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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 11 : Back at the Apartment.
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Silence was the result of their shock as the two boys and unstable Hermione sat. George sat staring in shock as the drunken Hermione sat infront of him. he glanced passed her to take a look at Fred only to find his face was hidden behind his bangs. George wanted to say something but was unsure exactly what to say.

"FR...." George began but was soon interrupted.

"George..." he said in a tone George hadnt ever heard come from his twin.

"uh yes Fred? what is it?" he asked.

"I need you to do me two things." Fred said.

"um ok and what are they?" George asked a little skeptically.

"1. Figure out an antidote fast...."

"yea and?"

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF HERMIONE!" he suddenly burst out. George jumped back and looked down to find his hands were resting on Hermione's waist.

"ah...SORRY!!!" he said removing his hands so quickly you would have thought he had just laid his hands on lava. Hermione fell back into Freds arms. George put his hands up in honest surrender and apology but noticed Fred wasnt looking at him. He was glancing away angerily with redder cheeks then George had ever seen displaid across his brothers face.

"i..I'm going to take her home." Fred said standing up and pulling her along.

"mmn." George said still in deep thought about his brothers strange actions.

"can you stand Hermione?" Fred asked concerned but desperatly trying not to look her in the eyes. as soon as the words escaped his mouth her ankle caught and she tripped into him knocking him down.

"ah Hermione are you ok?" Fred said rubbing the back of his sore head as he realized Hermione's face was still on his chest.

"so warm" she said in a strange innocent voice almost like a child . Fred sighed. he stood up and quickly wrapped his arm under Hermione's back and knees.  as she hugged into his chest Fred quickly made his way to the floo.

in the blink of an eye was back at the apartment.

'why did i act like that it wasnt George's fault it was so weird like i was angry pissed even at the very thought of their kiss. what is wrong with me!?' Fred thought to himself as he walked into the kitchen. sitting Hermione on the counter he quickly brewed a swift hangover and sleeping drought.

"Here Hermione drink this you'll need it." he said trying to hand the dizzy girl the potion.

"your cute!" Hermione giggled.

"Hermione love i would prefferr the term handsome or godly cute isn't in my vocabulary of adjectives for me." Fred said. Hermione giggled at his use of big words.

"now drink this." he said a little more forcefully Hermione shook her head.

"hold me?" she asked. Fred looked up at her a little annoyed and was suddenly overwhelmed with a strange sensation at the sight of her.

"she looks kind cute?" he thought. the deep blush across her face. the droppy eyes looking innocently at him in need, her dark brown hair cascading down framing her figure.

"Please?" she said in a high voice.

"Hermone" he said leaning in to her. the loopy Hermione looked down at the top of his head turning her head slightly in wonder.

"if you dont stop i dont know how much longer i'll be able to control myself."

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Pranksters world: Back at the Apartment.


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