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Karma by Aitchy
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: I talk about myself and give you an insight of my school years
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Hi! My name's Willow Rosen, nice to meet you all!

So. Introductions should be in order? Well, actually considering they'll (hopefully) be loads of you readers I'll just talk about myself for a bit.

As I said above, my name's Willow Rosen. I'm 17 and I'm just starting my 7th (and final) year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and in Gryffindor house. I'm also a chaser on the Gryffindor quidditch team. I'm pale, I have shoulder-length choppy black hair and dark blue eyes. I'm really short and skinny so as a result of all this I look quite a lot like an evil pixie. Not amusing.

I'm also hydrophobic, this phobia was caused when I was 7. I was with my parents in our car when we span out of control into a lake. My parents died but I somehow survived but with a phobia of swimming and large pools of water. Only my best friend Lily Evans knew this, so there were many times the Marauders tried to prank me by throwing me in the black lake. That always resulted in me completely freaking out with tears and everything while Lily defends me.

So, now you know quite a lot about me. I'll give you some details on the past 5 exciting years at Hogwarts.




First Year


"Um, hello? Sorry, I just…" I stammered as I opened a compartment door and looked in. Sitting there was a red-haired girl reading a book, a huge book.


"Hi! Come on in." She replied cheerfully. "My names Lily Evans." She closed her book and put it into her trunk beside her.


I entered the compartment and sat down opposite her, and pulled my trunk onto the seat next to me. "I'm Willow Rosen."


"Cool name. Do you know much about Hogwarts?"


"Um, no not really."


"I didn't at first, but the I did some light reading…" She gestured to her trunk. No way was that book light! "So now I'm as filled in as others. My parents are muggles see? So I only found out on my 11th birthday."


"How is that light?" I asked her.


She laughed. "I guess it isn't exactly a small book, but it's really interesting." Her bright green eyes sparkled with excitement and interest.


"It defiantly isn't a small book." I muttered. "I'm a pureblood by the way."


"Oh." The amusement left her eyes and she picked up her book.


"What's wrong with pureblood? I asked her, slightly annoyed. Did people really judge others on their blood status?


"Purebloods hate muggleborns. So you'll probably be the same way." She muttered.


"I doubt it. If I'm going to hate someone they have to give me a reason to. A proper reason." I told her.


"Really? I just… I've already gotten a lot of stick from people and we're not even there. I didn't want to like you then you be the same."


"I won't be. Who gave you stick?" Before she replied four boys came in the compartment and sat down in any of the spaces, grinning annoyingly.


"Hello M'ladies. What are your names? I doubt they'll be as beautiful as you two are." One boys asked us. He had black shaggy hair and grey eyes.


"Don't bother with the flattery." Lily rolled her eyes.


"It isn't flattery, I was stating a fact." He replied giving her a grin.


"We don't care. Who are you anyway?" I asked them all.


"My name is Sirius Black. Don't judge me from the last name, I hate my family." The flattery boy told us.


"My name's James Potter." The boy sat next to Lily told us. He had black hair, not as shaggy as Sirius' but messy, and brown eyes with glasses. He was also staring at Lily, a lot.


"My name is Remus Lupin." The other told us, he had sandy coloured hair and seemed to actually be nice. He smiled politely at us.


"Peter Pettigrew." The last boy said quietly. He also had sandy hair but was slightly larger than the other boys.


"Hi, my name's Willow Rosen. And this here is Lily Evans." I said and gestured to Lily.


"Well, pleasure to meet you all." Sirius stood up and bowed to us before exiting. In sync, Lily and I rolled our eyes. As James was going to leave he tipped an imaginary hat, queuing another eye roll. Peter just walked our and Remus smiled at us before leaving.


"I can tell they're going to be annoying." Lily muttered.



Second year


"POTTER I AM TO KILL YOU!" Lily screeched really really loudly (I actually winced).


"Evans!" Potter appeared and grinned nervously. "It wasn't aimed at you I swear." She growled not buying it at all. "You know, Padfoot (stupid nickname for Black) wouldn't prank you if you dated me." He told her hopefully. Poor boy (well….), he'll never realise just how much she hated him.


"I WOULD RATHER DATE THE GIANT SQUID!" Lily yelled at him, ouch.


"Harsh Evans." He shook his head. "If you'd just give me a chance…"


"WHAT PART OF 'NO' CAN'T GET INTO YOUR FAT PIG-HEADED ARROGANT HEAD?" She screeched (again, I winced) at him.


"Merlin Lily, can you get any louder?" I asked her, probably not good timing but oh well.


She glared at me, her glare can be quite scary sometimes. So I just grinned at her, again, probably bad timing.


"Well! I'm going to leave you to it." Potter said cheerfully and started to edge out of the portrait hole.


"Stay away from me Potter." Lily growled as he left.


"That was interesting and mildly amusing." I said brightly before half-skipping half-running up into the dorm.


Lily followed me up. "I swear…"


"If he pranks you again you will not hesitate to jinx him into next week." I finished for her lying on my bed. "You've said." I sat up and grinned at her. "Green hair suits you though."


"WILLOW!" She yelled and threw a pillow at me. I laughed and ran off, being chased by a very angry Lily Evans.



Third year


"Go on, we don't need to spend every second together. Anyway, I need to do some homework." I told Lily while pushing her out of the common room.


"You do homework?" Lily mock-gasped at me, I just rolled my eyes (we both do that a lot). "Ok, if you're sure." She sighed.


"I'm sure, you need to catch up with Snape anyway. So go down to the lake and relax." She narrowed her eyes slightly at the use of his surname, but she knows I don't like him.


"Ok." She left and I turned back to the common room yelping as I crashed into Black.


"Hello Rosen, been abandoned?" He smirked.


"I can't see any of your friends around you." I retorted.


"They're at the lake, I'm meeting them there."


"Good to hear, excuse me." I moved around him but he just grabbed my wrist.


"Why don't you come?" He asked me, grinning.


"Two reasons." I held up two fingers. "One, that would mean hanging out with you." I put down a finger. "Two, I have homework." I put down the other finger.


"Do your homework later? And your first reason doesn't count." He started to pull me out.


"No Black. I don't want to." I twisted my body to try and get out of his grip.


"Relax, it'll be fun." I dug my nails into his hand and he yelped and let go. "Fine then, if you're going to be difficult." He picked me up and put me over his shoulder. I immediately started screaming and kicking.


"LET ME GO NOW BLACK!!!" I screamed.


"Merlin Rosen! When did you become so difficult?" Black asked me after I'd kicked him in the head. Even though I was still screaming and flailing I felt satisfied I caused him pain.


"PUT ME DOWN!!! Please." I started crying then as we'd just caught sight of the lake. As soon as Black felt me crying he put me down and stared at me in shock. I never cry.


"Merlin, what is it?" He asked me quietly.


I shook my head and ran back towards the castle, still crying.


"Willow?" What felt like hours later Lily entered our dorm and sat next to me. "It's ok, you're ok." She soothed me. Eventually I stopped the tears falling down my face and looked up at her. "I know what happened."




"Black, as soon as you left he got me." I stared at her in shock. "Yeah I know, Black did something decent and actually seemed worried about you."


"Dammit. How can I explain this?" I asked her worriedly. "I can't tell him the truth."


"You can tell him part of it, say you're hydrophobic. But don't say where the phobia came from." I blinked at her. "What?"


"Why didn't I think of that?" I shook my head and left the dorm to explain.



Fourth year


"Stay away from me Black!"


"It's the common room, I am allowed here."


"Urgh! Why are you being so insufferable?"


"It annoys you."


"You always annoy me! Whatever you do you annoy me!"


"Ouch, harsh."


"The truth hurts."


"You're never this mean to others."


"Others are never this infuriating."




"Woah, did you two just agree on something?"


"Shut up Evans."


"At least we can agree on something, unlike you and Potter."




"How come you use mine and Prongs' surname when you speak to us but not Remus and Peters?"


"Remus and Peter don't irritate me constantly. You and Potter do."


"Well, the same can be said for you and Evans."


"You don't like me? Oh no!"


"That sarcasm was not necessary."


"Yes it was."


"No it wasn't."


"I am not getting into this Black."


"Because I'm right?"


"Of course not, because I have better things to do with my live than waste my breath on you."


"Ouch, harsh."


"The truth hurts."


"You're never this mean to others."


"Others are…"





Fifth year


I was sat curled up in the armchair by the armchair, I would be perfectly happy except I was studying for my divination exam tomorrow. Why didn't I take arithmacy instead? Oh year, because I'd fail that…


"Willow." I looked up and saw Lily stood in the portrait hole, tears pouring down her face. Her hair was limp and dull and her face blotched.


"What happened?" I asked angrily, very prepared to jinx whoever hurt her. I was a protective friend.


"Snape. He… he called me…. it." She collapsed in the armchair and started sobbing loudly. A load of first years were staring at her in shock.


"I will kill him, slowly and extremely painfully." I growled, then glared at the first years who ran to their dorms.


"Don't. I don't want anything to do with him anymore. I should've known it would happen eventually. How could I have been so stupid and think that he wouldn't be like his ''friends'?" Lily said quietly.


"You weren't stupid Lils, it's called trust." I told her moving over to the sofa so I could comfort her.


"Well I shouldn't have trusted him. It's ok though, I'll be fine." She smiled in an attempt to reassure me then walked up to her dorm.


Soon after she left the Maruaders came in. I stood up angrily, assuming they had something to do with it. "What. Have. You. Done."


"We didn't do anything!" Black protested.


"Padfoot, don't lie. I guess it was our fault." Remus said. "James and Sirius were jinxing Snape when Lily tried to intervene. I guess Snape must have been angry and embarrassed but he took it out on Lily and not us."


"By calling her a you-know-what." I finished. Remus nodded to confirm it. I immediately whipped out my wand and pointed it at Potters throat.


"Hey! Rosen look, we didn't want her to get hurt!" Potter told me very quickly, I like being intimidating.


"You complete arse! They were great friends and you had to ruin it?" I yelled at him.


"Look… can you point that thing somewhere else?" Potter said and tried to nudge my wand out of the way.


"Stay away from Lily. I know it's hard for you 'cause you head over heels for her but just for a few days stay away from her, all of you!" I lowered my wand and went up to the dorm.




Sixth year


I lowered my head to the floor and snuck a look sideways to see what Black was doing, he had also lowered his head and was staring at his shoes. We were both suffering from a lecture by McGonagall, we also had to suffer 1 months worth of detentions on Thursdays and Saturdays both for 2 hours. It wasn't even my fault this time! I didn't ask Black to mis-hit the bludger making it hit me instead of the Ravenclaw chaser beside me which BROKE MY ARM. I had to retaliate, meaning at the end on the match I stole his bat and hit him on the arm with it. I only bruised it! He broke mine!


"I have had enough with both of you fighting all the time. It appears you are in detention most weeks! I want you to shake hands and apologise to each other, for everything." McGonagall ordered us, I snapped my head up so fast I cricked my neck.


"Ouch." I muttered rubbing it. Black was too busy staring in shock at McGonagall to even smirk at me hurting myself, although I can understand why he's distracted.


"You're joking?|" Black exclaimed, although I agreed with him (shock, I know) I didn't think that was the best way to address the teacher who is giving us detentions.


"No Master Black I am not, now shake hands and apologise."


"I don't want to get germs though…" I muttered quietly. Although, after glancing at McGonagall it didn't appear quiet enough.


"Professor! I'll take extra detentions!" Black pleaded.


"I will to!" I added.


"See? You can agree with each other. Now do as I say."


"Please Professor!" I gave one last attempt at changing her mind.




Scowling, I held my hand out to Black and he took it — also scowling. After a miniature competition of crushing hands (which I won, just) we let go and both immediately wiped our hands on our shirts, glaring at each other.


"That'll have to do, now apologise." McGonagall told us frowning.


"Him first." I nodded my head towards Black, who glared at me in response.


"No way!" Black retorted.


Before I could respond McGonagall cut in. "Fine, I can see this isn't going to work. You can both go. My office, tomorrow night at 7." We were finally dismissed. Without apologies!


A/N: My new first chapter! I prefer this one much more to my other first chapter :D

So, reviews would be epic and greatly appreciated :)



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