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Behind Closed Doors by dreamingofdraco
Chapter 11 : A Kiss!
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 Ch. 11


A kiss!


Draco shuddered as he opened his eyes. The room was empty! He didn’t know whether to be relieved or not. The chase for his parents continued but he no longer felt like hunting them down, he was beginning to think maybe they did leave him for the right reasons. He gathered his thoughts and prepared himself for going back out to face Harry and Hermione.

“Well?” Hermione leapt from leaning against the wall

“I saw nothing” he hung his head unable to figure out if that was a good or bad thing.

 “I don’t really want to talk it about it” Draco looked up at Harry, he knew Harry was eager to ask

“Ok, not now but we do have to figure out what this all means”

“Does it have to mean something?” Hermione blurted “It’s a vault full of family memories”

Both Harry and Draco looked at her sternly

“Of course it means something” Harry retorted

“What I mean is, I don’t think it’s going to help you Harry! I think they were trying to tell Draco they care even if they’re not here”

She looked at Draco who was staring at the ground, maybe she was right?

The three of them stood in silence as they waited for the cart to come back and get them. Draco watched the body language between Harry and Hermione. He could see how close they were, but he could also sense that at some point that maybe they liked each other as more than friends. He traced Hermione with his eyes from her feet up to her eyes. As he watched her he noticed she was still holding a picture in his hands, a picture of him as a toddler. Why would she take it?

“Harry” he mumbled “Here” Draco held out his hand for Harrys, and then dropped the resurrection stone into his.

“I was hoping you’d give it up” Harry placed it in his jacket pocket

“Well I don’t think anyone would think it would be a good idea to leave it in my possession”

“I think it should be destroyed” Hermione added. She received confused looks from both Harry and Draco

“Sorry but I do, I don’t think any good can come of it! Think of what would happen if everyone knew it existed they’re would be riots to get to it”

“I’m not going to destroy it. I wouldn’t even know how, however, I had every intension of leaving it in the hands of the ministry”

“Harry no! I don’t trust them there” she had lost faith in a lot of people and how easily they can be corrupted

“Don’t worry I know exactly who to give it to” Harry give Hermione a look that said don’t argue with me

She looked over a t Draco his face laced with confusion. He had never seen Hermione back down from an argument.



“I don’t believe him, that’s why I said I was leaving it to the ministry” Harry whispered to Hermione as the left Gringotts, Draco was walking slightly ahead of them

“Why don’t you believe him? What’s not to believe?”

“He’s Malfoy that’s why! I am going to the ministry to speak to Mr Weasley about this ok you head back to Hogwarts with Draco. There’s something in that vault”

Draco hadn’t heard all of their conversation but he caught the last piece that Harry said. He knew Harry wasn’t going to buy what he told him about his parents and the vault, but he didn’t know what he wanted to do anymore, should he keep searching for them?

“Draco” Hermione timidly called after him “Wait up” she looked back at Harry as she lightly ran after Draco

“Potter not coming back no?” He raised eyebrow as he looked down at Harry

“No, he’s going to bring the resurrection stone to the ministry”

“Just the two of us then” he softly smiled down at her, her eyes still trying to figure out what was going through his mind as the scanned his face.


They walked in silence for the most part. Hermione was bursting to ask him about everything in the vault, when she realised she was still holing a picture of him as a little boy. Her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment that she still had it! Had he noticed?

 She quickly shoved it back in his pocket. She took a moment in her head to compose herself then plucked up the courage to ask him did he think that finding the stone was the reason they wanted him to go there, or did he think they just wanted him to know they loved him deep down.


“Since when have you been calling me Draco, that’s at least twice today” he teased

“I’m just being polite” she protested

“Well don’t expect me to call you” he paused for a moment “Anything other than Granger” he smirked

Hermione smiled back, shaking her head “As I was saying, do you think” he voice trailed off as something else caught her attention

“Do I think what?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me” she sounded furious and then bolted from his side towards Flourish and Blott’s shop window, where a small crowd had gathered.

A huge posted hung in the shop window with a painted picture of Professor Snape’s face, and he was smiling!

The Last Memories of Severus Snape

Rita Skeeter presents a detailed insight to the a man who gave his life for one woman and how the fate of Harry Potter rested in his hands and then in turn took his life was taken from him.

Draco laughed aloud to himself at the sight of Snape smiling, he had never ever seen him smile before, and he didn’t think anyone had.

“He’s, he’s smiling” Hermione spat disgustedly “He never smiled”

“It’s that Skeeter woman what do you expect, she could turn a story about paint drying into a novel”

“Harry is going to be furious” Hermione looked down at the long table in front of the shop window, she then slipped her wand out ever so subtly, covered her mouth and then whispered an almost inaudible spell.

“Ok when I count to three, walk away from the shop very, VERY quickly”

“Why?” Draco had no idea what was about to happen next


“Granger what are we doing”

Hermione lifted one of the books off the table “Two” she had cast a spell so she could take the book away from the table as an anti-stealing charm had been placed

“Wait, you’re not about to”

“Three” she darted away from the table leaving Draco behind. He watched as her hair flowed from behind her as she began to run slightly

“Hey, that girl never paid” an elderly woman called and began to search for her wand

He stood in disbelief for a moment, unable to believe she had just stolen a book. He then quickly ran to catch up with her.

“Run faster, you were seen” he grabbed her wrist and began to run faster taking her alongside of him

“THEIF” The woman called out from behind them

Draco pulled Hermione down a side ally, then to her surprise apperated away from Diagon Ally.


“Draco what the hell?” Hermione pulled her hand away from his “Where are we?” she asked looking round franticly. The Slytherin pride décor, expensive furniture and king size four poster bed was not in the least bit subtle “Is this your”

“My bedroom yes” He was looking around in a bit of a panic himself as to why he thought of here of all places.

“You couldn’t of maybe went for kings cross no?”

“It was a spur of the moment decision, I wasn’t thinking straight” Draco ran his hands through his hair in frustration “Wait a minute, you just stole a book! Like really stole it”

Hermione began to laugh uncontrollably, throwing her head back and the infectious giggle filling the air

“I was not giving that woman my money and I really wanted to see what complete and utter rubbish she managed to fill the book with”

Draco didn’t know whether to laugh or stay angry, but the more she laughed the more it took over and he ended up laughing too.

“Did you see that old woman’s face?” he gasped as he continued to laugh hysterically

Hermione couldn’t catch her breath but managed to cry “THEIF” Between her giggles

Draco thought he was going to explode with hysterics, when he finally stopped the muscles in his stomach ached as did Hermione’s. She took a deep breath in as a comfortable silence fell between them, then after a few moments later she began to laugh again

“Oh come on it wasn’t that funny Granger” Draco grinned

“No, I was just thinking if anyone was to ask where I was right now, here would certainly be last”

“Ha! I don’t think it would even make the list let alone be last on it” Draco smirked at her then smiled to himself as she wiped the tears from laughing away from her eyes with her thumb

“Come on I’ll show you around the house, you know to see if you want to use it for your social gathering”


“This place is huge Draco” Hermione couldn’t believe all the rooms and corridors around the house “We should probably lock some places off”

“Might be a good idea” he pushed opened the doors of the main dining room and stared up at the ceiling. The most magnificent chandelier hung from there once, but now it was just an empty space

“Lumos” he flicked his wand in a circular motion towards the room and all the lights slowly began to burn with light.

As he walked further into the room he noticed Hermione was no longer beside him. He looked over his shoulder to see her reluctantly walking behind him. She looked petrified. Then it hit him, he turned and looked right at her but had no words. The expression on his face said it all. Her eyes welled with tears. She thought she was over what happened in this room but being there brought it all back and to make it worse a huge, thankfully lifeless, portrait of Bellatrix hung right at the end of the dining room. The colour drained from her face and her stomach twisted as she tried to hold the tears in.

Draco shuddered as he could hear Hermione’s screams in his head they made his body tingle from the bottom of his spine right up to his shoulders. He watched as she was tortured beyond belief on the floor of that very room they were standing in.

“I’m so sorry” he breathed at he locked eye contact with her.

Hermione took a breath in as he began to approach her fast, she didn’t know what was coming next. Draco placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled her into his chest and hugged her tightly, wrapping one arms around her back and caressing her hair with the other one. His chin rested on her head as if she fit perfectly into his torso. Hermione completely tensed up with shock.

“I’m sorry for bringing you in here, for everything she done” he swallowed a lump in his throat “For everything I didn’t do”

She could hear the sincerity in his voice. She hesitantly wrapped her arms around his back and hugged him back. She didn’t know whether it was because she was completely overwhelmed by his gesture or the fact she was relieving being tortured in that room, or even a mixture of both but she then began to sob into his chest. For a reason she was unaware of there was no hiding from him. It felt like all or nothing and she was giving him all.

They finally broke their embrace and slowly moved back from each other.

“Sorry” Hermione wiped the tears from her eyes with her thumb

“Don’t be” Draco clicked his fingers twice and a smaller than the usual house elf appeared

“Bitsie, camomile tea with honey please” with a small crack the elf was gone at once

Draco took Hermione’s hand, led her to the table and sat her down

“My grandmother used to drink that” Hermione’s voice quivered as she tried to compose herself “She used to say it calms your nerves”

“Mine too” he smiled warmly. He took his hand back from hers and sat beside her.

With another crack the house elf reappeared with the tea in hand and placed it in front of Draco

“Thank you” he rubbed the little house elf’s head before she left once more.

“I used to make it for my mother when she and my father had a fight, it would make her smile”

He took the tea spoon and half filled it with honey, and then gently stirred it into the tea letting it dissolve

“Then one day it stopped working. Wine replaced it” he pushed the dainty china cup towards her

Hermione tried to lift the cup with one hand. She hadn’t noticed she was trembling till then. She had to clasp it with both hands to stop herself from spilling it. As she slowly sipped the sweet tea she relaxed a little into her chair as she thought of her grandmothers smiling face.

“Do you want to head back to Hogwarts?” Draco asked timidly

“It is getting late” she was trying to polite


“If we must” she smiled softly

“Ok be back in a second” Draco got up from his seat and sprinted out of the room

Hermione drank up her tea while looking around the room, she studied the family portrait over the grand fire place. She couldn’t help but think Draco looked so sad in all of the pictures and portraits she had seen that day.

He arrived back in the room holding out the copy of Snape’s biography. Before he got close enough to hand it to her she reached into her pocket and took out the photo she accidently took and handed it to him.

“I took this by accident I thought you might like it back”

He stared at the boy in the picture as if he didn’t know who it was

“I never even asked how you are after the vault and”

 “Don’t!” he interrupted “I don’t want to talk about it. I mean I want to deal with it my own way”

He held out his hand for hers and they disapperated to kings cross.


On the last stretch to Hogwarts Draco drifted in and out of sleep while Hermione’s mind raced after everything that had just happened. She wanted to get to know him, what made him tick and what he was keeping buried but mostly why was he being so nice to her? A part of her knew it was genuine or at least she was hoping it was. She took up her stolen book and smiled to herself, she loved the thrill of a little rebellion.

Draco could no longer keep his eyes closed, he was too uncomfortable. He looked up at Hermione who was now reading her book. She made funny little faces at the parts she obviously disagreed with. He could tell she hated the book just from her face but knew she had to read the whole thing. He mind tracked back to hugging earlier that day, ever since the day Hermione fell and knocked herself out he felt this need to protect her, but after today he was beginning to think it was because he felt guilty for not helping her the day Bellatrix tortured her. He could see why she was a Gryffindor she had put her life on the line for her friends. Hermione looked up from her book and smiled at him.

“Any good?” he nodded towards the book

“Best book ever” she rolled her eyes and laughed, a sound that was strangely contagious to him.

“Draco?” she asked in a serious tone “When we get back to Hogwarts I want us to be friends” she put bluntly to him

“My friend?”

“Yes, I know we spend time together for the whole study thing, but I like spending time with you”

Draco furrowed in forehead in confusion, he thought he was the only one feeling this unavoidable connection. Since they started studying together, it was never just chit chat between them, it was always something really personal that managed to surface. Like he had to explain himself to her, why he was the way he was and done the things he done.

Before she had a chance to finish he got up from his seat across from her, took her hand and pulled her up from hers, pulling her into him. He looked down at her intensely leaned towards her and gently kissed her lips.

Hermione was mortified and pushed him back from her.

“What are you doing?” she gasped

His cheeks burned red with embarrassment and he sat back down

“Sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking I, I, I’m sorry” 

“Why would you kiss me?”

“I just said I don’t know!” he snapped

“This isn’t a game Malfoy”

“I’m not playing games Granger! I’ve never even thought about you that way before, it’s just all of a sudden you’re the only person I talk to about the serious stuff in my life and I” he crossed his arms in frustration

 “Let’s just forget about it ok” he huffed

Well this is going to be awkward Draco thought to himself as they both sat in silence. He looked up at her as she once again buried herself in her book to try and escape the situation.

“Look I’m sorry” Hermione closed her book and placed it on her knee “I just wasn’t expecting that”

“Oh believe me neither was I”

“So let’s try this again, I think we should be friends”

“Deal” he held out his hand for her to shake

“Deal” she took his hand in hers and shook back humorously

“Let’s not tell anyone about this”

“Starting a friendship on secrets is that wise?” Hermione jeered

“How about if I call you Hermione?”




Sooo a kiss! Please tell me what you thought? I know their relationship is taking it’s time but I promise there is lots of steamy action soon!!

Please, please, please review! 

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