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How Freaking Wonderful by HogwartsKid
Chapter 1 : Meet the OC
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Wonderful chapter image by ImposedWriter@tda

Disclaimer: Anything recognizable belongs to JK Rowling

A/N: Hello everyone who's stumbled upon this story. This is my first one, so all feedback would be greatly appreciated!

"Galleon", I say for the umpteenth time, getting no response from The Wall.


It's official-The Wall hates me. No, I'm not exaggerating, it's completely legitimate. It all started when I was a tiny first year Slytherin (an adorable one at that!), unknowingly being taken to the most evil contraption in the wizarding world. The prefect showing us to the Common Room gave it the password, and it slid right open, like an obedient little wall. Me, being a teensy tiny bit spacey, was distracted with all the Dungeon-y coolness, was the last one through the entrance, and before I could get through, the blasted wall closed itself! I was out there for two hours yelling for someone to let me in before anyone even realized I was gone. Ever since then, The Wall has had it out for me, reasons unbeknownst to my marvelous self. At first, I called it The Wall of All Evil and Despair, but then after getting a lot of weird looks, I shortened it to The Wall.


"Look," I try again, attempting to reason with it, "You know that I'm in Slytherin, I've been through here a million times, and I'm absolutely sure the password is Galleon, so can you please let me in? I'm not Sirius Black, trying to break in, I've just had a hard day and want to go mope in my bed."

The Wall, of course, doesn't respond, the cold hearted bastard.


This is when I might have overreacted just a tad…

"You stupid wall! Just let me into the fucking Common Room! I've told you the password and it's the law that you have to let me in or I'll go to tell the headmistress!"


The wall remained as impassive as...a normal wall. But it's not a normal wall. It's a vicious wall of hatred.

"Ugh! Just let me in! Galleon! GALLEON! GALLEON! GALLEON! GALLEON!" and then I kicked the wall and it hurt...a lot. "Owwww" I moaned, hopping on one foot and clutching the other in my hands.


"Nettle" I heard a deep voice say behind me. Turning in my one-footed state, I see Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter standing behind me, giving me seriously dubious stares.


"Wha?" I say, still more focused on my foot, which is still hurting like hell and probably broken beyond repair and will fall off any second.


"The password" Scorpius says again, slower this time, like he's talking to a younger child. I resent that, seeing as I'm a year older than the two of them, "is Nettle."


My jaw drops and I'm pretty sure I resemble a really attractive gaping fish "What? What! No, no it's not. The password's Galleon! It couldn't have changed, it hasn't been two weeks yet and I wasn't told that-"

Behind me The Wall opens and Albus Potter raises his eyebrow at me judgementally, which I don't appreciate in the least. I already get enough of that from his brother.


"The password changed today," he said in that same tone of voice Scorpius used before, and what is it with the slow voices? They're talking to me like I'm mental, and I assure you I'm not a crazy person! I'm a completely normal seventeen year old girl, who does completely normal things hell, I just had a fight with a brick wall and lost, so I deserve to be talked to in 'slow voice'!


"Clara? Clara! You still with us?" Albus Potter said, waving a hand in front of my face

"Huh?" I say, snapping back into the conversation, "Yeah, of course, you were just saying that...what were you saying again?"

"The password change was announced this morning in the Common Room. It's on all the notice boards in there and in each dorm room."

"Oh", I reply weakly. I now remember wishing the prefect reading some announcement in the common room would just shut up so I could do my Potions homework, and just tuning them out completely. Oops. "Well, I'll just be going now, people to see, homework to do", and with that I hopped off into the Slytherin Dungeon, still clutching my injured foot in my hand, Scorpious and Albus staring after me, mystified.


To think that this was probably going to be the high point of my day.


"Clara! Witch Weekly came! There's a new article on Viktor Krum! And a photo-shoot! Where he's shirtless and-oh my god what happened to your foot?" shrieks Dom, my ever observant friend.


"It hit against...something" I reply feebly, falling onto my bed


"Did you have a temper tantrum getting into the common room again?" said my other friend, Imogen, wisely.


"No, that was only that one time!" I lie, being jostled as the two of them vault over onto my bed. Prying off the shoe, I brace myself for a grossly swollen and purple foot. We all lean forward in anticipation, and I finally peel off my school sock to reveal a completely average foot.  No bruises or swelling or anything. How can that be possible?


"Drama queen" Dom coughed into a fist, her and Immy wearing identical smirks. This coming from the girl who cried when she got a hole in one of her sweaters.


"Oh shut up! I'm not the one with the Viktor Krum obsession! It's creepy! He's your mum's age! And he dated your aunt!" Talking about Dom's freaky crush on the Krumster is always a good way to deflect conversation.


"I just have more sophisticated taste", she said, nose in the air,  "I need a more mature man."


"Just think," Immy says, slinging her arm around Dom's shoulder "When you're the spry age of fifty, he'll be grey, wrinkly and elderly. Your daytime hobbies will include helping him clean his dentures, playing bridge and AHHH!" The rest of her sentence was cut off as Dom pushed her off the bed.  Immy retaliated by grabbing a pillow from my bed and throwing it at Dom, but hitting me in the face instead. The most epic pillow fight of all time ensued. Pillows were flying around the room, either from being thrown or enchanted to repeatedly hit one person. We were all jumping from bed to bed, ducking behind trunks and rolling under beds, the pain of my foot forgotten. I take coverage behind Dom's truly enormous trunk (really, you could fit the whole Wotter clan in their), applauding myself silently for finding this hiding space, until two figures appear above me. "Pillow attack!" they yell, launching themselves at me, sending all of us to the floor. We end up in a heap on the ground, all laughing like maniacs.


My friends might be a tad mental, but I love them like mad. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm just as mental as them.


Tap. Tap. Tap.

Just ignore it.

Tap. Tap.

Pretend it's not there and go back to sleep.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Does it not get that I'm ignoring it purposefully?

 Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

Obviously not.


Forcing my eyes open (god, eyelids weigh a ton!) I find the source of the mysterious tapping noise. My mother's distinct black and white speckled owl. Joy.

The common room's empty, so there's no one I can pressure into getting the letter for me. Immy's no doubt gone to the library-I swear she should've been a Ravenclaw, and Dom's out with her fling of the week-commitment isn't one of her strengths. My two other roommates, Violet and Cornelia, are absent, but I wouldn't have asked them even if they were present. We don't really like each other, if that wasn't just made blatantly obvious.  It's not so much anything they've ever done, just that we have clashing personalities. They're obsessed with their image and I'm weird and laugh at my constant awkwardness. Some people wonder why Dom's not their friend, but those are the people that don't know Dom at all. Dominique Weasley might be a natural flirt and spend a fair amount of time in front of the mirror, but she's one of the fiercest, most loyal people I've ever met. She's ready to defend her friends in any situation, unlike Violet and Cornelia, who would ditch anyone who would risk their precious reputations. Plus, they're kind of just really bitchy people.


Tap. Tap. Tap.


"I'm coming!" I yell at the owl, slowly getting out of bed and walking towards the window, taking my duvet with me, wrapping it around my shoulders so that I resemble a human-sized fajita.

I unlock the latch and the owl takes this as an invitation to invite itself in and fly around the room, letter still in it's clutches. I will never understand why wizards still use owls. I get that they're all for tradition and everything, but how much easier would it be just to send a letter magically? Lots, that's how much! Also, if Merlin was dead set on using an animal method of communication, why owls? I mean, let's face it, owls aren't the brightest creatures. Why not use something more creative, like flying monkeys? I would be down for a flying monkey messenger pet.


"Marble, give me the letter" I say in my stern parent voice. It doesn't work. "Marble, the letter." Yes, I'm aware that Marble is a stupid name, my mom has odd owl-naming taste. Marble, of course, drops the letter on the other side of the room. I hop over there, unwilling to unwrap myself from my blanket cocoon, choosing warmth over being able to walk properly.

The letter reads:


Dear Clarissa,


How has school been? Are your classes going well? Your father and I have been waiting to hear from you, we've already received 3 letters from your brother.


Well whoop de doo Carson being the parent's pet. Three letters, really? I mean, what could he have to write about? We've only been back at Hogwarts for a month.


I hope Gobstones Team is going well.


Yes, I'm the Captain of the Hogwarts Division of the Gobstones League. No, it's not something I like to spread around. In second year, Flitwick saw me slaughter Immy in a game and then pronounced that I must be on the team, that I would bring back the Hogwarts winning streak that hasn't been seen since Eileen Prince was Team Captain. Other people are quidditch captains, I'm a Gobstones Club captain. But hey, there are some perks, like getting a ton of trophies, being Flitwick's favourite student, getting to travel to Beauxbatons, Durmstrang and The Salem Witch Institute for games, and getting to pummel tons of gobstone players from around the world.


Carson has informed us that he will be spending Winter Break with the Potters. As your father and I will be on a ministry trip to Paris,  we have arranged for you to go to the Potters for the holiday as well. I know you would rather stay with Dominique, but with all the preparations for the wedding, they don't need to have to worry about an extra person. We don't want you to be alone for the holidays, and staying at Hogwarts alone is out of the question. I'm sorry Clarissa, I know you won't be thrilled with this decision, but the Mr. and Mrs. Potter have been very accommodating, so please be on your best behavior. You can thank me for making preparations so far in advance in your next letter.


With love,



No. No, no, no. NO! I refuse! I will not go to the Potters! This cannot be happening! No! My break, my time away from all annoying people at school, is now gone, just like that. Why is my life cursed?

This is all Carson's fault.


Carson is responsible for this.

Which means he can fix it.



With that, I take off running, leaving my cozy blanket behind. I run until I reach the Gryffindor Tower. Halting in front of the fat lady, I come to the realization that I don't know the password.


Here we go again…


"Excuse me," I start, "I need to get in there. I have an urgent situation to deal with. Can I please be let in?"


"Password?" she drawled.


"No, I don't have the password, as you can see, I'm not a Gryffindor. But my brother is, and he's in there and I really need to see him. Please let me through."


"Dear, you must know how this works by now. You give me the password, and I let you through. No password, no entrance."


"Please! I'm begging you! I just-I really have to get in" I plead, actually getting down on my knees.


"No can do dearie, you need a password"

As stubborn as she is, at least the fat lady can carry on an argument like a proper House entrance guardian or whatever they are. The Wall should take lessons from her.


"What if I-" I was just about to resort to bribing her with her favourite sherry when the door swings open. Since I'm kneeling right in front of the portrait, I'm knocked backwards and lying on the floor. My day is getting worse and worse. I should just stay on the floor, prevent anything else horrid from happening.


"Need help?" a masculine voice asks from above, holding out a hand.


"I think I'll just stay down here, contemplating my rapidly declining luck."


"Well then, down I come" and with that, Oscar Davies, seventh year Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain (what he was doing in the Gryffie's Tower, I know not) and the Claw's hottest guy, is lying beside me. "Hey"


"Hi", I reply, still really confused as to why Oscar Davies is talking to me. I mean, we have some classes together and chat occasionally when partnered up, but I would in no way consider him a friend.


"What are you doing down here?"


"You knocked me over when you came out of the portrait. Since then I've become rather attached to the floor and have now decided to just stay here forever."


"That might not be the wisest decision, dinner is pretty soon, and when everyone pours out, you'll be getting a lot of footprint marks on your face."


"Good point. I should probably get up then. I have a brother to yell at anyway" and with that I hoisted myself off the floor, Oscar following my example.


"Nice seeing you Clara" he said, turning to leave.


"Yeah, you too" I reply, thoroughly perplexed.


"Oh, and by the way, the password's Treacle"

And with that he left me to contemplate how everyone seemed to know everyone else's password when I could barely remember my own.

A/N: You've finished the first chapter! I know it starts off slow, but hang in there. I promise James will be introduced in the next chapter.

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