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You Get Me? by luvdobby26
Chapter 1 : Failed Attempts
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She doesn’t get me, none of them do. They all think I’m like dad, and maybe I am to them, but to me I’m certainly nothing like him.

I have my mother’s looks. Her think, dark hair falling down my small back, and her sparkling blue eyes. Mum had always told me how beautiful I look, but I don’t agree. She’s the beautiful one.

I may appear that I want to study and learn twenty-four seven, but I don’t. I may seem like I need to read a book every waking hour, but that’s far from my idea of fun. In fact, even she’s more like that. Rose Weasley; popular, pretty, confident, clever and a major book worm. But the thing is, she can get away with that because every one likes her, everyone admires her. She’s like her mum, who is the smartest person I know, and looks like her dad, who, in my mind is just plain awesome!

It was just yesterday that I saw her last, prancing into the common room, her red hair flying behind her.

“Luce!” she called, waving frantically, “Lucy, sup?” she asked in a sing-song-voice.

“Nothing,” I sighed, her conversations always started like that, and I always reply with ‘nothing.’

She didn’t even seem to hear my reply and carried on, “Guess what! Guess who asked me out?” she asked, plonking herself beside me and turning to face my turned away head. I was looking down at my best friend’s essay, checking it over for him. When I shrugged, she squealed, “Michael Finnigan! Ah, isn’t it just amazing Lucy, he’s perfect.”

My jaw dropped, “Who did you say?” If I had heard correctly, I would be seriously considering taking her to St Mungo’s for a brain scan.

“Michael. Michael Finnigan.” Rose told me again, oblivious to my dropped jaw and shocked expression.

“But - but - you mean that bastard that tried to hex me and I’m sure tried to rape Molly!”

“What? He didn’t try to rape her, silly! It just looked that way.” she laughed.

“Well, whatever it was, it looked pretty dodgy. I thought you hated him Rosie. I’m just worried he’s going to hurt you.”

Rose waved her away, “Course he isn’t, he’s the nicest person I know... Well, the nicest boy I know. Much better than that other guy I went out with... You know, err, what was his name again?”

“Sam Thomas?” I shrugged.

“No, but him too. Umm, this is really gonna bug me.”

I sighed, “Look, he’s a bastard. He may look nice, but he’s horrible!”

“What’s wrong with you lulu? Don’t you see, at this age, that’s all that counts.” she said, shaking her head as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Whatever you say,” I said dismissively, “But I really need to go.”

“No,” Rose whined, “Stay here! Pwetty please?”

“Rosie, go annoy James.” I told her.

“Nope, I’m determined to make you an obsessed-with-boys kinda girl!”

“You don’t get me Rosie.”

“Eh, what ya mean?” she asked, pulling me back down as I stood to leave.

“You don’t understand me.” I explained.

“Yeah I do, I understand that you want to leave because I’m probably - but I don’t see how - annoying you.” My sixteen year old cousin tried, but failed.

“No, Rosie, not like that. You just don’t get my personality. You’re very ‘let’s go and play ‘hot man spotting’ or ‘spot the bitch’ with all my giggling, girly friends. And then let’s sit in the common room reading but nobody will start calling me names like ‘geek’ or ‘bookworm’ because everyone likes me. Then I can go and show off to all the family members and make loud jokes so they all think I’m awesome and very much a Weasley.’” I finished, waiting for her reaction.

She laughed and said, “You don’t get me either. Ok, it’s my turn. You’re like ‘I’m Lucy and I’m quiet and cleaver. I love to study and learn, and read lots and lots and lots and lots of books. More than is healthy for any normal human. I’m so like my dad but I look exactly like my mum. I don’t want a boyfriend yet, even though I’m seventeen and of course I’ve never fancied anyone in my life because that would just be weird. I’m so melodramatic and think because a boy walked past me and looked at my boobs he wants to either rape me or have me as his snogging partner for a couple of weeks.’ There, done, see I do get ya.”

“No, Rosie, you really don’t.” I shook my head, “Look, I really do need to go.”

“Ok, ok. But you do see that Michael is sexy? Right?”

“Personally, I think he looks like a shark.” I told her, trying not to smile.

She considered this for a moment and said, “A sexy shark.”

I laughed at this, “Ok, whatever you say.”

“Okay, but you do get me. What you said, it’s true.” she told me.

I nodded, “Thought so,” and I turned to leaved. “Oh, and I have fancied many people. It’s just not obvious like some people make it!” I grinned.

“Hey,” she hit my arm lightly, “ I do not make it obvious... Who was it? Tell me, pwease!”

“Nope,” I laughed, “don’t do your puppy dog eyes at me again.”

She giggled, “I’ll tell you if you tell me.”

“You already have.” I smiled.


A/N I’m not entirely sure what this was. It was kinda random but hey ho. I hope you enjoy it anyway and pwetty please leave a review! *puppy dog eyes* I will love you forever if you do xx


~ Eilidh xx

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You Get Me?: Failed Attempts


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