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'Till Death Do Us Part by alicia and anne
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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A/N: I feel like this chapter is a bit of a filler one, anyways I hope you all enjoy :-D

“How are you feeling?” James asked as Amelia grabbed his hand and leaned her head on his shoulder as she closed her eyes for a moment. She had been feeling queasy all day and side along apparating hadn’t helped her feel any better. She had been a bit weary about apparating anywhere in her pregnant state, but the Healer had told her that she was ok as long as she was careful not to splinch herself in case it caused harm to the baby. She had chosen to have James apparate them today as she was feeling sick and didn’t trust herself today.

“Sick,” Amelia mumbled, letting go of James’s hand so she could hug up to him properly, “Can we just stay here for a moment?”

James wrapped his arms around her as he agreed, rubbing her back gently as they stood. After a few minutes Amelia raised her head and let go of James so they could walk towards The Burrow where they had been invited for lunch with James’s nan and granddad. James made sure to keep his arm around Amelia’s waist as they walked in case she needed to lean on him.

As soon as they entered the house, Molly was fussing over Amelia, sitting her down on the comfiest chair in the kitchen.

“How are you feeling?” Molly Weasley asked, looking with concern at Amelia, she was looking a little pale. Molly placed a hand over her forehead to check her temperature, Amelia must admit that she liked all of the fussing, wishing her mother was over here to look after her.

“A little sick,” Amelia admitted, as James brought her over a glass of water, which Amelia took a few sips of. Molly walked over to a kitchen cabinet and opened it, pulling out a packet of biscuits before closing the door, and bring them over to Amelia and placing them in front of her.

“Eat a few of these, they’ll make you feel better.” Molly told her, taking a seat next to her and opening the packet for her. Amelia took one of them and nibbled on it. It was a Ginger biscuit.

“I ate quite a few of these when I was pregnant and they helped with the sickness.” Molly said gently, pushing Amelia’s hair out of her face as she set to make some food for everyone.

“Thanks Nana,” Amelia said, eating a bit more of it. “I hope I feel better soon. Adam’s brewing me a potion that the Healer recommended I should buy whilst I was at the hospital, that will help with the morning sickness, so hopefully that shouldn’t take long.”

“Did you want any help, Nana?” James asked from his seat next to Amelia, he was glad that they were in the Burrow if Amelia felt like this, his Nan knew how to make anyone feel better.

“No, that’s ok dear, you sit with Amelia,” Molly said with a warm smile at her Grandson, “Your Grandfather and Uncle should be back from the vegetable patch soon.”

James smiled slightly, he didn’t realise one of his uncles was going to be here as well. He wondered who it was?

“Is Uncle Ron here?” James asked, knowing that the one more likely to invite himself over for homemade food was him. Not that the others didn’t invite themselves over quite often.

“Oh no dear, it’s... Charlie wipe your shoes on the mat before you trudge mud through my house,”

“Sorry mum,” came Charlie’s voice from the back door, James turned his head to see that his Uncle was rubbing his shoes on the mat, a few carrots dangling from his hands, the roots and mud still on them.

“Uncle Charlie!” James exclaimed as he stood up and walked over to his uncle, hugging him. Ignoring the fact that he was going to get mud on his clothes.

“Hello there, Jay,” Charlie said, pulling away from James and walking over to Amelia, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Before walking over to the kitchen sink and placing the carrots in them, pulling out his wand and waving it so that they cleaned themselves.

“What are you doing here?” James asked him as he took a seat at the table, Arthur followed him in shortly after, greeting James and Amelia before he passed them and over to his wife, placing a kiss on her cheek, before putting some cabbages into the sink.

“I left Romania as soon as I got your letter,” Charlie said, taking a glass of water from his mother, who had just made it for him. Amelia and James hadn’t told anyone at their reception apart from their parents, Lucy and Adam about finding out they were pregnant, wanting to wait until it was confirmed by a Healer, and Charlie was sent an owl the day they went to the Healer.

“We sent that weeks ago,” James told Charlie who shrugged.

“I had a lot of things to take care of before I could come over here.”

“Have you told them the good news, Charlie?” Arthur asked from over by the sink, as he helped Molly prepare the food.

“I’m just about to get to that, dad” Charlie said with a grin.

“What did you need to sort out that took you this long?” Amelia asked as Charlie took one of her biscuits.

“Ginger my favourite,” Charlie grinned shoving the whole thing in his mouth and chewing it, he swallowed before answering them. “I’ve retired early and decided to come back and live at home.”

James and Amelia looked at each other quickly. “What made you want to retire early?”

“Well, I’m more semi retired,” Charlie said with a shrug. “I realised how much I missed with you lot, by being in Romania so I decided to get work over here. There are many places that need help with Dragons, and with my experience it won’t be hard to get one.”

James nodded, knowing that Charlie was one of the best Dragon handlers in the world, having worked alongside the most feared and dangerous of the animals. Dragon’s that James and most of the people in his office weren’t experienced enough to handle.

“So here I am, back home. Now I can come and see you all whenever I feel like it, instead of having to wait for a Portkey to be set up, or wait for my holiday.”

“Oh joy!” Amelia said, her hand, rubbing it over her stomach as she leaned backwards. She was genuinely pleased that Charlie had come back, James was especially fond of his Uncle.

“I can keep you company. Like today, I heard you’re both going to be looking for houses before you go to work Amelia,” Charlie said, to which Amelia nodded.

“Yeah, we’ve got a few to see,” James said, wondering just why his Uncle wanted to come along with them.

“Well, you’ll need an adult’s point of view,”

Amelia laughed, “we are adults in case you haven’t realised.”

Charlie had been serious in his decision to come along with them to view houses, which actually wasn’t a bad thing, for one he seemed to know what to ask the person showing them around, James had a small clue of what to ask, but it was good to have another opinion other than Amelia’s.

Amelia had liked a few of the options they were shown and they had decided to go back again and check back on them at another date.

James and Charlie had both taken Amelia to work later on that afternoon, Amelia was sure she would see a lot of Charlie from now on, she was due for a meeting with the Head Healer of her ward to talk about the hours she could or couldn’t do and any risk assessments that needed to be done.

“James, I need your help,” Albus cried walking into the front room of his parent’s house, James had decided to come back and see his parent’s whilst Amelia was at work, he had a few days off of work and planned on spending them doing nothing, he was really looking forward to it.

James looked at Albus and suddenly became concerned; he had a crazed look in his eyes and was holding a cage out in front of him at arm’s length. James looked down at the cage and saw a black cat curled up and sleeping on a blanket that had been put in there.

“What’s wrong, Albus? And why are you carrying a cat around?” James asked, standing up and taking the cage off of Albus and placing it carefully on the floor; the cat let out a small snore and seemed to curl up more.

“She’s some sort of Voldemort possessed cat!” Albus cried, shaking a little, whether through fear or lack of sleep James did not know, Albus looked like he was about to collapse in exhaustion.

“Whose is it?” James asked making his brother sit on the sofa before sitting next to him.

“It’s Mariah’s,” Albus said, glaring over at the cat, which was still sleeping.

“And why do you need my help?”

“I need you to let me know if it’s evil. Mariah doesn’t believe me, and I’m an Auror, I know what evil looks like, that cat right there is nothing but pure evil. But she would like a second opinion, well she doesn’t know that I’ve taken the cat, but she needs to have this second opinion.” Albus blurted out, barely blinking and beginning to shake again.

James told his brother to calm down, wondering just how an Auror could be this afraid of a cat.

“Albus, it’s just a cat”

“Just a cat? Just a cat? That is not just a cat! She is worse than Toby, at least Toby became nice in the end. Zonky is just evil.”

“I take it the cat's name is Zonky.”

“I didn’t name her, a crazy name for a crazy cat!”

James shook his head at his brother before he agreed to take the cat off of his hands for a few days, even if it was just so Albus could get some sleep.

“Why don’t you go have a lay down upstairs and I’ll take the cat home with me,”

Albus nodded as he backed out of the room, careful not to turn his back on the cat that was still sleeping soundly. James gave a sigh before he stood up, planning on saying goodbye to his mother before leaving to go home.

"Hey love, ” James said, walking over to Amelia as she walked into the kitchen after she had arrived home from her shift a few hours later, giving her a kiss on the lips before passing her a glass of apple juice. She drank it down happily as she took a seat at her small kitchen table; James brought over their dinners and set them in front of them both. Amelia thanked him as she began eating, telling James about her meeting with Healer Spelling.

"He thinks it’s best for me and the babies if I go down to part time and only take on the minor cases at work, he doesn’t want me to push myself too much,” Amelia said as she twirled her fork around in her food, James had made them both Spaghetti bolognaise, something that Adam had taught James. Adam was a very good cook, and James had learnt quite a few meals from him.

"Which is what I suggested, I don’t want you stressing out too much, especially with the hours you did do,” James said through a mouthful of spaghetti.

“It will be nice to have all of the extra spare time,” Amelia admitted, “and not have to be on my feet all the time.”

They were interrupted by a soft meowing coming from the doorway; Amelia frowned as she whipped her head around to look at the source of the noise. A dark cat was sitting and looking at them intently, it blinked a few times before mewing again. Amelia looked at James her eyes wide.

“Who’s that?” she asked with a smile creeping on her face as she stood up and walked over to the cat, who began winding itself around her legs as though asking for a stroke. Amelia stroked the cat gently.

James stood up with a smile on his face at how excited Amelia had become at seeing the cat, “This is Zonky, it's Mariah and Albus’s cat.”

“What’s it doing here?” Amelia asked, looking up at James and standing up straight.

“Albus seems to think she’s not a normal cat, so he wants me and Uncle Charlie to take a look at it for him,”

“Well, she doesn’t look any different to a normal cat,” Amelia said, watching the cat walking over to the fridge and putting its front paws on it, turning its head to look at Amelia. Amelia walked over to the fridge and opened the door, wondering if the cat was hungry, looking to see what would be suitable for it to eat.

“Er… do you like ham?” Amelia asked, looking down at the cat, which peered up at her and meowed loudly, Amelia gave the cat some ham and she ate it greedily.

“Did Mariah and Albus bring any food for her?” Amelia asked, closing the door and turning to face James, who was waving his wand and cleaning up the dinner plates.

“Albus brought some over, but she seems to like a lot of ham.” James said, Amelia looked down at the cat as it finished eating the ham and was now licking the floor where it had been.

“I can’t believe Mariah has let her cat leave her for a few days.” Amelia said as she waved her wand helping James to clear up.

“Well, she doesn’t know, Albus snuck the cat out, and got a few scratches in return.”

“Mariah is going to kill him.”

“That’s going to be the fun part.” James said with a wide grin on his face.



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