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The Truth About the Marauders by missclaire17
Chapter 4 : Four
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credit to abendrot at TDA for this lovely chapter image of Remus! 

Second Year: November 27th, 1972: 2:05PM

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


As Told By Jennifer Potter

If there was one thing that made me so bloody dissastisfied about Hogwarts, then it would be that classes are so far apart from each other.

And when you’ve been asked to stay after class just so your Potions teacher can invite you to the Slug Club, something that he has long invited your best friend, your cousin, and your cousin’s best friend, that dissatisfaction increases.

I had long given up hope to try to reach History of Magic on time. As I huffed and winced at how heavy my book bag was, I didn’t notice a looming figure that was about to cross my path.

It wasn’t until while he had bent down to tie the lace of his trainers and I, being completely unobservant due to my current state of madness, bumped into him that brought to my startling attention that there was another person there.

And that the person there had been a bloke whom I had been crying about nearly a year ago.

“I’m so sorry!” I gasped, as Wayne Robinette stood up, gingerly rubbing the spot on his head that I had accidentally hit with my book bag.

Really, this was completely like me. Hitting my crush, a bloke who happens to be four years older than me, on the head with a book bag was just so me.

Rather graciously, Wayne Robinette shook his head. He shot me that brilliant smile and I found myself silently reprimanding my knees not to give out as I just admired him from up close.

He was even more handsome from up close.

The blonde hair, blue eyes, tall figure, the prefects’ badge pinned on his robes, and the broom he held in one hand.

Yes, did I forget to mention that Wayne Robinette was also on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team?

He was positively brilliant as a Keeper.

“You’re Jennifer, right? Alice’s friend? James’s cousin?” Wayne confirmed, tilting his head in that insanely cute way.

Was it even appropriate for me to say that I wanted to kiss him? James would have my head on a platter if he ever knew.

I nodded. Alice’s friend, James’s cousin, the girl who fancied you since September of last year…

Swallowing hardly, I took a deep breath and said, “Yeah. Jennifer Potter. You’re Wayne Robinette, right? Greg’s friend? James’s teammate?”

Greg as in Greg Whitaker, Alice’s older brother.

And yes, James and Sirius had tried out and made the Quidditch team, much to my surprise.

Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle William bought James a new broom, and it was through the gentle manipulation of words to Sirius’s parents by his uncle Alphard that Sirius also got a new broom.

I had known James was brilliant at Quidditch but I didn’t know that Sirius was just as good, as a beater. Though granted, I had never seen him play much.

He and James must have practiced a ridiculous amount though, knowing James.

A smile creeped onto Wayne’s face as he laughed. “Yeah that’s me. Wayne Robinette. Where are you off to?”

Aw, shit. I was so late for History of Magic.

“I was held up by Slughorn in Potions because he invited me to the Slug Club. I was heading to History of Magic but I’m so bloody late now I might as well just say I was feeling sick,” I said, grimacing.

I couldn’t help but brag a little that I was in the Slug Club. It really wasn’t any big deal whether you were in it or not but at least it was something going for me.

“You’re in the Slug Club?” Wayne’s eyes popped with interest. “I didn’t know that. That’s great for you.”

My face, sadly, flushed happily at his compliment, though it wasn’t much of one anyways. “Thanks. But he could have just invited me because of my background.”

Wayne, being ever the gentleman, dismissed this theory as he said, “Nonsense! From what I’ve heard, you’re pretty brilliant.”

For the second time today, my face started to resemble a tomato. WHY couldn’t I keep my face in control?

I was barely able to stammer out my thanks.

Wayne checked his watch, frowning. “You know, Binns isn’t going to give you detention but I’ll walk you to class. I’m a prefect so I can make up so excuse,” he said as he jerked his head down the corridor.

My eyes widened with disbelief as I readjusted my book bag. “You’d do that?” I asked, stunned as the two of us walked to History of Magic together.

“Of course. I wouldn’t want Gryffindor to lose points, would I?” Wayne teased.

Though I knew he was only teasing and that he was being nice, I couldn’t help but deflate slightly.

He obviously wasn’t doing this because he had some big pent up love for me somewhere in his heart.

That was a silly concept that I had to get rid of.  

Wayne must have misinterpreted my slightly gloomy expression as he said, “Jennifer, do you want me to take your book bag? It looks really heavy.”

Surprised, I was about to argue that he didn’t have to when he had already taken it from me.

He easily carried my book bag with his broomstick in the other hand. I couldn’t help but admire his arms through the corner of my eyes.

The rest of the walk to the History of Magic was fairly uneventful, except with a bit of a small talk here and there and occasionally, he’d throw me a brilliant smile and I’d almost faint.

It was depressing that it couldn’t have been like a scene from a romantic fiction where five minutes alone suddenly made the bloke interested.

No, things like that definitely didn’t happen in real life.

I couldn’t have been more bloody awkward.

When we reached the History of Magic, I hadn’t been aware that Wayne was actually going to interrupt Professor Binns.

I had thought that he’d just walk me there, see to it that I got to my seat okay, then left. Obviously not.

Wayne knocked softly on the door, clearing his throat before I could even have a chance to protest.

Almost immediately, the heads of everyone, sans those who were asleep, turned to gap at Wayne and me.

I could see Lily, Marlene, Mary, and Dorcas gasp dramatically and I resisted the urge to do something stupid and silly.

“Sorry for interrupting you but I just had to talk to Jennifer about some prefect things and she was kept by Slughorn after her Potions class. I hope you don’t mind terribly, Professor Binns,” Wayne said in a voice that sounded like melted honey.

If my face wasn’t completely red or if my knees were completely inadequate at doing anything, then I was positive it was at that moment.

Professor Binns, who didn’t look happy to be interrupted, just merely said, “Fine, Ms. Porter. Please see to your seat immediately.”

I nodded quickly as Professor Binns returned to droning about Goblin wars. I turned to Wayne to get my book bag from him, my face probably red with a goofy smile intact.

Fate hates me that way as well; it was too bloody hard for fate to have possibly granted me the possibility of having that coolly aloof air that some girls manage to pull off.

As Wayne slid my book bag from his shoulders and handed it to me, he smiled that same amazing smile and said, “It was nice seeing you. I’ll catch you later, Jennifer.”

With another smile and a bloody wink, Wayne took off, leaving me in higher spirits than ever as I sprinted to my seat, ignoring James and Sirius, both of whom looked very unhappy.

“Oh my gosh!!!” I quietly squealed to my friends as I took my seat next to Dorcas.

The ecstatic-for-me look on their faces told me all that I needed to know.

Second Year: November 27th, 1972, 4:20PM 

Gryffindor Tower 


As Told By Jennifer Potter 

"I don’t see why you are so bothered by this!” I said agitated to James and Sirius. “Is there anything wrong with me socializing with a fellow Housemate?”

“No of course not. It’s the fact that it was bloody Wayne Robinette that’s the problem,” James said easily as he blocked the path for me to go up to the girls’ dormitory.

I gave him a flat look.  “Move, James. I need to put my things away.”

“Sure you don’t want to keep your bag around with you everywhere? Now that lover boy has touched it, I expect you to keep it as your most prized possession,” Sirius mocked, his grey eyes full of unexplainable anger.

The both of them have been in an appalling mood since the end of the History of Magic, having bombarded me and demanded answers to their questions.

Was I really about to discuss Wayne Robinette, a bloke who probably doesn’t like me like that anyways with these two?


And was I really going to let Sirius know that the way he was talking to me actually sort of hurt deep down?


“Just because I used to fancy him does not mean I’m going to lose my head. He’s a sixth year and I’m a second. He was being friendly and helpful and if this is some sort of familial obligation, then you can just forget about it,” I said stiffly, tacking on the last sentence with venom as I glared at the two boys.

James opened his mouth to argue but I started talking over him.

In a voice that sounded quite like Aunt Elizabeth’s, I informed the two of them, “No, you two listen to me. I don’t need you running around after me like I can’t take care of myself. After feeling completely stupid for crying over a bloke who never knew I existed, I think I know better than to do something like that again, so you two can just drop it. He’s not only your prefect and your superior, but also your teammate. He knew nothing of my own childish feelings so you two are not going to say anything or act like complete prats just because I had a moment of weakness.”

My words stunned James and Sirius into silence as the two of them were speechless, gaping at me like I had just sprouted two more heads.

Sirius opened his mouth to say something this time, but I suddenly figured that I didn’t want to hear it.

I didn’t want to hear what they had to say to me because even though I knew it was with good intentions from the bottom of their hearts, it’d only make me feel more stupid.

I shook my head quickly and sighed. “I’m going to put my things down and wash up before I head down to the Great Hall with the girls. I’ll catch you two later,” I mumbled quickly before turning heel and running up the stairs.

Yes, I most definitely did not need James and Sirius to tell me that I had been stupid for acting like a complete girl whose fairytale dream was about to come true.

When I had finally reached my dorm room, I threw my book bag down angrily on my bed.

Lily, Marlene, Dorcas, and Mary raised a curious eye. Angrily, I explained, “James and Sirius were just giving me trouble about this whole business with Wayne and now once again, I feel utterly stupid.”

“Why should Black be upset? What’s he to you?” Lily asked with a scoff. I appreciated her effort to be as best-friend like without openly showing her derision for James and Sirius.

I sighed. “I don’t know; he probably feels obligated to be upset because of James. Either way, he’s like a brother to me so I’d probably be the same.”

“What did they say, though? Like specifically?” Mary frowned, setting down her hairbrush after running it through her already perfect hair.

“They kept on asking me why I was talking to him in the first place. After I explained, they started muttering how he was being ‘overly helpful’. And then when I told them off for that, they said that I shouldn’t be talking to him anyways. They were so bothered, really. And Sirius…” I hesitated here.

“What about Sirius?” Marlene asked curiously.

I sighed. I ran my fingers through my hair and said reluctantly, “I don’t know; the way he kept on going on and on about it was annoying. When I told him and James that I wanted to put my things away, Sirius asked me why I didn’t want to carry my bag around everywhere now that Wayne touched it.”

“HE SAID WHAT?!” Lily shouted angrily. Her eyes blazed with anger.

I cringed; that had been exactly why I wasn’t sure if I had wanted to say it.

“I know. He was being a git like he always is but he had good intentions,” I argued for Sirius’s sake.

“Jen, please tell me why you feel the need to defend him all the time,” Lily said exasperatedly. “He was wrong and he shouldn’t say that to you.”

“I know he shouldn’t and I’m not saying that it’s okay. But I don’t know… it’s odd to be so angry at them,” I explained with a frown.

Perhaps sensing my frustration, Dorcas said tactfully, “Well, putting James Potter and Sirius Black aside, I personally want dinner. I’d been starving the entire day.”

“Shall we go then?” Mary grinned as she took Dorcas’s arm.

“Yes; let’s,” I agreed with my own smile.

Second Year: March 10th, 1973

The Great Hall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


As Told By Sirius Black

Though it was a Saturday, it wasn’t a good morning.

“Did you hear what happened? To Robbie Mitchell?”

I looked up from my breakfast to raise a tired eye at the frantic Jennifer who had rushed up to James, Remus, Peter, and I.

James frowned and said, “What happened to him?”

“Lucius Malfoy cursed him! Apparently Malfoy and Travers had been laughing at how distraught Marie Chambers had been about the death of her uncle and Robbie Mitchell happened to be turning around the corner of a fourth floor corridor and he heard them. Robbie started having a go at Malfoy and Rosier so they attacked him! Madam Pomfrey is thinking of sending Robbie to St. Mungo’s because of how badly he’d been injured!” Jennifer rambled on, her blue eyes wide with shock.

I nearly spat out my pumpkin juice at her words. James choked on his toast, Peter’s fork stopped in mid-air and Remus’s mouth dropped open.

What?! So they cursed him… literally,” James confirmed, his jaw tightening with what I noticed was anger.

Jennifer nodded. “I don’t know what they did because everyone’s swapping rumours but Lily’s trying to find out from Snape what exactly Malfoy and Rosier did.”

I bristled at the mention of Snivellus.

The git knew more dark curses and spells than half of the seventh years last year; the only ones who probably knew more than he did were Rabastan Lestrange and his croonies.

Bloody Snivellus.

“They should be expelled if they almost landed Robbie Mitchell in St. Mungo’s,” Remus frowned, sounding shocked.

Jennifer shrugged. “I agree but I don’t think Dumbledore will think like that…”

Her voice trailed off and her eyes drifted towards something in the distance. I followed her line of vision until my eyes hit the figure of Wayne Robinette talking to his friends down the table.

Resisting the urge to pull out my wand and do something stupid, I clenched my fists. Why on Earth Jennifer was so obsessed with Wayne Robinette was beyond me.

There wouldn’t be a happier day till next year, when that git is finally gone.

“Staring at your lover?” I snapped, annoyed. “Don’t worry; he’s not going to disappear anytime soon.”

Jennifer’s eyes immediately snapped back to mine and she narrowed them, folding her arms with huffily. “Don’t be mean, Sirius. I thought we were over this entire thing.”

Out of the corner of my eyes, I noticed that James had given me a warning look.

If it were anyone else, I would have ignored it. But because it was James, however, I sighed inwardly and just muttered, “We are.”

Jennifer watched me for a moment longer before nodding. “Well, I have to go find the others. I’m sure they already know but all the same.”

With a quick smile and a wave, Jennifer disappeared, her black hair bouncing behind her. I watched her leave, feeling oddly dissatisfied when she casted one last glance over at Wayne Robinette.

“I don’t bloody see why she fancies him so much,” James muttered bad temperedly.

Likewise, my friend… likewise. At least James shared my sentiment, even if he didn’t want me mouthing off to Jen.

Remus snorted as I nodded. “You two are hopeless,” he said with a small smile.

I ignored Remus; I wasn’t going to dignify that with an answer.

Remus, however, wasn’t about to let it go. “Really, you two. Jen’s sensible. She’s not going to do something stupid.”

“But the way she was crying about him!” James protested, as perplexed as I was.

Does it matter that Jen’s usually full of logic and sensibility? If last year was any indication, then Jen shouldn’t ever be allowed to fancy blokes.

“Exactly,” I nodded wisely. “She shouldn’t be allowed to fancy blokes at all. They’re all just going to hurt her.”

James held his hand up for a high five and I returned it with a grin. Remus just shook his head with a deep sigh. Pete, as usual, just stared back and forth between James, Remus, and I, looking anxious.

Remus turned back to his breakfast but warned, “You know you’re not going to be able to keep Jen on a lease forever,”

“We’re not putting her on a lease!” I told Remus outraged.

“Yeah! Leases are for Sirius,” James teased, nudging me in the side.

“Shut it!” I hissed, glancing all around me to make sure no one was eavesdropping. “Don’t mention it here!”

James rolled his eyes and dismissed the warning immediately. “Padfoot, it’s not like anyone knows what we’re talking about.”

“Still; all the same, it’s better not to mention it in public,” Remus added with a slight frown. He turned his line of vision onto his food, studying it intently.

Peter asked quickly, “Remus, are you okay?”

“You’re not still worrying that we’ll be in trouble, are you?” James raised his eyebrows.

“Really, Moony. We’re done with step two, so there’s no turning back now,” I told him easily, trying to alleviate him of his worries.

Remus finally looked up at the three of us, his eyes serious.

He lowered his voice considerably before saying, “You three do remember that the sentence in Azkaban for being an unregistered Animagus is three to five years, right?”

I frowned; it wasn’t that I had forgotten the information, nor was it that I had forgotten how worried Remus was about this whole ordeal of becoming an Animagus.

The three of us had found out Remus’s secret after Christmas of our first year.

It actually hadn’t been hard at all, since Remus was so bad at excuses for why he always disappeared once every month around the time of the full moon.

For the entire remainder of the year after our discovery, the four of us focused on studying werewolves to know more about them, until James discovered the brilliant idea of Animagi.

James and I had jumped on the idea at once, though Peter was far more hesitant. He had been full of doubts of whether it would be possible for us.

Remus, on the other hand, was against the idea, until James and I told him that we were going to do it anyways, with or without his help.

And yet, he was still so bloody worried.

“Only the four of us know, and we’ve done brilliantly so far, haven’t we? It’ll be okay,” James reassured him confidently.

And we had indeed.

The first step (which was the easiest step) was to conjure a corporeal Patronus and learn as much about the animal of our Patronus as possible, as it would be the form we would take.

James’s was a stag, Pete’s was a rat, and mine was a dog. Though Remus is incapable of becoming an Animagus, he completed the first step with us, his Patronus taking a shape of a wolf.

The second step had been to be able to be able to transfigure ourselves into the animal completely, which had taken the longest bloody time.

It had only been last night when we had finally gotten Peter to be able to transfigure onto himself a rat’s tail.

“Still… all the same…” Remus trailed off with a frown.

I shook my head at him. Sometimes, Remus worried too much. “Moony, my dear friend, you need to lighten up. It’ll be okay; trust me.”

And it would be okay, if it was the last thing I do.

James, Remus, and Peter were my family now, my brothers. Come whatever may, be it Animagi frustrations, late nights roaming the castle, or the in comprehendible minds of women, I would stand by those three, even if it meant giving up my life.

 Second Year: June 18th, 1973

Platform 9 ¾: Hogwarts Express


As Told By Jennifer Potter

“You know, I think I’m well and truly over my crush on Wayne Robinette,” I told the girls as we climbed off the Hogwarts Express.

“That’s what you said last time,” Marlene pointed out with a smirk.

“Yeah, but this time I’m serious! Even when he breaks up with that new girlfriend of his, I’m not going to be all over him next year,” I said firmly as I scanned the crowd.

Dorcas sighed and threw her arms around me. “Well, he is too popular for his own good, so I suppose you’ll be much better off this way.”

Mary also added helpfully, “And you don’t have James and Black annoying you every second.”

“That’s true; James told me that Sirius had been so annoyed with Wayne that Remus had to remind him not to be so open about it,” I sighed heavily.

My first crush on anyone ended with severe glares thrown to him by James and Sirius and the bloke in question completely oblivious.

“Where’s Lily?” Marlene frowned as we stood in the crowd, searching for Uncle William and Aunt Elizabeth.

All of the girls were coming over to stay for an extra two weeks at Potter Manor. Likewise, Sirius, Remus, and Peter would be joining James.

Originally, the girls would be coming sometime around the second week of July, but Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle William wanted all of the friends to be at the Manor at the same time.

Being the annoying git he was, James had adamantly said the second week of July wouldn’t work and demanded we changed the date.

“She was off with Snape, remember?” Mary reminded us. “Lily was telling us how Snape was telling her how they don’t nearly spend enough time together.”

“As if he owns her!” I scoffed, tossing my hair behind my back. “Has he noticed yet that she much prefers our company than his?”

“More like, has she noticed that his friends hate him hanging out with Lily?” Dorcas said, resting against her trunk.

Marlene shook her head. “Nah there’s no way that she wouldn’t have noticed. I bet you anything that they have arguments about each other’s friends.”

“It’s like they’re dating,” Mary frowned.

I made a disgusted face. I said, revolted, “Lily? Lily Evans dating Snivellus?”

“Don’t be so mean, Jen. He’s not that bad,” Marlene giggled.

“Not that bad as in not quite to the point of looking like a male hag,” I said critically.

Dorcas snorted. “His nose certainly looks like one.”

“You three are terrible,” Mary said, though the amusement in her eyes told us that she silently agreed.

I shrugged nonchalantly. I wasn’t bothered at all with my comments, though I certainly wouldn’t fancy Lily hearing me talk like that.

Snivellus and I didn’t have a good relationship at all, and I tended to avoid him most of the times. If I saw him walking down the hallway, I’d turn and walk the opposite direction.

In polite terms, I’d say that he and I just didn’t see eye-to-eye. In plainer terms, I’d say that he and I disliked each other almost as much as he, James, and Sirius dislikes each other.

“Remind me again why you dislike Snape,” Marlene asked, twirling a strand of her brown hair in her fingers.

I almost laughed; Marlene hated being bothered with details that didn’t concern her and bothersome technicalities.

In some ways, she reminded me of Sirius in the female form, as neither of them liked to show an interest in something if it didn’t concern them directly.

Thus, I reminded her, “He hates me for being related to James, good friends with Sirius, and Lily’s other best friend. I hate him for what he does to James and Sirius and for being such an evil little prick that’s obsessed with the Dark Arts.”

“Sev is not obsessed with the Dark Arts,” a voice said firmly from behind me.

The four of us turned around to see a stern looking Lily dragging her trunk, thankfully without Snivellus.

“Are you sure about that Lily?” I asked her, raising a disbelieving eyebrow.

“Oh, Jen. Let’s not have that conversation now,” Lily sighed, throwing me a look that told me this clearly wasn’t the time to be discussing that.

Grumbling bad temperedly, I rolled my eyes. “Alright, whatever flows your boat. Let’s go find my aunt and uncle.”

As us five girls set off in search for Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle William, I couldn't help but think that that was a conversation we couldn't avoid forever. 



Author's Note: HELLO! We are halfway through Part One/the Prequel of this story!  What did you guys think of this chapter? Snape and Lily's friendship? The Animagus process? 

Please leave a review and tell me your thoughts! 

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