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Remembering to Regret by Dissendium96
Chapter 1 : Sam
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Chapter 1

"I swear I'm going to murder Goyle if it's the last thing I do."

"He aimed straight for her head I'm sure of it!"

"Well that actually isn't against the rules…"

"Who cares, Samada didn't even have the quaffle! He just wanted to kill her I'm sure of it..."

"George, I think she'll be fine she's taken loads of bludgers to the head before."

"But not as hard as that, Katie!"

"Oh, Fred stop it, she'll be fine… But Goyle won't be by the time I'm through with him…"

After listening to about six people arguing for a few minutes, I decide to open my eyes. I look up to find six people in red and yellow uniforms holding broomsticks, all huddled around my bed. There were two identical redhead twins, a boy who I assume is their brother, a girl with dark skin and her dark brown hair tied in a ponytail, another girl with brown hair tied in a similar fashion, and a boy with black hair and glasses, and a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

"Sam!" I heard them all shout at once and lean closer to me. They must know who I am. But, the thing is, I have no idea who they are. Sam… I think to myself. Yeah, that sounds familiar. It must be my name.

"How're you feeling?" The younger ginger boy asks. To my surprise, he grabs my hand and comes closer.

"My head is pounding…" I say as I finally acknowledge the sensation that there is a hammer whacking my brain. I realize that I responded in an accent different than the accents of the people standing in front of me.

"No surprises there," the girl with the dark skin says, "Goyle whacked a bludger at your head as hard as he could."

What? I decide not to ask what she is talking about since my head hurts so much, "What happened?"

They all look grim, "Draco caught the snitch almost right after you were knocked out," one of the twins scowls, "Slytherin won."

What? I have no idea what he is talking about and my head is now starting to pound with fear as well as pain.

"W-where am I?" My voice is starting to shake as I start to panic. 

"Hospital wing of course," the other girl says, looking confused at my confusion.

They must notice that I am starting to look distressed because the one with the lightning bolt scar speaks up, "But don't worry, Sam, it wasn't your fault.You were amazing before you were knocked out. It's my fault I didn't catch the snitch before Draco."

Some of the others start to protest. I'm starting to get frustrated. These are not the answers I'm looking for.

"I don't remember." I interrupt them.

"Don't remember what?" the boy holding my hand asks gently.

I don't answer right away. I take a deep breath before I speak to try prevent my voice from shaking. "Anything."

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