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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 18 : Unexpected Revelations
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 Chapter 18

Unexpected Revelations

The next morning came too soon, it was six, and I had patrol in an hour. Breakfast started at 7:30, but that didn’t stop my stomach from growling then, or my eyelids from drooping and my body literally begging me to put coffee in it.

I rose from the bed, sighing and took a quick shower, then ran down the spiral staircase to the mini-kitchen and brewed a pot of coffee. I grabbed an apple out of the bowl on the table and took a bite out of it.

I left after a cup of coffee for patrol at 7 sharp. Draco wasn’t doing this one since it was only a short patrol; make sure no students were outside their common rooms or their facilities. A half hour later I made my way back up from the dungeons where my fellow Slytherins were up to their usual antics, and entered the Great Hall. I sat down next to Blaise at the Slytherin table.

“Good morning.”

“Morning sis. How was patrol.”

“Nothing short of the usual.”

“Good, good.”

I filled my plate with pancakes, sausage and bacon, and poured a cup of orange juice.

Blaise and I made small talk but he soon left, to work on homework, leaving me by my self .

Soon Draco sat next to me cuddling up close, wrapping his arms around me. It felt nice, to be honest, but… not with him keeping secrets.

So I grunted.

“What?” He asked


“Seriously, what did I do?” He asked more persistently.

“NOTHING!” I was pissed now, why couldn’t he just leave me be?


“Fine. I’ve got class.”

“So do I.”

I stormed off, irritated, he was prying where I didn’t want him to, picking a fight where there wouldn’t have been one if he left well enough alone. And now he had to have the last word too. I was beyond pissed, but more because I knew he wasn’t telling me something, something important about us, and it was wringing my insides apart with a burning curiosity, a burning desire to know.

“Rena wait!”

‘What do you want Malfoy?”

“I’m sorry I upset you. I think that I know what it is, so I need to tell you something, I’ve been holding back, something you are not supposed to know yet, but I can’t do this to you, please let me explain tonight over dinner in our kitchen.” He smiled softly, not his smirk, but then looked down, the shame reaching his eyes. I couldn’t stay mad at him after that confession in front of the entire great hall, and then seeing the look on his face meaning he was sincere.

I nodded. “Okay. We can talk tonight.”

I turned back around and walked to class, but Ginny pulled me aside.

“What the hell was that?”

“He was bugging me about something being wrong and I couldn’t tell him I thought he was keeping secrets, so then he got mad and started a fight and I stormed off, and then he seemed to just know why I was upset.

“Ah. So now he is going to tell you?”

“Yeah. Look, gin, I’m already late, so I really need to go.”


After classes, and being late to Muggle studies, I was back in the common room, getting dressed for the big reveal that night with Draco. I chose simply, a pair of black denim jeans, and a dark green lace tank, and a black open long sleeve cardagain, which I attached a chain looped belt across, to partially close. Then I added black ballet flats to complete the look, wearing my hair down with only eyeliner adorning my face.

I went down to the common room, I could hear Draco, actually cooking, Blaise and Ginny had gone down to the great Hall for their own dinner. I crossed the common room to go into the kitchen, and I smiled.

“I didn’t know you cooked.” I said as I leaned across the doorframe watching him, Draco smiled back.

“I learned from a muggle cooking show.”

“It smells really good.”

“Thanks, I hoped you would like it.”

“I’m sorry about our fight.”

“Rena, I know, you were upset because you could sense I was holding back something right?”

I nodded. “So you felt like you couldn’t trust me because of that?”

“I did feel like that yes.”

“Well, I was keeping a secret, but nothing bad, My parents just wanted me to wait until the right time to tell you.”


“At birth, your parents and mine struck and arrangement, that I and you would be married after Hogwarts, all before the prophecy came around and you were taken away. I’m supposed to propose to you, but can’t bring myself to until we know each other way better.”

“Marriage, proposals? Not as bad as I thought. Draco, I’ve loved you since first year, I loved how you picked on me, because you at least paid attention to me unlike Ron and Harry and everybody else. You looked at me as someone else than a know it all. I am enjoying getting to know you, and I would honor becoming your wife. But I believe it is right for us to wait awhile, before any proposal, just to know each other, but please, no more secrets.”

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The dark side of love: Unexpected Revelations


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