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Her Reason to Stay by kitty_kat9211
Chapter 28 : The Sake of Others
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Ginny’s and Harry’s Apartment

7:50 am


            The next morning was definitely an early one for Hermione. Not only did she stay up later than she had to, but once she finally went to bed, she couldn’t get herself to fall asleep until it was too late.

Getting up out of bed, Hermione quickly changed and pulled her hair into a low messy bun.

            Do I have everything? Hermione thought to herself. Walking around the apartment, memories of the past summer in the apartment flooded around her. From spending their meals together, to the day when Ron came barging in to make up with Harry and Ginny. Every second spent together will never be forgotten to the last moments before they were off the Burrow for the wedding.

            I never found my reason…did I? Hermione suddenly realized.

            “…why can’t you just marry me then? I’ll make you way happier than he could ever.”

            What would have happened if Hermione said yes? Would they get their own place or would they live in Malfoy Manor? Then Hermione would get to see Draco and Astoria together every single day, which is something she knew she wouldn’t be able to take. Yes, Hermione liked Blaise a lot, but after only dating for 3 months and with the situation they were currently in, a marriage proposal wasn’t the solution.

            But the thought of getting married is nice; it’s something Hermione has always dreamed of. Two times Hermione has had the shot of getting married, but never happened. She’s been through school, started and now has one of the most successful book stores in Chicago. She’s lived that part of her life, now Hermione is ready to find a good man and finally settle down.

            But with her luck, she knew that another chance of her getting married wasn’t happening anytime soon. So with one last look at the apartment, Hermione left the apartment wishing that in the time she spent there, she would have found a reason to stay.


Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire, England

8:30 am


            By the time Draco got home from the wedding, it was already late and Draco’s thoughts were filled with events that happened throughout the night.

            Why did she just leave like that? Was the one question Draco couldn’t find an answer to.

            Usually Draco would wake up in the morning to the fresh smell of coffee brewing, but the next morning when Draco walked down the steps, there was no smell of coffee. No matter what, Astoria would always make sure there was a fresh batch of coffee for Draco every morning. Even when they were fighting, there was always coffee ready in the morning.

            It’s really over…isn’t it? Draco thought to himself while brewing coffee. In fact, looking around, Draco noticed that all of Astoria’s things were gone.

            “Draco, what are you still doing here?” Blaise asked coming down the stairs. For the first time Blaise was actually talking to him on his own and he asks Draco what he’s doing at his own house? There must be something up.

            “I’m…making coffee. Want some?” Draco said in response.

            “Do you know what time it is?”

            “Yea…8:30. Did you notice that all of Astoria’s stuff is gone?”

            “8:30…Hermione’s plane leaves in 30 minutes!” Blaise yelled.

            “What are you talking about? She told me at the wedding she leaves at 9 pm.”

            “Well she lied…What are you doing just standing there? Go after her!”

            “Why aren’t you going after her then?”

            “You have no time for this.” Blaise said keeping his eye on the clock.

            “Blaise tell me. About a month ago you were saying how you were going to fight to keep her with you. What stops you now?”

            “You’re running out of time…”

            “I’m not leaving until you tell me.”

            “It’s 8:32…”

            “I’m still not leaving…”

            “You’re being ridiculous.”

            “Why did you give up so quickly?”

            “8:33… time is ticking…” Now he was getting impatient.

            “Blaise tell me…”

            “Just go already.”

            “Tell me!”

            “THE ONE SHE TRULY WANTED WASN’T ME!” That got Draco to stop nagging.

            “It’s you Draco. But because you and Astoria were engaged, she didn’t want to ruin your engagement and she couldn’t stand hurting me anymore so she felt her only option was to go back to America. She even rejected my marriage proposal.”

            “Wait…you asked her to marry you?”

            “Yes I did…”

            “…but last night I saw you guys dancing together.”

            “She was telling me what time she leaves… which is in about 20 minutes! You love her right?”


            “Then go bring her home. No time to change, go now.”

            Just as Draco was about to leave he stopped to say,

            “Thank you Blaise. I owe you big time.”

            “Just call this payback for all you’ve done for me over the years.” Blaise said half jokingly.

            “Now go, before it’s too late.” And with that Draco was gone right as his coffee was done brewing.


            “Out of all the places to escape to, why did you choose the place you were trying to escape from? You even packed all of your stuff. He noticed it and asked me if I noticed it as well.”

            “There was nowhere else to go. I didn’t want to risk bumping into Hermione again by going to Daphne’s apartment. He never goes to his parent’s old room so I knew I would be safe there.” Astoria said coming out from where she heard the previous conversation.

            “You know you could have stayed in my room…or at least let me stay in the room with you until you fell asleep. No one deserves to be alone in their time of pain.”

            “Then what about you Blaise? You really didn’t have to tell him the real time Hermione’s plane was leaving…”

            “Oh I know, and I thought about not telling him.” Blaise answered.

            “Then why did you end up doing it?”

            “For Hermione’s sake, of course… she deserves to be happy.”

            “Even if that means seeing her with your best friend?”

            “You didn’t have to break the engagement off, so why did you do it?”

            “For Draco’s sake of course…he also deserves to be happy.”

            “And that’s where you and I are alike. We would both do anything for the one we love…I’m sorry Astoria…” Blaise said stopping himself when he saw tears in her eyes.

            “It’s fine…” Astoria said quickly wiping tears off her face.

            “Want some?” Blaise asked noticing the coffee was ready.

            “Sure. Do you think he’ll make it in time?”

            “For their sakes, hopefully. But for our sakes, no. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

            “No…you will. What would happen if he did bring her here and I was sitting drinking his coffee?”

            “You have a point…Do you have any idea where you’re going to go?”

            “Well since Hermione is at the airport and the newlyweds are on their honeymoon, I’m probably going to go to Daphne’s apartment… if she’s not there, I don’t know.”

            “Can you at least stay to finish your cup of coffee?” Blaise asked.

            “Alright fine…Thank you Blaise.”

            “Anytime…you know you can always come to me when you need someone.” Blaise said taking a sip of his coffee.

            “I know…” as the two waited to see if Draco made it in time.


**Wahoo for Chapter 28... finally! Sorry about such the long wait... a lot has happened.. but it's ok. i'm back.. with only 2 chapters left! Oh geeze... Anywho.. what do you guys think of the chapter? Do you think Blaise did the right thing? Do you think Draco will make it in time? Review and tell me your thoughts! Thank you for waiting, reading and see you in chpt 29! -kitty_kat9211**

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