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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 9 : Nowhere
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A/N: Hi guyyyys! Welcome to the next chapter in Catching James Potter! Sorry it took so long! Had a few validation problems! Enjoy :)



I woke up on Sunday with a splitting head ache that made me moan. My head also seemed to be a little tender which was going to make my day, not.

As I sat up, I could see the sunlight pouring in from the windows from my dorm and that my clock read 11:46. I groaned again and pulled myself right up, to look at my surroundings.

I was the only one still in bed in my dorm, but I was pretty sure I could hear the shower running in the bathroom and by the state of Dom’s bed, she had only just got up. I was still in my party dress but I had no shoes on, I wonder where they had gone? I could tell by the hard feeling on my face that my make-up was still on. I just couldn’t remember why it was, I couldn’t remember anything from last night. Next to my bed was a vial filled with an orange potion. It looked familiar. Next to the potion was a note that said;


This is a cure for a hangover- I thought you might need it, but beware, take it over a toilet!

Also, I found your shoes they were underneath a chair? No idea how they got there! Your shoes are next to your bed, don’t fall over them-please!



I held up the vial and eyed the potion. I suddenly remember where I had seen it before. One night last year, Dom had come in absolutely wasted and the next day had woken up with the worst hangover in the history of the planet. After hours of moaning and whimpering from her bed, I had run down to the Ravenclaw Common Room and found Carolyn. She had given me a potion and told me to get her to take it over a toilet, she also warned it would be nasty. When I had got back to the dorm and dragged Dom over to the toilet, she had snatched the potion from my hands and sucked it dry. The next thing we knew, Dom was vomiting into the toilet and me behind her holding back her hair.

I was looking at the potion when Dom, came out wrapped in a towel.

“Oh, hey, you’re awake!” Dom said, collapsing on my bed.

“Yeah, but don’t talk so loud!” I whispered.

“Sorry! Bad hangover?” Dom asked.

“Not for long,” I grinned, holding up the potion.

“Is that a hangover cure? I had one earlier, James dropped them off,” Dom smiled.

“Well, I better get it over with,” I said moving towards the bathroom.

Dom followed as me as I walked towards the toilet, gripping my bottle tightly. I kneeled down in front of the toilet and Dom held my hair tightly behind my back. I looked at her and unscrewed my lid,

“One,” I said.

“Two,” Dom said, pushing my head towards the toilet.

“Three!” I shrieked as I gulped down the potion.

As soon as I had swallowed that nasty little thing, I felt vomit rise up and come out my mouth. I sat there, throwing up for ages, before I was left with a nasty taste in my mouth and with no hangover.

“Ew! My mouth tastes revolting!” I said to Dom.

“Here,” Dom said nervously, handing me a glass of water. I gulped it done thankfully, eyeing Dom.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Nothing!” she said, walking out of the bathroom.

What the hell?

I followed her out, of the room where she was pulling on some jeans and a t-shirt.

“Dom?” I asked again.

“Don’t worry about it! I’ll tell you later!” Dom smiled.

I shrugged and decided to pull on jeans and a t-shirt too. I was moving my stuff around my bed when I saw my jet black shoes. Suddenly, I had a flash of memories. There was people dancing and drinking in a room, the party Room of Requirement. I was obviously drunk and was still drinking. I saw myself fall a couple of times and then James was there too. After seeing myself drunk and in a terrible state my brain froze on a single memory, Freddie in bed with Alessandria.

I froze. I was in shock, I didn’t know what to do.

“Mae?” I heard Dom call from what felt like a distant land.

I couldn’t respond, it was like I had been frozen.

“MAE?” Dom yelled.

“I remember what Freddie did,” I squeaked, before starting to cry again.

I cried and cried and cried. Dom held me and after a while, changed my clothes into my pyjamas and tucked me into bed. I just sat there in shock and cried a couple more times. I just did my homework and Dom sat with me. I was lost, I had nowhere to go.

My brain kept sneaking back to replay the memory of me walking in on Freddie and Alessandria and also some words from what Freddie had said when I was knocked out.

‘I have been seeing Allie for the past month!’ Freddie and Alessandria had been dating for a whole month behind my back. I couldn’t believe it. I actually thought that he had liked me too.

One time, probably around four o’clock, someone had knocked on the door. Dom walked outside to talk to them, and I heard her scream at them, I had a certain feeling I knew who it was.

I didn’t go down to lunch or dinner, I didn’t want to go down to breakfast either on Monday but Dom made me go.

As I walked into the Great Hall, I knew people were staring, I looked different. I hadn’t put in an effort into how I looked. I even had my jumper on, I mean I normally don’t wear it so Freddie could see my bra. Today though, there was no one to impress. My hair was just in an average ponytail and I had no make-up on. I looked incredibly plain.

Dom led me towards the Gryffindor table to a spot where no one was.

“Everyone’s staring,” I grumbled as Dom put food on my plate.

“No one’s looking!” Dom half shouted. I saw people turn around.

“Dom, I’m not stupid,” I muttered, looking at my breakfast.

“Well, no one is!” Dom smiled, mixing her honey into her porridge.

“Do they all know?” I asked quietly.

“No,” Dom said.

“Good, they don’t need to know about my messed up love life,” I muttered, scoffing down hot eggs.

“I know, you’ve got enough on your plate,”

“I know, I’m not going to finish all of this,” I said pointing at my plate full of breakfast.

“Ha, good joke,”

We started to eat in silence again and the post arrived. I didn’t get anything except for an affectionate nip from my owl. I smiled weakly at her before she flew off towards the owlery. Dom had got a letter from home.

“What’s it about?” I asked.

“Christmas,” Dom grunted.

“My Christmas is going to suck, Mitch’s home,” I mumbled. Mitch was my older brother, who had moved out to get closer to work, he had graduated from Hogwarts two years ago. He was also the most annoying prat to walk this earth.

“Well come to mine!” Dom explained.

“I don’t know, I mean you spend it with the family,” I said.

“We consider you as family Mae!” Dom exclaimed.

“The family Dom, the family,” I emphasised.

“What?” If you hadn’t realised, Dom was incredibly slow in the morning.

“She means that I’m going to be there,” a voice said, from the other side of the table.

Dom and I looked up and saw Freddie towering over the other side of the table. No way. How dare he come over here and talk to me.

“Hi,” he said casually, sitting down.

I tensed. All he could say was a casual ‘hi’ after what he had done to me!

“Freddie,” Dom warned.

“Shut up Dom,” Freddie muttered at her, before leaning in to the centre of the table, “I need to talk to you,” he said looking at me.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” I grumbled. I took a deep breath, trying to control my rising anger, it wasn’t working very well, all I could think about was about cursing him right there on the spot.

“We need to talk though Mae, I want to talk about what happened,” he sighed.

“Well, you can go take your explanation elsewhere,” I said, my voice rising.

“I’d leave if I were you Freddie,” Dom warned.

“I want to talk!” Freddie said, “We need to sort things out! I want you to talk to me!”

“WELL I DON’T CARE FREDDIE!” I screamed. I had snapped, the whole Great Hall had gone silent. Freddie began to open his mouth, but I wasn’t finished.


“Mae-” he began.


“Come on, let’s talk outside,” Freddie said, standing up.

“YOU WANTED TO TALK HERE, SO SIT DOWN!” I yelled, pointing at his seat. He quickly sat back down.


Freddie stayed quiet.

I could hear people around me start whispering, I could hear a faint ‘Dom?”

“Ew!” Dom muttered, “I mean, he’s my cousin!”

Before the rumours could make it too far, I stood on the Gryffindor table and yelled to the whole school,


Everyone was silent and watching me. I could see Alessandria bright red in the face over at the Ravenclaw table, trying to hide from everyone. I stood their crying before I hopped of the table, flipped my middle finger up at both Freddie and Alessandria and ran from the hall in tears.

I could hear Dom calling me back, but I kept running as fast as I could go. I couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t really see where I was going, so I just ran to the comfortable path to Gryffindor tower.

But I didn’t notice a person walking this way before I crashed into them due to my watery eyes.

“Mae?” the person said.

“James?” I asked.

“Yeah, what’s wrong?!” he demanded.

“Freddie tried to talk to me,” I explained.

“Oh dear,”

“Yes, I screamed at him the middle of the Great Hall and embarrassed him and Alessandria,”


“And now I can’t stop crying!” I wailed.

“It’s ok,” he said, wrapping his arms around me, “It’s fine Mae,”

“I feel so bad!” I cried.

“No, you shouldn’t, he was the one that cheated on you!” he said.

“I know but..” I cried.

“Look Mae,” he said, looking me in the eyes, “I’ve dealt with enough of these break ups to know what’s best. You need to go round like you don’t care about him or Alessandria and that your perfectly fine, otherwise nasty rumours will spread about you,”

“Ok,” I said, straightening myself up, “Give me some tips,”

“Laugh at rumours about yourself and deny them,”


“Whenever you see Freddie or Alessandria act cold towards them,”


“Flirt with every guy possible in front of Freddie,”


“That’s pretty much it,”

“Ok, so laugh at rumours, ignore the idiots and flirt?” I asked.

“Spot on,” he laughed.

I grinned at him and I realised I wasn’t crying anymore.

“Hey! I’m not crying!”

“You were concentrating too hard on what I was saying,”

I sniffed, “Thanks James, you really are a god friend,”

“That’s ok, I’ll always be there for you Mae, I hope you know that. No matter what,”

I smiled and gave him a hug,

“I feel like you’re one of the only people I can trust, you and Dom,” I whispered.

“I trust you too,” James whispered.

“James, I’m sorry for being such a bitch towards you,” I whispered.

“I’m the one who should be sorry! I started the stupid fight!” James admitted.

“Sorry!” We both whispered.  

We pulled away and he smiled, just as Dom rounded the corner.

“Mae!” she called, running over to us, “James!”

“Hey Dom,” I smiled.

“I couldn’t find you! Are you ok?” she asked.

“Yeah, James was a real help,” I grinned up at him.

“Well, it’s better to see you two on good terms,” Rose sighed.

“Yeah, it’s good to be friends again,” James said.

“Why were you even fighting?” Dom asked suspiciously.

“Stupid reason,” I said.

“Ok, it must have been bad though,” Dom admitted.

We both raised our eyebrows.

“Rose told me you two weren’t even talking at Quidditch,”

We laughed.

“Rose picks up on those things,” James said grinning.

I was happy, so happy that I hadn’t even thought about Freddie or Alessandria.

“Dom?” I asked.


“I changed my mind,”


“I think I’ll accept your offer for Christmas,”

“Awesome! I’ll owl mum! This is going to be the best Christmas ever!”

“Wait? Are you staying with Dom over the Christmas break?” James asked.

“Yes!” Dom and I said.

“You’re going to love a Weasley-Potter Christmas,” James smiled.

I knew I was.


* * * * *


The rest of the school term was passing slowly when the next Hogsmeade day popped up. I was extremely excited to get outside the castle for the first time since arriving here. Dom, Carolyn, Robyn and I were all going down together and were probably going to meet James and his mates down there.

James and I had settled into a friendship, as best friends pretty much. I was extremely comfortable in my current relationship with him, in fact I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend. Although I had been approached by numerous boys asking if I wanted to ‘study’ with them or go to Hogsmeade with them. I just told them nicely as possible that I didn’t want to go with them as I was still ‘getting over’ Freddie. They understood and said ‘maybe some other time,’ which definitely wasn’t going to happen. I mean, one of them was Reid Taylor, a sixth year Hufflepuff who was as smart as a Hippogriff’s bum. He was also had the face of a rat and was way too bony.

James had found this all very funny. James had said to make Freddie more angry and upset, to say yes to some and even get caught snogging them in a broom cupboard when Freddie was on prefect duty, but I really wasn’t in the mood. James though had been seen with numerous girls since his party. Girl after girl after girl, James was caught snogging in classrooms, corridors and cupboards. I actually walked in on him once with a small, big chested girl in a classroom on the fifth floor when I was doing my prefect rounds with Al. All the girls James had been spotted with were all the same. Big boobs, short and very fake. I could tell James wasn’t looking for a real relationship, but for a bit of fun, like he was known for. This was considered normal for James, before his relationship with Alessandria, James was always spotted with numerous girls having ‘fun’ as he described it. When we asked James about it, he just laughed and said ‘I like getting round, my goal before I leave Hogwarts is to kiss every hot girl in this school,’ We pointed out that that would mean he would have to kiss Dom, so he added, ‘Except my ugly cousin Dom,’ He received a slap on the arm for that.  

Carolyn and Robyn had joined on Dom and my hating on Alessandria and Freddie (James hated Alessandria but he was still best friends with Freddie and gave him a hard time about it). On the same day of my outburst at Freddie in the Great Hall, I was having lunch with Carolyn, Robyn and Dom at the Gryffindor table when Alessandria slowly walked up. I automatically turned cold towards her, not wanting to talk to her.

“Hi Guys,” she mumbled.

“Hi,” everyone mumbled back, I just kept on ignoring.

“Can I sit down?” she asked.

“Um,” Carolyn muttered.

“Er,” Robyn mumbled.

“Urgh,” Dom said, wow Dom was actually speechless. There’s always a first for everything I suppose.

“No,” I said strongly, looking her in the eyes.

“What?” Alessandria shrieked, everyone in the Great Hall had turned to watch. When Alessandria realised, she tried to shrink down, I decided to stand up and embarrass her like she embarrassed me.

“You can’t sit with us Alessandria, not today, not tomorrow, not ever again.” I smirked.

“Why?” she whispered.

“Because you broke girl code,” I smiled.

“Girl code?”  she shrieked.

“Rule four, never get with your best friends boyfriend. Easy as pie,” I grinned. It’s true, when I became a serious member of the group Alessandria had explained the rules to me, I never knew they’d come in handy.

“No- wait, are you-” she asked.

“Kicking you out of the group? Yeah, I am,” I smirked.

“You can’t kick me out!” she shrieked.

“Well not alone I can’t, but if Dom, Carolyn and Robyn agree, then yes I can,” I smirked again.

Her face fell.

“Say ‘I’ if you agree on kicking Alessandria out permanently of the group,” I yelled.

“I!” Dom yelled, “You’re a real bitch for doing that Alessandria, don’t hurt my best friend again,”

“I!” Carolyn screamed, “It’s against girl code, a.k.a being the biggest skank ever,”

“I!” Robyn screamed, “Maybe if you weren’t a bitch this wouldn’t have happened,”

“WHAT! I CREATED YOU GIRLS!” she shrieked.

“No you didn’t, we created ourselves,” Robyn yelled at her.

“You will be nothing without me,” she warned.

“Watch us,” Carolyn smirked.

“You were never Queen of this school Alessandria, and face it, you never will,” I smiled meanly at her, “Bye Alessandria,”

“Don’t come near us again because if you do, it won’t be pretty,” Dom warned.

The whole hall was watching and Alessandria was starring open mouthed. I took this chance and grabbed my bag, stepping away from the table.

“Don’t step within one hundred feet of me, or I will ruin you,” I smiled as I slammed a pumpkin pasty in her face, “And I already have,”

I waltzed away, with Dom, Carolyn and Robyn running off after me. It was a good lunch.

So today, we were on our way to Hogsmeade, walking down the winding road chatting aimlessly about what to do in Hogsmeade.

“Honeydukes, Three Broomsticks, Dervish and Bangs?” Carolyn suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” Dom said.

“Good, I need some sweets!” I giggled.

“Same! I’m not a sugar withdrawal,” Robyn laughed.

“Let’s go there first,” I said marching over to Honeydukes. I pushed the door open and the familiar tinkle of the bell above the door chimed and the scent of the lollies splashed me in the face. I filled a small bag of lollies and paid, I aimlessly sucked on an All-Flavoured lolly pop (lolly pop that tastes whatever you want it to) while waiting for the others.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Dom smiled, stuffing her bag of sweets into her handbag.

“I reckon we stop at Three Broomsticks for a drink, it’s too cold out here,” Carolyn chattered.

“Yes!” Robyn said, skipping off down the road.

Three Broomsticks was packed when we got there, it was loud and there wasn’t any tables left.

“There!” Carolyn shrieked at a big table across the room.  We quickly dashed across the room and saw the table was actually half full. On the table were James and his mates Ian and Oliver.

“Hey!” I smiled, walking over and plonking down on the seat next to James.

“Hey,” James replied, grinning back.

“Where’s my hey?” Dom shot across the table at James.

“HI DOM!” James yelled.

“NOT SO LOUD!” Dom yelled back. As they broke out into a full on cousins fight I calmly talked across James and Dom,

“Hey Ian, hey Oliver,”

“Hey Mae, how’s it going?” Oliver asked.

“Yeah, good to be out of the castle, you?” I replied.

“Fine,” Oliver replied.

“How are you Ian?” I asked.

“Stressed! Seventh year sucks,” he muttered.

“Get a girl to take your mind off the stress,” I smirked.

“Dunno,” he grumbled.

“Oh come on! Ask a girl out! There’s some really hot girls round,” I giggled, “What about Carolyn?” I knew for a fact that Carolyn had a massive crush on Ian.

“I don’t think she’d like a guy like me,” he said.

“You’d be surprised,” I smiled.

“Are you guys going to get a drink?” I asked Carolyn and Robyn who were talking to Oliver.

“Yeah, Butterbeer,” Robyn said.

“Same,” Carolyn agreed.

“Come on, toughen up and get a Firewhiskey with me,” I said.

“You’re not seventeen, they won’t give it to you,” Robyn explained.

“I’m close enough!” I shrieked.

“Yeah, how long is it?” Carolyn asked.

“Four weeks today,” I stated, proudly.

“What date?” James asked.

“Eleventh,” I smiled.

“The day we get back?” James asked.

“Yeah! Got me a present yet?” I joked.

“No, but I’ll get onto it,” he winked.

This wink sent shivers down my spine. Something that had stayed hidden for months had broken out. It came out and tried to own me. My love for James.

My brain was telling me to flirt with him and to make him jealous, I tried to fight it, but I felt the feelings surge through and take control.

“Well,” I breathed, batting my eyelashes, “It’s the thought that counts,”

He smiled and I felt my stomach do another backflip.

“Well, I’m going to get a drink, place your orders with me ladies and gents,” I said, standing up.

I received an order of six Butterbeer’s and wandered over to the bar. I sadly order the six Butterbeer’s and another for myself. I couldn’t wait till my seventeenth birthday. I was in need of a drink of Firewhiskey. I couldn’t believe of what had just happened just before. I leaned against the bar, taking deep breaths and running my hand through my hair.

James was one of my best friends and a boy that I use to have a little crush on. Ok, a massive one. I didn’t need to be crushing on a new boy, I was still fixing myself up from the Freddie incident. I didn’t need another complication in my life right now. I was then given my drinks and they were way too heavy so I charmed them to float over.

I had a mutter of ‘thanks’ as they floated onto the table and I sat down sipping mine. As we began to talk two people entered the bar and slowly started to walk over to us.

Freddie and Alessandria.

Merlin’s pants, I was having a terrible day.

They had their hands intertwined and their heads close together as Freddie was whispering in her ear, she was smiling.


I quickly leaned across the table to Oliver and started flirting with him as the pair of them approached us. I smiled and giggled and even brushed my knee against his. He smiled and flirted back.

“Hey guys,” Freddie smiled as he came close to our table.

I simply ignored him and so did Carolyn, Robyn and Dom. James, Oliver and Ian smiled and said ‘hi’ back.

“Can we join you?” Alessandria whispered.

Everyone went silent and turned to look at me, I just ignored them all and examined my perfectly polished nails.

“Ok,” Ian smiled.

Great, thanks Ian. It’s good that I never really liked him anyway. They sat down carefully.

“So,” Freddie said to break the silence, “How’s everyone?”

“Good,” Most people muttered, I was still ignoring.

“Well, I’m going to get some drinks for me and Allie-Alessandria,” Freddie muttered, walking quickly to the bar.

Everyone was silent, then the boys started to engage in conversation.

“So girls, how’s it going?” Alessandria asked confidently.

“Fine,” grumbled Carolyn.

“Great! I miss our little make-overs though? Don’t you?” she smiled.

“Kind of,” Robyn admitted when I said ‘no’.

“Sorry?” Alessandria asked, eyes wide.

“No, I don’t miss our little make-overs, tell you why?” I sneered, “Because you’re there acting like my best friend, when really, you’re cheating on your boyfriend with my boyfriend,”

“Mae! I am really, really sorry! I’ve tried to apologize but you never listen!” Alessandria shrieked.

“I don’t care!” I yelled, “It’s not something you forgive quickly!”

I quickly summoned myself together and before Alessandria or anyone could do anything, I grabbed my wand out of my bag and pointed it at Alessandria, bellowing,


Massive, yellow pimples erupted on Alessandria’s face, some even exploded pus. People laughed and Alessandria screamed. I slyly walked up to her, standing a safe distance away to talk to her.

“I told you if you came near me it wouldn’t be pretty,” I smirked, “By the way, you’ve got a zit,” Everyone roared with laughter and Alessandria whimpered. I turned on my heel and stalked out of the bar, swishing past a startled Freddie. I quickly whispered to him as I walked by,

“Don’t you wish you stayed with me?”

I flipped my hair over my shoulder and pushed the door open. As soon as the cold air hit me, I couldn’t believe what I’d just done. I had actually jinxed someone in front of a massive crowd. Bullocks! Third years had been in there and I was bloody prefect. Prefects don’t go round jinxing people in crowded public areas!

I hope my badge doesn’t get confiscated.

 I started to walk slowly, towards the castle again, still arguing with myself about my little slip, when I heard someone running towards me in the crunching snow.

“Mae,” the voice said, Merlin’s pants it’s James, I really didn’t need this right now.

“James,” I greeted coolly, still walking.

“What happened in there?” he asked, catching up with me.

“I snapped, I can’t believe I let them get to me!” I roared.

“I thought it was bloody brilliant!” James yelled back.

“You- you did?” I whispered, shocked.

“I may be Head Boy, but I do like a bit of revenge jinxing,” he smiled.

My stomach flipped, “I feel bad,” I admitted.



“Feel bad,”


“They cheated on you, she deserved a bit of humiliation and revenge,”

“That just drives me to walk back in there and jinx Freddie too,”

“As your best friend, I say go for it, but as his best mate, don’t,”

“I wouldn’t anyway, I feel bad enough,”

He laughed. “I have a feeling though you don’t care,”

“I do, a lot,”

“You still like him?”

I thought hard about this question, “Yeah, I do, I thought I was in love with him, it’s hard to let that go. But, I hate him at the same time for cheating on me,”

“I know,”

We walked slowly into the castle, not breathing a word. I hated silence, it left me in my own thoughts. As we walked towards the stair case towards Gryffindor tower my stomach wouldn’t stop doing backflips. I mentally told it to get a grip on itself as James was my best friend.

When we reached the entrance of the portrait hole, James did something much unexpected, he grabbed my hand.

“Mae, I hope you know that I’ll be there for you, all the way,” he whispered.

Cue, the eruption of butterflies in my stomach.

“I know,” I smiled.

“I will always be there for you, I can’t bear to see you hurting,” he whispered.

Cue eruption of hummingbirds.

“If you ever need anything, come to me,” he whispered.

Cue eagles.

“You’re a great person Mae, I really enjoy your company,” and he kissed me on the cheek, before climbing through the hole.

No you idiot, the portrait hole, not the hole you were thinking about.

Grow up you twits-

Merlin’s baggy, baggy underpants, holy shit, James Potter had just kissed me on the cheek and told me he was always going to be there for me.



A/N: eeep! Mae and James are friends again! What do you think of Mae's little anger slip ups on Alessandria and the screaming at Freddie? Hope it wasn't to much!

The next chapter is called Travels and here is a sneak peak ;)

"Do you have a boyfriend Mae?"

I froze. 

"Dad, she doesn't" Dom sighed. 

"I just broke up with mine," I grumbled to Bill. 

"Who was this boy?" Bill asked.

"Freddie," Dom and I said in unison. 

"Our Fred? Why would you break up with a nice boy like that?" 

"He cheated on me,"


I also have a new story starting soon set in the Marauders time. Watch out for it!! 

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