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When You're Gone by Green_apple
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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 The classes the seventh-years took was supposed to be relatively hard; Advanced Potions, Advanced Divination, and so on. (You get the point.) Hermione was looking at Professor Trelawney with a new light, ever since she dropped her crystal balls on the Death Eaters. DADA was the easiest; she exceled right from the first day. Professor Heath was full of praise, leaving the Slytherins sick. She spotted Malfoy pretending to puke more than once and Parkinson burning with fury. She smirked and executed a perfect Disarming spell.


Professor Brunners was amiable but strict. He required the exact potion, and if your potion was just a little "off", he'd throw away the entire potion. Hermione enjoyed the new curriculum much more, but she couldn't stop thinking of the old Hogwarts. Ginny had already seen the Heads dorm; she loved the common room the most. Hermione still couldn't wrap her head around the idea that she was sharing a dorm with Draco Malfoy. He was bringing Parkinson back to the dorm almost every night and shagged her. Hermione had yelled at him the previous night when he returned without Parkinson, saying that this was the Head Dorm and not a whorehouse.


"Professor Binns is crazy! Absolutely crazy!" Hermione lamented to Ginny at the end of Wednesday during dinner. Professor Binns had instructed them to write a summary of the History of Magic in no less than six rolls of parchment, wrong words excluded. Worse still, they had to work with a partner, which had already been picked. She was going to work with Draco bloody Malfoy! Of all people Professor Binns could have picked, it had to be the ferret! Why? Ginny let her rattle all the way until they reached the Gryffindor Tower, where Ginny had to enter the Gryffindor dorm and Hermione had to report for Head duty. She was supposed to patrol the third and fourth floor corridors with Draco bloody Malfoy again. He had made a lot of snide comments about her, which she calmly refuted.


"You know, I'm surprised they let a mudblood into the school grounds. Very unhygenic, isn't it?" Malfoy announced to the group of Slytherins behind him, with Parkinson on his arm. They laughed dumbly and Malfoy smirked. Hermione gritted her teeth, walked up and use a sleeve to cover her nose and mouth.

"Would you mind if I asked you to stop talking and move a distance away? I'm allergic to the stupid." Hermione said coolly.

Malfoy turned a shade of pink. "Come on!" He snapped uncharacteristically, turning on his heel and walked towards the third floor corridor. Hermione smirked at the Slytherins before hurrying after Malfoy.




It was the third weekend since the term started and Hermione was sitting on the armchair near the fireplace, reading her favourite Muggle book on mystery. She heard Malfoy coming in and didn't bother to look up. She didn't realise Malfoy was standing over her armchair until the attractive blonde spoke.

"Shove off, mudblood."

Hermione didn't even look up from her book. "Go sit in the other armchair, then."

Suddenly, Malfoy snatched away her book. "GET. OFF. THE. ARMCHAIR. NOW."

She glared at Malfoy. "Make me."

He threw her book towards the fireplace. Hermione whipped out her wand. "Accio book!" she cried, and the book zoomed into her hand without the fire damaging it.

"I still haven't left my seat, Malfoy. You need to try harder than that."

Malfoy stormed upstairs and slammed the door.


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