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The Damned: Dark Imagination by Dracosfan
Chapter 4 : One More Night
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Andrew Garfield as the 'younger' Dante Rosier

!!!Beautiful Image by Castle!!!

“Please my lord-,” Dante sighed shaking his head holding the phone to his ear though pulling away for a moment as the man on the other end yelled, “Again I assure you the princess is no issue!” he exclaimed when something outside his window caught his eye, “I will take care of it!” a smile appeared across his face liking what he saw below, “You will have your princess if it is the last thing I do!”

Dante chuckled placing the phone back upon the hook turning and grabbing his coat as suddenly the balcony seemed so beautiful even the railings. Including the depth of each railing personal art work upon it, everything about the balcony seemed so inviting and enticing. How could anyone resist its lustful pull?  She touched the railing before sitting upon its flat surface yet smiled seeing the poor oak tree which over the years had over grown around a few of the railings. Isabella giggled laying her head on the tree closing her eyes, ‘Dante’ she thought taking a deep breath, ‘How could he-,’

Isabella finding a calm place within her mind began to ponder a few of those thoughts of yes not only Dante but also why she was there. Why was she there, was it another lesson on life? Izzy didn’t know nor did her mother. She thought how strange it must be for her mother as well. Isabella’s mother Lillian had only been dead for a little over a year and now every emotion toward her passing has returned.

Laying there not even realizing nor taking notice to Dante standing a few feet away. Dante smirked watching her knowing he had won for Isabella knows nothing and will never remember anything atoll. His plan was working and Dante knew it because if as time goes on and he continues to get under her skin their love will return thus making Isabella his forever.

Dante bring his fist toward his mouth coughed loudly startling Isabella who jumped opening her eyes, “I’m so sorry it was not my intention to startle you!”

“Oh-,” Isabella smiled sitting up taking a breath looking at Dante; “It’s quite all right Dan I was just enjoying the weather anyway!”

He smiled walking toward her as he studied her. Isabella was wearing a cream colored dress that went to the floor with a very Russian ‘v’ pattern running through it, “I know,” Dante spoke standing in front of her now as he lay under the tree, “So hard to believe it is spring already!”

“Tell me about it!” Isabella smiled motioning him to sit beside her, “Hell it feels like Christmas was just here and I was still caring Arabesque!”

Dante nodded listening to her, “I assume that is your daughter?”

“You’re right she is!” Isabella laughed finagling getting to speak of her child, “My beautiful four month old!”

He smiled hearing the happiness within her voice, “Oh so it is a new child?”

“Mhmm-,” Isabella nodded taking a deep breath looking over to him, “Dante I am so sorry about the other night I had no right to speak to you in such a manner nor disrespect you and for that I apologize!”

Dante sighed shaking his head, “Belle it was my fault there is no need for you to apologize I was completely out of line by the things I said towards you so I should be the one apologizing not you!” Isabella smiled taking a deep breath looking to the ground when Dante rose, “Hey come with me I have something to show you!” holding out his hand.

“Dante-,” Isabella spoke biting her bottom lip, “That is not such a good idea!”

Shaking his head pulling her to her feet, “C’mon it’ll be fun I promise!” Dante smiled trying to make her say yes though the more he asked the more Isabella shot him down, “C’mon!”

“All right-,” Isabella sighed rolling her eyes, “Though I know this is such a bad idea because you and I know we are the worst to leave alone with each other!”

Dante laughed shaking his head taking her hand, “Coming from the woman who was married to me not to long ago!”

“That is what whiskey is for-,” Isabella laughed being drag to this location Dante was so audient about, “To forget I was ever Madame Rosier!” They followed the path into the garden which zing-sagged out into the maze. Isabella gulped tightening her grip on Dante’s hand, “Dante I don’t think this is such-,”

Dante chuckled stopped placing both his hands on Isabella’s shoulder, “Everything will be fine-,” taking a deep breath before kissing her forehead, “I promise!” turning back taking her hand and leading her on down the dark path then stopped.

“Why are we stopping?” Isabella stopped seeing him pull out his wand in front of this bush as he whispered a spell which she could not make out then suddenly a door appeared, “Dante-,”

Dante turned to Isabella and smiled taking her hand, “I have promised you many things in my day-,” he laughed kissing her hand looking into her blue eyes, “But this you will love me for!” he spoke turned opening the door leading her in. Isabella smiled seeing all the flowers turning kissing him sweetly before lying down within the floor bed motioning him to join her, “Do you like it?”

“I love it!” Isabella giggled lying her hand down at her side not realizing Dante’s hand was beside hers thus locking hands, “You know I never apologized for what happened,”

Dante chuckled shaking his head, “No need I was a horse’s ass!” Isabella giggled shaking her head looking up at the clear blue sky not even noticing that Dante was staring at her so intently. Dante never realized or took the time to even look at how naturally beautiful Isabella was and always had been.

Though to Dante, what he loved about her one moment was not the same as the next nor was the way he saw her. For example the first time he ever laid eyes on Isabella as a child it was her eyes. He chuckled because it was those clear sky blue eyes that one look could tell you every feeling and fear yet as they both aged as well as became wiser it not only was her eyes but her personality, her smile. Dante smiled as his grip upon her hand tighten watching her look to him with a smile and it was clear out of every women he was ever with he always fell out of love but with Isabella even through the worst of times Dante never stopped loving her.

“Isabella-,” He spoke hearing her ‘hmm’ looking back at him taking a deep breath, “I love you!”

Isabella gulped taking her hand from within his as her eyes widened sitting up, “Oh Dante!” she giggled rising straightening her dress, “My love you-,”

“I know what I did to you was wrong-,” He stopped rising from his spot standing in front of her taking her hands within his then looking into her blue eyes, “Leaving you an Aurora I regret even doing it Belle!”

She laughed shaking her head removing her hands from his, “Regret-,” crossing her arms taking a deep breath before pointing at herself, “Seventeen-,” Isabella barked pointing at herself before pushing him, “I was seventeen fucking years old and you want to rant about regret you are a fucking bastard!” breathing heaving now shaking her hand crossing her arms again, “You were the voice of reason you dumb ass hell you were twenty three Dante twenty three and never once did you think about me your teen girlfriend and how I felt!”

“You have every right to hate me,” Dante spoke seeing her expression change and become calmer, “You have every right to hit me, scream at me!”

Isabella nodded agreeing with him sighing, “You are right I have every right to hate you-,” then lowering her arms took a moment and realized how childish they were acting, “An I should!” she gulped feeling his hand rest on her back pulling her toward him breathing heavy feeling the touch of his skin upon her.

“One more night-,” Dante spoke pressing his lips against hers feeling her kiss him back, “Just one more!” Isabella giggled pulling the skirt of her dress up as he picked her up rapping her legs around his waist. Their hands began to wander on each other begging for just one more night, one more time.

Isabella giggled as Dante removed her dress and corset letting him explore more closely.  Smiling her own hands began to wander up and down his bare chest loving his tenderness as well as toned sections. Biting her lip laying herself down upon the blanket took a deep breath closing her eyes as a shock of pain which turned to pure pleasure ran through her.

Dante chuckled kissing her forehead before lying down beside her, “I did not hurt you-,” he asked watching Isabella lay her hand upon his chest, “Did I?”

“Of course not-,” Isabella giggled leaning up for a moment kissing him sweetly, “You could never hurt me!”

Dante smirked stroking her long hair, “I have though!” yawning putting his pants behind his head causing too much movement, “More than once!"

“Dante-,” Isabella sighed sitting up shaking her head grabbing Dante’s jacket and putting it on her, “It is things like that in which I just want to strangle you!” taking a deep breath as to if calm herself and resist the urge to choke him playing with her wedding rings.

Dante sitting up watching her thought for a moment kissing her shoulder, “Do you love him?” he questioned sparking her to giggle turning to him, “Isabella-,” sighing turning away staring at her rings then back to Dante, “You still love James Sirius Potter!”

“If you must know yes-,” Isabella snapped crossing her arms, “Yes Dante I love James and no matter how much I love him we can never be together!” she gulped laying her head back upon his chest closing her eyes, “I still love you!”

Dante chuckled smiling shaking his head, “I knew it!” Isabella gigged falling asleep on his strong chest, “Isabella darling-,” he laughed finding it funny that she trusted him enough still. Dante smirked as the thought of his conversation from that morning filled his mind, “Soon!”

Hours passed before Isabella realized that they had spent the whole day there. Rising quietly placing his hand upon his chest in her place grabbing her clothes and shoes reminding herself why and what the reasons were behind her love for him.  Isabella laughed walking over to the door looking at Dante, “Just one more night!” smirking as she exited leaving him in the place she left him. It was like Elijah once said You’ll always find me here!

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The Damned: Dark Imagination : One More Night


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