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My Version of the World Wonder by RoseRed
Chapter 2 : The Disastrous Disaster
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Thank you again J.K. Rowling! I hope you enjoy my version and see my imitation as utter untainted dying love from a geeky fan.



On a cold, bleak October night, an abnormal scene began to unfold. A giant of man, in tattered shabby clothes, appeared from what seemed like thin air. . .

Disastrous. My beard caught the free-falling tears as I looked upon the work of a monster. I could feel my head shake involuntarily. How could anyone do this? The house is in shambles! Poor James and Lily! Oh, Harry! How could he kill that poor little boy? It has only been a few months since he celebrated his first birthday. Why take away a life that has just yet to begun? I blew a large amount of air out from between my lips. No time like the present, might as well get it over with Hagrid. I thought to myself as I begun to trudge through the ruble.

The house looked like a Dragon threw a fireball at it. I found a few melted forks, broken picture frames, burnt stuffed animals. Living with this evil, one would think I’d be used to seeing pain and damage. But no one, not even a half-giant like myself can prepare to see an entire family’s slaughtered bodies. I kept my eyes low, I just can’t stand seeing the bodies. I forced myself to keep growing through the house.

I was doing this for Dumbledore, he wanted me to bring him any clues that might help The Order. I chuckled, thinking of Dumbledore could always bring me a smile. That man, is one of a kind! I just wonder why he wants me to bring whatever I collect to a Muggle neighborhood? I was just about to give up on my mission when I heard an odd noise.

I froze in mid-step to hear a sort of rustling sound. It was coming from what was left of Harry’s room. I cautiously waded over the ruined house contents, getting closer and closer to the noise. It was coming from Harry’s turned over crib. My heart stopped.

No. No, it just can’t be! Can it? I took a giant leap cutting off the space between myself and the crib. I knelt down and gingerly picked the crib up in my right hand. What I saw made my heart pound against my chest, my eyes began to water, and the feeling of hope began to rise inside of me. He’s ALIVE!

A small pink being wrapped in a bright blue, lightly singed blanket was staring up at me. His bright green eyes full of wonder, too young to know fear.

I scooped him up in one swift movement and quickly turned to get out of the house. Breathing this filth, can’t be good for him. I wasn’t completely out of the doorway yet when I noticed a tawny brown old perched on a low branch of an oak tree next door. I recognized the owl as one of the Hogwarts owls. As I drew closer to the bird I noticed a small, ivory envelope clutched tightly in it’s beak. As I reached the base of the tree’s trunk. The owl dropped the letter and flew off with out so much of a head nod towards me.


I lifted the flap and withdrew the letter, as I looked over the ink I recognized the scrawl, it read:


I’m sure by now, you have discovered our little friend. If you would please come to the address we discussed with haste and do not be seen.

                                                                               Hoping this finds you well,

                                                                                        A.P.W.B. Dumbledore


OH! Dumbledore knew that Harry was alive! I tucked Professor Dumbledore’s letter safely away in my breast pocket and began to fish out my umbrella when a low rumble came from above. I scanned the sky, recognizing the motor. Sure enough, within a few seconds Sirius Black came into my view. He landed with a hard THUD! He didn’t even notice me, which is something that doesn’t happen quit often, I watched as he scurried over the house. From the shadows of the tree I could still see the pain in Sirius’s face, his knees buckled from under him and he buried his face on top of a man-size mound. I looked down, out of respect. I can’t imagine loosing my best friend.

A loud, almost animal, howl came it froze me to my position. I blinked away a few tears and watched as he did exactly what I did a few moments earlier. I could hear him mumbling, but I was too far away to make out any of his words. I didn’t want to be here all night, plus Professor Dumbledore was counting on me. I stepped out to call to him, “SIRIUS.”

His head snapped up at the recognition of his name. He watched me steadily move towards him before he began walking my way. “I’m going to kill him Hagrid, if it’s the last thing I’ll do. I will kill him!” His fist clenched, “I-I-I just don’t know what to do now.”

His had flew to his shoulder length, ink black hair. The half-giant looked down at the young man with eyes full of sorrow and pity, he had known Sirius Black for many years. Sirius finally brought his grey eyes up to Hagrid, “Oh.” He sucked in air immediately noticing the small bundled up blanket tucked under Hagrid’s arm. “No, it can’t be…”

Hagrid nodded, agreeing that he was just as amazed, “He’s alive and perfect.” Hagrid showed Sirius baby Harry Potter nestled in his hands. Harry was wide awake, his eyes darting back and forth between Hagrid and Sirius. “Well.. Almost.. Perfect.” Hagrid placed his pinky finger gingerly on Harry’s forehead. Right under Hagrid’s finger was a delicate, thin, red, searing scar.

Sirius leaned closer to Hagrid so he could speak directly into Hagrid’s ear. “Hagrid, what are you going to exactly do with him?”

Before answering, Hagrid straightened up, and as he bundled Harry up he told Sirius about Professor Dumbledore’s directions. At the end of Hagrid’s story, Sirius’s face was screwed up as if many emotions had flooded him all at once. “But I-- he belongs with---” Sirius instantly closed his mouth like an automatic door. He let out a frustrated grunt, “Okay, never mind of what I was going to say.” Sirius glanced past Hagrid, his face torn between emotions once more.

Sirius Black was staring at the machine he came on, one of his prized positions. A sturdy, black, hunk of motorcycle. A enchanted motorcycle, one that adapted to it’s rider and even flew. He had flown Harry in it more than once. He knew Harry would recognize the sound of the motor and wherever Hagrid was taking him he would have a more comfortable ride.

Sirius eyes grew into dark slants, besides I won’t be needed it any longer. He’s out there some where and I’m going to find him if it’s the last thing I ever do. Sirius swore to himself, he watched Hagrid hold Harry a few moments, mentally saying his final good-bye to the two. “Hagrid,” he finally said, making Hagrid jump, “Take my bike, Harry knows it and he’ll feel better riding in something familiar.”

Hagrid open his mouth to say thank-you but Sirius couldn’t pull himself out of his own world to hear what his friend was saying. He watched and waved a good-bye as Hagrid strap to him. He hardly notice the bike as it grew four times it’s original size, and turn from coal black to a Dragon-hide green color. Sirius waited until he could no longer hear the purring of the engine before he started on his lone path.


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