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No Awkwardness by CharliesRose
Chapter 16 : Broken
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I could see her limbs flailing out in odd directions. Her hair was pooled out around her, a carpet of red, covering her face. The professors and students were already gathering round, Madame Pomfrey was there with her emergency kit and her wand, flicking and twisting and twirling but something in her face made my heart sink. And sink and sink and sink and just keep sinking.

I had gone completely deaf to all the people shouting and screaming at me, Charla grabbed my elbow but I shook it off, landing and pushing my way through to my sister.

My baby sister.

I felt tears in my eyes. Oh Merlin this is bad, I’m crying? Merlin, Merlin!

I pushed through the crowds, sending hexes at several people to get them to move, and I dropped to my knees beside Lily. Carefully, so carefully she couldn’t feel a thing, I brushed away her hair to see her face.

Oh just shoot me.

There was a huge gash across her forehead. I hadn’t noticed before but the underneath of her hair was sticky with blood. Her skin was whiter than the ghosts that lurked around the castle.

He eyes were closed and the only sign of life in her was the very faint up and down of her chest. I fumbled around, reaching for her hand. It was cold, dead cold.

Oh please just shoot me.

‘Lily,’ Albus moaned. ‘Lily, no no no no no Lily please.’ He let out a very long string of swear words.

Albus wasn’t one to swear, Albus wasn’t one to do anything out of line. If Albus was swearing this was bad. Very bad.

Like my baby sister is going to...


‘Mr Potter,’ Madam Pomfrey put her hand on my shoulder, ‘there’s only one major bone broken in her body, her lower left arm has been completely shattered.


I was going to cry. Merlin I can’t cry, that’d be embarrassing!

I wasn’t even listening.

Leave me alone.

‘Mr Potter?’ Madam Pomfrey patted my shoulder again.

‘James?’ I recognised Char’s voice.

‘One major bone?’ I confirmed slowly.


‘You’re sure.’

‘Positive,’ Madam Pomfrey stood up straight.

‘Then why,’ I snarled, turning and directing my wand at her chest, ‘does she look like she’s going to...’ I choked on the last word, I doubted any one heard it. I didn’t even hear myself say it.

‘She’s unconscious, she may be for a while...’ the woman said.

‘A WHILE?’ Albus exploded, ‘you know what? YOU MIGHT AS WELL TELL US SHE’S DEAD!’ He was enraged, furious, he whipped out his wand and started firing spells everywhere. I ran forward to stop him but a brilliant blue light came and hit me squarely in the chest. Distantly my eyes settled on Charla, she looked terrified, my hands reached out to her.

And then it all went black.

~ ~ ~

Beep, Beep, Beep.

You know, I hate beeps, they’re stupid and they remind me of alarm clocks. Alarm clocks are stupid.

Beep, Beep, Beep.

Beeps also remind me of hospitals. I really hate hospitals. They’re worse than alarm clocks.

Beep, Beep, Beep.

But you know what’s worse than alarm clocks and hospitals? Alarm clocks in hospitals.

That’s the worst.

‘Holy cow where am I?’ I sat up straight in the very (annoyingly) white room and dizziness exploded in my brain. ‘Eughh’ I groaned, and fell back against the pillow.

It was only then I noticed Charla in the room, she rushed forward with a class of water and a cloth and leant over me.

‘James?’ her green eyes were wide, ‘oh my Merlin James, you’re ok, I mean, Merlin you scared me,’ she squeaked.

I just smiled, ‘hey beautiful.’ She blushed.

‘You ok?’ she whispered, leaning over the bed I was staying in.

‘I didn’t die,’ I shrugged, she managed a small laugh. And then I remembered.

‘Lily,’ I breathed, I threw the sheets off me and swung my legs of the bed, making to bolt for the door, but Charla pressed her hands against my chest and with all her force, pushed me back.

‘Your parents are with her, she’s fine,’ Char promised, pushing me back further so I sat on the bed. I realised I was still wearing my quidditch robes but they were cleaner, some spell I suppose.

‘Where is she,’ I demanded, then looking around, I added, ‘where am I?’

‘St Mungo’s,’ Charla whispered, ‘James, you’ve been out a while...’ she trailed off and backed away slowly. The room we were in was very small, and now I noticed, there were two other beds in the room, though neither of them were occupied.

‘How long’s a while?’ I asked suspiciously, it didn’t sound good.

‘Two days,’ Char breathed.

Two days, two days... two days wasn’t bad... TWO DAYS? As if forty eight hours? As in... lots of minutes as in TWO WHOLE DAYS?

‘What did Albus do?’ I asked, aghast.

‘He used a new spell, it took the Healers almost a day to figure out what he’d done, it was some kind of mix between a Stupefy and a Sleep Spell, I don’t know if Al even realised what he was doing...’

‘Right,’ I nodded, Albus was a complete raving lunatic trying to kill everyone because he thought Lily was... you know... well... I’m sure you do know... ‘And, where is he?’

‘He’s in here too,’ Char explained, she was still talking very quietly, ‘he’s in the same ward as Lily...’

‘What? Why?’ alarmed, I leapt to my feet again and reached the door.

‘He knocked himself out,’ Char said slowly.

‘I’m going to see them!’ I insisted, Char reached up to cheek and pressed her soft hand against it. I expected her to protest, make a big deal about it and tell me to get back into bed. Instead, she stood up on her tiptoes, balancing with a hand on my shoulder and brushed her lips against mine. 

‘Ok,’ she murmured, slipping her hand into mine, ‘let’s go.’

Charla had obviously walked back and forwards between the two wards many times, and as we went, her knowing the way from memory, she filled me in on the past two days;

I had been kept in a separate ward because I was most likely to do something stupid while unconscious, due to the nature of the spell I had been hit with, and it was more likely I would wake up unlike myself and try to kill someone... or something along those lines.

Albus had been hit by his own spell mixed with five stunners sent by staff and other students, so he was still out but the Healers weren’t worried about him too much, he would come round eventually when all the Stunners had worn off.

Lily was still unconscious.

She had hit her head badly and though the fall wasn’t as bad as it could have been because she wasn’t as far up as we had initially thought, there were no signs of her waking up any time soon.

‘James, you’re awake, oh thank goodness!’ a mass of ginger hair and smells of cooking hurtled towards me in the form of my mother, embracing me then stepping back to check I was ok.

‘He’s fine Ginny,’ Char smiled, patting my arm and making her way over to my father’s side.

Clearly, Charla’s knowledge hadn’t been quite up to date because Albus was sitting up, bleary eyed and tired looking, but awake, on one of the hospital beds beside my dad.

On the other side, Lily was lying like a princess, her hands cross over the blanket, which was pulled up to her chin. Her skin was still pale as snow and her hair was brushed silky soft around her. But her eyes, they were still quite closed.

‘Al, mate, you alright?’ I made my way over to his bed, sitting on the edge and raising my eyebrows at him.

‘James, I’m so sorry, I didn’t even know, I wasn’t-’

‘Doesn’t matter,’ I cut him off, I didn’t need to hear apologies. ‘It’s cool!’ I insisted.

Albus remained silent, his eyes flickered towards Lily and he grimaced, I transferred my gaze towards my sister too.

Everything fell silent, Al and Lily were the only people in this ward, there was just silence, biting, deathly silence. 

No one was saying it but we were all thinking it, we were all silently screaming at her to wake up, to open her eyes, even to say something Lily-ish and annoying. To just prove she wasn’t dead.

‘I’m sorry,’ Charla muttered, ‘I should go.’

She walked straight out the door, head down, her red curls falling in her face. I watched her back as she left but now, I didn’t have the strength to follow, I just buried my head in my and let silent tears soak them.

~ ~ ~

It was arranged, after my second episode in St Mungo’s this year, I would spend a week at home – to recover and whatnot, I just think Umbridge-Reincarnate-Mallum-Woman asked for me to stay away for a while so she could teach a lesson without disruption! Albus was brought to the house too, and Lily was left all alone in the cold and lonely St Mungo’s ward.

Ok maybe I was exaggerating, the room Lily had been transferred to was warm and quite cheerful, and Lily was never alone. There was always some member of family with her, sometimes it would be Al and I, or mum, or dad, or one of our multiple aunts and uncles. Even Nana and Granddad Weasley stayed with her occasionally.

Dom and Fred visited once each, and Char came back several times. She would sit beside me and hold my hand as I just stared at Lily. I couldn’t think about anything else, only ways to get her to wake up.

I returned to Hogwarts with only three weeks before my first round of NEWT exams were due to take place, our schedules started to empty themselves of times me and Char could spend alone and fill up with study plans and revision sessions. The times me and Charla did spend together were getting shorter and shorter. I didn’t stay in school for weekends, I flooed home from Professor McGonagall’s office and spent the days in St Mungo’s, reciting facts to Lily’s perfectly still body. Sometimes Albus came to, mostly he didn’t, he would stay cooped up in his room, pouring over OWL revisions. Mum and Dad stayed with Lily in the evenings, other family members dropped in during the day. But all weekend, I was with her constantly.

‘Hey Lils,’ I said softly, arriving at her ward the Saturday before my NEWTs were to start, I bent over her bed and kissed her forehead gently, then pulled up a chair and took a seat right beside her. ‘I’ve got some more facts for you today,’ I continued. ‘My NEWTs are next week, and if you were awake I would probably be at school studying for these.’ I pulled out a stack of Care of Magical Creatures notes from my bag. ‘Char’s been so good about this whole thing Lillers, I should be studying with her.’

I looked down at my notes, ‘unicorns take four years to grow their horns’ I began to rattle off random facts. , ‘The Streeler is native to African countries and changes colour every hour’.

And that continued, Lily would lie, still as a statue and I would tell her everything I knew. When my parent’s arrived at seven in the evening, I would go home and eat whatever my mum had prepared. The next week I would be facing my exams. I wasn’t ready.


Oh dear, poor James, doesn’t sound fun now does it! Anyways, the Harry Potter story belongs to JK Rowling and anything recognisable is no mine. Please, please, please, please leave a review telling me what you think and all. Thank you!


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No Awkwardness: Broken


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