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Unexpected by MalfoyRocks
Chapter 5 : Home, Sweet Home
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Antoine and Hermione fell into Hermione's quarters with a fit of laughter. Hermione stripped down to her knickers as she made her way into her closet while Antoine fell onto her bed. Hermione got changed into a pair of short black pajama shorts and a hot pink sports bra before walking back out into her room. She climbed into her bed and curled up beside Antoine. 




"They seem cool," Antoine told Hermione as they layed on the bed looking up at the ceiling.




"They do," Hermione agreed.




"Oh, Maddi wanted to come over at some point before we leave for Hogwarts'," Antoine yawned as he stood up from the bed. "I should go to my own room. I wouldn't want to piss your dad off."




"Ah, why not," Hermione smirked before snuggling into her blankets. "Oh, what does your room look like?"




"Come see tomorrow. Good night, Love," Antoine said before closing the door behind him. 




Hermione fell asleep not long after Antoine left her room in the first comfortable sleep since before the war, not once waking up from the terrors that usually plagued her dreams. When the first morning rays of sun shone through her windows, Hermione stretched as she got up from her bed smiling. One final stretch, she made her way to her bathroom and turned her shower on before she stripped and got in, after adjusting the temperature. She poured a good amount of coconut scented shampoo in her palm before massaging it into her hair before  twisting it up to let it soak in for a bit. She grabbed her sponge and put her vanilla scented body wash on it. She scrubbed her body carefully making sure she got her entire body before she rinsed completely off. she rinsed out her hair as she stood under the waterfall in the center of her shower . A few minutes later she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a black fluffy towel around her and made her way into her closet. She pulled out matching black lace with hot pink panties and bra and put them on. She wrapped her towel around her hair while she looked for her outfit for the day. After looking through her whole wardrobe,  she finally decided on a hot pink tank top, a black mini-skirt, and a pair of black flip flops. She took her time getting dressed before making her way to her vanity back in her room. She heard a knock at her main doors while she was putting her eyeliner on, so she finished up quickly before going to her door. She pulled off the towel from her hair as she answered the door and towel dried the end of her hair. Ryuu stood on the other side of the door with a tray of food in his hands, Antoine and Draco behind him. 




"I thought we could eat up here," Ryuu explained before making his way past her and setting the tray of food on her coffee table. 




"And why did you choose my room for such a feat," Hermione asked with a raised eyebrow.




"Because it's your first morning home," Ryuu said matter-o-factly before collapsing on the loveseat in front of the tray. Draco sat on the loveseat with Ryuu while Hermione and Antoine sat on the other loveseat. Everyone dished out their own food before digging in. "So, sis, what's the story with you two?"




"What do you mean," Hermione asked, pretending that she didn't understand his question.




"I mean, are you together or what," Ryuu rolled his eyes, knowing she was just being difficult.




Hermione sighed before she put down her plate and sat back in her seat. "You want our story," Hermione asked rhetorically. "Well, we went to muggle school together growing up. I've known he's a wizard since I was 10 when I found out I really was a witch. So, there's not really a special story behind our friendship," she shrugged.




"Now, that's not exactly as I remember it, Mia," Antoine laughed as Hermione fidgeted in her seat and glared at him. "Oh, come on, it's funny and you know it," he continued to laugh lightly as he looked away from Hermione. "The first time we met was really funny and it happens to be the first time she showed her magic. We were outside on break, and Mia didn't want to give up her swing to another girl in our grade. She got so mad because the girl stood in front of her so she couldn't swing, wouldn't you know, the other girl found herself swarmed with bugs and running from Mia screaming bloody murder. I saw the whole thing from just across the playground and went to introduce myself. She thought I was there to take her swing as well before I explained I just wanted to be friends."




"That is not funny, Antoine, that's embarrassing," Hermione glared.




"It's not funny for you. But I think it's hilarious," Antoine laughed. "It's even funnier now, because she's a whore and still hates you. Even though she never could prove you did anything."




"Bugs were your first," Ryuu laughed lightly over it. "I levitated the cookie jar that I wanted and wasn't allowed to have. But what's your story, now," he emphasized now.




"What do you want to know," Hermione shrugged.




"Well, you act like you're together half the time, but the other half you act like you're not," Ryuu explained.




"Honestly, we have a complicated relationship. Well, not really, we're best friends that enjoy each other's company. But, we're not officially together. Never seen the point in it since we only saw each other during my breaks for the last seven years, except last year when I didn't come home at all. He's the person I go to if I need a pick me up, and we don't ever have to pretend we're someone else with each other," she shrugged again.




"Ah," Ryuu said with a raised eyebrow. 




"So, Malfoy, what brings you to my room," Hermione asked suspiciously.




"Ryuu woke me up and dragged me over here," Draco shrugged as he put his plate on the tray.




"Sis, Draco's my best friend. I didn't really have the time to tell you last night when you asked. I kind of figured you would've figured it out, but I wanted to actually tell you. Plus, he's staying the whole summer because his father got locked up and Cissa needs to take a break from the world for a while," Ryuu explained carefully.




Hermione sighed, but didn't say a word for a while. "I want to go swimming," she said as she got up from her loveseat and went back into her bathroom to change into her black string bikini. She pulled out a pair of black and grey plaid swimming trunks that she kept in case Antoine ever needed a suit and a couple beach towels out. She walked out to her sitting room and threw the swimming trunks at Antoine. Antoine didn't say anything, just went to her bathroom and got changed as well. Ryuu and Draco weren't in the sitting room. So, when he came back out and they started to walk down to the pond by themselves. 




"What do you think," Antoine asked as they got closer to the pond. 




"What do you mean," Hermione asked before pulling her tank top off. Antoine was distracted for a moment before he shook his head to straighten out his thoughts.




"I mean, what do you think of everything right now, Ryuu, Severus, Malfoy, your new home, everything," Antoine explained as he pulled of his shirt as well.




"I'm not sure, really. I've always known that I was adopted. Mum never kept that from me. But, to find out that my father I always thought was a spineless coward up until I found out what he truly was doing in the war," she paused for a moment, contemplating everything going on in her life at the moment. They both sprawled out on their towels so they could talk a bit before swimming. "I don't know. But, he seems remorseful for the way he acted. So I want to give him a chance. Ryuu is a no brainer for me. I already feel like I've known him my whole life. And I've only known him a few days. But they will never take Mum's place in my heart. This manor, is flipping awesome though. I already feel at home here. I mean come on, my own pond to swim in," Hermione laughed.




"What about Malfoy," Antoine asked.




"What about him? There's nothing to say about him. I told Ryuu I'd try to put his past behind me. So, that's what I'm going to do. Other than that, I don't know what to think," she shrugged, then looked around. "I wonder where they are."




"No clue, they said they would be down in a bit," he said as he jumped up and turned around mischievously. Hermione glared at him before she got up as well and took her skirt off. She ran at the pond before Antoine could grab her and dived in. "No fun," he pouted before diving in as well. 




They swam around for a bit while they tried dunking each other and just goofed around before Ryuu and Draco finally showed up. 




"Geez, I thought you fell through somewhere," Hermione laughed as they both dove in and swam towards Hermione and Antoine. 




"Had to talk to dad quick," Ryuu told her when he finally got to her. The pond might as well have been a small lake. It was deeper than Antoine was tall, and he was the tallest of them at 6 foot 5. (I don't know the metric system well enough to use it. Sorry.) 




The next couple hours they all swam around the pond, stopping only when Jeffrey brought down lunch. Jeffrey was the butler. He was rather young for being a butler, only in his mid-twenties. But, apparently his father had been the butler before he had gotten sick and couldn't work any longer. So, he took up the job and has enjoyed it since. I guess it helped that he grew up here anyway, as he lived with his father and mother in the staff's cottage. His mother had been one of the maids, but decided to take a break from it and move to a small cottage just outside of London with her husband. 




Hermione ended up taking a break from swimming and layed out to get some tanning done. She accioed a her favorite aviators and slid them on before getting comfortable on her towel. The guys kept swimming and goofing off in the pond for a while until they got bored with swimming and got out. Antoine got out and walked over to Hermione, who had since turned over to get an even her tan and fell asleep. Hermione was jolted out of her sleep when the water droplets fell onto her.




"Merlin, why did you have to do that," she glared at him accusingly. 




"Because I felt the need to," he smirked back. He helped her up and dried himself off. "I should probably go home in a bit."




"No," she said wide-eyed without thinking.




"No," he asked, laughing.




"I don't want you to go home today," she grabbed her towel after she put her shirt and skirt back on. 




"I have to, love. You'll be fine in your big bag manor with your family," he chuckled. She just 'hurumffed', and kept walking up the the manor. 




"Fine, but you have to come back next week and bring Maddi," she turned to him and put her hands on her hips as they got into the manor.




"Yes, father," he laughed. 




"You're not aloud to call me father. I am the only one allowed to call you mother," she glared at him playfully.




"Nah, I think since you're allowed to call me mother, I'm allowed to call you father. It's only fair," he laughed as they made it into the sitting room where he put his bag this morning. "Call me if you need me, okay?"




"Yeah, yeah," she rolled her eyes at him before he turned on his heel and disappeared with a *pop*.




Hermione walked up to her room and grabbed her camera. She walked around the manor and took random pictures before she went outside and starting taking pictures out there. She took pictures of the manor, the servant's cottage, the lake. She even went into the woods and took some pictures in there. It was well past dark when she finally made it back to her room and passed out.




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