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Ash by ShanTheCookieDrugger
Chapter 3 : Amongst Drinks And Subtle Things
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That evening was amazing.

I'd been trying to figure out how they'd not get noticed all day. I found out as we walked through a secret passage way. I watched as the boys (except for Remus for some reason) turned into animals. James was a stag. Peter was a rat. Sirius was a black, shaggy dog. Being a dog sweetened his disposition. Remus and I hid underneath a cloak. I felt silly and thought people were going to see us. But we were undetected.

I temporarily forgot that I hated magic when I walked into the sweet shop, Honeydukes. I must have spent so much time in there because Sirius was the only one left. We laughed and walked to Hogsmeade where the barmaid served us my new favourite drink which was called a butterbeer. I tried the firewhiskey too and soon found myself as well as the boys slightly tipsy. So we went along and found another bar, The Hog's Head, where we got even more drunk. Remus was the sensible one and didn't drink. He just followed and cleaned up our mess.

The five of us went off to see a creepy old house called the Shrieking Shack.

“I dare you to go closer,” I said to James.

James scoffed and walked a part of the pathway, turning back and poking his tongue out.

I smirked, cuddling up to Sirius' arm. “I bet you can't go and touch the wall then.”

“Uh, Ash?” Sirius asked as James went off to do my dare.

“Yeah?” I asked, snuggling in.

“What are you doing?”

“You're warm... and I'm stopping myself from falling over...” I told him.

Sirius sighed and stroked my head, shrugging at Remus and Peter's looks. “What can I say?” he asked them. “I'm irresistible.”

I frowned and let him go. “I thought your name was Sirius,” I pouted.

“Did it!” James yelled over.

“Not yet,” I called back, giggling.

“What?” James shouted back.

“I think she's had enough,” Remus said, approaching me and reaching for a bottle of butterbeer I was cradling.

“Don't touch me,” I said smiling. I decided to adopt a Scottish or Irish accent for some odd reason. God knows why. “I'll play knot tying with your innards.”

“Pleasant,” Remus sighed and backed off. He then started to run at me. I yelped and ran down the pathway toward the Shack.

“Remus!” Sirius scolded and ran after me.

I passed the returning James and not only threw myself at the house but managed to get inside and lock the door. I sighed and settled by the door, listening as the door handle rattled.

“Ash!” Sirius' voice called from beyond the door.

“Ash isn't home right now,” I giggled.

“What does that mean?” Sirius asked, confused.

“Shh,” I whispered and put a finger on the door to quieten it down.

“Sirius. Just use alohomora,” Remus' voice came.

“Hold on. Apparently, she isn't home,” said the drunk Sirius. “We'll have to wait.”

I giggled and drank some more.

“Oh, give over,” Remus said. “Alohomora.”

The door clicked and I squealed when I saw the four figures beyond the doorway. I scrabbled up the wooden stairs and ran to a door. I opened it and walked in. I looked around and saw a piano. “Oh... Have I walked into a horror film?”

“What's a horror film?” asked James as the boys walked in.

“It's a film and it's filled with horror,” I giggled.

“Uhm... I still don't know what that is,” Peter said, “but I think this was once a parlour.”

“Shut it, Peter the Creeper,” I growled his way. I approached the piano and pressed a key. A C note sang from the instrument which was in great need of being tuned. I smiled at the boys and drank some more of my firewhiskey. “Remus? You're so smart. Can you play piano?”

Remus rolled his eyes and approached. I kept my bottle away from him as he sat and started playing a tune. I didn't know it but it was pretty.

“Sirius,” I said, giggling. I downed the last of the bottle and put it on the piano. “Dance with me!”

So Sirius and I danced. He spun me and twirled me. I was having the time of my life. James took the next dance and despite disapproving of my drunken state, Remus ended up handing the piano over to Sirius to play and he danced with me too. Even Peter got a dance.

There was a secret tunnel in the house that led back to Hogwarts. Remus went first and the rest of us followed. We didn't go back to the castle at first. We found a spot and laid on the grass, watching to stars.

“I want to go up there one day,” I told the boys, pointing vaguely up.

“Into the air?” James asked.

“No... Space,” I said. I giggled and put on an astronaut voice. “Space. The final frontier. One small step for man, one giant leap thingy for mankind.”

The boys laughed with me.

“So how about truth or dare?” Sirius asked.

“Maybe when we get back to the common room... Wait... We can't go back there like this,” Remus frowned.

“We could go back to the Shack,” Peter offered.

“Ew... No,” I giggled. I bit my lip, watching the stars. “I know! Let's go to my room.”

“Your room? You had a fit this morning when you woke up with me on your bed,” Sirius laughed.

“Shh, Dog Star, shh... They'll think I'm a harlot,” I giggled and sat up. “No. I mean, we can go to my room and play truth or dare. As long as it's nothing dirty.”

“Agreed,” said Sirius. “Or dangerous when it comes to Miss Muggle here.”

“Shut up,” I said, poking my tongue out at Sirius. Then I had a thought. “Your broom is still in there anyway.”

“Oh right... Why didn't I just fly out the window?” Sirius asked.

“I don't know,” I sighed. I looked at the other boys then lay back down. About a minute later, I pointed excitedly. “Oh! Shooting star! Everyone make a wish!”

“But-” Remus started and shut up when I glared at him.

“Make. A. Wish, killjoy,” I instructed.

“Fine,” Remus said and closed his eyes.

I wished too. I wished that one day, I'd experience my own type of magic. I sighed and sat up, looking at the four boys. “Can we do truth or dare another time?” I yawned. “I'm tired.”

“Sure,” James said and helped Peter up.

Sirius helped me up. I stumbled on the way up so Sirius just decided that it would be easier if he just carried me. So I got a piggyback ride. Oh! A Sirry-back ride! I'm an utter genius.

I nuzzled into Sirius' neck. “You smell nice, Sirry...”

“Sirry? That's a new one. Now I'm known as Sirius Black, Sirius, Padfoot, Oi Handsome, Dog Star, Freak and Sirry,” Sirius laughed. “And thank you.”

“I don't wanna go home,” I told him and the boys as we walked into my room.

“Why?” James asked.

“The other orphans are mean,” I said and snuggled into Sirius a little more before he let me down onto my bed. I wouldn't let him go so easily though. I pulled Sirius down with me and snuggled into his side. “I mean, there's this one girl. And she's called Caroline. And she hates me. She calls me names. I like to punch her when she says these things...”

I yawned and settled into Sirius some more, seeing the looks on the other guys' faces. I shrugged.

“And the man who runs the place is creepy. I think he touches some of the kids,” I divulged, my voice getting sleepy. “He tried it on me once but I got away... He's tried it a few times, actually... I don't know about my sisters... They're only around in the summer holidays...”

James looked horrified, Remus and Peter looked shocked beyond belief and I felt Sirius' grip on me (he'd put his arm around me) tighten.

“And there's the scars too,” I said. “But I don't wanna show you them because they're on the tops of my legs... and on my hips...”

“Scars?” Sirius asked, his voice sounding distant in my ears and yet very angry.

“Mhm... Scars... From the whip... One time, he managed to get me coming out the showers... and he tied me up... and he hurt me... and he could have done worse to me if it weren't for the doorbell...” I said, drifting off.

I closed my eyes once... twice... three times and drifted off into my nightmare. There I was, under the stars again, on the roof of the orphanage. I could hear footsteps. At first, this confused me. No one comes onto the roof at night. Or during the day for that matter. But this was a dream and my brain decided it was normal just this once. So I looked up. No one was around. I stood up, turning and still looking.

“Hello?” I asked.

No answer.

“Hello?” I tried again.

No answer.

Finally, I turned and saw Mad Mike looming over me. Mad Mike was twenty eight and grinning madly at me. He grabbed my wrist and I frowned.

“Get off,” I told Mad Mike.

He didn't.

I tried to yank away my hand but his grip was too strong. The carer laughed and dragged me away to a room I recognised as my own. He flipped the light switch and everything changed. My bed was gone. My posters were gone. My knick-knacks were gone. This made me livid but my lividness was short lived as Mad Mike threw me to the middle of the room where I lay, sprawled out. I screamed as he walked over, unzipping his trouser zip.

I woke up when Sirius shook me. It was early morning and the sun was dawning. I breathed quickly, shallowly. I hid my face into Sirius' chest.

“Oh God... I hate nightmares,” I said, sounding muffled.

“It's okay,” Sirius said sleepily. “Your thrashing made me wake up, though.”

“S'ry,” I said quietly and removed myself from the wizard's arms. I put a hand on my head. “Ugh... My mouth tastes like squirrel...”

“How do you know what that tastes like?” Sirius asked.

“Someone dared me to lick one once. I was nine and the kid was older and somehow managed to catch one and keep it in a box,” I told him.

“You're funny when drunk,” Sirius said, grinning at me.

“I am?” I asked. Then I remembered something. “Sirius? It's Monday.”


“So you have classes today,” I said.

Sirius sat up for a moment and the moment it registered, his eyes widened. “I forgot we had classes!”

“Shall we wake up the three musketeers?” I said, pointing at the three boys sprawled on the floor around the bed.

“Well, we have to,” Sirius sighed.

When we shook Remus and told him he had lessons today, he shot upright and looked around. James took a little more convincing. And by convincing, I mean that Sirius went and muttered something I couldn't hear into his ear. Peter was the toughest. I enjoyed my idea of tipping water on him.

Remus stood over him and pointed his wand at the sleeping boy. “Aguamenti!” he said loudly and water rushed from the tip of his wand.

Peter spluttered to life, shooting upright and banging his head on a shelf then falling over again and then carefully standing again. I had to admit, I could see why they allowed Peter Creeper to stick around. He was comedy relief.

“We have to get back to the common room,” Remus was saying as I came out of the bathroom, dressed and ready for anything.

“Can I come?” I asked the four.

James raised an eyebrow. “You want to come to Gryffindor Tower?”

“Where your sister may see you?” Remus added.

“With the dashing Marauders?” Sirius put in.

I shrugged and nodded. “Mhm. I want to see what it looks like.”

The boys looked at each other.

“Alright then,” Remus said.

“Yay!” I cheered and laughed. I walked to the door and looked around. I stepped out, the boys following. I turned to them. “Lead the way.”

They led me to the staircase and we went all the way up until we reached a portrait of a Fat Lady.

“Beatlejuice,” Remus said to the drowsy (and moving!) portrait and the picture swung open.

“Do all pictures in the wizarding world move? And talk?” I asked quietly as we walked into the Gryffindor common room. I forgot any answer I was given because I was distracted by looking around the red and gold room. There was a sqaushy and new sofa and some new looking arm chairs. There were tapestries on the walls and the fireplace still had a few cinders left. It took my breath away. “Oh wow...”

“Come on,” Sirius said and took my hand. The boys led me up some stairs and into a door. Then more stairs and Sirius walked me into a room where a boy was sleeping. “Ta da!”

It was a circular room with five beds and a boiler heater thing in the middle which grumbled every now and then. There were five beds. One looked like it was made in a hurry- obviously Remus'. Another looked like a slob lived there- I instantly pinned this as Peter's bed. One had a bedside table with a glasses case on it- James' bed. The only other unoccupied bed was plainly unmade with the sheets twisted and could only be Sirius' bed. The occupied bed had the odd wrapper on it and plenty of crumbs.

“That's Frank,” Sirius said quietly, pointing to the sleeping boy. “Frank Longbottom. He's cool.”

I nodded. I pointed at his bed. “Mind if I go sit down.”

“You knew that was mine?” Sirius asked, laughter hanging onto the tip of his voice.

I nodded. “The neatly made in a hurry one is Remus'.”

“Very good,” Remus said, going to stand by his bed.

“The one that looks like a complete slob sleeps in it is Peter's,” I listed. “Glasses case on the table is James' and the other one is occupied which leaves that one as yours.”

“You're good,” James complimented.

“Thanks,” I grinned. “Simply logic.”

“You'd be a Ravenclaw, I reckon,” Peter said and the other (awake) boys shot him a glare.

“I'm not smart enough according to Hunter,” I said, sitting on Sirius' bed.

Not one of them minded me sitting there whilst they started to undress and change. Sirius even did it slowly, winking at me. In fact, whilst they waited for one another to finish showering, Sirius even sat next to me and decided to flirt. Yay for me! Not. It was rather funny though, having him sat there, nearly starkers in his boxers. I smirked at him when he winked- yet again- at me.

“See anything you like?” Sirius asked as Remus jumped in the shower after Peter.

“Oh, most definitely,” I giggled.

“Really?” he asked, his voice a deeper tone than usual. He was mocking flirting altogether with me. I could tell because of the way he wiggled his eyebrows. It made me laugh.

“Really,” I replied.

“So, baby, what you doin' tonight?” Sirius asked and I was in hysterics with the voice he put on to say it.

“How about truth or dare with you and a bunch of friends?” I asked, serious.

Sirius shrugged. “Sure, baby. I'll bring the butterbeer.”

“Oh great,” I said and winked at him for a change as Remus came out of the shower.

“You're a funny one,” Sirius told me as James went in the shower.

“Am I?” I said.

“Oh please,” Remus said, drying his hair and face. “If you two stopped flirting for a moment, you'd see that Peter's getting freaked out and Frank is awake.”

I turned and waved at the awake Frank who was staring at me oddly. “Hi, Frank. Nice to meet you. I'm Ash.”

Frank blinked then waved back and sat up. “What's a girl doing here? And who is she?”

“That's Ash. She's a mate of ours now. The extra Marauder,” said Sirius.

“Me? A Marauder?” I asked, grinning. “Cool!”

“Ash is Lara's muggle sister,” Peter told Frank. “She's nicer than Lara by about...”

“A lot,” Remus and Sirius said at the same time.

“Oh. Nice to meet you, Ash,” Frank said, reaching for a pair of glasses on his bedside table. He pushed them up the bridge of his nose and blinked, staring at me for a few seconds. His face went a little red.

“Yeah,” I said and looked back to find Sirius was hiding giggles behind a hand. I mock slapped his arm. “Dog Star! Quit it!”

“Wh-what?” Sirius asked, still trying not to laugh.

I sighed. “Boys. Well... Most of them. Can't live with them and can't cover them in cheese fondue.”

“Why would you do that?” Sirius asked.

“Because, stupid, I'm Ash. I'm Ash and I'm perfectly crazy at the best of times,” I said and poked my tongue out at him.

James eventually got out of the shower and Sirius got in, winking once again at me as he shut the door. I sighed and looked at the others. Peter and Remus were already dressed again.

“Does he always flirt with people?” I asked

“I don't think I've ever seen him wink at the same person as much as he has you,” James said, buttoning his shirt up. “And I live with him.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“He ran away from home. Couldn't take his parents anymore,” Remus told me.

“So he came to mine where he now lives,” James said. “Peter, put that down. It's mine and it's sharp.”

Peter put a shaving knife down. Apparently, Potter liked to shave old timey style.

“So... If you take away the fact he's occupying the same house as his best friend, he's actually homeless, pennyless and has no family left?” I asked.

“There's his cousins who attend here too. Nymphadora Tonks in Hufflepuff for example. She's an metamorphmagus,” Remus told me. “That means she can change appearance at will. She likes going around with the brightest hair she can manage. Usually bubble gum pink.”

“Nice... Can any wizard be metamorphmagus?” I had to ask.

“No. There are wizards and witches who can change into animals but that would be an animagus,” Remus informed me as James fell over, hopping into his trousers. I was too interested in what Remus was telling me.

“So... Are...?” I asked, not sure if it was okay to mention in front of Frank.

“Yes,” Remus said, helping James up.

It gave me a bit to think about.


A/N: I know this one is a little short but I got a lot of Sirius/OC in this thing. Please tell me what to think in the provided comment box. ^_^

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