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The Lost Marauder Love by HPismygodson
Chapter 1 : Prologue and Chapter 1
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                Hi there. I know you’ve probably read the Harry Potter books, but have you ever wondered how it all came to be or what really happened after Harry defeated Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts. Well my name is Isabella Jones and I’m not only Lily Potter’s best friend, but I’m Harry Potter’s Godmother. Yes I’m his godmother. I know the books say nothing about me, but believe me I exist and everything you’re about to read is true.

                Lily was my best friend from week one at Hogwarts, at the time we couldn’t stand Sirius, James, and the other Marauders. Over time however Sirius and James wore us down and we ended up falling for those crazy boys. Not only that, but Remus ended up becoming one of our closest friends. It was nice having an inside source into the minds of our boys. Our time at Hogwarts wasn’t nearly as exciting as Harry’s time there, but we still learned a lot and had a blast.

                Of course Lily wasn’t my only friend at Hogwarts. When I first started there I was scared and a little homesick. So was Lily. We were both muggleborns and had no idea what to expect in this amazing new world. Molly Prewett was a Gryffindor prefect and pure blood. She could tell that we were scared and took us under her wing. She helped us find our way around the school and come to understand what being a witch was about. She was like the big sister I never had. Molly graduated in my third year. I was sad to see her go, but we stayed in touch.

                The marauders were in an interesting bunch of guys. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter were best friends and resident trouble makers. James and Lily started dating in our sixth year and fell head over heels in love very quickly. No one was really surprised when they started dating as James had been perusing her for months. The big shock was when Sirius and I started dating. No one had really understood that since we had never really seemed interested in each other. Remus was my second closest friend.  Peter was kind of the misfit in the group. He sort of fell in with all of us mostly because he was roommates with the others.

Chapter One

                “In just two months we’re going to be graduating. Can you believe it?” Lily sighed as we sat down to breakfast.

                James kissed Lily on the cheek while Sirius wrapped his arms around my waist. I could tell we were going to be having the same conversation we had been having for weeks. Two months until graduation meant two months until we no longer lived together. Two months until we either went our separate ways or we found a way to stay together. Remus looked at the four of us and rolled his eyes while Peter just laughed. “Lily do we have to have this conversation again? We’ve been having it nearly every day this week,” I said.

                “Come on Isa you know we need to figure this out. We hardly have any time to talk we’re all so busy studying between classes and in the evening this is the only time we spend just hanging out anymore. My parents want me to come home, but I don’t want to stay there in the long run. Please tell me someone has come up with an idea.”

                “Well it is customary in my family to come into our inheritance upon graduation. Sirius and I had talked about using some of that money to get a place together. He can’t go home and I don’t fancy the idea of staying home any longer than necessary,” James announced.

                Oh bloody hell; this is news and not good news. James hadn’t told any of us this before and I knew Lily was not going to be happy. She had been secretly hoping that James would ask her to get a place together. I of course knew that James and Sirius wouldn’t be separated just because of we were graduating. I looked at my boyfriend and smiled I knew that look he had something up his sleeve.

                “Oi Prongs did you have to bring that up now? We haven’t really talked about it.” “How couldn’t you tell me? What you and Sirius were just going to get a place and leave me and Isabella behind?” Lily and Sirius said simultaneously.

                Remus, Peter, and I just groaned. We hated getting caught in the middle of Lily and Sirius especially when it had anything to do with James. While the six of us had fallen into an easy friendship there was still some tension between Lily and Sirius. “Moony can you and Isa help me with the Defense homework?”

                “Sure thing Wormtail, we’d be happy to.”

                Remus, Peter, and I got up and all but ran from the table. We were all too happy to get away from the fight that we knew was bound to break out. “Remus did you know anything about Sirius and James plans?”

                “Well uh, I might have heard something. I think they were talking about it in the dorm the other night, but you know how they are, always some new idea. Most of them don’t ever get put into action I thought this was just another of those times.” Remus looked at me sheepishly.

                I couldn’t help but laugh at my other best friend. “Don’t worry about it Remus. If I know Lily she’ll find a way to make sure that she gets her way. I’m just not sure what her way is going to be this time.”

                “Guys seriously I need help with the defense homework. It’s due in less than an hour and I’m pretty sure I really screwed it up.”

                “Ok Wormtail let’s see what you’ve got.”

                As the boys rushed off to the library to finish Peters homework I decided to head back to the common room to relax for a little before heading off to lessons. I had just settled down and started to get into the new book I was reading when PLOP! “I can’t believe them. We’re graduating in two months and their acting like it’s no big deal, like it’s the end of another school year. Don’t they realize that we’re not coming back next year? That if we don’t figure out where we’re going to be living next year then we may lose each other for good. Isa I can’t lose James. I love him.”

                “Lil chill. I’ve got an idea. You know how I’m turning 18 this summer and how in the muggle world we become of age at 18. Well even though I’m a witch my parents are still waiting until I’m 18 to give me my inheritance. If the boys are going to get their own place why don’t we get our own?”

                “OH MY GOD!!! Isa that’s a great idea! But I have one condition you can’t pay for it all on your own. I’ll find a job so we can live together on equal grounds. Crap we’re going to be late for defense.”

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The Lost Marauder Love: Prologue and Chapter 1


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