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Who are you? by 4you2savvy
Chapter 2 : Waking up
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Chapter 2


Waking up



I opened my eyes only to close them again. The light was to bright for my eyes so I try to lift my arm to shield my eyes but yell in pain instead.

I then hear someone yelling...

My eyesight wasn't all that good so I just saw a figure infront of me and they where putting an even brighter light in my eyes.

"Miss Malfoy please open your eyes...Miss Malfoy...Hermione?"

"...the light hurts my eyes" I said with my eyes still shut.

"Here lets dem the lights for you"

"Thank you"

"Alight now the light are that any better on your eyes Miss Malfoy?"

I slowly open my eyes "Yes thank you thats much better and will you please stop calling me Miss Malfoy." I then look to the other side of my bed to find another man standing there with a small tear rolling down his face...

"Do you even know who I am?" The man said that was standing next to my bed

"I would love to answer your question as soon as I'm no longer in pain"


"Aww thank you I feel so much better now"

"Now Hermione I have some questions for you."

"Ok and don’t worry I know my name and everything but one thing."

"Oh and what is that Hermione?"

"Where's my feoncay?"

"Feoncay? Hermione do you remember that your married?" the man in the white coat

"Wait you don’t remember me" said the man that was standing on the other side of my bed.

"umm no should I know you?" I said looking at his blonde hair and blue eyes

"...I'm your husband Hermione...we've been married almost 2 years now"

I just laughed out loud "I can't be married to you...I'm going to be married to Ron"

"Doc you have to fix this...why can’t she remember me?"

"Let me run some more tests before we get caried away"



"So your my husbend?" I asked looking at this blonde haired man named Draco

"Yes do you remember me?" he asked in a kinda happy voice.

I looked at his face trying to remember him "I’m sorry I don’t..."

"It's alright," He said touching my face and I just moved my head and he looked hurt when I didn’t let him touch me "...Well the doctor said that once your home you might remember everything"

"I’m sorry but how do I even know that your my huband? You could be some murder for all I know claming to be my husband..."

There was slince in the room for a couple of minutes.

"Well I agree with you on that one...I have a picture of you and me on our wedding night. Will that help?"

"ummm...Ya I guess," he then pulled out a small picture of us, me in a wedding dress and him in a fancy tux. Thank God for moving pictures because then, in the picture, we kissed "I look happy..."

He just smiled and laughed "Of course you were happy it was our wedding...You trust me enough now to take you home?"

I stared at the picture a little bit longer and said "Well, you are my husbend that’s for sure but I have one more question before we leave."

"And whats that?" he said taking back the picture and putting it back in his poket

"Why on earth was I running? I can’t stand running..."

He looked like he really didn't what to answer "We were trying to have a baby.
After many times of not getting pregnant we went to a doctor and he said if you started to run and get healthy it would better our chances of having a baby.  After many times of not being pregnut we went to a profetional doctor and he said if you started to run and get helthy it would better our chances of having a baby."


 Ok there's chapter 2 :) I hope you all like this one :) Please tell me what you think of the story so far. It really helps :) Please and thank you :)

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