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Slytherin Much? by NightStar
Chapter 6 : Leaving Me Surprised
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The tall figure went deeper into the forest. I looked down and snow was tainted red. Blood. Alice’s blood.

I let go of her hand and ran a few steps forward to the forest.

‘Help! Please!’ I looked around and the figure wasn’t there anymore.

Running back to the limp body on the pathway, I yelled for help again but there was no reply.

Should I go back to The Three Broomsticks? If not Sirius, I could someone else’s help at least. But that could be fatal to Alice.

Removing my wand out, I tried to levitate Alice but I couldn’t. I’d never levitated a human before. I was under way too much pressure. I didn’t know what to do! Sweat trickled down my forehead as I tried hard to levitate her off the ground but she wouldn’t budge.

Hot tears were threatening to roll down my cheek as I panicked.

‘Don’t do that,’ a cold voice said calmly from behind me.

Turning back, I found Severus Snape standing near the fence.

He walked over to Alice, ignoring my surprised look. He muttered something under his breath and waved his wand over Alice’s pale arm. He sent flashes of red upwards and they pierced into the dark black sky and sparkled.

I stared at him, gaping while calmly leaned against a tree. What the bloody hell? There was an unconscious person on the ground and he waves his wand, does some random magic (God knows what), sends fireworks into the sky and leans on a tree?!

But just a moment later, I heard a “pop” sound and Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall came into view.

‘Alice Jane,’ said McGonagall looking at Alice’s limp body on the floor.

‘How long has it been?’ asked Dumbledore.

I blinked stupidly, not comprehending anything. Severus smirked at me but answered, ‘Judging by her wound earlier, just a few minutes. But I cast a Tergeo spell to stop the bleeding.’

It finally dawned on me. It was a Tergeo spell! I felt so dumb. Why didn’t I think of that?

‘Ms Green, Mr Snape, I suggest you side-apparate along with me. You will both be needed in the Hospital Wing.’

I’d side-apparated only once and it had been in Jeremy’s house. I’d thrown up all over their doormat. Not a pleasant sight.

Dumbledore held out both this arms. Severus scowled but took one arm. I slowly touched Dumbledore’s right arm and held it.

‘1,2,3,’ I counted to myself.


Opening my eyes, I found myself in the white room of the Hospital Wing. I felt dizzy and nauseated. I quickly held onto a side of a bed and tried not to be sick.

The world was spinning and I felt someone force a sweet-tasting liquid into my mouth. My eyes fluttered shut.


I wouldn’t have known I’d actually opened my eyes if it weren’t for the candle burning in the corner of the room. I pulled myself off the bed.

The Hospital Wing.

Everything came flooding back into my head. I felt shaky but managed to walk over to the bed in front of me.

Alice lay there, looking peaceful but her arm was bandaged. I sighed and looked outside the window beside her bed. The moon was a shiny white sliver. It seemed to be around midnight.

I slumped on Alice’s side and tried to sleep. But it was too quiet.


‘You have a bed for yourself, you know.’

I turned back quickly to find a pale, thin boy on a bed.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked

Dumbledore,’ Snape sneered, ‘forced me to stay the night here.’

‘Bet you feel miserable,’ I said drily, ’sharing the same room with two Muggleborns.’

‘I am not that biased.’ He said ‘I’m friends with Lily. But of course, she deserves to be a witch unlike you and that Jane girl.’

I turned to him, annoyed. ‘Oh shut up, as if you know anything! We were chosen to be students in this school and we have magic. We have every right to be here and call ourselves wizards.’

I got up, walked angrily to my bed without waiting for an answer.

‘Oh and Severus,’ I said ‘Just because you get picked on, that doesn’t mean you pick on others. Try being nice for once.’

As soon as I said it, I regretted it. I shouldn’t have said that. Severus was nice. Okay, not always but he saved Alice’s life. I know he hates us but he helped us. And I was so pathetic, I couldn’t even think of anything! He was the one who thought of that spell and called Dumbledore.

I pulled the blanket closer and let myself drift away.



I was inside water. That much I could tell. I wasn’t floating but I felt light and feathery. Prying my eyes open, I was startled to find sparkles all around me, swirling and swirling. The water was a light shade of sea green but there seemed to be something bright orange below.  I looked up and apart from the shiny sparkles, it was dark.

I then found myself swimming towards the light source. It seemed endless. I pushed harder and harder but it seemed to move further and further away from me. It began to turn dark all of a sudden and the water seemed icier. I looked around me to find the sparkles changing.

Changing into a horrible shade of grey and sprouting out two legs and hands, reaching towards me and grabbing at me.

I tried to scream for help but it was hopeless for I was underwater. Their thin, wiry palms latched onto my arms and began scratching my skin. Blood swirled all around me as they clawed through my skin.

A white, sickly hand reached over to my eyes and I shut them quickly, not wanting to see anymore



‘Argh! Why is so bloody bright?’ I woke up, moaning loudly.

‘That’s because its 10 in the morning Scar.’

Moving my hand away from my eyes, I saw a smiling Jeremy sitting on my right.

I grinned. ‘Jay’

‘I leave you for one hour and you get yourself in the Hospital Wing.’

I grinned further, shrugging.

Jeremy sighed, ‘What am I going to do with you?’

‘Give me some pancakes and a hug and I’ll be fine.’

He raised his eyebrow.

‘What? You asked, so I answered!’

‘C’mhere you,’ he said, pulling me into a hug. I smiled as he pulled me close to his chest. He smelled of parchment and chocolates.

‘I’m sorry Scar,’ he said sadly.

I pulled away from him and looked him in the eye. ‘For what?’

‘For saying such stupid things in The Three Broomsticks, for leaving you there like that, for not being with you, for-‘


‘It’s all my fault. Maybe if I was there, none of this-‘


‘And you had to spend a whole night in the Hospital Wing-‘

‘JAY!’ I said loudly, ‘Shut up.’

He stopped talking and looked down at his shoes, fiddling with his books in his hands.

‘Listen, it isn’t your fault and I’m fine,’ I said ‘It’s Alice I’m worried about.’

Her bed was empty and so was Severus’s.

‘She just went to talk to Professor Dumbledore. He wanted to speak to you all about what exactly happened yesterday.’

‘Oh,’ I replied.

‘And don’t worry, she’s doing fine,’ Jeremy said, ‘It’s you I’m worried about.’

‘I’m good enough to go back,’ I answered honestly.

After talking to Madam Tipple, the nurse, I was free to go. I was relieved. The Hospital Wing was creepy and although I didn’t remember much, I knew I had dreamt something creepy. And knowing myself and my brain, it was probably true.


‘Don’t you have a class to go to?’ I asked as we crossed the common grounds towards the Headmaster’s office.

‘No, I have a free class,’ Jeremy smiled, ‘And I have to escort you.’

Honestly, escort? ‘I’m perfectly capable of doing-‘

‘On your own.’ Jeremy completed my line. ‘I know Scarlet; I was just pulling your leg.’

I stuck out my tongue. He reciprocated it.


‘Honeybee Candies’

Yummy. Sadly, it was the password. My stomach began rumbling. I had got my hug but not my pancakes. But I wanted to know how Alice was doing and the story behind everything.

The tall, teakwood door opened and we went in to find Alice sitting on a comfy chair, Dumbledore across her and… Severus Snape. I didn’t expect him to be there. He stood in a corner, looking bored.

‘Oh good, you’re here Ms Green.’ Dumbledore pointed towards the chair beside Alice and I sat down. Jeremy stood behind me awkwardly.

‘You can begin Ms Jane,’ said Dumbledore, ‘Tell us what happened right from the start.’

‘I remember I was with..’ Alice choked back a sob, ‘Frank and we had just come out of Honeydukes. We were walking along the road when there were yellow and red sparks everywhere suddenly.’

She sniffed, ‘I saw three people near the trees but I couldn’t make out who they were though.’

‘Could you please describe their appearance?’ asked the Headmaster politely.

‘They were tall, Frank’s height that is. Some were even taller. One of them was definitely a girl and they were wearing-‘

‘Dark, black cloaks,’ I whispered quietly.

Severus’s callous mask slipped and he asked urgently, ‘How do you know?’

‘I saw one of them,’ I said, ‘I yelled for help but the figure ran away. I don’t think he or she heard me.’

Jeremy and Alice looked disturbed and Dumbledore simply nodded. Severus looked furious but his eyes suggested something else.

‘I know one of them dragged Frank away after shooting him with a spell,’ Alice choked. ‘I tried to stop them but..’

I pressed her arm reassuringly and she smiled back sadly. Alice was one strong girl.

‘Sir, what happened to Frank?’ Jeremy asked Dumbledore.

Oh Jay, ever the rational one.

‘He was found unconscious near the forest but he is in the Hospital Wing and if I’m not wrong,’ said Dumbledore, ‘Mr Longbottom will be able to join his classes by today afternoon.

Alice sighed in relief.

‘Is that all Headmaster?’ asked Severus.

‘Yes, thank you Ms Jane’ said Dumbledore looking at Alice, ‘Mr Walters, would be kind enough to escort Mr Jane to her common room? Thank you.’

Jay gave me a small wave and left with Alice. I headed to go out too.

‘Ms Green and Mr Snape, please sit down.’

I slumped back awkwardly and Severus took the seat Alice had previously occupied.

‘I’m sure the entire school naturally knows the happening of this incident,’ said Dumbledore, ‘A lot of them are curious to know who did this.’

Like me, for example.

‘I have informed the other students but please do not dig further into this. Your safety is threatened. We’re dealing with something serious here and judging by Mr Longbottom’s condition currently, I strongly advise you not to explore further.’

I nodded. Damn, I really wanted to investigate!

‘Do I make myself clear?’ Dumbledore’s eyes were twinkling. I found it intimidating, actually.

‘Yes sir.’ Snape and I said together.


‘Thank you. You may leave.’


‘Who do you think the cloaked figures were?’ I asked Snape as we exited the Headmaster’s office.

‘It’s none of your business’ he replied coldly.

‘God, I’m just asking,’ I muttered.

He began walking rapidly.

‘You know Snape, I think you know who they are.’

He ignored me.

‘It would be better for you to tell their names now. I’m warning you, I’m going to find out who they are,’ I said loudly.

He stopped, turned back and walked towards where I was standing.

His eyes bore into mine and I felt my will crumbling down for a moment.

‘You don’t know what you’re dealing with. Stay out of it or you’ll be next Mudblood.’

He stormed away, leaving me standing alone in the empty corridor.

A/N: I'm sorry if this chapter disappointed you. Frankly speaking, I hate it myself but it was necessary, so please bear with me. The next chapter will be sometime next month but I assure you, its loads better than this one :)


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