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Blinded By Youth by lowdivejenny
Chapter 1 : Train Rides Are Eventful and Fwoopers Are Annoying
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 If you are planning to visit King’s Cross Station on September 1st, you may see some quirky people walking around in haste with large trucks and cages with the strangest animals. You may not notice but you never get on the same train with them.


 Of course, if you are a witch or a wizard who will soon be running through the wall between the platforms nine and ten to reach the platform nine and three quarters then you need no clarification.


 Once you get through the barrier and reach the almost ancient train, you will feel welcomed with the racket going on. Hundreds of people talking all together at the same time; something to makes me smile. Actually, I was chuffed to bits. Why I liked the ruckus caused by the many students and their parents was beyond me.


 I felt at home already. I guess I shouldn’t blame all the people for calling me a bint.


 Let me introduce myself; Frankie Malloy, fifth year Gryffindor. My name, however, is not often mentioned. Of course, they notice me; with the old jumpers I wear over my school uniform, that are never the thick grey v-neck jumper I’m supposed to wear and my slight obsession with Magical Creatures.


 This loony crowd that would scare off a normal human being like a Red Cap horror story would scare off a child was where I belonged. Not the platform, obviously, but the hubbub, the razzle-dazzle, the higgledy-piggledy! Excuse my enthusiasm.


 I turned to my father and saw him looking a bit glum. I sighed, my smile faltering. Even tough I was used to it by now, him being so lonesome once I depart to go to school still bugged me. I wrapped my arms around my father to give him a hug.


“Will you be alright without me?”


 Of course Gavin Malloy was able to sense the distress in my voice. He was my father after all.


“What on earth are you on about?” He pulled away to look at his girl, pulling me to his side with his arm on my shoulder. “Francine, stop waffling. I’ll be jolly good if you don’t get yourself in trouble, peanut.”


 Oh, how I despised that name like a ruddy Acromantula. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Acromantula, they are fascinating but a gigantic spider with a poisonous bite isn’t exactly what one would warm up to instantly. My name is just as repulsive as an Acromantula. I’m pretty certain that if my mother didn’t choose the name, my father would be calling me Frankie.


 I beamed at him even tough I didn’t believe a word he said. I knew he would do anything to see me smile and being grumpy over something I couldn’t change was no use.


 Gavin Malloy was in his forties, with dark brown hair that is slightly greying and warm brown eyes. I guess I got my looks from him; big brown eyes under a tide of the darkest shade of brown hair. The only difference between his appearance and mine, not to mention the difference caused by sexes, was the playful glint that would always be there in my eyes. 


 I pecked him on the cheek and moved on to say goodbye to the couple standing next to her dad. It was a tradition for us to come to King’s Cross with the Parker family. After all, their son, Jerome Parker was my best friend.


 We were both muggle-borns, both coming from the same neighbourhood and we were also playmates; so you could say that it was inevitable for us to become attached at the hip once I followed him to Hogwarts after his first year in the school.


 I’m pretty sure if Jer was a wand his core would be a puppy’s eyes. Innocent blue eyes and light brown hair; the epitome of adorable.


 We said our last goodbye and decided to have a go at trying to make our way through the crowd.


“Ickle Fannie is a fifth year!” Jer teased me after we were finally in our compartment and seated. My tabby cat Richard who didn’t have an eye was lying lazily next to me.


 For a Ravenclaw he was too cheeky sometimes, if he called me any name rhyming with the word fanny in public, I would kill him. I rolled my eyes as I pulled out a book. Not just any book; Godfather by Mario Puzo. I already read it twice and now was the third time.


 It would be safe to say that I was disappointed when the Godfather effect was confined to America and I secretly dreamed about being a Sicilian.


 After half an hour of him trying to make me talk since he was bored and didn’t have a book to read, he excused himself to go catch up with some friends.


 I need to find some new friends, I noted to myself. I can’t go on being the “mate” of a Ravenclaw who has girls wearing Alice Bands and dozy boys as friends. Not that I would want anyone other than Jer as my best friend, but I needed some people to catch up with after a holiday once again spent with him.


 For now I had my books and I was just peachy. I also had Richard. I looked next to me, only to see that the cat was gone. I knew I should have got a kneazle instead of a stupid stray cat whom I named Richard despite her being a female cat. When I found her in our backyard when I was a third year, I warmed up to her immediately. It was too late when I realised she was such a baboon.


 At least a kneazle would be smart.


 I quickly jumped up and cursing like sailor under my breath about my blighter of a cat who did a bunk as soon as Jer opened the door to get out, I got out of my compartment, dead worried and ready to search all over the shop the find Richard.


 My Richard was precious to me. She was my only girl friend and despite being a cat and not being exactly a good listener even if you needed one desperately, deep down that dirty bugger cared for me too.


 Most of the girls in my dorm weren’t exactly keen on having an ugly and scary cat in their dorm. I was pretty sure if I were the caretaker, Richard would be a bigger pain in the arse than Mrs. Norris. She is the biggest pain in the arse for me right now, I thought as I searched the train for her.


 I opened a compartment door loudly and made two boys and three girls look at me startled. They were all seventh year Ravenclaws.


“Have you seen Richard?”


 A girl raised an eyebrow, a boy smirked and the rest just stared at me curiously until one of them spoke.


“That would be me.”


 A boy with midnight blue hair tied up in a low ponytail and brown eyes so light that they looked golden. No, wait a minute. They were golden. He was a Metamorphmagus, obviously. I think I saw him once with green, spiky hair. Must’ve been the foolishness of the young, he looked much better with this dark shade of blue.


 I would be interested, but I had other matters to worry about.


“No, I mean my cat; tabby, only has one eye, pretty thin.” I described Richard, with my voice getting frantic.


 Everyone in the compartment with the exception of the Metamorphamagus named Richard, tried and failed to suppress their giggles. I felt dead annoyed.


“No. Is he lost? I can help you look for her, you know?” Richard kindly offered.


 His friends, however, were nowhere nearly as kind as he was.


“Thank you, but I can find her without help.” I said, my voice mirroring my irritation.


 Richard frowned as I got out the compartment and left the door open to spare the pain of closing it to one of those bleeders. I kind of felt bad for taking my anger out of the innocent and unsuspecting older Ravenclaws but I couldn’t be arsed to go there and apologise. Besides they were rude about the whole thing, with the exception of Richard of course.


 Good thing he wasn’t my friend. I would confuse myself a lot with my cat and him sharing the same name.  


 I disturbed many others but none of them had someone named Richard, none of them had Jerome in it and none of them had someone who offered help. Not that I needed help. Bleeding hell, I needed help!


 I even thought of going back and asking Richard the Metamorphamagus for help since he offered it in the first place. But luckily I didn’t have to.


 When I opened the  door to the next compartment, I saw something that made my blood boil.


 Usually, I am a nice girl. I’m calm and kind. I don’t get all shifty about random things and I don’t snap. But I was already wounded up about Richard, my cat I mean, doing a runner and me having to look at every compartment for her.


 So when I saw Richard levitated, hovering mid-air and struggling to get down, I thought Sirius Black with his arm stretched out, his wand in his hand looked very suspicious.


“Oi! Leave her alone you Fwoopers!” I screamed with a shrill voice. Even I didn’t expect that voice to be coming from a girl my size.


 Black’s smirk was wiped off his face as he gaped with his eyes as big as Christmas ornaments, his mate James Potter, who was laughing, started making weird choking noises, fear was etched on the face of Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin who was shaking his head with disappointment before I interrupted looked at me gobsmacked.


 Still shocked and not tearing his eyes away from my furious face, Black slowly lowered his wand. When Richard’s feet touched the ground, she ran to me. That would teach her a lesson about scarpering.


 I clutched her to my chest and slamming the door behind me I got out of the compartment. I stomped all the way back to mine and when I sat down, I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks. I blushed furiously and I really felt the need to hex myself.


 The only excuse I could make for myself about calling the Marauders “Fwoopers” was being hit with a Jelly-Brain jinx. Yes, that had to be the case.


 Richard purred and I knew it was her way of thanking me. Better be grateful you little bugger. I just humiliated myself by looking like a banshee in front of the older and popular chaps. I also called them a magical bird that had brightly-coloured feathers.


 I am amazed with the amount of codswallop coming out of my mouth these days.


 Most of the train ride was uneventful, I stayed seated and tried to read my book but got distracted whenever I thought of the humiliation.


 Never in my life have I been through such a train ride. If I were watching it instead of living it, I would be biting my nails. I was exaggerating only a little.


 I looked up in panic when the door opened but relief washed over me like big blue waves when I saw it was only Jerome. Not that I thought Black would hunt me down and hex me but you know, it’s a possibility.


“There I was thinking that you called the Marauders Fwoopers, but you are just where I left you, with your book. Guess it was just tosh, huh?” he teased me.


 I grunted some stuff impossible to understand for anyone who isn't a troll.  


“Nah, it’s not that bad Fannie.” he comforted me.


 And then he smirked. Merlin, I sometimes think he is more annoying than a Pogrebin! Trust me, if someone is more annoying than a little, ugly creature following random people around and infusing them with a sense of hopelessness until they collapse, they must be annoying.


 I already knew it was pretty bad. The Marauders were the beloved mischief makers of Hogwarts, they were adored and worshipped by the students. If they hated me, the only people who wouldn’t agree with them would be Slytherins. Slytherins already hated me since I was a muggle-born.


 Maybe Lily Evans would like me tough. She hated James Potter.


 The Marauders walked around like they owned the castle. They probably did. You know those people who can wangle anything; they are those people.


 Sirius Black is a type bloke who would make you want to listen to a Fwooper’s song just so you can be insane and not be bothered by his arrogant ways. I wouldn’t care about him, he would be just another smarmy git I go to school with but he basically tortured my cat! That is a personal insult. Besides I’m pretty sure he will hex me once I go back to school. He probably hated me more than he hated his family.


 Even I, a muggle-born, know some stuff about his family. They are blinkered, prejudiced purebloods and they think people with my blood status should be slaughtered.


 Black isn’t like that, I’ll give him that. He is a Gryffindor while his whole family is Slytherins. He is a rebel, never hesitating to voice his opinion which is the exact opposite of his family’s beliefs..


 The bloke is fit, I can admit that. Bloody hell, even Jerome can admit that and I’m certain he likes ogling girls in a way he thinks it’s secretly. He has long, black shiny hair that looks like he spends more time fixing before getting out of his dorm. Not that I’ll ever know. His gray eyes can be described with only one word; striking. But I don’t think I’ll think of his eyes any more than I do now. He is tall and well built.


 It can’t be that hard to see why he has so many girls kissing the ground he walks on. Once a girl in my dorm told me that she considered herself lucky breathing the same air he breathed.


 Potter isn’t any less popular than Black is. Maybe only with the ladies but the only reason for that is his obsession for the one girl who wouldn’t throw herself to him. He is a star chaser for Gryffindor Quidditch team and major prankster, just like his mate Black. I hate myself for saying this but he is fanciable with his jet black hair that never stays in place and hazel eyes behind his circular glasses.


 If he didn’t bully her best friend to the point where the said best friend calls her a Mudblood, Lily Evans would probably consider him as a suitable candidate for a boyfriend.


 Peter Pettigrew would be alright in my book if he didn’t always followed Potter and Black around like a lost puppy. He idolized them.


 I feel like a bad person for talking about Pettigrew like this but he isn’t in his friends’ league. I mean, he lacks the unnatural talent the others possess and he isn’t good looking. Cute in a pathetic way but as cute as a baby pig can be with his lack of height, small eyes that are always watery, all that baby fat he just couldn’t loose and pointed nose.


 And I like baby pigs! They are cute but I wouldn’t date a baby pig. That’s probably the reason why there aren’t any girls willing to date him. He never even had a girlfriend.


 There was another Marauder who never dated anyone. Remus Lupin was the sensible Marauder. Even Lily Evans liked him. If I had to pick a favourite, I would pick Lupin. He was nice and considerate. He never boasted, even tough he was one of the most successful students and he achieved that with studying even tough he would manage just fine with his natural talent.


 Girls did like him, not as much as Black or Potter since they eventually got bored of being turned down. He was the bookish type and that was dead cute. In my third year I even had this little crush on him, it could barely be called a crush but I still found his nerdy and mysterious ways appealing. I didn’t know why he kept rejecting every girl that found his pale but still desirable face, brown tired but warm eyes and light brown hair attractive.


 I can’t believe I waffled about the Marauders and how ravishing and captivating they are, I scolded myself. I honestly didn’t know all this stuff because I stalked them. I guess knowing everything about them is inevitable, they were always under the spotlight and we shared a common room.


“Come on you Fwooper!” Jerome teased me once again, bringing the internal discussion going on in my mind to an end.


 How he managed to still find this humorous will remain a mystery to me. I still had the tiniest hope of him letting this go.


“What?” I asked not entirely out of my day dreaming. Merlin, I deserve being punished for dreaming about the Marauders.


“Alright, suit yourself. Don’t come to Hogwarts, I understand that you are just too ashamed to show your face.


 I frowned at the actuality of his words before getting up and making an effort to look intimidating before shrieking,


“I don’t want to hear a dicky bird about this again Parker!”   


 I followed him out of the compartment, eager to be at home. I felt my hands tingling and my limbs felt as light as a feather, I almost thought I could fly. I was overcome with joy, my mind wasn’t making sense.


 Hogwarts, home, was just a carriage ride away and I was getting impatient.

A/N: I can't even explain how excited I am about this. I almost forgot how to write excited and was this close to search it with google just to make sure when I stopped being an dolt and remembered. I'm a fool for starting a story while I have so much going on with school and theater. But I won't keep you waiting if you keep reading. You would like to make me more eager by telling me your opinion, wouldn't you? 

 Uhm, how do you end an authors note? 

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