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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 8 : Girls & Boys
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 Chapter Eight

It was about 2am before anyone in Gryffindor tower actually managed to get any sleep, Melissa had decided it was a good idea to argue back with Lily and they were up screeching at each other all night before Nev eventually came up and stopped the fight; several first years were crying, Freddie and Louis Weasley in fifth year had begun taking bets on very unlikely outcomes; Albus sat with his head in his hands looking ashamed and embarrassed and Rose missed the whole thing coming home just after the row ended, she was slightly tipsy and had been on a date in Hogsmeade; she wouldn’t say who it was but Albus reckoned it was some Quidditch star

As Hugo, Ryan, Ben and I finally got into bed at about two thirty I was worried, my arrangement (not date!) with Abi had already faced quite a big setback now everybody knew she fancied me and would most likely be hounding us all day and now I was probably going to be half asleep the entire time I was there. Just as I managed to nod off to sleep there was a knock on our door

“FUCK” said Ben getting out of bed grumpily making his way towards our bedroom door followed by a smirking Hugo

“Boy you are really not a morning person” he chuckled. Ben turned around and shot him a murderous glare. Ben reached the door to find Rebecca and the girls other roommate Leila Mullins stood at our doorway with sleeping bags and pillows

“Hello” said Ben and Hugo in unison sounding very confused; Ryan was spark out at this point and I just had abandoned politeness and hid under my covers to give the illusion I was asleep so nobody would talk to me

“Can we sleep in here” asked Rebecca sweetly; I bet she’s gone scarlett red Hugo only went to sleep in a pair of boxer shorts “The tension in our dorm is unbearable” I came up from under the covers and looked at the conversation taking place Rebecca had, as I guessed, gone completely red at the sight of her crush in nothing but his underpants. Hugo seemed not to have noticed and happily invited them in

“Becks you can have my bed if you want” he offered as she and Leila settled down on the floor “I don’t mind really and never let it be said Hugo Weasley isn’t a gentleman”. Rebecca looked delighted and kissed Hugo on his cheek before climbing into his bed

“Go on then have mine” Ben said grumpily to Leila who rolled her eyes and muttered “thanks” very aware he’d only offered because Hugo had. I looked over at Ryan’s bed – he gave me a smile and cheeky wink which I returned; we are the two most cunning of our group. I managed to drift off to sleep at around 3:15am just six hours before I was meant to meet Abi outside the Hufflepuff common room


“I told you he liked her back” said Rebecca the next morning as I very self-consciously got dressed in front of five people “Look how much effort he’s putting in; gelling his hair, brushing his teeth, having a shower, putting deodorant on”

“I’m not a caveman Bex” I replied “I do this every day you know”

“He does” confirmed Hugo; he and Rebecca were wrapped up together in a quilt looking cute “It takes him about ten minutes longer than the rest of us to get ready everyday”

“We can’t all inherit the Weasley ‘Oooh look I just rolled out of bed and did nothing with my hair but I still look gorgeous’ gene” I replied scathingly; Hugo laughed and put a hand through his own hair, which indeed did look perfect despite the fact that he’d only woken up ten minutes ago

It’s weird, out of all the blokes in his family Hugo possibly gets the least attention from the female kind (though it’s still a hell of a lot more than I get) despite the fact if you look at all of them he’s probably the best looking. Girls tend to go for James because he’s a star Quidditch player, Louis can speak fluent French which I hear girls find very sexy, Freddie because he’s tall, dark and handsome and Albus because he’s got all that mysterious vibe going on but poor Hugo normally gets looked over; except by Rebecca of course. Hugo isn’t star Quidditch player, he isn’t French, he isn’t mysterious or even deep he’s just Hugo; he seems happy enough to be honest but if all my cousins ended up in the Top 20 of Witch Weekly’s “Hottest Wizards in Britain” poll and I ended up 43rd I’d be a bit gutted (I didn’t even chart by the way)

“How do I look then” I said turning round having finished, mainly aiming the question at Rebecca and Leila but instead was met with


“Like a fairy”

“A toned house elf”

Rebecca and Leila laughed as I shot my ‘friends’ the finger and looked to them for a more honest and accurate answer

“You look gorgeous Oliver” said Leila “Abi is a very lucky girl”. Why am I not friends with the girl? How have I gone six years only uttering two words to her? She just called me gorgeous; Leila and I are now friends

“Leila’s right” said Rebecca (now resting her head on Hugo’s bare naked shoulder I may add) “You’ll be the bell of the ball” Not exactly what I wanted to here but I took it and bid farewell to my friends as I was due to meet Abi in five minutes, I reached the common room and waved at Jack and his friends who were playing exploding snap in the corner and passed Lily who was sitting by herself on the chairs

“Ollie” she said chasing after me when she saw me “Ollie; wanna hang out sometime today?”

“I can’t Lil” I said trying to sound apologetic but from the look on her face I could tell she knew I was still miffed at her about last night “I’ve got my meeting arrangement with Abi Clayton today”

“Of course you do” said Lily sounding crestfallen “Well good luck and I’ll see you later on, maybe we could have some Lily/Ollie rock time”. She seemed like she’d been crying and I felt a jolt of sympathy for her – I sighed

“OK, if I’m back in time” I said with a smile

She gave me a smile and headed back to the common room as I turned towards the Hufflepuff Common Room feeling quite nervous

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Escaping the Friend Zone: Girls & Boys


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