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The letter by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 3 : The Journey from platform 9 and 3/4
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Malfoy, that was Scorpious Malfoy! So I'm going to guess he knows who Draco is? I stared at him but he didn't look evil, or even bad. Actually he looked sort of smart, with short blonde hair and green eyes he was wearing a black polo shirt and black jeans. He looked like a normal kid, could he really be related to someone my dad hated so much? Only one way to find out.

“Hey, Scorpious?” I interupted him and Albus what sounded like a talk on what houses they wanted to be in. Apparently Scorpious wanted to be in Ravenclaw, Albus in Gryffindor. He turned his head towards me as I spoke, his fingers brushing his hair back.

“Yeah, Rose wasn't it?” He asked, a smile on his face and his green eyes sparkling.

“Emm, well I was wondering if you knew who Draco Malfoy was? Since you have the same name and everything,” I asked, trying not to meet his eyes. I don't know why but for some reason I was incredibly nervous talking to him. His eyes narrowed and his smile vanished only to be replaced with an expresionless void, maybe I shouldn't have asked.

“What did you say your family name was again?” He asked and Al looked curiously from one to the other. Me attempting to find something fascinating with my hands and him, his happiness now vanished only to be replaced with a barrier, almost like he was proctecting himself.

“I didn't but it's Weasley,” his eyes instantly lit up in recognition and his mouth turned up into a small smile.

“I guess I should go then, I suppose your parents have told you all about my dad. I should have listened to him,” he shrugged and made to walk out the door but I scrambled to my feet and blocked his path. This was the closest I had come to finding out about what he had done, no way was he leaving that fast!

“Now you wait just a minute, what do you mean you should have listened to him, what did he say?” I placed my hands on my hips and stared him down. My brother and cousins always remarke how much I looked like Grandma Wealsey when I did that and for once I was grateful I did.

“Well, emm, it was nothing really. Just that he hadn't gotten along with your parents when he was at school and that they had probally told you to stay away from me.” He shrugged as I deflated like a balloon, it sounded like he didn't know any more then I did.

“Well, I can choose my own friends thank you very much,” I moved around him and went to sit back down but at that moment the train gave a lurch and I went tumbling to the floor. I could feel my face turning red and I knew my hair would not be helping anything. Glancing up I could hear my dear cousin laughing; I'd get him later. Suddenly a hand appeared in front of my face and I gratfully accepted it as Scorpious pulled me to her feet. “Thanks,” I told him, moving more carefuly back to my seat.

“Not a problem, so what about you; what house do you want to be in?” He asked me, and we started the long journey to Hogwarts on amicable terms, neither of us mentioned our parents again, yet anyway.

The lunch trolly had been and gone and between the three of us we had bought a bit of everything, and ate a bit of everything too. As the anouncement that we would be arriving shortly echoed throught the train I looked down and realised I was still in my muggle clothes; I needed to change and fast.

“I'm just going to go change into my robes, you two should change as well,” I told the boys who had spent the last half an hour talking about quidditch and what position they would play. Rummaging through my trunk I extracted my robe and took off into the nearest bathroom, glancing into compartments as I went. Most people were already changed and the older students looked slightly intimidating, though I did spot what looked like James but I couldn't be too sure. When I was changed I made my way back and knocked on the big oak door to make sure it was safe for me to enter; apperently it was. Just as I entered the compartment the train started to slow and it eventually came to a stop. The noise in the corridor suddenly grew and when I turned back around to leave it was packed with students pushing there way through. This was going to be impossiable. Seeing a gap I squeezed through and ended up in the middle of some 4th years who laughed and helped me off the train.

“*Firs' years follow me. Firs' years over here!” I turned around and saw where the voice was coming from, it was Hagrid. My parents had told me about him and they said he was friendly even if he didn't look it. I looked around and spotting Albus and Scorpious walking towards me so we joined the gathering of first years and followed Hagrid down to the lake.

“*No more than four to a boat please,” Hagrid called and me, Albus and Scorpious were joined by another girl with long black hair and bright green eyes. She ignored us and we didn't speak to her, we just talked among ourselves about what lessons we were looking forward to. Pulling up to Hogwarts I smiled as I looked staraight up at it. It really was beautiful!

 Quotes marked with a * are from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone by J.K.Rowling- pages 138 and 139

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