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Sophia's Story by ForeverAWeasley
Chapter 2 : The Message
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Disclaimer: nothing's mine! I wish I was JKR.



The next day, I went to History of Magic very early in the morning once again. This time, I surprisingly enough, was not late to class. I talked to Annabelle before class again, and sat with her and James today. We were friends again. I missed her and forgot how easy she was to talk to. I knew there was a reason we had been best friends for eleven years. I talked a little to James, but it was nothing extremely important. I found he was friends with Luke, my Care of Magical Creatures friend. Along with Hannah and Cameron, Luke was the person I talked to most in Transfiguration, too. I guess it was nice to know that. 


Later, in Transfiguration, I was working with Luke, out of earshot from Cameron and Hannah, and I casually brought up James. I didn’t want Hannah and Cameron to think something that was not true. But I really was intrigued by James. Because of his fame, I was surprised I really hadn’t had much interaction with him before this year. Thinking back on it, I remembered the Quidditch game Cameron had reminded me of last night. James and Fred were sitting behind me and Cam, along with some of their other friends. I was vaguely friends with Fred, but really the only things I had known about James were about the Great Hall Fiasco and the mild fame his last name brought him. Even through this, I found myself often turned around at the game, in conversation with James. I could not tell you what it was about, but I do remember thinking to myself, “What if I started something with James Potter? How strange and random would that be?” I brushed these thoughts off soon after the game, however, when I never saw him again. Until now, when he sat one seat away from me in history.

                James, Annabelle, and I sat together in history from the second day onward. I started conversing with them more and more, as Binns never noticed any student disruptions. He was dead; what can you expect?


Anyway, when other students would glare at us for “disrupting their education” –this was a mostly Ravenclaw class –we would just pass notes.

 Most of our conversations consisted of random talk to pass the time: gossip, drawing each other pictures and charming the figures, pointless written games. Annabelle and I started getting close again. She started telling me things about her life and her boys, how her ex-boyfriend was trying to get back with her and how she never would (thank god, he was most definitely on some hard drugs). I had forgotten how much I missed her while we hadn’t been talking. 


James was also in many of our conversations. He had witty remarks and seemed fun, if a little intense. Once we had discovered that we had mutual friends, we started talking about that. We talked about Luke, a lot. Especially since Annabelle also vaguely knew him –mostly just because she thought his eyes were pretty, but hey, that’s something. Come to think of it, James’ eyes were nothing to be shrugged off either. I think I noticed them more than any of the conversation over the first few weeks of the term. They were just blue –not mixed with green like Luke’s, not with flecks of gold like Annabelle’s, not dark on the outside and lighter on the inside like mine. Just big, consistently blue eyes. They were very intense, too. Just his stare could make me blush. I think his long, girly eyelashes had something to do with it.


However, James’ and my acquaintanceship did not extend beyond History of Magic. That is, until one day, immediately after classes had ended for the day and I was heading toward Ravenclaw tower, I felt my pocket burn. 


Most of the wizarding kids these days had wizables. They were these small stones that you could carry around in your pocket and send messages or talk to other wizable-owners on. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure Hermione Granger started the idea while she was at Hogwarts. But currently, I was wondering who would be messaging me right after class, especially as I would see Hannah and Cameron in less than a minute. I was surprised to see I didn’t have a name plugged in for the messager, but I needn’t worry for long, as it was included in the message. 

James had messaged me, saying something about not having his History of Magic textbook and wondering if I knew where it was. Obviously, I didn’t –which got me to thinking, was this just an excuse to talk to me? I was surprised to find myself hoping it was. I didn’t even know where he got my wizable address, as I didn’t have his. When I brought this to his attention, he said Fred gave it to him. And Fred was there the night of the Quidditch match that Cameron had brought up, said a little voice inside my head. But I paid it no meaning. Fred was friends with James and I was always in classes with Fred, so we had become almost-friends. Plus, Fred had been in love with Cameron practically his whole life. They played Quidditch together in a miniature league before Hogwarts and during third year it became a little pathetic how he would follow her around. I think he had a muggle girlfriend now, though. Apparently it was getting serious. Maybe he was over his little puppy-love with Cam now.


Nonetheless, James and I continued messaging for the rest of the night, his missing textbook forgotten from the conversation. When we were talking in history the next day, out of earshot of Annabelle, I brought it up again.


“What textbook?” James responded when I asked if he had recovered it.

“You know, the one you lost yesterday…” I continued, wondering if I had gone crazy.

 “Ohhh… yeah, got it right here,” James motioned to his desk, where all of his parchment and ink were sitting, along with his book. “I came back to the room after lessons were over, it was just sitting on Binns’ desk.”


“Oh that’s nice.. good thing you found it. You would have been fucked for that test today without it,” I said, and the conversation shifted back toward school topics. I still couldn’t shake the thought that James had only been looking for an excuse to talk to me, as his textbook- problem seemed easy enough to solve, without consulting me. But I didn’t like to get my hopes up, so I shook it off. 

After class that same day, I wasn’t surprised to feel my wizable go hot in my pocket again. And I wasn’t surprised to see a message from James, asking something about the history homework for the night. The conversation quickly faded from homework, again. I was surprised how easy it was to message with James, just as it was easy to talk to him. Still, I knew my messages were flirty, and I interpreted James as the same. I, being a naturally argumentative person, made some comment about someone’s relationship and how guys generally didn’t understand that girls don’t always want a relationship.


I know, I’m not dumb. Girls sometimes just want a good shag, too. James’s message read. I laughed at how bluntly he had stated it.

Sounds like you’re very familiar with this subject? I questioned, trying to get him to say something about his past relationships. I also realized how little I knew about him.


Maybe. I don’t like relationships, love screwed me over. It’s better to just fuck and chuck. I was constantly surprised at James’ hard opinions, but Luke had assured me that it was just James. That’s who he was, and sometimes that meant people didn’t like him.


I kind of agree. Relationships are hard, they mess you up. Sex is easy. I didn’t think as the letters appeared on my stone.

 I know. Is there some guy that makes you say this? James answered. I hoped he’d said that jealously, but I couldn’t tell. Maybe he was just trying to get to know me, as I was him.

 Haha, there is. I’m still in love with him, but its complicated.  Why I was spilling so much to a guy a barely knew, I couldn’t answer. But I knew it felt good. I hadn’t talked to anyone this in depthly about my relationship with Jeff in a while, and I felt like James would understand.


It’s not like Ben or something, right?


GOD no, I responded, thinking about how much I hated my best friend’s boyfriend. Haha, I’m not much of a fan of Ben. It’s complicated because we used to date and had a bad relationship, but we’re still friends and I definitely still love him. 

Ooh, who is it then? James asked. His pressure wasn’t getting annoying, surprisingly, as I’m easily annoyed.


You wouldn’t know him, he’s a seventh year and he’s quiet. I responded, not quite knowing why I wasn’t just telling him. I think I just wanted him to want to know more.


You’d be surprised, I know quite a lot of people, he messaged back. I thought about his friendship with Cam and realized that this was very true.


Even more of a reason not to tell you, then. He doesn’t know I still love him.  

And why would I tell whoever this mystery man is? This is also true. Damn, James should be a lawyer or something.

Good point. His name’s Jeffrey, I finally admitted to James.

Wait… not Jeffrey Ainsley… James responded, after a little while.


No! Ew I would never date him, thinking back to a nerdy boy in our year that never showered. I think he was a Hufflepuff. I continued the message, Jeffrey Armstrong. We had a thing a couple years ago.


Oh, I never knew that. I play Quidditch with Jeff. He’s in my house, he’s a nice guy. Oh, that made sense, now that I think about it. But it’s probably not good that I just admitted my love for one of my friends to a guy I think I might be starting to fancy.


Oh right, I forgot you played Quidditch. He is a nice guy. I kind of ruined him, I was a bitch, I responded. Too late now to keep my mouth shut.

 I’m sorry about Jeff. But I know what you’re feeling. I’m still in love with my ex, too. I was surprised to read the message, and even more surprised at the small bubble of fear that was building in my stomach.


Oh and what’s the story about that? Who is she? I had this sick craving to know more about him.


She was a muggle, I grew up with her. She moved to France a couple years ago but she came home for holidays, so I saw her then. Her name’s Abigail. We were best friends when we were young, and as we got older, we got closer. Over the next few texts, James told me how he realized he loved her and they slept together when she was back for Christmas last year. Then how she left him because she didn’t believe in long-distance relationships and how she hadn’t talked to him since, no matter what he did. And how he drank and became a total man-slut after he realized what love could do. I was shocked by his total unveiling of something so personal to him. But this provoked my question –after  some “I’m sorry that happened to you” bullshit –of So how many girls have you shagged?


Four, I think, including Abigail. But I mostly meant just snogging and messing around with other girls at parties and shit. How about you?


Just one. I responded, not really wanting to get into this story.


Just Jeffrey? James answered, probably surprised at my earlier comment about sex being easier than love.


No, I never slept with him. I was fourteen! It’s another guy… I just shag him whenever Jeff pisses me off. 


We never talk or any shit like that, I barely know Seamus. At this point in the conversation, it was getting late. I hoped none of the other girls realized I was still up and messaging with James.


Oh, yeah I get what you mean. Sounds like a good deal, someone to just snog and shag and not have to worry about feelings or shit with.


Sometimes, yeah I guess it is. I never really thought about it that way, Seamus was just always there.

Well, I’m just gonna come out and say it, even tho I feel like a prick. And I think you’ll say yes cause it seems like we both know what’s gonna happen eventually... I know this place that no one would come in on us if the two of us were to hang out tomorrow after class


I think my heart stopped when I read that message. It was so forward, so unexpected. But he was right, we both did know what was going on.  Still, something inside me wouldn’t respond. I had to think about things. It was too fast. I was scared for some reason; maybe because I thought I was starting to really fancy him. So instead, I told him that I couldn’t do anything tomorrow after school, and I think he got most of the message from the fact that suddenly it took me forever to respond to one of his messages. 



A/N: Blaahhh I know this one was boring :/ I promise the next one will introduce more characters and have more action!

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