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Ain't nobody gonna steal this heart away by Emiilee92
Chapter 4 : chapter 4: whiskey and water
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Hey guys chapter 4 here sorry it took a while but its finally done, ive had a hectic couple of months but i finally found the time to type up this chapter :). anyways i hope you like it and please please leave a review with opinions, advice and  what you think will/ should happen 

A/N: warning this chapter contains substence abuse and scenes of an adult nature

 a special thanks to DracomioneForever11 for her idea which i have worked into this chapter and the next one :) ttys guys 

emiilee xxx



Fire whiskey flows thick and fast in the burrow that night, toasts were made by everyone and were becoming grander as each one passed.
"To Ron and Fred"
"To our beloved warriors who died like heroes"
"Ron and Fred the two best men to walk the earth"

At each of these toasts Hermione drank deeply from her glass, which was promptly refilled by whomever was closest. She could feel the effects of the alcohol on her body, she felt clumsy, carefree and best of all numb. The festivities around her made Hermione’s sprits lift she felt as though nothing was going to pull her back down into the despair and sorrow that she was trapped in only a few hours ago. In this state of fuzzy light, she felt happy. In fact it was the happiest that she had felt since before the downfall Voldemort. The rest of the night passed her in a blur filled with kind smiles, fond memories and warm embraces.


Hermione began to stir, the room was too bright, and she could see the light through her eyelids. She sat up, her head was pounding hard, and blinked as she took in the unfamiliar room around her  "where am I" she thought aloud, she searched for an explanation when she spotted it, her clothing strewn across the floor. She looked down and saw that she was wearing an unfamiliar oversized T-shirt. She glanced around again, shocked and confused; this time she saw the bright orange head on the pillow next to her.  "I must be dreaming," she whispers to herself as she peers at the person next to her.  “Ron?" she whispers as she gently strokes his back. He stirs but doesn't wake  "wake up sleepy head!" she scruffs the persons hair up and he groans loudly. "gedoffmehermionee" Hermione let's out a laugh,  "even in my dreams you’re a lazy bones" "dreams? What are you on about Hermione?" Suddenly memories from the night before come flooding back to Hermione. The gentle smiles, the sweet embraces, glass after glass of fire whiskey, dancing with George, floo powder, sweet wet kisses and something Hermione had never experienced before. Blurry, clumsy, messy sex.  George sits up on the bed and stretches his arms around Hermione. "Good morning beautiful" "what happened last night?" Hermione mumbles as she shrugs out of George's embrace
 “Well we were dancing and you were all over me and yeah… “George gestures to the bed; Hermione stumbles to her feet and hastily grabs her clothes

“I … I’ve got to go” she stammers hastily she pulls her undergarments, pants and blouse on. Making her way to the door, she allows herself one last glance at George before shutting it, once in the safety of the abandoned stairwell Hermione’s tears began to flow.






with a soft click she was gone, why had she left him here all alone? Why did she have such a tortured look in her eyes? Did she remember what he had told her last night?


George stood up and began to tidy up the bedroom he couldn’t believe that Hermione had ran away from him like that when only the night before he had confessed to her that he was madly in love with her.


 George collected his magenta robes and headed for the bathroom, under his foot, he felt something, he picked up Hermione’s hair tie and put in around his wrist. Stepping into the shower George was glad for the wetness spraying over his face because it hid the tears that he could not hold back.


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