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My Baby Girl, Amelia Jane by MalfoyRocks
Chapter 4 : New Beginning
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The next morning I woke up before Amelia, so I got up and got dressed quickly before I went to check on her. After I saw that she was still sleeping soundly, I grabbed the baby monitor out of my room and went downstairs to start coffee.  I had half an hour of peace and quiet with my potions book and a cup of coffee before Ame woke up. I made my way up to her room and picked her up out of her crib carefully. I changed her diaper before changing her into a cute onesie that was light grey and pink striped and a little grey skirt to go with it. I played with her toes as she finds it highly amusing and smiled as she laughed. Her laugh makes my heart melt every time I hear it. How anyone could think I would give this little girl up is beyond me. But I walk downstairs to the kitchen bouncing and talking to Amelia the whole way before I set her in her playpen while I warmed up a bottle of formula for her. I sat at the counter while I waited for the water to boil. Amelia was able to sit on her own already, in fact, she already can. I guess I am just really protective of my baby, hence why I make sure everyone holds her right.  She can't crawl just yet, but she sure does try to worm her way around her playpen. 


I see the water start boiling so I went over and turned the stove off and put the bottle of formula in the water. I waited thirty seconds before pulling the bottle out and testing the formula on my wrist. Perfect. I went to pull Amelia out of her playpen, but heard the fireplace roar in the the living room. So, wand behind my back, I went to check who was in there. As I stepped in the room, I saw Ginny and Lavender dusting themselves off. 






"Merlin, give a girl a heart attack will you," I said sarcastically while I put my wand back in hits holster that was around my calf under my pants. "Come in the kitchen, I was about the give Ame her bottle," I told them as I turned to go back in the kitchen.


"Sorry about that , Mione. But I figured you'd be up and well," Ginny began before she faded off into silence.


"What's wrong, Gin," I asked, hoping no one was hurt.


"I, I just," she began again before flinging her arms around me and cried. Now, I was completely floored. Ginny was known for her temper. But for the most part she was normally calm. But her upset to the point of flooing to my house and crying in my arms, never happened. I looked to Lavender who looked worried for Ginny, but didn't look upset. So Hermione knew no one was hurt or they both would be torn up.


"Gin," I said to try to get her attention. It didn't work. "Ginny," I said a little louder as I tried to pull her away from me, so I could see her better. Still nothing. "Ginevera," I said louder and more forcefully. I didn't want to upset her more, but she wouldn't listen. It worked finally, she looked up at me with watery eyes. "What's wrong? Are you okay?"


"I just, I can't believe you've been through all this by yourself and didn't think you could come to us. We should've said something, done something," she said through the tears that were now coming down slower as she calmed down.


"Ginny, it wasn't your fault. It wasn't any of you guys' fault. I just, I think I needed to work everything out on my own at first. How could I have explained everything that happened to me last year? I was so torn up. I honestly just didn't have the strength in me. How could I explain that I don't remember anything that happened to me that caused me to have my beautiful baby girl. I honestly felt alone. But it wasn't your fault I pushed you away," I explained. I've felt horrible for keeping them in the dark. But I wanted to make it up. "I have a plan, would you like to go with me to sign the papers for the house? My dad is friends with my realtor, so she already got the sellers down to the price I want to pay for my house. All I have to do is go in and sign the papers for the house. Then we can go and paint. We can get the boys to come with us if you want. I already have most of the paint I want and I have a few handy spells to clean hardwood floors. My dad is going to be watching Ame for me today so I can get my house in order."


"I'd love to go with you today," Lavender smiled to me as Ginny pulled away, smiled and nodded to me. I checked the formula again only to realize it was a little cold. So I just warmed it with my wand and picked Amelia up. 


"Well, let me feed her and make sure dad's up. I think I heard him walking around upstairs," I told them as I fed Amelia. 


"Hermione," Ginny asked quietly.


"Yeah," I asked as I looked up from Ame. 


"I'm sorry for being a bad friend," she sighed.


"Gin, you are NOT a bad friend, you're my best friend," I told her firmly, but smiled all the same. My dad walked into the kitchen, dressed already, and poured a cup of coffee for himself. If he was surprised that Ginny and Lavender were here, he definitely didn't show it. He just went about his normal morning routine of drinking a cup of coffee while reading the paper. Ginny and Lavender watched my dad for a moment before they started to fidget. "Dad, Ginny and Lavender are going to go with me to sign the papers. Are you sure you want to watch Amelia still? I can take her with us."


"You know she shouldn't be around the paint, even if it is safe for babies," he answered as he looked over his paper. 


"True, alright, but if she gets," I started to say, but he interrupted me.


"I only have a couple more days of me spoiling her while she lives here and I plan on doing so," he smiled mischievously. Really, she's only three months, so he can't spoil her that much at all. But I laugh anyway. Anything for him to be happy after mum passed away.


"Okay, dad," I laughed as I handed her over to my dad. "Then we'll be on our way. I'll owl you when we get to the house," I told him before I grabbed the keys from the counter and started to leave.


"Be careful," he called after me.


"I will," I called back and left the house with Ginny and Lavender following after me. We all get in the car before I started the engine and pulled my seatbelt on. Sharon, my realtor, had an office across town. It only took about five minutes to get to her office before I pulled in and turned off the car. "You can come in with me, it will only take a few minutes. But I'm sure you don't want to sit out here," I told them before getting out. They got out after me and walked silently behind me as we walked into the office building. I walked up to the counter and told the receptionist I was here to see Sharon before we were walked back. The receptionist smiled as she opened the door and let us by. Sharon was sitting behind her desk filling out some papers as we walked in. But put the papers away and stood up to greet us when we walked in. "Hi, Sharon, dad told me you had the papers ready already," I told her as I gave her a hug and smiled. She knew how much I want this house.


"Yes, I do," she smiled back before turning to Ginny and Lavender.


"Ah, sorry, Sharron this is Ginny and Lavender," I said as I pointed to the Ginny then Lavender. "Ginny, Lavender, this is Sharon."


"It's nice to meet you," Sharon said as she shook both Ginny and Lavender's hands.


"You too," they both said back.


"They're going to be living with me for a while after we graduate, so I thought they could come with me today," I explained.


"Ah," Sharon smiled before going back to her desk and getting a stack of papers for me to sign. I almost groaned. But I didn't. I hate signing my name. I'm not really sure why, but I never have liked signing my name. I sat down at the round table that Sharon put the papers on. She sat down as well, then motioned for Ginny and Lavender to sit as well. They did. She walked me through each page to let me know what I was getting myself into and letting me skim everything as we went. It took about half an hour for me to sign or initial everything I needed to. When I finally signed the last paper, Sharon took them and put them on her desk before handing me the keys to the house. "Congratulations, Hermione. You now own your first home," she smiled and gave me a hug before Ginny, Lavender, and I got up to leave. "Oh, and Hermione?"


"Yeah," I asked as I was standing in the doorway.


"You're house warming gift from me should be there this afternoon," she smiled again before I turned and walked out. 


We walked out to the car and got in again before I turned it on and pulled out onto the road. We went to my new house and pulled into the driveway. I wanted to set up protection spells before I did anything. I know Voldemort was defeated, but that didn't mean I wanted anyone to be able to get on my land. Thankfully, it wasn't in the center of town so I didn't have to worry about muggles seeing me. Ginny and Lavender both helped me set up the protection spells around the main part of the land, but we left the woods in the back unprotected. Except for an alarm that would go off if someone were to have bad intentions was in them. I know it probably sounds crazy to most people. But I didn't want my baby or my friends to ever be harmed on my property. The last thing we did before we went inside was set up and anti-apparation spell a good distance from the house. Then we made our way inside. 


"I figured we can order furniture through catalogs I found. They are magical, so all we have to do is touch our wands to the furniture we want and say 'emere'. I already have an account set up with the companies, so we don't have to worry about payments right away. They will send them in increments. If you guys don't feel right about me buying the furniture, you can help pay for yours. But I will be putting some into it. See it as a thank you from me." I told them as we walked in the front door. I cast a cleaning spell, so it was even more spotless than before. The first floor was open concept for the most part. When we first walked in, we were in the huge living room that had a beautiful fireplace on the wall to the side of the front door. While the galley kitchen was off to the opposite side with a huge archway in between it and the living room. I know it was a galley kitchen, but it was surprisingly large for being one. There was a mudroom leading out to the backyard where there was a washer and dryer as well. While the dining room was to the front of the house with another huge archway leading to the living room. There was a half bath behind the staircases (one leading to the basement, while the other lead to the second floor) in the far corner closest to the kitchen.


We went upstairs to look at all the bedrooms and bathrooms on that floor. There was three good sized bedrooms on this floor, as well as an area over the dining room that we decided was going to be a study for everyone. There was also two full bathrooms on this floor. One that was a jack and Jill bathroom between two of the bedrooms. Ginny and Lavender said that they wanted those bedrooms. Since the rooms were identical and they wouldn't have to fight over size. Which was alright for me as I already wanted the other room for Amelia. 


We walked up to the attic where my room was and both Ginny and Lavender gasped. The first room was open when you walked up. This room was going to be my own library/study. The double doors led to my bedroom. It wasn't much larger than the ones on the second floor. But it had a huge walk-in closet, ensuite bathroom, and two window seats in cubbies.


"I can't wait to start decorating," I sighed as I ran my hand along the walls. 


"I can't either," Ginny exclaimed as we made our way back down to the first floor. We went down to the finished basement where the last bedroom was. It had it's own bathroom like the master. But wasn't as large as the master, but it wasn't small either. The rest of the basement was open, so I told  them that I planned on it being a game room or something. They agreed. 


I went out to the car to get the catalogs to order from and went into the kitchen. But before we began looking through them, Ginny apparated to the burrow to get the boys. Lavender stayed behind to keep looking through the catalogs with me. I wanted to order new furniture for Amelia, so if my dad kept her overnight in the future he had a place for her. I found the cutest set for her room. The furniture was all dark mahogany that matched the woodwork in the house perfectly. The crib converted from a crib to a toddler bed to a full sized bed. So I wouldn't have to worry about buying a new frame every time she outgrew her bed. I found a matching dresser/changing table, a rocker with tan cushions, and a bookshelf. I found a table that was like a bookshelf but only came up to about my waist and had cubby holes that I put baskets full of toys and other odds and ends in. I ordered it all and marked it down to remember before I walked up to my suite. 


I heard people running up the stairs. So I looked down over the half wall around the stairs, only to see a flash of black and red. I laughed. They would never change. "Harry, Ron, the house isn't going to change if you go any slower," I yelled down to them as I looked around my library. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, if only I could find it. I flipped through the next few pages only to land on a picture of exactly what I wanted. I found a floor to ceiling, wall to wall, bookshelf that all I had to do was magic to the exact size I wanted when it came tomorrow. Perfect. I order three of them. Then I ordered two more of the cubby hole tables that I got for Amelia's room, for up here. Then I found a huge desk that would go perfect along the one side of the half wall.  I also found a comfy looking couch and a few lights and decorative mirrors. 


I moved onto my bedroom as I found the perfect queen sized bed. It looked rustic. It was wrought iron canopy bed with a beautiful design throughout the whole thing. I found a lounge chair that I wanted, so I ordered it as well. I heard the doors open. I ignored it.


"This house is amazing, I can't believe we'll be living here," Harry said as he stood against the door frame.


"Did you see out back yet," I asked as I found a dresser I liked. I may have a walk-in closet, but I still would need it. So I ordered it as well. 


"No, we've been exploring inside. I think Lavender and Ginny already have there ideas for our rooms," Harry laughed as I found a couple nightstands with glass tops that matched the bed I ordered, so I got them as well. 


"Well, there's a lake out back that is on our land, and a field that would be great for you guys to play Quidditch," I told him as we walked downstairs. "We'll have to actually go shopping for the small things, but I figured these catalogs will be great. Everything has a next-day delivery that comes in the post. All we have to do is unshrink everything when they get here."


"Cool," Harry said as we walked into the dining room. I found a long mahogany table with matching chairs that seats eight people and would go great in the dining room. So I ordered them. 






I ordered everything for the empty rooms in my house that I could find in the catalogs before putting them on the kitchen counter. I left the game room up for debate later on. So that would be the only empty room in the house after tomorrow. Then I brought in the paint cans and everyone started painting, with the help of a wand of course. I painted Amelia's room a light cream color with thick light green stripes going vertically down the walls. I don't know why, but I hated the cliche pink rooms for girls. Then I painted the wall that my bed was going to go against a deep red and dark grey stripes. The rest of the room stayed the original cream it was. I walked down to Ginny and Harry's room to see they did something similar to my room, but instead of red and grey they just painted one wall a solid golden brown. 


The bathroom in between the rooms was neutral colors. It had a counter with double sinks along one wall and ceiling to floor cabinets on each end of the counter. Which was good, Harry and Ginny can use one cabinet. While Lavender and Ron can use the other. There was a small alcove where the toilet sat in while the tub and shower were on the other side of it. 


I walked through to check on Lavender and Ron. They decided on a dark blue accent wall with the other walls being a light grey. "Did you guys pick your furniture?"


"Yeah, we marked everything down in the catalog," Lavender smiled at me.


"Okay, I'm going to go outside for a bit. Then we can go to the burrow after we get Amelia. I'm sure Molly would want to see us for a bit," I laughed and rolled my eyes as Ron rubbed his stomach. "Yes, Ronald, food." I walked around the property once more to make sure I didn't forget any protection spells the first time around. But as it wasn't only me that walked around the first time, there wasn't anything that was missed. So I enjoyed the quiet stroll back to the house. It's not very often that I get time to myself anymore. So when I do, I usually enjoy what I can, not that I'm complaining one bit. I love my daughter way to much to complain about her. 


When I finally got back to the house, everyone was sitting on the large front porch waiting for me. I smiled as the boys jumped up and ran to me, dragging me back to the porch and sitting me down on one of the wicker chairs that came with the house. 


"We have an idea," Ron all but yelled when I finally sat down.


"Okay," I asked cautiously. I mean come on, Ron is excited. That is a scary sight when one doesn't know what the purpose of such happiness is. 






"How about we have our New Year's Eve party here," Ron exclaimed happily.


"Um," I was stunned. They are already planning parties. "And what exactly do you want me to do with my daughter on said night that you want to have a party on?"


"We already talked about it, Mione. We'll silence her room so she won't be disturbed by the noise. And then we'll lock her room that way only the five of us can go in to check on her. Each of us will keep a baby monitor on us, so we'll know immediately to go check on her if she wakes," Ginny explained as she rolled her eyes at her brother's excitement. 


"Well," I had to pause after I started. I really couldn't think of anything negative with what they want. But I'm still not to fond of the idea. "I suppose if we get the house done before we go to school Sunday we can," I sighed. "But you have to make sure that there is no way Amelia is put in any harm during this party, because I will personally hex you all if she is." I knew there was no point in fighting my four best friends in the matter. So, why not. "Did you want to use the barn as the main party? We could set up picnic tables in there and have music and food. That way I feel a little bit better about having a lot of people over."


"That's actually a really good idea," Lavender smiled at me. I'm so glad her and I were able to put aside our differences. She is turning out to be a wonderful friend.





Hello again. I'm happy to say this chapter is over 3500 words. =] Sorry. I'm a goof. I hope you all enjoyed it. I have the next couple chapters done and ready to post in the next couple days already. As well as working on another story, 'Unexpected', at the same time. Well, I'll have another for you tomorrow. Enjoy.

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