.

“Enjoying yourself?” Al asked me as we walked over to the bar.

“Yea, your school is absolutely incredible,” I said looking around the room, my eyes lingered on the starry ceiling for a couple seconds and I smiled at the sheer splendor.

“Come on,” Al said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the room. We walked out of the Hall and into the main entrance that was practically empty now. He pulled me pulled several hallways and up countless staircases.

“Where are we going?” I said following him breathlessly.

“To the best view at Hogwarts. On clear night like tonight, it’s going to be amazing,” he said opening a door. My feet were killing me so I slipped off my shoes and carefully climbed the metal stairs to the top. The wind was blowing slightly at the top.

I stepped closer to the edge and my breath caught in my throat. The moon shone brightly above and cast a glow across the grounds. The lake I saw before was large and dark. I saw a ripple across the lake and wondered if anything lived in it. The trees of the forest swayed in the breeze and birds rose out of the trees into the sky. The sky was speckled just like the hall. I could faintly hear music being played, but besides that it was silent.

I don’t think I’ve seen anything so beautiful.


“Wow,” I said turning back to Al. His hands were stuffed in his pockets and he looked hopefully at me. “This is just—wow.”

“Yea, it’s pretty nice up here. I used to come up here all the time. Just to be by myself,” he said standing next to me at the railing. I wonder what for? Why would Al want to hide? “Sometimes I just needed to be alone, you know?”

It’s like he read my mind. Hey Al. Cough if you can hear this.

He didn’t cough.

“It’s so peaceful, I can see why you would like to come up here,” I said.

“It’s also private. Great place for a snog.”

“Way to ruin the illusion Albus,” I said rolling my eyes. He laughed and walked towards the door. Between you and me, I’m glad he turned around. I’m blushing. Al brings me up here alone and tells me he used to make out with people here. Excuse me.

“Let’s go down,” he said. “They might be looking for us.” I nodded as he pulled open the door. “Holy mother of Merlin!” he exclaimed jumping back clutching his chest.

A girl stood at door. Wide eyed, breathing heavily, with her teeth clenched tightly together.

“Hello, Al.”

“Penny,” Al said scratching the back of his head. “What—what are you doing here?”

“Followed you,” she said as it was the most obvious thing in the world. Which in retrospect, it was the most obvious thing. This girl is probably classified as ‘eternal stalker’, and by the helpless look Al is giving me as Penny backs him into a corner, I’m right.

“Excuse me,” I said kindly tapping her on the shoulder. She whipped around and glared at me.

“Who are you?” Penny growled. “Another slag he snogged, shagged, and dumped?”

“Do I look like I was just snogged and shagged?” I said raising an eyebrow standing up a bit straighter. “But I’m guessing, you were a slag that he snogged and shagged?” I said looking her up and down while pursing my lips. She gaped at me.

Hell yea. Bitch Blue is back.

“We just snogged actually,” she said crossing her arms. This bitch is crazy because he snogged her? Merlin. “I have class.” If she sticks her nose any higher in the air, I won’t be able to see her face at all.

“Right,” I said. “Well I don’t think he’s interested anymore considering he backed away in fear when he saw you.”


“So I think you should just go before you embarrass yourself any further,” I said harshly. Penny looked at me with her mouth wide open and then she glanced at Al would was looking anywhere but her. She scoffed once before turning on her heels and marching out of the tower. Al looked at me smiling widely.

“You are still the best,” he said hugging me tightly. I laughed and hugged him back briefly before we left the tower and walked back down to the party.


After meeting far too many relatives and old professors, Al and I made it back to the table.

I was only there briefly because I had an itching for chocolate cake, and at a swanky event like this, they are bound to have several types of cake.

I made it to the table, and immediately spied the chocolate cake elaborately decorated with chocolate flakes and frosting.

Before I could help myself and took a small taste with my pinky finger.

“I saw that.”

Of course someone freaking saw that. Of freaking course. My head turned and Tony smiled down at me. “Oh it’s you,” I said relaxing. “Don’t scare me like that.”

“Like what?” he asked grabbing a plate. He walked around me and started to pile his plate with chocolate strawberries.

“I thought you were someone important,” I said smirking slightly.

“Oi! I am very important! You wouldn’t have furniture if it weren’t for me.” I shrugged. I can’t argue with that, it’s true. “You clean up well Blue,” he added on with his eyes travelling down and back up.

I blushed and pushed a stray hair behind my ear. “Thanks. You don’t look bad yourself. I thought that layer of dust you always have would never be gone,” I said brushing an imaginary layer of dust off his sleeve.

“Well you don’t have drool pouring down your face,” he brushed my cheek with his index finger. “So I say that’s definitely an improvement.” I smiled and looked away briefly.

“Watching me sleep?” I said cocking an eyebrow. I probably should be creeped out, but I can’t help but find this whole situation hilarious.

“You’re very entertaining.”

“Leave her, Bradford.” Al wedged himself in between Tony and I. His glare could kill a dragon and Tony looked to hold his ground rather well.

“Al, we were just talking,” I said rolling my eyes. I was talking. Tony was flirting shamelessly. Ok so I was kind of flirting as well. Wipe that look of your face. Can’t a girl flirt with a hot guy and no one gets suspicious?

“Yea, Potter,” Tony spat. “Don’t you know what that is or do you just shag and leave?”

Ouch. I don’t think Al is much like that; he just has the misfortune of finding girls who make it seem like he has sex more than he actually does. Not like he couldn’t find normal girls. When we were dancing, I swear some girls looked ready to cut my hair off or burn all of my clothing. See? Normal girls.

Al didn’t respond. He grabbed my hand and pulled me away. I couldn’t even grab my cake. I hate him. This is the deciding factor. I hate him because he’s not letting me get my cake.

“What were you talking about?” he growled as we wove through the crowd.

“I just told him that he cleaned up well. Is that a crime?”

“No, but being able to have a previous encounter with him to make you say that he cleans up well might be a crime,” Al said as we neared the table. “So you know him.”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Yes, I guess,” I said tiredly. Everyone around the table slowly stopped talking as Al continued talking.

“How could you possibly know him?” he demanded.

“Who?” Kole asked.

“Anthony Bradford.” Julia, Bella, Riley, and Rose paled as the guys growled underneath their breath. I shot Rose an apologetic look and she shrugged. Shit happens. And I have a feeling I’m about to make it a lot worse.

“Where do you think I’ve been getting all my new furniture?” I said placing my hands on my hips. Al’s eyes widened and he looked surprised.

“Is that it?” Louis said angrily. He looked at me angrily and slightly betrayed. He knows I was lying to him yesterday. “How did you pay for that? Unless you’re giving something in return.”

“Louis! No!” I exclaimed. I sat down and rubbed my face exasperatedly. “It’s complicated.”

“Stay away from him,” Scrap said his grip tightening around his fork.

“Scorpius,” Rose said grabbing onto his arm.

“He’s not a bad guy!” Riley said as Bella and Julia nodded.

“You guys are over exaggerating about absolutely nothing,” Julia said.

It was quiet after that. Everyone glaring at everyone. It was very tense and I could barely stand it. “I invited him over.”

Eight heads snapped over to Rose who was studying her lap. “It was kind of a welcome present for Blue! Completely harmless!”

“Bull shit,” Scrap hissed at her.

“Scorp please don’t—”

“Don’t give me that ‘Scorp don’t’ crap. He’s not good. To anyone,” Scrap snapped. “You’ve been seeing him again haven’t you?”


“Haven’t you?” Scrap’s eyes were on fire and his normally pale face was red with anger. Rose opened her mouth and stammered a couple times. Her eyes were brimming with tears. She bit her lip and slowly nodded.

“As friends I promise,” she said. “Trust me.”

“I trust you,” Scrap said. “It’s him I don’t trust. And when you’re ready to actually act like my girlfriend, come and find me. Until then, don’t bother.” He threw down his napkin and stormed away.

The room filled with applause as a man took the stage. “Welcome ladies and gentleman to the Commemoration Ball!” More applause. “I am proud to present our first speaker Former Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt!”

The applause was deafening. As the older man took the stage, waving and smiling, I looked at Rose. She was clapping with everyone else while silent tears fell down her face.

“Blue?” I heard Al voice in my ear. It sounded quiet and weak compared to the thunderous applause. “Did Rose and Scorpius just break up?”

I shrugged and bit my lip. Somehow I knew that this was all my fault.



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Rough French translation (YAY GOOGLE TRANSLATE):

Fleur: Louis has just told me that you speak French! Did you go to Beauxbatons or were you homeschooled? I loved Beauxbatons when I was there. Dominique and Victoire but insisted on going to Hogwarts.

Blue: I don't know if I was homeschool. I'm sure Louis told you about my situation.

And if you read Blind (my other story), the new chapter is coming soon. I'm like 3/4 done with it. Like this chapter, it's long and complicated. LOVE YOU :)

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