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My Darling Princess by mary_ducks
Chapter 1 : A New Day
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 “Hermione, please don’t do this, you are above this please just run away with me.” he whispered holding her soft pale hand in his large sturdy hands.

I-I cant, I have to help Harry and Ron.” she replied tears in her eyes. Eric looked into her eyes reading every emotion trapped in there, fear, worry, excitement, love, hate and fearlessness.

Hermione, you know I can do so much more for you, and I can keep you safe.”

I know, but I’m not the type of girl who wants to be looked after all her life. I’m an independent, strong slightly grown woman, and this its my war, and I need to help Harry end it.”


Hermione we forbid you to go. You will just slow us down!” Harry said gently, yet in a way sternly, making Hermione feel like a child.

Harry James Potter, you know that without me you wouldnt be anywhere, much less still alive, anyways where would you be without me? I’m the brains of the golden trio. What if one of you gets hurt? Whose gonna be the one to heal you? Who is gonna be the one putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together. You guys need me.” she said standing up tall, making her voice pleading  yet persistant.

Hermione its not safe.”

I don’t care, my only care is making sure you and Ron make it out of this damn war, and I am going whether you like it or not.” she stated stamping her foot not unlike a five year old throwing a tantrum over the last chocolate chip cookie.

Fine, fine its not like we can stop you.” harry said with a small smile.

Finally, you grow some common sense.” Hermione replied laughing.


Hermione ran around blindly, throwing curse after curse, hex after hex, spell after spell at the black clad death eaters that had penetrated the school forces. She tripped over the dead bodies of her friends, enemies and family, and fell at the bottom of the staircase as a tall blonde man, dressed in black loomed above her a wild look in his steel gray blue eyes. She whimpered trying to think of a spell as he raised his wand and a blank look came onto his face and he fell forward from the power of they stupefy spell. A similar younger figure looked around madly before sticking out his hand and pulling her up.

Hurry and run, Potter has handed himself to the dark lord, I don’t know if he is dead yet, but I know Snape is dead, I saw it with my own eyes.” he whispered pulling her along the corridors and aiming curses at anyone who got in their way. He stopped at a broken glass window and pointed outside to a group of death eaters surrounding Hagrid poking and prodding him as he carried someone's limp body.

Look, they're coming we have to go out and meet them,whatever I do or you do kill the snake then kill him.” he said disappearing into the sea of fighting bodies once more, she didn’t even have a chance to ask why.



Hermione awoke her heart pounding madly inside her small chest, she placed a hand on her forehead and was slightly repulsed when her hand was covered in sweat. She rose out of bed and looked at her sleeping companion, he looked just as he did as his days at Hogwarts. Except he was much taller and stronger than he was three years ago when the war finally ended. She peeled off her soaking pajamas and steeped into a scalding hot shower, letting the water pound out her aching muscles and joints.


Ron awoke once more to an empty bed, he sighed it was always the same with Hermione, she would have the same nightmares and then go take an hour long shower but this morning he didn’t hear the shower going off instead he smelled freshly baked pancakes. He walked out of his room rubbing the sleep out of his blue eyes, and when he walked into the kitchen he was surprised to see Hermione already cooking breakfast and dressed for the day.

“Hey babe, you're up early.” he said wrapping an arm around her small waist.

“Oh please, I woke up late today, anyways how did you sleep?” she asked serving him a plate of pancakes, eggs, hash browns and sausage.

“I slept like a baby.”

“Like always.” she said with a semi-bright smile. “I’m not sure if you remember, but today at 7, there's going to be another memorial, surprisingly this time its going to be a celebration, did you chose out a tux yet?” she asked taking a sip of coffee.

“Actually, I forgot, I’ve just been so busy with quidditch lately you know.” he replied sheepishly annoyed that once again Hermione had found something to fault him with.

“Its alright darling, I sort of figured that, you've been coming home from practice so late the past couple of months, and your coach called today saying everyone was getting the rest of the week off due to the memorial and I wondered if you would like to spend part of the day trying to find you a nice suit to wear.” she said sitting on his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck. He stiffened a little but didn’t shove her off.

“Yeah whatever, but I have a lunch with a reporter today at 1.” he said eating some more food.

“Oh okay, mind if I join you?” she asked hopefully.

“I’m sorry babe, but the reservations have been made already for only two people, I’m sorry.” he replied feeling ashamed at her hurt expression, he hated doing this to her, lying to her because he didn’t want to be with her. He wasn’t cheating on her, no his mother had raised him better, he was just trying to figure out a proper way to break up with her after the memorial of course.

“Its okay, I don’t mind having you until then, we'll get ready to go after breakfast yeah?” she asked slipping off his lap and serving herself some food as well.

“Sure.” he replied gruffly before inhaling 3 more plates of food.



Hermione stared at her wardrobe, normally she would dress in jeans and a nice shirt for a shopping trip, but she wanted to wear something special today, something that would surprise Ron. She pressed a button on the wall and wardrobe began to spin and once she found the outfit she wanted to wear she stepped into the shower, again.

Hermione stared at her reflection, she looked different, she would not normally wear something so revealing or sexy, but today was a new day and she wanted to look perfect for Ronald. She grabbed her purse and walked out to the living room where Ron was waiting for her sprawled over the couch munching on a do-nut, getting powdery crumbs all over his gray shirt.

He gave Hermione a fleeting glance and turned back to his do-nut before looking back at her, his eyes widening at the very revealing, figuring hugging, slightly short red dress. Her long legs looked even longer and the dress showed off her curves and made her seem slightly pale and the gold jewelry she wore with the dress made her look like a princess gone rogue.

He gaped silently at her not being able to form a single coherent word.

“You should just take a picture Ronald it will last longer.” she said laughing glad she had made a good impression on him. “now come on we have to hurry so we can get you to your interview slightly on time.” she said walking towards the door and Ronald followed her still in a stunned silence.



They waltzed through all of the greatest wizard fashion centers and muggles one too, trying to find the perfect suit for a sultry Ronald.

“Come on Mione I need to be at that interview at one its ten forty-five.” he said looking disgustedly at yet another suit that didn’t suit his flame like red hair. They walked away from yet another store slightly empty handed. “Why did you have to buy those shoes? don’t you have enough already?” Ron groaned looking at the black six inch heels Hermione was paying for.

“Ron, a girl never has enough shoes.” Hermione laughed and shared a knowing look with the cashier.

“This one its perfect.” Hermione said taking in Ron from head to toe, the light blue dress shirt contrasted with his hair lightly and the plain black blazer and pants made him look buffer than he actually was.

“Thanks, so how much does it cost?” he asked the sales assistant.

“Normally it would cost 2,000 galleons, but the manager has already told me that you get a 35% discount on any items you buy.” he replied with a smile.

“Thanks, I think I will buy this.” he said walking back into his dressing room and changing back into his regular clothes.


 “Wow, I’m actually on time this time, thanks babe.” Ron told her as they neared the restaurant where his interview was taking place.

“You're welcome Ron, now look at me, you have a little bit of crumbs on your lips.” Hermione said pulling a small tissue from her bag and cleaning his mouth a little. She laced her fingers through his and walked him to the front of the restaurant where the reporter was already waiting for them.

“Hello Ronald, hello Miss. Hermione.” the reporter said walking up to them, a camera hanging from his neck, he looked fairly young, with short cropped black hair and matching eyes, he was of short stature but he had a round cheery face that made him look like an agreeable person, the one thing that stood out the most about him though, was his enormous golden brown eyes that were just a shade darker than Hermione's honey brown ones.

“I did not realize you would be joining us today, but I believe it would make the interview all the better.”he said sticking his hand out.

Hermione was the first to accept and he kissed her hand lightly, “oh no, I wont be joining you today, I have a lunch with Ginny and then we have to go do a little bit of stuff before I have to get home and get ready for the memorial tonight.” she said smiling.

“Oh, yes the memorial, I’ve completely forgotten about that.” he said his eyes wide.

“Oh its alright, anyways I need him back home no later than 5.” she said with a smile pointing to Ron.

“Of course, he'll be home ten minutes before 5 actually.” the reporter said laughing.

“Why thank you, now I don’t want any funny business from the two of you.” she said wagging her finger at them.

The reporter let out a short hearty laugh before promising there wouldn’t be any. “Oh and can I ask two questions before you leave?”

“Of course.”

“What do you think of Ronald’s quidditch career?”

“My Ron is the best keeper out there, and even though he isn’t home a lot I support him completely, I have never missed one of his games, not at Hogwarts and not when he first started playing for the Cannons.” she said with pride hugging Ron to her.

“And one more question for the both of you, how come I don’t see a very important ring on a very important finger yet?” he asked with a grin indicating Hermione's left hand.

Hermione let out a bright laugh, “ I have no idea, but if Ronald doesn’t ask soon, I might just have to be the one to ask the question, or find someone new.” she paused to see shock on Ron’s face and she gave out a bright cheerful laugh, “Haha I’m just kidding Ronald, I love you too much to leave you, even if we are not married, I wouldn’t want to leave you.” she said with total love and admiration in her honey brown eyes.

“Wow, that is beautiful, you sure have a keeper there Ronald, don’t let her go.” the reporter said with a watery smile. “and one more thing, can I get a kiss for one of the photos in the quibbler?” he asked a little hopefully.

Hermione grinned, “well why not?” she turned to Ron and wrapped her arms around his neck and he bent his head down as she stepped in closer to him and stood on her tiptoes to be able to kiss him. They kissed as the reporter went crazy taking pictures, they finally pulled apart Hermione's eyes fluttering open. “bye Ron, good luck.” she whispered with a small smile, before waving to the reporter and leaving them behind.


 “Oh Ginny, it was like he didn’t even want to breath the same air with me.” Hermione cried as she and her best friend walked to their favorite salon in muggle London. “you, you don’t think he's, he's cheating on me do you?” she asked her eyes wide with the possibility.

“Oh no Hermione, Ron may be stupid, but he isn’t that stupid anyways Gryffindors are loyal, we don’t cheat, not even lavender brown cheated on anyone.” Ginny said trying to console her best friend.

“I guess you're right, lets just forget about Ron and Harry for the rest of the day until we have to see them for the memorial.” Hermione said her voice a tone lighter than usual, Ginny agreed and the girls continued to talk about seeing old friends and their jobs.


 Hermione was home by 4:30 and began brewing a sobriety potion for Ron, she knew him well enough by now to know he would be home drunker than an Irish man. She sighed and sat down on the couch with a book waiting for him to come home.

The door bell rang and there was a lot of fumbling with the lock, Hermione sighed and opened the door. Ron was there with the reporter, “I am so sorry Hermione, the interview finished at 2:30 and when I left to start writing the article I forgot about his tendencies to celebrate after important interviews.”

“It's alright, I sort of knew it would happen, Ron there's a sobriety potion waiting for you in the kitchen” she said making room for Ron to pass. He stumbled his way into the house with an empty bottle of fire whiskey making stupid comments the entire way.

“I’m terribly sorry, I- I didn’t expect him to do that.” he replied.

“Its alright, I’ve learned to live with it, but sometimes I wished he would just listen to me every once in a while, well goodbye I’m guessing I will see you at the memorial?” she asked with a tight smile.

“Of course! Do you mind if I could get an interview with the three of you after the memorial is done or perhaps tomorrow?” he asked.

“Maybe, it takes a little work to get them to agree but, I know their weaknesses.” Hermione said with a little laugh, “I’ll owl you and tell you what they say, and if they don’t agree I can probably get you an interview with myself, Ginny, Luna and Neville.”

“Thanks I appreciate it, especially since I’m just starting off, its going to be weird interviewing my boss. Oh my name is Richie Raymond.” he said remembering she didn’t know his name.

“Alright Richie well, I’ll see you at the memorial, and make sure you take plenty of pictures.” she said with a grin and waved as he apparated away. She walked back into the flat to see Ron with his head against the granite counter top, walking towards him slowly she wrapped an arm around him and bit back the harsh words that wanted to come out of her mouth.

“Your suit is waiting for you in the guest bedroom.” she whispered turning to walk to the master bedroom as Harry and Ginny literally popped into the kitchen.

“Ron what is seriously wrong with you! I cant believe you could do this to Hermione! Do you really love her Ron because if you did you would at least bother to come home early and tell her you love her or propose to her or something other than going out and getting brazen drunk!” Harry yelled at Ron angrily.

“Harry, its alright.” Hermione whispered.

“No Hermione its not, Ron needs to get his head on straight and even if I have to curse him into oblivion I will make sure he grows up.” harry said angrily, “your not a teenager anymore Ron its time for you to grow up.” he yanked Ron off his seat and onto his feet. “where is his suit Hermione?”

“In the guest bedroom.” she replied meekly as Harry marched him into the bathroom without a backwards glance.

“Come on Hermione lets go get ready.” Ginny said ushering Hermione to the master bedroom where both of their dresses were waiting.


 Ginny stared at her reflection, she looked beautiful Hermione had curled her long fiery hair and parted it to the side with a few beautiful green clips. Her green dress shimmered in the bright light of the bedroom and her blue eyes sparkled brightly.

“Oh Hermione you did a wonderful job.” she whispered smiling.

“You're welcome Ginny, you didn’t really think I would let you down did you?” she asked teasingly adding some hairspray to her hair which had been pulled into an elegant chignon with a couple of strands hugging her face, she took a seat as Ginny began to add pearls and other rhinestones onto her hair.

“So Hermione, how many new styles will be in fashion week?” she asked wondering what Hermione had come up with this year.

“Oh I’m thinking about putting a different variation of these dresses in, and the rest is secret, but I do want you to be one of my models this year.” she said grinning.

“WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!???” she gasped happily.

“Uh duh, you are my best friend Gin and you have a rocking bod that Harry needs to learn how to share with my fashion industry.” she said as if it were written in the stars.

“OH Mione thank you thank you thank you!” Ginny cried hugging her friend tightly. “I love you so much.”

“You're welcome Gin and I love you too, now get off me I have to finish my make up!” Hermione said smiling.


“WOW, you two look amazing!” harry cried looking at the two beautiful women before him.

“Aww thank you harry.” Ginny said walking up to her fiance and kissing him lightly.

“You don’t have to thank me if its the truth.” he said smiling at her. Hermione sighed, she wished Ron would say things like that to her.

“Uh, come on guys we have to go, the carriages have been waiting for ten minutes.” Ron said not looking at Hermione, she looked like a princess in her sky blue gown and seeing her look so beautiful would just make it harder on her when he broke up with her.

Hermione sat down next to Ron in the carriage, it was a pure white carriage with gold and silver lining, and it was being pulled by 6 beautiful unicorns.

“Oh my its beautiful.” Hermione gasped happily and kindly accepted the footman's help to get in the carriage.

“Thanks Hermione, the ministry showed me like 500 different types of carriages and cars, and I knew this one would be the best.” harry said smiling as they zoomed off to Hogwarts where the memorial was being held.


 “Look its Harry Potter! The Golden Trio! Hermione! Ron! Ginny! Harry!” the reporters cried out loudly trying to get their attention as they walked down a velvet carpet stopping every once in a while to take pictures.

“Where did you get those dresses?” a reporter yelled out knowing it was Hermione's, she just wanted an answer from her.

“I designed them, and they will be in my fall fashion show.” Hermione replied smiling and posing with Ginny before entering the great hall, Hermione had a small feeling of being back in her first year absolutely terrified of what would happen and what she would see. But still extremely excited and hopeful about the outcomes.

Hermione smiled, the great hall looked like it did during the year of the yule ball, it was one of her favorite events her entire time here. She looked at Ginny and grinned as they boys took one of their arms, they entered the hall and the hall erupted into cheers as the golden trio and the fourth wheel entered.

They waved and bowed and curtsied and took a seat at the center of the room where the chairs held their names in gold lettering. Sitting there was Luna, Neville and Draco, to some it might seem like a big deal, but it wasn’t ever since he saved Hermione and changed sides in the war harry had respected him and then fully accepted him a year later when he saved his life on an auror mission. Ron was the only person still having trouble accepting him.

“Hey Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ronald.” Draco said with a smile towards them, “You girls look amazing! And I guess one couldn’t expect less of the princess of the fashion empire.”

“Princess?” Hermione asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, my mother is still the queen, and she is the one who taught you everything you know.” he said laughing, “and you do work for her.”

“I guess you might be right for now.” Hermione said laughing taking a seat since Ron hadn’t bothered to pull her chair out for her she did it herself.

“You look nice tonight Draco, silver suits you very nice.” Ginny said as harry pushed her seat in for her.

“thanks Ginny.” Draco replied smiling.


“now if mister Harry Potter would please come up and say a couple of words.” Headmistress Mcgonagall said, as Harry got up and went to the very familiar podium where Dumbledore would give brain teasing speeches and announcements.

“Well, first of all I would like to thank everyone for coming tonight, and to Hermione for helping me write this speech.” he said holding up a big pile of papers, and everyone laughed brightly, somehow in all of his speeches he managed to get a few laughs out of it with a few props. “And I also want to thank everyone for helping out during the war, for without your help I probably wouldn’t be alive and neither would half of the people here, and if we could please have another moment of silence for the fallen.” he said bowing his head slightly, the gesture no longer brought tears to his eyes.

“I would also like to finish this small speech because Hermione has a longer one, with thanking Draco Malfoy for saving her life and changing to the side of light, because without him, Hermione would be dead, cheers.” Harry said lifting a glass of champagne towards him and Draco returned the gesture as did everyone else. “And now prepare for a lecture from Hermione Granger.”

“Oh Harry, I actually have a very short speech this time.” Hermione said grinning. “SO first and foremost I would like to thank everyone for coming and I would like to thank the Headmistress and Hogwarts staff for hosting this event for us. And I also want to thank everyone for your valiant efforts in the war, and it showed that everyone has a little bit of Gryffindor in them.

And I would also like to thank everyone who helped us get back on our feet after the war, now lets celebrate! I’m tired of being so sad and stuff!” Hermione said with a laugh as everyone erupted into cheers.

“Mr Weasley have you prepared a speech as well?” Mcgonagall asked as Ron responded with a shake of his ginger head. “Well, then let the dancing and merriment commence.” and she raised her hands and the orchestra began to play light lilting music.

“come on Ron let's dance please?” Hermione begged Ron.

“No.” he replied slouching in his chair childishly.

“Oh come on Ron don’t be such a kill joy, and you almost never dance with me please?”


“Fine then I’ll just find someone else who appreciates my company and will dance with me.” Hermione said getting up with a huff and looking at Ron one last time.

“Fine.” he growled sullenly. Hermione's jaw dropped, was he serious.

“Ron, are you serious?” her eyes widened in disbelief.

“Yup, anyways I have something I need to talk to you about when we get home.” and with that he grabbed a fire whiskey and walked to the men's bathroom. Hermione sat down and tears stung her eyes, she began to blink furiously so they wouldn’t fall, a waiter walked by her and for once in her life she grabbed a shot of alcohol. She stared at the clear liquid thoughtfully, it looked so pretty with the small lemon shaving on top, she lifted it to her lips and it was pulled out of her hand.

“Last I knew you had sworn off alcohol and drugs for your entire life, when did you decide to break that oath?” Draco asked guzzling down her drink.

“Nobody's perfect.” she whispered looking at her hands.

“ I know, but you are pretty damn close to being perfect.” Draco said taking Ron’s seat, “so what has you down in the dumps tonight.”

Hermione stayed silent, should she really be telling him this? Of course not, he was still Ron’s worst enemy.

“Ron, he's been acting differently lately, he never wants to go out with me, he'd rather spend more time practicing for quidditch and if I give an interview to some reporter whose just starting out he throws a fit. He goes out and parties and gets drunk every night, he did that today actually, his reporter had to bring him home. Its just so disappointing sometimes, I used to think Ron and I were written in the stars, but now I’m not sure.” she vented out feeling a tad bit happier now that she wasn’t keeping that to herself or telling Ginny, she knew if she told Ginny everything that she would hate her brother, she couldn’t do that.

“Well that is a reason to drink.” Hermione's ears perked up, “but I still wont let you.” he said with a smirk.
“Damn you.” she laughed

“You're welcome.” he said with his own laugh. “would you like to dance?” he asked standing up and offering her his arm, he led her gracefully to the dance floor where everyone was dancing a dance very similar to the one performed at the yule ball way back when. Draco lifted Hermione up, surprised that she weighed much less than the last time they had danced, he raised a concerned eyebrow but she didn’t notice.


 They danced for a long time, it was nice really Hermione didn’t feel pressured to try and be the perfect image of a stupid, wannabe bimbo that Ron always wanted her to be. Hermione watched as Draco’s eyes hardened and his jaw tightened and he pulled her slightly closer to him.

“Draco-ooooooooooo!” Hermione felt herself being yanked away from Draco and she turned to see a fuming Ronald Weasley dragging her away, an iron grip on her slender wrist. “Ron stop please! I can't walk that fast in this dress. Please Ron stop you're hurting me.” Hermione pleaded trying to reach for her wand that was hidden in a pocket in her dress.

Ron yanked her down the steps and she tripped and landed on her knees, she let out a howl of pain as Ron pulled her roughly to her feet once more and dragged her into the carriage throwing her harshly onto the seat opposite his. What Hermione did not realize is that her shoe had fallen off when she had tripped and was now laying on its side on the stairs.


 “What the hell was that about?” Hermione screeched clearly angry and hurt at Ron.

“Just shut up! Just shut up and stop talking for once!” Ron yelled out throwing his hands in the air out of pure annoyance and frustration. Hermione sat stunned at his outburst and did not move a muscle until the throbbing of her knee pulled her back to reality, she lifted her skirts to see what had happened to her knee and gasped to see her knee a sickly shade of green and yellow and crusted with drying dark red blood.

Her face paled as a wave of nausea began to take over her senses, she pulled her skirt back down over her knee and saw that the dress was ripped and tattered in many places and beyond repair, she sighed and looked around. Her eyes widened as she saw her small clutch purse thrown carelessly on the floor, she opened it and was glad to find shrunken thread, needles and scissors. With a wave of her wand the objects came to life and began to fix her dress as she envisioned it in her head.


 Harry watched as Ron dragged poor Hermione out of the hall, ruthlessly his face and ears a tomato red, Harry knew well enough that Ron only got that red when he was jealous, angry or being flat out stupid or all three. Harry figured he was multitasking and being all three, none the less he ran after them when he heard Hermione whimpering and crying out.

He barely noticed when Draco and Ginny joined him, Ginny hiking up her skirts and kicking off her shoes so she could keep up with the boys, Draco just barely trailing behind them at a quick jog. “Ron! Stop!” harry yelled when he saw Hermione trip and fall harshly on the stone steps, but Ron pulled her right back up and dragged her along with him, straight to Harry’s ministry appointed carriage. Harry ran faster but they were already inside the carriage and off quicker than his fire bolt


Draco stared shocked, just a minute ago Hermione had been wrapped in his arms and now, she was torn mercilessly from his grasp trailing behind Weasley. He ran after them, just slightly behind harry and Ginny, he watched belatedly knowing that Ronald was too far ahead of them for them to catch up. But he did notice one thing, Hermione's lacy white heel had slid off her foot and was now laying carelessly on its side contrasting brightly on the Gryffindor red of the carpet. He jogged to it and picked it up holding it in his hand lost as the carriage barreled dangerously away.



Ron glared at Hermione as she worried about her dress, why did she make him feel so angry? Why did she make him feel so inferior? Why was he always thinking of her? Finally she sat down across from him a furious look on her delicate features.

“What in Merlin's name did you do that for?” she whispered out, in that bell like voice that always made him regret his past actions and shame gripped his heart in a vise like grip. He stayed silent not knowing how to reply to the witch before him. “Ron? Are you alright? Are you feeling okay?” she asked her anger leaving her, replaced by concern for him, she placed her dainty hand on his forehead wondering if he had a fever.

“I'm fine.” he growled.

“Ron, what is going on with you?” she asked the hurt evident in her trembling voice, her eyes wide and misty with suppressed tears. He remained silent, his eyes refusing to meet hers any longer. “That’s it! Sir, stop the carriage please, I will not waste another minute in his child like, immature presence!” Hermione yelled out angrily as the carriage rolled to a slow stop, she jumped out of the carriage unassisted and winced slightly as her knee screamed in protest, she began to stomp away, only to notice she was missing her other shoe. She kicked off her remaining shoe scooping it up in her hand and stalking away.

“Hermione where are you going? You just cant walk off by yourself in the dead of night! Its dangerous!” Ron cried out from the carriage.

“Its safer than being near you!” she yelled out angrily feeling tired and out of energy.

“Hermione get back in here now!” he roared jumping out the carriage and stomping towards Hermione, who took an involuntary step back. Suddenly an extremely bright light was upon them and reporters and paparazzi were yelling at them from all angles trying to snap pictures and trying to get the couple to speak.

Hermione looked around feeling lost and scared that was until harry and Ginny swooped down towards her shielding her from the press and the roar of a motorcycle caused the reporters to go ballistic and many hopped on their brooms fearing it was an angry beast.

Draco skidded to a halt blocking Ron from Hermione with his sleek black and silver Suzuki Hayabusa, hanging from his pinky was Hermione's shoe. Just like Harry and Ginny he pulled his wand out and pointed it towards Ronald, ready to hurt the bastard should the matter arise.

“Hermione are you alright?” harry asked standing to her left as Ginny stood to her right, wand at the ready.

“I'm fine.” she whispered grateful that her best friends had come to her rescue.

“Come on Hermione, let me drive you home, I think harry and Ginny should deal with him on their own.” Draco said rolling his motorcycle over to her offering his hand towards the brunette.

“I'd rather apparate home.” she said with a sad half smile gracing her lips.

“I don’t think you're in the condition to apparate home, anyways I have something of yours you might want.” he said giving her a smirk, not unlike the one he had adopted during his Hogwarts school days.

“And what might that be?”

“This.” he said brandishing her heel on the palm of his hand, Hermione walked forward to take the shoe back, but he still had those wicked fast reflexes and the shoe was now in his left hand, high above her head.

“May I please have my shoe back?” she asked puckering her bottom lip and looking up her eyes big wide and innocent. Draco seemed dazed for a moment and almost gave her the shoe until his eyes drifted to two bickering red heads and was able to thrust Hermione's pleading face out of his head.

“Only if you allow me to drive you home.” he said holding the shoe slightly closer to her eyes.

She was silent for a while pondering his offer before nodding her head in consent with a tired sigh. Draco gave her a boyish lopsided grin before getting down on his knee and placing her shoe on her foot as if they were both made of glass. The remaining reporters, paparazzi and random people on the street went crazy and began snapping pictures and screaming out questions that Hermione had learned to become oblivious to.

Draco stood back up, dusted off his pants and gave her another lopsided grin, his blonde hair falling into his bright eyes slightly. He gave Hermione a small helmet, secretly wishing it would ruin her hair and removed his leather jacket so it could protect her from the harsh wind.


 Hermione shivered inside of her flat, Ron and the others had still not returned and she was beginning to worry, and Draco was running out of patience. He paced the hallways growling in anger, they had arrived at the house 10 minutes ago and it was still only him and Hermione, not that he minded being alone with her. Just then the door opened with a loud crash and Ronald was pushed inside with Harry and Ginny behind him, furious expressions etched on their faces.



so the reason i left this chapter with a cliffhanger is because im too lazy to continue typing so late, but dont worry the next chapter will explain all and it will take  place a week after the BIG incident. anyways i own nothing but the plot and ocs the likes

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