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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 10 : Travels
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A/N: I welcoooooooooooooooooooooooome (sorry been watching to much A Very Potter Musical) you all to the next chapter of Catching James Potter. 




The term ended quickly and I soon found myself on the Hogwarts Express on the way to Dom’s with a massive hangover from the night before.

“I’m never going to drink again,” Dom groaned.

“I’d like to see you try,” I muttered, massaging my temples. Last night, James, Freddie, Oliver and Ian had thrown a massive end of semester party in the Gryffindor Common room. I had mostly gotten myself dead drunk again and had a good time, the only problem was that I couldn’t remember what I had done last night. I could have killed three people and I wouldn’t have known.

“I can’t remember anything!” I moaned.

“I can only remember Ryan,” Dom smiled. After James’s party, Ryan and Dom had begun to date. Last night Dom had apparently spent the whole night snogging Ryan in her bra and knickers and Ryan was just in his boxers. This was luckily in Ryan’s room, the young ones didn’t need to be scared to life thanks to Dominique Weasley, again.

“You really like him don’t you?” I smiled.

“Yeah!” Dom giggled.

We went silent and I closed my eyes, trying hard to remember what happened last night. All my mind could come up with was a load of blackness and headaches. I decided to try again later and I inched closer and closer towards sleep, I let it come with eagerness. But then I was rudely awaken by the sound of the compartment door sliding open. My eyes shot open and gazed upon the figures entering the compartment. Three boys entered the compartment, James, Ryan and Freddie.

Freddie looked angry. A very scary angry. The type of angry that you didn’t want to be within a six foot radius of him.

“I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!” he bellowed.

“What?” Dom yelled.


“That’s old news,” Dom muttered.




“Because it wasn’t my secret to share!”



Oh dear, a Weasley fight. These things were nasty.

“Want to take a break with me outside?” James asked me over the yelling Dom and Freddie and a confused Ryan.

“Sure,” I smiled, standing up and walking outside the compartment.

James shut the door and started to walk slowly along the corridors with me by his side, everything was silent and I could almost taste the awkwardness surrounding us.

“What’s wrong James?” I asked, eyeing him.

“Don’t you know?” James asked.

“What?” I asked.

“Do you remember anything from last night?” he asked.

“Oh shit- what did I do this time?” I moaned.

“So you don’t remember anything?”


Without a word to me, James found an empty compartment and slipped inside, I followed eagerly wanting to know what I had done now.

“What is it James?” I asked.

“Well,” he began.

“James Sirius Potter, you tell me right now what I did!” I exclaimed, my voice rising.

“Ok! Mae, you and I both got very drunk last night,” he said.

“I already knew that!” I growled.

He anxiously ran his hand through his already messy black hair while tapping his heels on the floor before continuing, “Mae, you and I kind of, um, got together last night,”

“Wha-what?” I muttered.

“We did it,”

I stayed silent.

“We had sex,”

“I know what you mean! We had sex?” I asked.



“Well, we were drunk?” he guessed.

Holy mother of Merlin, I had slept with James Potter. It was what I had wanted to do for a very long time. But for a stupid reason, I didn’t believe him.

 “WE DID NOT!” I yelled.

“How would you know? You were drunk and can’t remember a thing!” he yelled.



I stood up ready to leave, as if I had slept with him! I mean, I would have remembered probably the best night of my life. Sleeping with James Potter isn’t something you forget. I remember when Bell Lucas slept with him when they were in fifth year, she couldn’t stop bragging. Be reminded though that he dumped her twenty four hours later.

“No, please Mae, come back!” James said standing up and grabbing my hand.

As his hand made contact with mine and a memory entered my thoughts.

I was in the Gryffindor Common room at a party and it was obviously last nights end of semester celebration. My gaze was blurry and I had the familiar shape of a bottle of Firewhiskey was in my left hands grasp. I was dancing and drowning my worries like the party in the Room of Requirement and I was having a blast. My hair was floating down my back, my face was caked with makeup and my body was covered in a tight skirt and shirt. I had also lost my shoes, again.

Dom was in the corner snogging Ryan before standing up and making their way up the stairs and to the Gryffindor Sixth Years room. Albus had two girls in his arms and was telling them a joke which they laughed hysterically at. Freddie was drinking in the corner with Alessandria on his lap, and Carolyn was dancing very sexily with Ian and Robyn was eyeing Albus with his girls.

Suddenly a pair of hands covered my eyes,

“Guess who?” someone screamed.

“I don’t know!” I giggled back, swaying on the spot.

The hands removed themselves from my face and I could see my mystery man.

“James!” I yelled, hugging him.

“Ma,” James smiled.

I broke away.

“My names Mae!” I yelled.

“Ma is easier to remember!” he smiled.

“Fine but I get to call you Jay!” I giggled.

“Fine!” he yelled, “Want to dance?”

“Sure! I love dancing!” I smiled.

We walked into the centre of the dance floor and started to move together with the music. For two people who were meant to be best friends, this wasn’t the way best friends dance. James- sorry- Jay and I were pressed up against each other and I could feel everything. We grounded against each other, staring into each other’s eyes, I was so close I could see the gold flecks in his green eyes.

“Best friends don’t normally dance like this,” I said.

“I know, but I want you more than a friend,” he grinned, cupping my face in his hands. I smiled in a dopey drunk way up at him, studying his expression. It was a very drunk expression.

“More than friends?” I asked, stupidly.

“I want to kiss you right now,” he stared longingly.

I smiled.

“Me too,”

That’s when James dropped his head down and pressed his lips to mine. It wasn’t like the first kiss Freddie and I had shared, Freddie and my first kiss was eager and feisty, this kiss was extremely different.

This kiss was soft and sweet, and I could feel James teasing me. He would pull away when he began to deepen the kiss or I did the same. Frustrated, I grabbed the back of his head and crushed my lips on his. He obliged and the kiss built up to a more eager and a more powerful kiss. His talented tongue explored my mouth and darting in and out, with mine doing the same. I nipped his bottom lip and he groaned. He continued to kiss me, one of his hands leaving my face and moving to my waist, reaching inside my shirt. One of my hands was behind his neck and the other on his chest, his shirt was open for some reason and I took this advantage running over his abs. I suddenly realised that we were in public and broke away.

“Interesting,” he grinned, drunkenly.

“Very, but we are in public you know,” I smiled, running my fingers lightly over his chest.

He grinned and grabbed my hand leading me upstairs and into his dorm room. He yanked open the door and glided inside with my hand still tightly in his. When we reached the bed at the end of the room, James turned around and pulled me in for another kiss while unbuttoning my shirt.

“Won’t someone come up and find us?” I whispered against his lips as he undid the last button.

“No,” he smiled as he tore the shirt off of my shoulders. That was good enough for me and I tore his already undone shirt off him as he unzipped my skirt without breaking the intensifying kiss and also walking towards his bed. I shakily removed his clothes as he undid mine. I shimmed out of my skirt as James and I feel onto his bed with a ‘thump!’

He lay on his back and I sat on top of him, straddling him. I leaned down and kissed him as his hands ran along my body feeling all my curves and rested on my bum. My hands rested on his chest and they also felt his hard six pack. I sat their naked, straddling a naked James Potter and we were about to do it. My brain was screaming things like ‘stop!’ and ‘he’s your best friend!’ but I ignored it and followed James’ lead.

I snapped out of my memory and gazed at James, whose hand was still wrapped around my wrist. My mouth opened into a small ‘O’ and I let out a quiet, “oh my merlin,”

James stared at me before dropping his head and hand in shame.

“I’m so sorry,”

“James, it’s not just your fault! It takes two to do what we did,” I whispered, sitting down.

“I know, but I was so stupid,” he muttered.

“We both were, I swear, I’m never going to drink again,” I moaned.

We were both silent before I bolted up,

“Does anyone know?”

“No,” he said.

“Do you think anyone saw us?” I asked.

“No,” he said.

Silence smothered us again before we both said,

“Don’t tell anyone?”

I smiled, “Secret?”

“Yes, sounds good,” he smiled.

I stood up, “Hopefully no one knows then,”


“James? How then did I not wake up in your room?”

“I think I remember us changing and going back downstairs to get another drink,”


“Well, I’ll see you soon then?” he asked.

“Yeah, Christmas,” and I turned and awkwardly walked away.

Well, at least I knew what I did last night.


*  *  *  *  *

After I returned to the compartment with Dom, Ryan was still there but Freddie had left and Albus had arrived. We spent the rest of the trip chatting or watching Dom and Ryan snog.

When we arrived at Kings Cross, Bill, Ginny, Hermione, Audrey, George, and Charlie were waiting for us. Everyone was watching the famous Wotter family, probably hoping to get some good gossip to sell to a place like Witch Weekly, Hogwarts Weekly or The Daily Prophet. They wouldn’t get anything from here though, the Weasley-Potter family was too good at keeping their secrets hidden from the public. The Potter family was very well known all over the news and a fortnight did not go by without one of them being published in a magazine.

For example, when James broke up with Alessandria, Witch Weekly, The Daily Prophet and Hogwarts Weekly with a title along the lines of this,

James Potter Single Yet Again!’

‘Line Up Ladies, Witch Weekly’s Winner of the Most Hottest Male; James Potter, is Single Once More!’

The worst one was on the Hogwarts Weekly which had a massive picture to go with it, it had made the front page,

‘James Potter’s new girl; Mae Flick’

The picture that had taken up half the front page was me and James, smiling and laughing, but when they looked at the camera as if someone was looking, they raced out of the frame covering their faces and shooting the bird at us.

That article had been published about a week ago and I just learnt to ignore it. The school had been absolutely buzzing with the news and I had been shot some death stares from passing girls. I really wanted to yell to the whole school again during breakfast while standing on the Gryffindor table, but Dom and James stopped me. It had died down eventually but I had told a couple of people when they shyly came up to ask if it was true. One small fifth year actually slapped me, I got my revenge though.

Though, back to the present time, the only gossip people would get was that I was going to Dom’s, big deal.

We were greeted by the Weasley and Potter family before Bill led Dom, Louis and I out to car park to their family car. We drove through London with Bill questioning us about life at Hogwarts and sharing stories of his Hogwarts days. When Louis told Bill about Ryan (and received a death glare from Dom) Bill endlessly questioned Dom about her new boyfriend. I was laughing hysterically with Louis in the backseat when Bill asked me a question,

“Do you have a boyfriend Mae?”

I froze but replied quietly,

“No Mr. Weasley, I just broke up with my boyfriend,”

He sighed.

“Call me Bill, and who was this boy?”

“Dad, don’t,” Dom warned.

“Freddie Weasley,” I grunted.

“Fred? Our Fred? What did he do for you to dump him? He’s a nice boy,” he asked.

“Cheated on me with a friend,” I mumbled.

“Never thought Fred would do something like that! I’m very sorry,” Bill said, “But I’m sure there’s someone else out there for you,”

Yeah, I bloody hope so, and I can’t stop thinking about a name when Bill commented about someone being out there for me.


* * * * *


“Dominique! Louis!” a vibrant French voice yelled from Shell Cottage.

A beautiful woman raced out of the house, her pale white hair flying in the breeze. When she reached Dom and Louis (who were getting their trunks out of the car at a very, very slow rate) she pressed them both into a bone crushing hug.

“Mum!” they both whined.

“Well nice you too,” Fleur smiled.

“Mum, this is Mae,” Dom grinned, pointing to me standing next to the car with my trunk between my legs.

“Mae!” Fleur grinned, hugging me too.

Me + trunk in between my legs + getting hugged by an excited Fleur Weasley = not good.

When Fleur pulled away, she must have not seen that I had a massive trunk between my legs (who wouldn’t? The thing’s massive) and pulled me towards the her door but resulted in my tripping and falling into a heap on the ground. Thank merlin for the snow because it broke my fall and it didn’t hurt so much, the down side was that I got a mouthful of it.

“Oh dear! I’m so sorry!” Fleur cried, pulling my up as I spat the snow out and watched Dom and Louis go into hysterics. “Be polite you two! Dominique, you should be more polite to your friend,”

“Sorry mum,” Dom grinned, prancing over a picking up my trunk and handing it over to me.

“Well come on in! It’s awfully cold out here!” Fleur smiled, planting a kiss on Bill’s cheek and skipping into the house.

Yes, she skipped.

Someone’s awfully happy that her beloved Dominique and Louis were home.

Dom rolled her eyes and we trudged through the foot of snow covering the yard that completely puffed me out.

Don’t judge me  walking through snow is actually really hard work.

Dom and Louis lead me up stairs and we dumped our bags in some rooms before going back downstairs to Bill and Fleur who had a pot of tea on the living room table.

“FUCKING HELL, IS IT EARL GREY?!” Dom shrieked, plonking down onto a couch and reaching for the tea pot.

“Dom, watch your mouth!” Bill yelled.

“Yes it is Earl Grey,” Fleur smiled, not worried about her daughters language as she was obviously too happy to have her home.

If I was Dom’s mum, I think I’d prefer to leave her at Hogwarts year round.

That’s just because I’m the most supportive friend ever!

Woo for best friends!

Dom poured herself a massive cup of tea and dropped in two huge teaspoons of sugar while Louis amazing poured himself a tea as well.

Louis who was Albus, Scorpius and Lysander’s best mates and extremely fit, liked tea. Well, it doesn’t really matter if someone’s fit or not and likes tea.

Bill and Fleur poured themselves a cup too and then Fleur offered me a cup.

“Tea, Mae?” she asked.

“No thank you Mrs Weasley,” I smiled.

“Please call me Fleur, and are you sure?”

“Yes I’m fine.”

Fleur didn’t seem satisfied so I quickly studied the arrangements of biscuits on the table grabbing the first one.

“I’m fine with this yummy choc- chip cookie!” I cried as I stuffed it into my mouth.

“It’s a raisin cookie,” Dom grinned as I bit into a raisin and its horrid juice spewed out.

If you haven’t noticed, I hate raisins.

They’re my mortal enemies.

Mitch and raisins are at the top of my hate ladder.

Now that’s what I call hate.

I felt myself gag but I forced them down.

“That’s great because I love raisins!” I grinned, eating some more.

I could feel the juice sliding down my throat, ewww, it was worse the watching Freddie and Alessandria snog over breakfast – that’s what I call disgusting.

“That’s great!” Fleur smiled, “So how’s schools?”

“I hate O.W.L’s,” Louis mumbled.

“N.E.W.T’s can kiss my fat arse,” Dom grunted.

“You two can’t complain!” I whined.

Bill and Fleur raised their eyebrows.

“Nine N.E.W.T’s, prefect duties and Quidditch training is so stressful!” I moaned.

“That’s a lot,” Bill said, “Sounds like you’ll be getting Head Girl.”

“I don’t think so,” I shuddered thinking of my screaming in the Great Hall, jinxing of other students (cough, Alessandria, cough) and drunken activities like last night.

“Dominique how have your grades been going?” Fleur asked suspiciously.

Last year, Dom had passed everything with good marks, but at the start of this year, she fell a little behind and Professor McGonagall had to send a letter home.

She’s fine now, just spending a little less time snogging Ryan.

“I’m fine now Mum - ”Dom whined.

“Are you sure Dominique?” Fleur said.

“Yes mum-“



“Really now?” Fleur eyed me.

“Yeah Mrs Weasley, I’m tutoring Dom,” I lied easily.

I definitely hadn’t been tutoring Dom (Dom hated tutoring and refused it) but I did help her every now and again. Dom’s grades had improved as she was listening in class and doing her homework. When Dom set her mind on something, with this time it was good grades, she always achieved her goal. Dom was now an Exceed Exceptions – Acceptable student.

“Fantastic!” Fleur grinned, “Louis, how are you’re grades?”

“Fine,” Louis grumbled, stuffing around his tenth biscuit in his mouth.

“As in?” Bill asked.

“Exceeds Exceptions and a couple of Outstanding,” Louis grinned.

Smart kid, no wonder he was a Ravenclaw.

Normally at this time of year all the fifth years are around an Acceptable, JOKING more than half our year were averaging in a Poor at this time last year.

People are a little use to it in N.E.W.T years by Christmas.

“Fantastic!” Fleur smiled.

“Might have a Head Boy in the family!” Bill grinned.

I snorted. Louis may have good grades but he Albus and Scorpius were the biggest jokers in the school next to James and a certainly ugly Weasley, they were just more careful in disguising their pranks and not getting caught whereas James and the ugly Weasley liked to sign their prank.


“Maybe,” Louis lied. I grinned at him.

‘Then everyone in the family would have been Head Boy or Girl!” Fleur squealed.

“Hey!” Dom shrieked, “What am I? The next door neighbour?”

“Almost everyone,” Fleur whined.  

Dom must have told her.

This was Dom’s speech on her being Head Girl.


And that is why all the first years are scared of Dom.

“Well, why don’t you all shower and we’ll have dinner soon?” Fleur smiled politely, “I’m making a French pork roast and for dessert, chocolate tart!”


Roast pork and chocolate tart are some of the best foods EVER.

I think I’m going to like it here. 


A/N: What do you guys think? Bit to dramatic? Like or dislike?


What do you think is going to happen to Mae and James?

Who's your favourite character?

Who's a character you want to see more of?

Do you think we've seen the last of Alessandria?

Thanks for reading and reviewing! Keep at that and the next chapter will be out soon!

Phoebe x

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