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My Baby Girl, Amelia Jane by MalfoyRocks
Chapter 5 : Long Road to Ruins
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I was checking my trunks for Hogwarts' for the third time this morning. I know that I've packed everything. But I felt that I needed to be doing something instead of fretting over everyone's reactions that I had a baby this summer. Today was the day I would have to face my biggest fear for the past three months, announcing that I have a daughter in front of everyone at Hogwarts'. I already talked it over with McGonagall and she agreed that it would probably be the best choice. So, after the feast tonight when we all got to Hogwarts', I would tell everyone about Amelia. For the most part, no one will be able to go near her. As during my classes, Amelia will be under the supervision of Winky in our common room. 


This weekend, the guys' and I had completely finished our house. Including all the little things that we went shopping for the day after I finally signed the deed. The whole house reminded me of an old farmhouse with a slightly modern feel. I found a bunch of antiques in a store not to far from my dad's house and had dragged Ginny and Lavender with me to shop for a while. We found this huge rug for in the living room. And I found a corner hutch that I put in the dining room to show off the China mum had left me in my hope chest. Every room except the game room, was filled with furniture and knick knacks showing all of our personalities in the whole house. I loved it. The only room that wasn't finished was Amelia's room, but that was because I didn't want to change her environment before we left for Hogwarts'. I promised my dad I would stay with him until we left today. So that's why I'm running around my childhood room, making sure I had everything packed. I hear Ame start to cry a little bit, so I stopped fretting over everything, shrunk it all down to fit in her diaper bag, and went to my upset baby girl.


"Shh, baby girl, momma's right here," I cooed to her as I started bouncing her lightly. I got her ready in a grey sweater dress with a hood. It wasn't that cold, but I didn't want her to get chilly. So I also dressed her in a pair of black leggings and grey booties. For only being three months old, Amelia's dark brown hair was already growing in thick curls. It was so adorable. I hear a knock on the door and then see my dad make his way into the room quietly. He doesn't say a word as he watches me get Amelia ready for the day. But I could tell he wasn't doing it because he chose to. I glanced out of the corner of my eye and notice the silent tears building up. "Dad, we'll see you at Christmas when we come back for break. I promise," I told him as I paused while I put on Amelia's booties. 


"I know, but I haven't been away from the both of you since you had her. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself," Dad told me as he pulled me and Amelia into a hug.


"Dad, it's just like any other year I've left for school," I laughed as I finally had Amelia ready. I put made sure to shrink her trunk and put it in her diaper bag along with my trunk that was already in the bag. I decided to pack all the small things in her room that were going with us to our new home now. That way, I wouldn't forget as time went on during the year. Finally, I grabbed her teddy bear from in her cradle and packed it along with everything else in the diaper bag.


"Only, when you come home you'll already have a home and a baby to take care of," he hugged me again.


"I'll write whenever I can to keep you updated. And I'll send pictures monthly. It will be like we're not even gone," I tried to smile. I knew this year was going to be hard on him. He didn't have mum to keep him calm anymore and that broke my heart. I heard the fireplace roar to life downstairs. So I handed Amelia over to dad and went to check it out. Harry and Ginny were dusting themselves off as Ron and Lavender fell through. I had to laugh. Harry looked up at me with a goofy smile on his face and waved. Ginny was smiling ear-to-ear waving frantically for me to go to her. So I walked down the stairs with dad following behind me with Amelia. When I got to the four of them, they all enveloped me in a bone-crushing hug before pulling away. Ginny was now bouncing up and down excitedly. "Okay, what are you so excited about?"


She didn't answer, instead she thrust out her left hand to show me a beautiful ring. It was a simple gold band with a heart shaped ruby in the center of a couple small clusters of diamonds. 


"Oh my god," I gasped. "Harry! Why didn't you tell me?"


"I didn't tell anyone about it, I wanted it to be a complete surprise," he laughed at my reaction. "Well, except Mr and Mrs Weasley. I asked for their permission before I even went to get the ring." After a few minutes of his explaining how he purposed this morning in the Weasley's garden as they went for a walk. I was finally happy and let the happily engaged couple sit down. Dad made his way into the room and congratulated them before he handed me my diaper bag and then Amelia. 


"Now, you guys, please keep my girls safe this year. I don't think I could live with myself if anything were to happen to them," my dad asked everyone seriously. 




"Don't worry, Mr. Granger, nothing will come in harms way with either of them," Lavender smiled to my dad.




"If either of them are sent to the hospital wing, will you send me an owl? I probably sound very emotional right now, but after last," my dad took a deep breathe to calm is nerves before continuing. "After last year, I don't want even the slightest fever to go unknown to me."


"Don't worry, Sir, we will definitely owl you if something happens. But I doubt that anything will," Ron smiled to my dad as well. Dad nodded his head before he silently left the room.


"He's been really worried about us," I sighed. I got up from my seat and turned to everyone in the room. "Are you ready to go? McGonagall wanted us to be there for the feast tonight at seven and I wanted to get Amelia's room set up how I want it to be. I was hoping you guys can come with me," I told them as they all made sure they had everything again. Ginny and Lavender had their trunks shrunk and put in their purses as well as the boys' trunks. 


"Ready," Ginny smiled happily holding onto Harry's hand as they stood up from the couch. 


"We're ready as well," Lavender laughed at Ginny's excitement and held onto Ron's hand dearly. 


"Okay, you guys go first," I told them as I looked around my childhood home once more. I was happy to be going back to Hogwarts'. It was my home away from home. Ron and Lavender went through first, followed closely by Harry and Ginny. One last look around my home, I stepped into the fireplace carefully holding Amelia, so she wouldn't be shaken around while in the floo network. I stepped out into McGonagall's office only to be pulled into a hug.


"Oh my, let me get a look at you both," McGonagall pulled away from me to inspect me. She noticed my chopped off hair that I decided to spike up slightly on top while the rest of my short hair fell softly past my ears. I had a grey sweater dress on to match Amelia along with grey flats. I didn't feel the need to wear leggings. So I didn't. Amelia was watching McGonagall with her beautiful blue eyes curiously, which made me laugh quietly. "You're both beautiful," she smiled at me as she pinched Amelia's cheeks slightly. "Okay, I was going to show you to your common room myself, but as it turns out I have duties to attend to already," she paused as she rolled her eyes at her 'duties'. "So, Winky," Winky, the house elf, appeared at her name being called. "Any way, Winky, will show you to your common room. I figured these four will also want to stay over at some point. So I took the liberty to add a couple extra bedrooms for them as well. But they do have to stay in the Gryffindor Common dorms during the week. Is that understood," she told us all seriously. We all nodded our heads in understandance. "Good, now I have to attend to my duties before the feast at seven. So, Winky will show you to Miss Granger's common room. Hermione," she stopped me as I was about to leave the room.


"Yes, Professor," I asked curiously.


"She is beautiful," she smiled warmly to me before she turned to her desk to write a note quickly. 


I left the room and followed Winky to the third floor where Fluffy once was housed. We walked past the door I knew from my first real adventure in these walls and smiled. I caught sight of Harry and Ron also smiling to themselves, so I elbowed the both of them slightly. At the end of the hall, we stopped at a statue of a dragon curled around an egg. "Winky, is to tell you that you is to choose your own password," Winky told me. 


"How about, Long Road to Ruins," I told the dragon who lazily nodded her head and opened up to reveal a staircase much like Dumbledore's revolving staircases to his old office before McGonagall became Headmistress. We all made our way onto the staircase and waited to be taken up to the top. When the staircase finally stopped at a wooden door, I stepped through carefully. But stopped once completely in my home for the year and gasped. 


Everything was soft neutral colors, but it was all beautiful none the less. There was a kitchen off to one side, where as the living room was in the center and Amelia's room was opposite of the kitchen. It seemed that Amelia was a very spoiled little girl, because McGonagall had anything and everything that she could think of already set up in her room. The room had dark wood, with yellows and greens as the colors. I laughed, when I first told McGonagall that I was having a little girl she wanted to buy me everything in pink. I flat out refused. I guess she remembered. In the living room there was a play pen off to the side where I could always keep an eye on her while I was home. I wanted to cry, I haven't been away from Amelia for a whole day except for a couple times. And now I would have to spend a lot of time in class. I just had to remember to breathe. That's all. My Muggle Studies teacher had told McGonagall that Amelia was welcome in her class. So that would be an hour that I could take her with me. But I'm still not sure if I'm going to. I'd be in class, and well, my daughter comes first. So, she'd distract me. 


I walked up the stairs to see a small landing with four doors. My bedroom had a plaque on it with my name, while the other three didn't have any plaques on it. Two of the rooms were the extra bedrooms and the third was a huge bathroom. The bathroom had a huge Jacuzzi tub and a separate shower that had glass walls. Like the common room and kitchen, the bathroom was also neutral colors. Which makes me happy, I didn't really want Amelia mostly to see red and gold for a year. I walked into my bedroom and sighed in happiness. The walls were a cream color and my floors a dark hardwood like the rest of the common room. But my bed was a queen sized canopy bed with deep red curtains fastened at the posts, a cream colored duvet, and red and gold pillows at the top of the bed. Good, a little bit of Gryffindor pride. I unshrunk my trunk and set it at the end my bed before flicking my wand around the room the send everything where they belonged. My books went flying to one of the bookshelves downstairs. While my clothes went flying to the walk-in closet off the the side of my room. Finally, all of my school supplies made there way down to the huge desk in the common room and neatly organized themselves. 


I made my way down the stairs with Amelia still in my arms. But she started fussing. So I checked her diaper to see if she needed changed. She did. So I walked into her room and changed her quickly. Thankfully, I didn't need to change her outfit. So I redressed her and found my friends in the common room waiting for me. 


"It's almost seven, Mione," Ginny told me when I finally was done exploring. 


"Alright, let me just," I started but Ginny grabbed my diaper bag without a word and started making her way down the stairs. I laughed as I followed her and everyone else. She doesn't like anyone to know, but Ginny is definitely like her brother when it comes to food. But unlike Ron, she has the manners to go with the hunger. Lavender fell back from Ron to walk with me and Amelia, giving me a reassuring side hug as we got closer the Great Hall. I hugged Amelia closer to me as we all came upon the double doors. They all looked back at me questionably as I stopped dead and took a deep breathe. "What if they say something horrible about Ame," I asked quietly.


"Mione, look at me," Lavender told me quietly, but firmly. I looked up at her over Amelia's head with tears building up in my eyes. Stupid tear ducts. "Even if they do, we know the truth. So, so what if they think something horrible. They won't know the whole story behind your pregnancy. So their opinions don't mean anything. Okay," she asked me looking me straight in the eyes before I nodded and took another deep breathe. She looked at everyone else and nodded to them. So they went into the Great Hall before us. "Let's wait a minute so you don't upset Ame from your nerves," she laughed as Ame started to squirm in my arms.


"She's hungry as well," I laughed to myself. Thankfully, I remembered formula in her diaper bag. "Okay, I think I'm ready," I said as I took one final deep breathe. We opened the doors to the Great Hall and found Harry, Ron, and Ginny waving from the front of the Gryffindor table closest to the Staff table. Great, more time that everyone else can gossip about Amelia. Thanks Guys. But I didn't say a word and smiled at everyone's astonished faces. Everyone was in shock, but one person stood out to me in the crowd of faces. Malfoy. He didn't seem surprised by Amelia in my arms. He looked sad about it, almost. But I don't want to think about it. So I silently made my way to my friends and sat in between Lavender and Ginny, while Harry and Ron sat opposite of us. 


McGonagall stood up from her seat to get attention away from me. "I know this isn't normally how we do things. I chose to have the majority of the Welcome Feast tonight, instead of on the first night you were all back. And I'm sure you are all wondering why. For those of you who have been here previous years, I apologize for the change. But, as I had a few students come back a few days late I wanted to wait," she looked at me and smiled. I smiled nervously as everyone turned to me again. "But, now that they are here I'd like to go over a few rules and changes this year. As always, the Forbidden Forrest is as the name says, forbidden. Any student that is found in them without a teacher present will be given a detention, or worse. Also, Mr Filch wanted me to tell everyone that all Weasley's Wizard Wheezes products are not permitted in the corridors. As a last note, we have a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher joining us this year, Professor Elroy Jenkins," McGonagall spoke to everyone, but paused as a tall wizard stood at his seat. He had dark hair, blue eyes, and a slight tan while he was wearing black formal robes. He was handsome, as most of the girls in the room swooned at the sight of him. But I couldn't shake a feeling of unease when I looked at him. He sat back down so McGonagall could finish her speech. "Well, dig in," McGonagall smiled as food appeared in front of everyone. 


Ginny handed Amelia's diaper bag to me over the table and I pulled out a bottle of formula to feed Ame before I could eat. I turned her around in my arms and held the bottle up for her to eat. She was already trying to hold her bottles by herself. It made me laugh. She finished her bottle rather quickly. So I turned her back around, put a towel over my shoulder, and burped her. I smiled as she started gurgling at me. I turned her so she was sitting in my lap securely and put some food on a plate for myself. I was about to grab a sandwich when McGonagall conjured a highchair for Amelia. It was placed right behind me. So I turned and placed Ame carefully in the highchair. I stayed turned around and placed my plate on the table of the highchair. I knew McGonagall wouldn't have let anything happen. I just felt more secure when I could see her. I helped myself to some mashed potatoes, turkey, and some greens, all covered in gravy. I ate as quickly as I possibly could because I could feel everyone watching me. It was really unnerving. Once I was done eating I picked Amelia up and sat her on my lap again. I looked up to McGonagall to see her waiting for me to give her the go ahead. So I nodded my head. All or nothing, right?


So, McGonagall stood in front of the Great Hall to get everyone's attention. When everyone finally had their attention on her, she spoke. "I've noticed everyone's eyes on Miss Granger this evening. And as I see it is better that she is the one to explain the little one with her I will have her come up here now to explain what she wants to you all," McGonagall told the hall as I made my way up to the platform where she stood. I held Amelia close to me, not wanting to let her our of my hands. Even though, Ginny and Lavender said they'd hold her while I was up there. But I told them I needed her to keep my confidence. 


"Hello everyone," I started quietly as I looked around the hall. I took a deep breathe and looked down at my baby girl, who was gurgling happily to me again. I smiled. How could I not. "Sorry, I should have been more prepared to tell everyone what I'm about to tell you. But, I honestly didn't have the time. You see you are all probably wondering who this beautiful baby girl in my arms is. The answer is simple, she's my daughter. Her name is Amelia Jane Granger," I paused as everyone started talking amongst themselves. I took another deep breathe before I started talking again. "You are all probably wondering how the 'Golden Girl' could have a baby so young. And the answer to that is a painful one. I had a rough year last year. I lost my mother to a muggle disease last Christmas. But before we lost her I had went home to take her to a muggle healer to try to make her better. We didn't get the news that we wanted though. She only had a few months to live. I was devastated. So I made my way to a park I grew up by and sat on a swing just thinking for I don't even know how long," I paused again as I thought of that day. That was the day that changed everything. I looked down at my baby girl in my arms and noticed that she was started to get upset by me being upset. She was so intuitive. So I took another breathe and starting rocking her back and forth. No one else mattered in the room, only this little girl in my arms, and she needed her mum to be strong. After a few minutes I finally was calm enough that I could tell my story without upsetting Amelia. "When I was finally going to make my way home, I was attacked from behind and knocked out. A month later I found out that I was expecting this little one. I had her on June 3rd, which is why I wasn't here the last week of school last year. All I ask is that Amelia be left out of any gossip. She is an innocent baby that doesn't need to be brought into anything. If you have a problem with me, fine. But I won't tolerate my daughter to be brought into things," I finished before I made my way back to my friends. 


McGonagall dismissed everyone back to their dorms, so I made my way back to my common room silently. Since we had classes tomorrow, I couldn't have anyone over tonight. Which was fine by me, I just wanted to curl up with my baby girl and go to sleep. I was almost to my common room's statue when I heard my name being called out. I turned to see a little fourth year making her way to catch up to me. She handed me a note before she turned around and ran back towards the throngs of students heading up to their common rooms. I sighed before telling the dragon my password and climbing up the stairs. I took Amelia into her room and changed her into a nightie. I sat down in the rocker with her and sung a lullaby to her until she fell into a peaceful sleep. I accioed the note that the little fourth year gave to me and opened it carefully.






I'm so sorry to know what you went through last year. I would like to get to know you a better this year, if you'd like, that is. I've been watching out for you and have fallen for you. I think I've always liked you. But never knew how to tell you. I just wanted to apologize for all the nasty things I've done to you over the years. Be it, from actually trying to hurt you or trying to hurt your friends. If you would like to talk at any time, just owl me. And I'll make my way to you.


Your's truly,




"What the," I ask out loud before realizing that I have a now sleeping baby in my arms. So I carefully got up and put her in her crib before I went out into common room with one of the baby monitors in hand. I sat in one of the comfy arm chairs in front of the fireplace. That just can't be right. It has to be a ploy to get me to trust him, then break me. Something. Why in the world would he want to be friends with me? Why would he like me? It's not right.




Hello again everyone. Sorry that I didn't post this last night. I didn't have the time to though. I hope you enjoyed it. The next chapters ready, all I have to do is post it then. So it will be up tomorrow. Again, I hoped you enjoyed the chapter.


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