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At Last... by The_Dark_Side_Gal
Chapter 1 : At Last
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“Seriously man, I can’t believe you got Lily to drag us down here. I mean a 60’s night? Even that’s a bit far-fetched in my opinion.” I was still complaining as I climbed out of the car. It had been 2 months since they had got married, yet they still did everything together. I missed my best mate, but he had been lost during the beginning of Lily’s pregnancy, who was three months in to developing her baby.


“Don’t complain, and go pick up a chick. Become the you we remember” Remus punched my arm lightly, chuckling as he reminisces about our Hogwarts days. We had been Hogwarts graduates for 8 months, and for 6 months Lily and James had been planning their wedding. For the first 4 months, I had been on a drinking binge. I had lost the girl I loved the day we graduated, and never got over it. I made the mistake of kissing another girl, and it had caused a big bitch-fight in the middle of the graduation ceremony. Dumbledore was a little bit annoyed at this, and sent the three of us out of the hall. I never got to see the graduation party, but I heard it was killer. Apparently I owe James though, because he had so many girls ask for me. Not my fault I am so popular. Well according to Remus and James it is, so here I am, on my way to an all American diner who is having a 60’s night. Just what the hell?


“Oh Remus, you know that’s not the Sirius we want” Lily said as James held the door open for her. I went to walk in after her but James quickly shut the door on me, causing me to smash my beautiful face in the glass door.


“Damn you Potter” I cried, cuddling my nose. Remus laughed, and pushed the door open for me. I rushed through, finally letting go of my nose. Scrunching up my nose, I glanced around at the interior. The neon lights outside said “50’s diner” but the interior read “classy restaurant”. The lighting was low. The main source of light was the stage, but no one was on there. The girls that were sat at tables had small hats on and slinky dresses. The boys had full dress suits on, nothing like the dress robes James and I were used to. Candles were placed upon cream table cloths, where red cushioned chairs were sat. Small cream flowers were between the candles, following the red and cream theme. Original I mentally scoffed.


“Why is this a 60’s night then? There is nothing remotely 60’s about it.” I sniffed. James rolled his eyes.


“It’s a themed evening. The girls dress up like they did in the 50’s but the music come from the 60’s. It’s a kind of crossover theme of the two eras.  You’re going to love it!” Lily explained, her excitement growing. She slightly touched the small green hat she had placed on her red head which matched the slinky green dress which hung off every curve. Even I had to admit she looked good, and she was like a sister to me. Ew, that’s a disgusting thought I cleared my mind. We grabbed a table, sat down and were immediately addressed by a waiter who had a white suit jacket on, with a black bow tie and black trousers. As we ordered, the opening keys of a piano came from the stage, and everyone turned, before turning back to previous conversations. Well, everyone but me. A caramel skinned girl in a silver slinky fringe dress was on stage swaying in time with the music gently, while holding on to the glittery microphone.  Her hair was curled in perfect 50’s style, pinned back which revealed her elfin face. Using my dog senses, I could smell her sweet flowery scent, and could see her eyes were blue, even from such a distance. As she opened her glossy lips, the most beautiful note came out of her lips.


At last,
 my love has come along
My lonely days are over

And life is like a song


I was astounded. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. As I watched her, our food arrived, but I didn’t even look at it, and I loved food. Remus nudged me and I slipped. Glaring at him, I turned back to face the table, where Lily raised an eyebrow and James was smirking.


“Don’t smirk Prongs, it’s not good for your health,” I laughed. Remus and Lily also gave quiet laughs, while James glared at me playfully. I glanced back at the singer, who caught me glancing at her and had a small smile on her face. There was a sparkle in her eyes, and I knew I had to talk to her, whether James and Lily laughed at me or not.


Oh, yeah, at last
The skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up in clovers


As we ate, we laughed freely. It had been a while since we had laughed so much. There was something about the atmosphere that allowed us to be free. It allowed us to disappear from Old Voldie and be us again. We’re 18 for Merlin’s sake. We were meant to party and enjoy ourselves. Instead James and Lily had scared themselves into marriage and pregnancy, while Remus has to hide due to his “furry problem”. Every so often though, I glanced back to the girl singing on stage. She still was so distance from everyone, her eyes staring at the wall in front of her. But as I watched her once more, she felt my gaze on her and our eyes met. A small smile formed as she sang and I found that I liked her smile... a lot. I wanted to make her smile like that again. Her hips were moving slowly in time with the music and I wanted to take her in my arms and move us in time with the same beat that was going now.


The night I looked at you
I found a dream that I could speak to
A dream that I can call my own.


It was late. Almost three hours we had been sitting in the restaurant, eating and drinking. But Lily and James had to leave. Lily had become sleepy and grouchy due to her hormones, and because James couldn’t face her wrath anymore they were getting ready to leave.


“Oh come on James,” Lily was moaning as he held me in a brotherly hug. She was wrapped up in a cream coat now, and her foot was tapping impatiently on the lino-floor. Remus had also stood up and was putting his coat on.


“Go and talk to the girl you’ve been staring at all night, Padfoot. You need someone, even if she does only end up a friend,” James muttered drunkenly in my ear. This was our friendship; it was never me thinking with my dick, it was James doing it for me.


“Sirius, I’m going to go too. Make sure James doesn’t do something stupid and Lily can get home alright,” said responsible Remus. I nodded and curled my hand around my drink, pulling it closer to my chest. Lily reached to give me a peck on the cheek, while James and Remus patted my back. I focused my gaze on the drink in front of me, seeing everything I loved reflect back at me, and all my other mistakes too. It must have been a while later after I moved to the bar but soon I found I was being tapped on the back.


“Er hi’” the girl from the stage said awkwardly. I stared at her, shocked she had come over. She pulled a strange face and sat in the seat next to me, calling the bar tender over.


“Hey Steve can I have what he is having?” she asked, pointing at the drink I was holding. He poured it into a glass and he slid it across the bar, which she caught smoothly.


“Nicely done,” I commented on her catch with a winning smile. She laughed and her eyes twinkled. They were blue, a contrast to her caramel skin and dark blonde-brown hair. It was quite fascinating to watch.


“I’m Annalise, but my friends call me anything from Anna to Nali. I wouldn’t ask,” she giggled, turning her long, caramel legs towards me. Her dress had risen up as well, revealing even more of her smooth thighs. I drifted my eyes away from that area though, and let my eyes travel up her body. Her bust was defined in her tight dress, a deep cleavage hidden. I gulped and moved my gaze up her neck to the high collar of her dress to her face. Her lips were as full and as glossy as they were on stage, and her eyes were framed by thick eyelashes.


“Sirius Black” I introduced myself, a small smirk on my lips as we shook hands. She seemed to consider that for a moment, before her face lighting up as if something had just come to her.


“That’s the dog star isn’t it?” She checked. I nodded and she clapped herself in glee. She was like a child, but certainly didn’t look like it.


“So, a singer huh?” I asked, wanting to talk to her properly. She sighed, and drummed her fingernails on the bar surface.


“Yeah, I can’t believe it. I finally get to sing to a wonderful audience” she droned sarcastically. My eyebrows rose, and I took a minute to take the information in. Didn’t she get that much attention? I voiced my thoughts as much.


“Actually, you’re the first person who has proper watched me,” she said shyly. I nodded, still a little confused, as who wouldn’t want to watch a beautiful girl sing her heart out?


“You were mesmerising, so that’s actually a little hard to believe. How long have you been singing for?” I asked, leaning on my propped up arm. She giggled prettily, obviously flushed at my comment.


“Erm, all my life really, but it wasn’t really noticed until I was 11, about 7 years ago now,” she told me, taking a sip from her glass, unfolding and folding her legs slowly. She watched me gaze at her legs, a small giggle erupting from her causing my stare to break. I cleared my throat, a little embarrassed at being caught.


“So how old are you now then?” I asked, jumping to the change of subject.


“I was 18 last month. I’m going to guess you are around 19?” She answered, and I nodded at her guess.


“I turned 19 about  three months ago now. Boy don’t I feel old” I chuckled.


“So, as a singer I would assume you have a vast knowledge on music, but what is your favourite?” I asked, trying to make myself more intelligent. I don’t know why, but I felt the need to impress this girl.


“Hmm, that’s an interesting query. I think it would have to be... no not them although they are very good. I like The Hot Raes. You ever heard of them?” She asked and I shook my head. The bar staff said goodbye to us, letting us know it was closing time. Growing up in the Wizarding world meant I was pretty much a virgin when it came to muggle music. I knew the old stuff because Dumbledore played it often, but any of that new lot, I was lost. She sang a verse and a chorus to me, which involved us getting up and doing some funky dance moves. She giggled a lot at my dancing before stopping to grab another drink. As she rested on the bar, I grabbed her hand and span her out to the dance floor.


“Let’s dance” I winked at her and pulled out a couple of coins, placing them in the machine and created a playlist. The opening notes to “Sway” began and I took her in my arms, thankful for the dance lessons which had been forced upon me by my cultured ‘mother’. We bounced along to several fast paced songs, both of us laughing. Then the notes to the song which she first sang opened and we slowed down. She went to pull away a little bit but I pulled her closer, my arms trapping her close to my body. She went rigid and I thought I went too far, but she relaxed quickly, putting her arms around my neck and resting her head on my shoulder. It felt like the right reaction to lay my head against the top of her head, and a little thrill ran through me. I smiled to myself as I felt her look up, causing me to look at her.


I found a thrill to rest my cheek to
a thrill that I have never known
Oh, yeah when you smile, you smile


“You’ve been planning this, haven’t you?” She grinned at me and I shrugged innocently, letting out a small whistle while avoiding her twinkling gaze. I bent down to her ear, my lips grazing her lobe.


“Guess what?” I felt her shuddered breath run through her, and I had to control myself, “this is my favourite song.” I felt her pull back slightly, then a bit more to look me in the face. Her arms pulled at my neck, causing me to come down to her eye level. I looked into her desire-darkened eyes and had no idea what I was doing next. But in that fraction of a second that I though this, our lips connected. I wasn’t sure who kissed who, all I know we were both going for it. Her mouth opened as I clutched at her waist, and I sucked on her bottom lip. I grazed my teeth against her lip and I felt her shudder once more. She pulled away slightly, just for a second, to breathe. I put short sweet kisses around her mouth. After each kiss, she spoke the words “Its” *kiss* “my” *kiss* “favourite” *kiss* “song” *kiss* “too”.


I chuckled as she pressed her lips to mine once more. I pushed her towards the bar, she dragged my face with her so we carried on kissing as we walked to the bar, her back to it. As she reached the bar, I picked her up and placed her on the top so now we we’re more equal in height. Her legs wrapped around my waist and my hands ran up and down her back, feeling her breasts push into me. It was turning me on like crazy and I pushed her down so she was lying on top of the bar and I climbed on top of her. Her mouth welcomed my tongue and we snogged for ages. My hands ran down to the tops of her soft thighs, and her breath hitched. I could practically feel her brain start to work again. ‘*Sigh* I guess we’re finished’ I groaned internally. I felt her pull away slowly and I leant back, so I was still straddling her. As I looked down at her, I saw her eyes shine with over-wetness and I felt awful. I was the one who made her cry. Her hair was messed up and her lips were swollen. The skin around her mouth was red from the rubbing of my stubble. She was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. Even more than the girl I was “in love” with at Hogwarts.


“Sorry. I just...” She paused, trying to think about how to word her apology. “I’m a virgin and I’m scared,” she whispered. I smiled softly at her and jumped down, giving her a hand as she sat up on the bar. She looked shaken up at how far we had gone and also fairly embarrassed.


“Hey, don’t worry about it. It was heaven for me while it lasted. Maybe I’ll see you around sometime and we can hang out,” I said, kissing her politely on the cheek. I took her number even though I don’t actually own a phone, and started to walk away.


“Sirius!” I heard her call just before I reached the door. I turned, an eyebrow raised. She was walking steadily after me and as she reached me she pressed her arm against the door, making it unable for me to open.

“I changed my mind,” she said cheekily, before pulling my face towards hers. And I should let you know, I found the real source of magic that night, and I’ve never left heaven since.

Oh, and then the spell was cast
and here we are in heaven
for you are mine... At last

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