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Starting Over, Again by xBlack Paradisex
Chapter 10 : Positive
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Hermione looked up at Draco, and felt all those old feeling hit her head on. She never stopped caring for him, and she never stopped loving. She just forgot how much she actually loved him. She leaned her head on his shoulder, smiling a small smile of contentment. As she sat there, the smile started to fade. What was she going to do? He needed to know about Aly. It wasn't fair, it never was to begin with. She lifted her head and looked at him, to see his eyes shut. She smiled, and laid her head back on his shoulder.

“I forgot how good your kisses were.” Draco said aloud, causing Hermione to jump a little.

“I thought that you were sleeping.”

“No, just shut my eyes.” He said, opening his eyes and sitting up properly. “It has been a few hours. I think that I will go and check on Josh. He might need something.” He said before kissing the top if her head and standing up. Hermione watched him walk away to her daughters hospital room, and sighed. They had just spent the last three hours talking, sitting in silence, and stealing kisses. That is what she wanted. She wanted him, and it was obvious that he wanted her. The only thing that would make it all a dream come true, was if Alexz was all better.


Draco was happy, but feeling horrible for it. Here he was, basking in the happiness of him and his Mione, while Aly was most likely dying. He sighed as he walked into Aly's room. He saw Josh standing by Aly, taking a blood sample.

“How's it going mate?” Draco asked Josh as he pulled out the syringe, the third syringe.

“It's going. I have done about fifty tests or so, and I still haven't found the one yet.” Josh answered disappointingly.

“Hey, you are doing what you can right?” Draco said and Josh nodded. “What's wrong mate?” He asked. He knew Josh, and the look that Josh had, he knew there was something going on. Josh looked his friend in the eye, and sighed.

“I feel so horrible. I mean, I have made progress, thankfully. It's just... she's hurting.” He said, looking at Aly.

“What do you mean?” Draco asked, feeling a little worried, and scared for Alexz.

“D, she's in pain.” Josh said, and Draco's face went white. “You see, being poisoned like this... what happens is that you fall into a deep sleep, but in your mind, it's like you are in a dark deep hole, or room. And since the poison is at this level, the one who did it, is hurting her. I knew that when I took her vitals. Her heart is beating, but its racing, and its starting to weaken.”

“What.... what are you saying? Is she dying?” Draco asked, tears flooding his eyes. 'This isn't right', he thought. 'She's just a baby'.

“Yeah mate, slowly, and painfully.” Josh said and everything went quiet. After a moment, Draco walked to Josh's desk, where he was running some more tests.

“Do you need anything?” Draco asked in a low voice.

“Coffee?” Josh asked and Draco nodded. “Three sugars, two creams, large.” Josh said and Draco nodded before walking to the door. Josh turned back to his work.

“Don't say anything to Mione.” Draco said in a low voice before walking out of the door. If anything happened, he wanted to tell her.


Josh was waiting for the results of tests fifty-one through fifty-five, while reading a text book on all the different poisons and everything about them. He was reading about each one, just to be safe. Each set of tests took a little while to get done. Whenever he gets the right one, he would look it up, do a chemical test on it, and then he'd have all the answers, including the medicines Alexz would need to be better. As he was reading, a low ringing started coming from his bag. He dug into the bag, pulling out his cell phone.


“Hey baby.” Pansy said on the other line. “How are you?”

“Tired.” He said before realizing something. “Babe, what are you doing awake? You should be resting, and you better be off your feet.” He said and she laughed at him.

“Working hard?”


“Sweet heart, it's eight thirty. I slept, I got about seven hours of sleep, not to mention the nap I took last night, and will most likely take later. And yes, I am off my feet. I am more worried about you.” She said and he smiled. He really did love her with everything.

“I am fine, waiting for some results on the tests I am doing now. I am really hoping I have an answer soon. This is a bad one Pansy. It's Hermione Granger's daughter.”

“What?” She said, and he could see her in his mind sitting up dramatically when he said that, causing him to chuckle softly.

“Yeah, and her daughter is so cute. You would love her instantly when you saw her.”

“Well, how are Draco and Mione?” She asked in a sad voice.

“I don't know. I have been with Alexz doing tests for the last few hours, haven’t even left the room.”

“And how much coffee have you had?” She asked with amusement. He looked at the desk and saw 4 large cups, all empty, and he was drinking his fifth.

“I am on my second one.”


“You know me so well.” he said and heard her laugh a little, which brightened his world more.

“I do, and you are lucky for it. Now, the one you are drinking is your last cup, and get some food. And please tell Draco that I said hello. Now, I am going to go relax in a warm lavender and chamomile bath while I read a book about babies, so that we have something to talk about after you get some sleep. Then maybe I will pick out colors for the nursery, and some other things that would bore you.”

“It would never bore me. Enjoy your bath love, and I will call you as soon as I am done.”

“I know, and remember; no more coffee, eat something, and take your time.”

“I know.”

“I love you a million strawberry jellybeans.” She said and he laughed. She saw this movie once where a mother and daughter always used candy in a 'I love you' statement, and it stuck with her, and he loved it, and knew it would be passed down to his child-on-the-way, and the future children.

“I love you a million cherry licorice wands.” He said and she laughed. “Bye sweetie.”

“Bye baby.” She said and he hung up his phone. He drained the rest of his coffee, and the timer went off for the test results. He looked, and sighed. No match. He grabbed new vials, and set up for the next tests. After getting the tests going and everything, he got up out of his chair and stretched, causing some cracking, and then walked to Aly.

“Hey Aly, I am just gonna check you out, okay?” He said and got his stethoscope ready to checked her vitals. He then checked her blood pressure, and temperature. Everything was the same, except her heart rate was a little more shallow. He put the stethoscope around his neck, and brushed some hair out of her face. “Don't worry sweetie, I will find it.” He said before walking out of her room.


“How is she?” Hermione asked when Josh walked out of her room. Josh smiled at her and walked to her and everyone that was waiting for some news.

“She is still asleep, and she is stable. I am running a few more tests, but I needed to stretch my legs. I will be going back in in a few minutes, just needed to walk around.” He said and Hermione nodded.

“Of course, you should also get something to eat.” Hermione said and Josh smiled at her.

“Yeah I am. I have a horrible coffee addiction, so Pansy is always cutting off my coffee supply and making me eat so that there is no room for coffee.” He said with a laugh and Hermione smiled at him. “She wanted me to say hello to you, and Draco.” He said and Hermione smiled more.

“Please tell her that I say hello too. Now, go and get yourself some food.” She said and he laughed before walking off.

“I need some fresh air. Mione, do you wanna come?” Ginny asked and Hermione nodded. They linked arms and walked through some halls, before walking outside to a Zen garden that was in the center yard of the hospital. They sat near a weeping willow tree before they started talking. “How are you holding up?”

“Honestly, I am shocked that I am still breathing. I cant tell you how badly this hurts Ginny. I feel so... helpless. There is nothing that I can do, and that is just a horrible feeling.” She said and Ginny wrapped her arm around Hermione's shoulders.

“Well, I bought you out here because I have something to tell you, but I have been waiting until a good time, but I don't know when that will be, hopefully soon.”

“Tell me what?” Hermione asked looking at Ginny.

“Well, Harry and I are pregnant, again.” Ginny said and Hermione smiled at her, and hugged her.

“Oh Ginny that's so great. I am so happy for you guys. How far along?” She asked puling out of the hug.

“Almost two months. We had only just found out a few days ago, and I wanted to tell you, but then you had work, and then Aly... I just didn't want to upset you more.”

“Well I'm not, I am really happy for you guys.” She said and they made small talk for a few more minutes, before Hermione got antsy and asked if they could go back, so they started to make their way back.


Josh returned to Aly's room, sat down, and started eating his breakfast sandwich. Just as he took the last bite of his sandwich, the timer went off. He took a big drink from his orange juice before looking at the results. On test number fifty-seven, there was a positive match. Not letting himself get too excited, he did three more tests, with the same variable as number fifty-seven, and waited on the edge of his seat. While he was waiting, he heard a whimper that stopped his heart. He shot out of his seat and walked to Aly. He pressed two fingers onto her neck, and got worried. He ran to the door and saw Luna.

“Luna, run and find Dr. Simmons, its an emergency.” He said and Luna ran to the front desk.

“What's wrong?” Hermione and Ginny asked at the same time and josh looked at them. He didn't’t want to, but knew that he had to tell the truth.

“Aly's heart stopped beating.” He said before running back into the room, not seeing Hermione fall to the ground. He got to Aly's bed and started CPR compressions. A moment later, Dr. Simmons was in the room.

“What happened?”

“I got a positive on a test, so I began rerunning it, when I heard her whimper. I checker her pulse and it was very faint, then it stopped, and I called for you.”

“Stand clear.” Dr. Simmons said as he pulled out his wand, said a spell and placed the tip of his wand on Aly's chest, giving her heart a shock, like with a crash cart. Josh checked her pulse, nothing. “Again!” Dr. Simmons shouted. Josh backed up, and the Dr. repeated the same spell and wand action. Josh watched horrified as if in slow motion; Aly's body rose a bit with the shock that flashed through her body, then wen flat against the bed. Josh checked her pulse once again, and let out a happy gasp.

“I have a pulse. We need to hook her up now.” He said and Dr. Simmons ran to the door.

“Kira, we need the works, now!” He shouted and a moment later a girl walked in with all the things they needed. They hooked Aly up to some saline, vitamins, and a feeding tube. While the nurse and Dr. Simmons got Aly comfortable, Josh walked out the the waiting room.

“Hermione?” Josh called and her head shot up and looked at him. His heart broke, because she looked so broke. She was on the floor, Draco was behind her on one knee, with both of his arms around her, and Ginny and Harry were on the floor in front of her. Ginny's held Hermione's right hand, with her arm around her shoulders, and Harry's hands held Hermione's left hand. “We got her back.” He said and Hermione's eyes shut as a tear fell down her face.

“Thank you.” She said with a cracked voice that was full of grief.

“We have her set with some vitamins, and a feeding tube so that we can keep her strength up. And, I think I found the poison.” He said and her eyes flew open.

“You think?”

“Yes. I got a positive, and I am running the test again, just to be safe. If they are all positive, then I will have the cure in a few minutes.” he said and Hermione smiled at him. Just then, he heard the small alarm. He looked at them and went back to the room to check the results. All positives. Before he even looked up the poison, he went back out there to tell them the good news.

“What is it?” Hermione asked him. He smiled at her before answering.

“We got four positive results.”

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